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Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0
Built in Devices: USB 3.0 hubAspect Ratio : Widescreen : 16:9Contrast Ratio: 1000:1Input Connectors: HDMI, Display PortVoltage Required AC 120/230 Volt (50/60 Hertz)Vibrant, jitter free graphics, Fully adjustable setup, Premium support and reliability
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u/someoneiswrongonline · 19 pointsr/buildapc

S2716DG - $480

Follow the instructions here for setup.

>Nvidia Control Panel>Adjust desktop color settings:
Digital vibrance-70%

>DELL Monitor settings:
Color>Custom Color:

u/YouHvinAFkinGiggleM8 · 18 pointsr/buildapcsales

I highly doubt that will ever happen


For those interested, the tracked price since Oct. 2015:

u/StayFrosty7 · 16 pointsr/buildapcsales

144hz is a huge step up. If you don't have the money, then this is fine. But if you can drop the cash for a 144hz monitor, then I'd definitely go for it. It might even be worth it to check out a 1440p 100hz ultrawide.

Monitors to look at:

1080p 144hz TN

Ultrawide 1080p 144hz IPS

1440p 144hz TN(you might not be able to hit 144hz with all games on this one due to the resolution being so high)


u/edurodenas · 15 pointsr/buildapc

GTX 1080 is definitely going to overkill this 1080p 60Hz monitor. I would either get the GTX 1070 and a 1080p 144Hz monitor like this one or keep the GTX 1080 and get a 1440p 144Hz monitor like this one

u/poblopuablo · 11 pointsr/buildapcsales

>When I first turned this monitor on, not gonna lie, it was very underwhelming. Colors were washed out and it was too bright. You HAVE to calibrate this in order to see its true potential. Here is what I finally landed on. Use this for yours or atleast a starting point. You should be able to play games without adjusting in game brightness. Here we go.

>Nvidia Control Panel>Adjust desktop color settings:

> - Brightness-50%

> - Contrast-50%

> - Gamma-0.60%

> - Digital vibrance-70%

> - Hue-0


>DELL Monitor settings:

> - Brightness-26%

> - Contrast-75%

> - Color>Custom Color:

> - R-97%

> - G-99%

> - B-96%

>*Also, download the latest driver for this monitor on Dell's website.

>And you're welcome :)

u/not1frak · 11 pointsr/AskMen

Spent several grand building out this magnificent beast of a workstation/cockpit:

I had everything else but the monitors and the cockpit, which was about $1900 and $1500 USD, respectively. I got all but one accessory for the cockpit, and shipping was $200 cause it weighs over 200lbs :D

I already had the $400 wheel, $300 pedals, $200 shifter, $150 handbrake, and a PC that is nothing less than $2500-3k to drive such a setup.

That said, I can race around any track I want around the globe, do so without spending thousands on tires/gas/gear each race weekend, am not risking life or limb, and am on-hand at home to be a father to my 1yr old daughter.

Sure I've spent the price of a not-even-that-old Honda Civic on this setup over the years, but its good clean wholesome fun, and fantastic practice for later in life should I ever decide to buy a track car.

Most women see this "rig" and roll their eyes HARD, but only after scooping their jaw up off the ground. Men just get insanely jealous and beg to drive it after scooping their jaw up off the ground :)

Worthit to me!

Disclaimer: I am an IT Systems Admin and an avid gamer/sim racer for years...

u/PrimeCaliber · 9 pointsr/battlestations

Not sure why my links came out all fucked up? Too lazy to try and fix it.


Monitors: [Dell S2716DGR] (

Triple Monitor Mount: [EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount] (

Keyboard: [Corsair K70 Cherry MX Reds] (

Mouse: [Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB] (

Mouse Pad: [Razer Goliathus Overwatch Mouse Mat] (

Wireless Headset: [Steel Series 800 Wireless] (

Speakers: [Audioengine A5+] (

Speaker Mounts: [Audioengine DS2 Desktop speaker stands] (

Desk Surface: [Ikea EKBACKEN countertop 98in] (

Desk Drawers: Haha who am I kidding everyone knows that those are!

Lamp: [IKEA Hektar lamp] (

Cable Management

[Raceways] (

[Velcro zip ties] (

[Desk Grommet ](

[Cable clips] (

Pc build specs

Case: NZXT H440

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero Z270 LGA1151

CPU: i7 6700k

RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB

Power supply: Corsair RM series modular 1000W 80plus Gold

Power cables: Corsair custom sleeved in blue

CPU cooler: NZXT Kraken X52

Boot Drive: SAMSUNG 750 EVO 2.5" 500GB

HDD: 2TB Western Digital

GPU: EVGA 12GB Titan black


Monitor: [Asus ROG Switft 34in ultra wide] (

Monitor Mount: [VIV duial mount] (

Mouse: [Razer Naga Chroma] (

Keyboard: [Corsair K70 Cherry MX Reds] (

Mouse pad: [Razer Goliathus Overwatch Mouse Mat] (

Wireless Headset: [Steel Series 800 Wireless] (

Speakers: [KRK Rokit 5 ](

Desk Surface x2 : [IKEA Linnmon] (

Cable Management

Cable Rack: [IKEA Signum rack] (

PC Build specs

Case: Corsair crystal series 460X

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero Z270 LGA1151

CPU: i7 7700k

RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB

Power supply: Corsair RM series modular 1000W 80plus Gold

CPU cooler: NZXT Kraken X52


GPU: GTX 1080 ti SC

u/sgtstinker · 9 pointsr/Monitors

You can get everything you're looking for in the Dell S2716DG. 1440p, 144Hz and G-sync for $599. It is however a TN panel if that matters to you, but I hear it's a great one. Some tweaking can make it look really nice, and you won't have to play the quality control lottery of the new IPS monitors out right now.

u/Colinski282 · 8 pointsr/pcmasterrace

This is my new Dell Gaming S2716DG 27".

Even moving the mouse on the desktop is a new experience :)

u/NewAndAwesome · 8 pointsr/gamingpc

Here, get this

I have it and its amazing. 4k is not worth it. More frames on 1440p is the way to go.

u/athriren · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

Amazon has some "very good" (for $465) and "like new" (for $491) in their warehouse deals as well if you're looking to save a little more money.

Additionally, the street price per camelcamelcamel for this monitor appears to have settled at $599, so bear that in mind when considering the savings.

u/NeverHardlyEver · 7 pointsr/buildapc

here you go. 1440p, 144hz, 1ms g2g, and Gsync for $500.

u/EskimoBellhop · 7 pointsr/nvidia
u/benuntu · 7 pointsr/buildapc

Dell 27" G-Sync 144hz (S2716DG). Great monitor and doesn't look like a carnival ride. If you're into that, you can always paint the base red or copper and run some LEDs along the back. Stock image settings are terrible, but easy to adjust. Take a look at the first review here for settings:

u/Fastknight45 · 7 pointsr/buildapc

Its TN but ive seen this and the predator side by side at microcenter and the difference is only noticeable if you're 2 feet away and nitpicking

u/bigluke575 · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

Amazon currently has it for $535 and it's been as low as $489.99, which I bought it at about a month ago. So THIS is the lowest it's ever been.

u/Kayakingtheredriver · 6 pointsr/Amd

craigslist that monitor for -$50 less than you bought it and pay the G-sync tax on a used craigslist monitor. It is a ~$150 loss all around, but then at least, you won't ever have to worry about being let down on a GPU release. is avail on my craigslist for $100 under retail.

u/sgt_banana · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

That's for the 23in - here's the 27in for $475:

u/Simz83 · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have a broken Dell LINK and was wondering if I could do this. My wife dropped it when cleaning my desk. Would they know it's a different Serial Number?

Also, where can I get a new wife?

u/MD5isShit · 6 pointsr/buildapc

If you don't mind Tn that much I would suggest this. It is 1440p 144hz G-sync display that has a decent stand and good build quality. If you are willing to buy refurb/open box/used my recommendation changes a bit.

u/Agamemnon323 · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

This is similiar

I have the 24 inch and it's great.

u/Penguin474 · 5 pointsr/Monitors

This is exactly what I want too. 27" 144Hz and G-sync. Here are the 3 that I've found and bookmarked and have been price-checking religiously:

u/bkral93 · 5 pointsr/nvidia

I would look at the G-sync 1440p 144hz monitors.

You may need to turn down a few things to keep high fps, but some day you'll want to upgrade your GPU. And at that point, you'll have the monitor for it.

That is the best bang for the buck when it comes to 1440p, 144hz, G-sync. I owned 2, and then upgraded one to a PG348q Ultrawide.

There are still a good amount of games that that 1070 will push high fps in at 1440p.

u/anthokneeee · 5 pointsr/buildapc

Had to look through the comments to make sure that somebody let OP know. Even if you, for whatever reason, do not want to take advantage of the G-Sync capabilities, you can always buy a 27" inch 1440p monitor for cheaper without the Freesync. If you are in the market for a G-Sync monitor with the same specs, this one goes on sale for around $350 semi-often.

u/Gstroxell · 5 pointsr/nvidia

This is my monitor. It's not IPS. But ill tell you it's DAMN BEAUTIFUL!!! It's also 1440p with 144hz and G-sync.

u/Vushivushi · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

I forgot TN too for the s2417dg :/

Anyway, same price on Amazon

u/DonnyChi · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

165Hz is pretty pointless. I can tell you from experience that it difficult to even tell the difference between 120Hz and 144Hz, heck for most people anything over 90Hz starts to have diminishing returns.

The only use I could see for a 165Hz monitor is in cases where you're playing low-demanding titles such as CS:GO where you're getting abnormally high FPS, a higher refresh rate will mean less chances of tearing. But, this is addressed by NVIDIA's Fast Sync technology at the cost of some latency.

That being said, I'd say a single GTX 1080 will handle 1440p at 120-144Hz, and with a G-Sync display you won't even notice any small dips.

EDIT: also, I'd recommend this monitor for the price:

u/pron_site_operator · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

Thanks, got a used Dell Gaming S2716DG for $362.18 shipped.

u/el_erod · 4 pointsr/buildapc

I have this monitor and absolutely love it. G-sync? Check. 1440p? Check. 144hz? Check.

I can run any game I throw at it @1440p & 144fps in mid to high settings with my EVGA 970. For Max/Ultra settings I have to settle for 1440p & ~65fps, but performance is smooth and incredibly consistent.

u/perfes · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

Most of the monitors here are free sync and I would say have good implementations however I will include a Gsync category.


I would not recommend 4k for the 2080. It would be able to run games around 60 fps at 4k however refresh rate will make things more enjoyable. Also, 4k high refresh rate monitors are currently very expensive.


Good value companies to look at:


Pixio (Did not list since availability issues but worth looking at)



More established companies to look at:





Gigabyte (They have one monitor on the market)



TL;DR of VA vs IPS

IPS has slightly better viewing angles than VA.

IPS has slightly better colors VA.

IPS has better response time than VA.

However, VA does not have defects like IPS glow and much better contrast, so much better blacks and such.


TL;DR of TN vs IPS

IPS has much better viewing angles than TN. TN will color shift if looked at straight on.

IPS has much better colors than TN.

TN has the best response rate.

TN is basically worse in every way than VA and IPS except for response time.




Nixeus EDG 27" (NX-EDG27S v2) : $399.99

Here is one of the best value 1440p, 144hz, IPS monitors

Aorus AD27QD 27": $595.33

Arguably one of the best 1440p, 144hz IPS monitor:

VIOTEK GN27DB 27": $329.99

A good value VA panel by Viotek

Samsung CHG70 27-inch: $499.99

A good quality Samsung monitor however I would say it is overpriced, uses a VA panel

Dell S-Series 27" (S2719DGF): $368.75

A good cheap TN panel usually can be found around $300 on sale

AOC Agon AG271QX 27" : $390.00

An alternative to the dell.




LG 32GK650F-B 32": $408.98

This is the LG monitor I would recommend over the one this post has

BenQ EX3203R 32": $537.99

Here is an alternative Benq monitor

The two 32" monitors are also VA panels.




MSI Non-Glare UltraWide 21:9 Screen 34": $419.99 also there is a $20 MIR.

Here is an MSI ultrawide (21:9) 1440p inside your price range

Currently on sale on Newegg, however, remember Newegg has a terrible dead pixel policy.

Instead, I would buy it from B&H even though it is a little more expensive: $449.99

Acer ED347CKR bmidphzx 34" 21:9: $499.99

Here is an alternative ultrawide in case you don't want the MSI one

Both of the ultrawide monitors I have listed are VA panels.

VIOTEK GN35DR 35" 21:9: $449.99

Another ultrawide alternative by Viotek



Gsync monitors (Would not recommend since you are paying extra for gsync without any apparent benefits anymore since free sync now works with Nvidia GPUs)

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" : $446.00

Can be found on sale around $350 mark. This is a TN panel

Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27" : $599.99

The old goto monitor before free sync became compatible with Nvidia gpus.

ASUS ROG PG279Q 27" : $699.00

The other goto monitor before free sync became compatible with Nvidia gpus.

u/HingleMcCringle_ · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

there's a sale for it, too. here.

if 3" inches are worth $188.89 to you.

u/jalingo5 · 4 pointsr/buildapc

I would recommend this monitor: But it is very popular and the price can get very high. You would probably need some more money but this thing is a beast. 27 inch 1440p 144hz with G-sync 1ms response time and one of the best tn colors out there

u/DeerAreOutToGetUs · 4 pointsr/Monitors

Or, you could get two Dell S2716DGR. 2550x1440, 144hz, 1ms, gsync, no markings on the monitor other than Dell at the very bottom center. Very thin bezels,

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/AliceFaere · 4 pointsr/buildapc

Most people would say go IPS

Also just so you know, the Dell S2716DG is equivalent to that TN panel and also $175 cheaper ( so if you decide you don't mind TN and/or want to save some money you should look into it

u/The_Rick_14 · 4 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

Potentially not that helpful since you mentioned 1080p, but I use Dell's 1440p 144hz g-sync monitor and love it. Colors take a little tweaking in the Nvidia settings but looks great to me once dialed in next to my 1080p ISP panel.

The 24'' is only $300 at the moment.

u/Atreides2001 · 4 pointsr/Monitors

Dell has a great model I use daily Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/Eren_Jeager · 3 pointsr/ultrawidemasterrace

Left: Acer ED347CKR bmidphzx, 34", 21:9, 3440x1440 pixels, 100hz, VA panel.

Right: Dell S2716DGR, 27", 16:9, 2560x1440 pixels, 144hz, TN panel

Computer: Asus GL502VS laptop (GTX 1070 8MB, i7 6700HQ 2.6GHz, Ubuntu 17.10).

u/slumeet · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Gotcha. I ask since I spent some time reading the comments on Amazon and saw a lot of people saw an improvement after some tweaks

u/pdmcmahon · 3 pointsr/battlestations

Just a friendly heads up, you don’t need the “ref” or later. This will work for all Amazon links.

u/j0s9p8h7 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

For about 470$ you can get a Dell S2716DG (I think that’s the right numbers) which is 27 inches, 144hz, gsync, and 1440p. The 24 inch model is only about 360$ with 144hz, G-Sync and 1440p.

I wouldn’t pay 480$ for a 1080p 24in monitor when that starts getting into the 1440p 27in price range.


Here’s one of the Amazon offers for the 27in Dell-

Also, It depends on how much your gpu can handle at that res/what settings you hope to play on. I see why you’d want a 1080p over a 1440p.

u/CainMosni- · 3 pointsr/Monitors

I'm interested in hearing opinions about this monitor too. I was looking at the S2716DG, but couldn't get BestBuy to pricematch the MicroCenter deal for $400.

At first glance, the Asus VZ27AQ looks like a solid 27" 1440 IPS monitor. It doesn't look like it has VESA mounts though.

u/escaflow · 3 pointsr/buildapc

How about the Dell S2716DG 1440p 144hz Gsync $479.99 ?

The only downside is it's a TN panel but if you're purely going for gaming , it should be great . It's also very well received in /r/monitors and there are already plenty of calibration settings to get the best out of it here

u/Artrain90 · 3 pointsr/IndianGaming

This is why I asking whether you'll be buying in US. Building with US prices is way different than building here in India. Here's what the prices would look like in INR:

Ryzen 2700X - 29,488

Cooler Master Masterliquid 240 - 6620

MSI X470 Gaming Plus - 13,384

Gskill Sniper X 3600MHz - 16,499 (This is effing cheap at Prime AGBG! I have no clue how.)

Samsung 860 Evo 250GB SSD - 6050 (Samsungs are just better)

WD 1TB 7200RPM - 2920

MSI 1080Ti Gaming X - 79,999 (As usual, ridiculous price at amazon. Out of stock elsewhere. Cheapest 1080Ti in India is FE which sells at nVidia's website for 57,000. Next cheapest is Zotac Mini for 65,000.)

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Special Edition - 8770 (Black seems to be out of stock for now)

Cooler Master V650 Fully Modular PSU - 8000 (We don't get EVGA PSU's in India except at amazon for twice what they're worth.)

Microsoft Windows10 Home - 5769 (Finally amazon is useful! Gods wept!)

Dell S2716DG - 58,669 (Amazon useful again! What is happening?)

Cooler Master Devastator - 999 (I'm not sure if this is the right one?)

Total - Rs. 237,169 with MSI GPU. Cost would be Rs. 214,168 with Founder's Edition GPU. However cheap Nehru Place might be, I doubt it'd save you Rs. 50,000.


Intel Build

i7 8700K - 27,490

Cooler Master Masterliquid 240 - 6620 (We don't get Dark Rock Pro 4 here).

MSI Z370 A-Pro - 10,199

Corsair LPX 3000MHz - 15,550 (G.skill Aegis unavailable)

Rest of the build same.

Total - Rs. 231,035 with MSI GPU. Rs. 208,036 with FE GPU. Again, way over your budget I think. You've got two options IMO: 1. increase your budget, or 2. state your final budget and we'll try help you out with a build from scratch.

u/CptnObservant · 3 pointsr/buildapc

S2716DG. Definitely recommend as well. It's a bit more expensive than some of the competition, but the higher quality will easily last you 8-12 years

u/u3z · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

It looks like there are a lot of 1ms TN panels, I am also considering this guy, which is 144Hz, 1ms. Dell has one that I am looking at, too.

u/thatsthequy · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I have always liked my Dell monitors. This is what I'd get new:

I currently play on a U2713HM, it's very similar but only 60Hz. Maybe try to find one used for the interim?

u/Subispeed · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Hey man. I just did a build very similar to yours that was my first. I went with this monitor: Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

It was sold by Amazon so I'd wait for that I got the warehouse deals one. I'd recommend spending the extra little bit to get 1440p 144hz g sync, it's a sweet monitor

u/Brostradamus_ · 3 pointsr/buildapc

The Dell Gaming Monitors are the best cheaper ones with G-Sync:

Both the 27" and 24".

u/curtise35 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I think most of this sub is in agreement that a higher refresh rate monitor is better for gaming than a higher resolution monitor. Look for a 1440p 144hz monitor with gsync. Dell makes a classy looking one. Though I'm sure you can find something cheaper than $600.

With this budget you should be getting something from the top tier of PSUs. Any of EVGA G2, Corsair AX, or Seasonic Platinum series 650W+. [Consider this one.] ( Though I would really like to see something like this in there.

edit: A note for that case: it comes with the three front LED fans only. No exhaust fan(s) included. You'll definitely want to buy at least one extra of those fans to use as exhaust. This is the exact fan that comes with the case. The LED hub can support up to 6. Your MOBO probably doesn't have 6 fan headers though, so look into a solution for that if you end up getting a total of 6 fans. Your CPU cooler will need at least one fan and it won't be LED unless you buy one. With an all glass case you might want all your fans to be uniform LED. The fans are bad ass and I love that case.

Also with a glass case you might be interested in braided power cables that look a lot nicer than generic PSU cables. Check out cablemod. Also a lot easier to work with.

I must say it's very enjoyable working with high budget builds. I get to recommend all the cool stuff.

u/FUCKAFISH · 3 pointsr/buildapc

It's a little out of your price range but it is one of the cheapest 144hz 2k 27" gsync monitors out there. The 23" version of that would be $400

u/freespace303 · 3 pointsr/Monitors

You sure you're not willing to consider 1440p? Because at your budget ($372 usd) 27" 1440p 144hz monitors can be had all day long. If not, I listed some 1080p monitors below as well.

Since you have an Nvidia card, My first choice for you would be the Dell Gsync S2716DGR, which goes on sale for less than $400 all the time. It's pretty much the only Gsync 27" for under $400 consistently. Keep an eye on /r/buildapcsales for the best deals.

After using 2 freesync and 2 gsync monitors, I can't go back. The elimination of stutter/tearing is completely worth it IMO. Framerate dips and spikes are smoothed over as well, making for a very consistant experience.

Also, here are a bunch of Freesync 27" 1440p 144hz choices to consider...

Pixio PX276 - $310/250€

Acer XG270HU - $350

G-Story GS27QR - $330

ASUS PB278Q - $353

Monoprice 124657 - $340

If you insist on sticking to 1080p, here are a few options, all 144hz

Pixio PX325c - 32" - $350

Viotek GN32C - 32"- $300

ViewSonic VX2758-C-MH - 27" - $250

Acer ED273 - 27" - $254

I also recommend checking these sites out, they both have comprehensive lists of the best gaming monitors out right now.

144monitors dot com (can't link this site on here for some reason, blocks my comment)

u/ll3ubbles · 3 pointsr/Monitors

Ok, what's your budget to begin with?
And what's the main purpose of the monitor? (Gaming, art, design, etc..)

I recently bought a Dell S2716DG/R for my gaming rig and was pleasantly surprised with the picture quality. (Upgraded from a 1080p 32" TV monitor.)

Specs of the Dell
-27" screen
-2560 x 1440 at 144hz (DisplayPort)
-1ms Response
-TN panel (I know you're looking for an IPS)
-Color Gamut (typical): 82% (CIE1976), 72% (CIE 1931) Color depth: 16.7 Million colors
-DisplayPort and HDMI
-2 USB 3.0 ports

Price: Bought it on 08/26/2017 at $449 (Best Buy) (Wait for the price drop, maybe you can get it for lower.)

Now, there's a 24" version that I've seen go down to $380 at Amazon. Dell 2417DG

If you can try to see the monitor in operation before buying, go check it out. But, it's been an amazing Switch for me and the colors have been way better than my original screen.

^ This is my pick.

Another monitor to consider

AOC Agon AG271QX

I've looked into this and was going to get it, until I found the Dell on sale... pretty good reviews. (Look outside of Amazon reviews, those are mixed with other products)

24" ver. of the AOC

u/Brakamow · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

That's a 24". The 27" is the one posted here.

u/ClusterMorph · 3 pointsr/Monitors

What's your budget?
What kind of games do you like?
Does the type of panel matter to you?

If you get a 1080p monitor you will most likely be getting atleast 144 frames almost all the time, if you go 1440p you may not get the full benefit of having a 144hz monitor.

1080p, 144hz, G-Sync, TN panel, 24"

If you insist on going 1440p

1440p, 144hz, G-Sync, TN panel, 27"

u/CherryBlossomStorm · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Decent deal for $1500. For monitors... 1440p 144hz

u/Zimmerel · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I would head over to r/monitors for a ton of good advice. Some quick tips would be pay attention to resolution, your 1070 should have no trouble running 1440p which a step up from many common HD TVs and monitors. Next is refresh rate. Higher refresh rate, put simply, makes most things much smoother. I'm not 100% but you should be able to play plenty of games @ 144hz with slightly lessened graphics settings. I run a 1080 with 1440p @144hz and that card is only a step above yours.

My monitor is the It can regularly be found on sale for ~$450 USA. Another thing to look out for is TN vs IPS which are common types of panels monitors use. TN is known for having lesser colors and viewing angles but is vastly cheaper and doesn't suffer from the many quality control issues that IPS monitors do. Just check out some amazon reviews on popular IPS models. Not saying they aren't fantastic looking, but you will pay more and there's a chance you'll have to send it back a few times. My monitor is a TN and it looks and plays incredibly. If you go with this one, download anow aftermarket color profile.

Lastly, G Sync. It basically is there to remove screen splitting. It's a great feature but you will pay more for it. Makes game play buttery smooth and pairs well with a high refresh rate monitor. Freesync is AMD's version so look out for that because you don't want to be paying for a feature you can't utilize. You want G Sync for a Nvidia card.

Hope this helps!

u/PurrNugget · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I don't think we're going to truly have a 4k capable card for a couple more generations. The 1080 excels at 1440p and you should easily be able to hit 144hz on most AAA games maxed graphics. I do pretty good with a 980ti and this monitor.

u/ShittyFrogMeme · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

No. Same monitor is on sale for $485 on Amazon right now:

FYI this monitor is the TN version and goes on sale all the time. If you want a TN monitor, the Dell S2716DG for $499 may actually be preferable

Also there's the always common Acer Recertified deal on the IPS version. Right now its $545 (when in stock).

u/Snorkle25 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

This is what I recommend getting:

Gsync is a variable refresh rate technology that matches and changes the screens framerates to match your GPU's output.

In Pane Switching (IPS) is a newer screen type that generally offers better contrast for darker blacks and lighter whites with a fuller color range than older TN panels.

The refresh rate goes up to 144hz which on newer AAA titles you will be able to enjoy but is more than enough to not limit the system.

u/MrShnickles · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Most people seem to like the settings listed on the top Amazon Review.

u/PacoBedejo · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

First, I think ultra-wide setups (whether curved 21:9 or triple-monitor) won't be well-suited to Star Citizen. Unlike a standard First Person Shooter where you're scanning a primarily flat area, space exists all around you.

IMO, the best way to experience SC will be with a VR headset. But, being an MMO, I know that my play sessions might last as long as 12 hours. Given my desire to avoid headset-induced fungal/bacterial infections, I'm going for a great, large, single monitor.

Unfortunately, there isn't a monitor on the market which ticks all the boxes right now. Acer tried a 4K 144hz 32" G-Sync monitor, but the DisplayPort 1.3 they used couldn't carry the necessary bandwidth. Right now I'm using a 27" Dell 1440P 144hz and love it, but wish for a larger screen with similar or smaller pixel size.

According to, monitor manufacturers aren't going to be re-attempting large + awesome again any time soon.

> Acer Predator XB321HK
> We're keeping this monitor here as a placeholder, so readers realize that yes, we know a lot of you are on the lookout for a replacement to this venerable 32" 4K G-Sync monitor, the only one of its kind ever released. The issue with it was that with existing Displayport technology, it was impossible to achieve a refresh rate higher than 60Hz at 4K, and serious gaming rigs are now able to easily surpass that 60 frames per second, even at this extreme resolution. 4K refresh rates of 120Hz and above are coming with the new DisplayPort 1.4 standard, which has recently been adopted.
> A new generation of 4K G-Sync monitors that exceed the 60Hz refresh rate will be arriving later this year. To learn more about this exciting new development, see our report on The Future of Display Tech from CES 2017. The only problem: for the foreseeable future, these monitors will be 27", so it's going to be several years before a true replacement for the XB321HK appears!

So, unfortunately, your best bet is probably the Acer Predator X34 for now. It's less "ultra-wide" than a triple-monitor setup, has good pixel size (same as 27" 16:9 1440P), and has an increased refresh rate (100hz). The Z35P could be alright too, if you prefer VA over IPS.

The shitty thing is; because it's ultra-wide, the 34" X34 is the same exact screen height as a 16:9 27" panel. You could get the ASUS ROG Swift 27" 16:9 for $375 less, have the same screen height (same usable screen area wearing in-game helmet), and have a faster refresh rate while drawing fewer pixels, increasing your GPU's FPS output. If you're cool with a TN panel, the $450 Dell S2716DG is hard to beat. You just won't be happy with the color reproduction.

So...just buy your pick of the 27" 1440p G-Sync monitors and be done with it for now. :(

Do your own research on panel types: TN -vs- IPS -vs- VA

u/PillClinton710 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

This is just my humble opinion.

27", 2560x1440, 1ms, 144hz, G-sync, Really nice color calibration, pretty much nails all the criteria, and has a high number of 5-star reviews. $625 AUD

u/Luminaria19 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

They're all pretty similar honestly. Some are better out of the box than others, but after adjusting, they're close to the same from what I've heard.

I have a Dell SG2716DG and after a bit of adjustment to the settings, it looks great. It can't match my IPS monitor in vibrancy, but it's better than my old TN monitor.

u/hanotak · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I'm using a 1080 with a 144hz 1440p G-Sync monitor, and it's perfect. I'd aim for that combination.

This is the one I use. It often goes on sale <$400.

There's also a 24 inch 165hz variant, if you prefer smaller monitors.

u/jjrmm7 · 3 pointsr/Monitors

According to the questions section on Amazon "There's an option in the menu to overclock to 150, 155, 160, and 165 Hz. And the included DP cable is capable of handling 1440p at 165 Hz" but I could be wrong

u/StealDeals · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Looks like the same one is on Amazon for the same price.

Can anyone provide info if this is a good one or not? Looking to buy a monitor in the next 2 weeks 1440p/144hz under 500.

u/kurosnake · 3 pointsr/nvidia

I bought this one for the 1070. Great price point, with 1440p and G-sync. If money isn't an obstacle for you, go with the same specs but in a IPS panel.

u/KrustyKrab223 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

This. No doubt the best possible monitor for gaming you can get at about 500$. It's TN, yeah, but it has a 10 bit panel, so the colors are great anyways, and it has 144hz refresh rate and G-Sync. It also comes with Dell's superb customer service.

u/BSimpson1 · 3 pointsr/nvidia

Hmm.. I'm confused what monitor you stumbled onto. I believe he meant this one, which is 1440p, 144hz, with gsync.

u/EvenJesusGotDrunk · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I'll vote for the Dell S2716DG

u/jugzeh · 3 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

edit: currently I run 3 screens, I play games on this one:

GSYNC is expensive, if you have that kind of disposable income do it. As far as 144hz goes, there's no going back from that smoothness.

Honestly, right now the sweet spot is 1440p 144hz ... slowly coming down in price. When it comes down in price this is my next purchase

I wouldn't worry about 4k gaming unless it's a really big importance to you. If you need to upgrade now, 144hz is where it's at. If you can spot some extra cash, 1440p 144hz. GSYNC is pretty amazing though, from my understanding it eliminates tearing and gives the smoothest gameplay possible, something that could be helpful for PUBG as it grows. Hope that helps

u/adviceonmypcbuild · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Something like the Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0"?

u/Zutrax · 3 pointsr/battlestations

The vertical monitor is a Dell Gaming S2716DGR. It's a 27" 1440p TN panel monitor with G-Sync. It's a fantastic little monitor, but a lot of people do have issue with color banding on it, especially if you don't tweak the settings on it.

The curved ultrawide is an Alienware 1900R. For me it was a tossup between that and the Asus Predator ultrawide of the same style. I ended up chosing the Alienware due to less complaints over backlight bleed and the fact that it overclocks to 120hz. So far it's been a beautiful monitor and I've had zero issues with it.

u/connorboy · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I really like it a lot. I went from 1080p 60hz -> this and the colors I got from this amazon review here made it look really really nice

Although I don't have it on 144hz yet (still on 760 GPU, waiting for MSI Gaming X 1070 to be in stock) its still a huge upgrade, they colors look really nice and the stand is super good. Also, games run really well surprisingly even though I'm on 1440p and that probably has something to do with g-sync, so that is really good as well.

Overall rating it right now solid 9/10

u/TurboDGaming · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I'd honestly go with this one. It's also 144hz if that's something you're after. Let me know if I helped :)

u/Harleyshadow27 · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

High quality tn is also pretty good for a budget. Look at this one during the sale, if it doesn’t go on sale, go onto and look for it there.
Otherwise, the Asus ROG would be your best bet for ips (as far as I know)
**Note these are both 165hz, so if you’re not interested in that don’t bother with this comment.

u/AFlaccoSeagulls · 2 pointsr/buildapc

> So I know I want a 27" 2560x1440 with 144hz+ and, if possible G-sync or Nvidia compatible Freesync

I can personally vouge for this monitor by Dell - S2716DGR. 27" 1440p 144hz 1ms G-Sync. I would put this into a camelcamelcamel price watch for Amazon and order it through there, because it frequently goes on sale for ~$350.

This is my current gaming monitor and it's awesome.

u/tarcruel · 2 pointsr/buildapc

There is a dell thats 27” 1ms 2k and 144hz that’s around 400$ I think
You can find it on sale for around 400$

u/danesnick · 2 pointsr/Monitors

I've been personally eyeballing Dell's offering:

It's 1440p/144hz/G-sync, but TN. However, it apparently uses a different TN panel than what Asus/BenQ is using according to this review:

It's been as low as $549 (on the microsoft store), so I'm waiting for that price drop again.

Hope this helps!

u/kyronami · 2 pointsr/Monitors

I did alot of research and ended up going with the dell. Its 144hz, ips, and has gsync

u/animeman59 · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

I got the Dell S2716DG from Amazon for $500.

Absolute steal, and a great monitor.

u/Strobe_Synapse · 2 pointsr/buildmeapc

Your monitor type will depend on what type of games you want to play and how you want to play them (emphasis on frames per second or max detail/resolution - 1440p or 4k)

You have a fairly powerful setup so you could try and go for the 1440p resolution monitor (recommend 27") but it may come with a sacrifice of FPS. You'll also need to consider what refresh rate you'll want your monitor to be. Personally, I'd shoot for something at 144hz. If you want to maintain a higher framerate because you want that buttery smoothness, then I'd suggest a 1080p monitor @ 144hz.

You could do 24" as well unless you just want a bigger screen. It's important to keep in mind that there's no right or wrong answer here, it's a matter of preference. I'm running a similar setup to you but with a 1080ti and I chose a 27" 1440p @ 144hz monitor, specifically this one.


Remember that your monitor will likely outlast your current build, so it never hurts to spend a little extra here knowing that you will have something even stronger a few years down the road and the monitor will be able to accommodate that. Good luck!



u/bidoing · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I followed a review that I saw on Amazon to good effect. I'll link it here for convenience.

In summary though:
Nvidia Control Panel>Adjust desktop color settings:
Digital vibrance-70%

DELL Monitor settings:
Color>Custom Color:

Make sure you have the latest drivers from Dell's website as well.

There is another review below the top one, which has pictures. It's essentially the same with slightly different contrast and brightness setting. Mix and match until you finish what's right for you. Hope this helps! My colors really pop with those settings applied.

u/RidleyScotch · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Would this be good compliment as second monitor to the Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC that i have coming in the mail

I have a EVGA 1070TI

u/The_drum_killa · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Dell 27" 1440p 144hz G-sync
My current monitor, needed a little bit of color calibration out of the box but after that everything looks amazing and with 144hz G-sync games run smoother than anything I've played on before.

I picked mine up for just under 500 dollars durning one of dells many online sales.

u/ThiefMnemonic · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/Scaldor · 2 pointsr/Monitors

I normally agree about Dell quality control, but not on this monitor.

Its always a lottery with gaming monitors unfortunately.

Also I bought four xb271hu recently, 3/4 were fantastic and one of them was relatively good for ips panels in terms of blb/glow. I tried the pg279q three times , x34 twice, and xb270hu three times, they were all poop. Xb271hu has improved qc to 270

u/Hard_Celery · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Add to cart, means your buying it from Amazon. Those other options are individual resellers, selling new and used products. I didn't see one for $60 though.

All you do is click the new and used from link and it'll take you here

u/buccanearsfan24 · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

Then look into dells 27" 1440p 144hz gsync monitor.


u/Grizzled--Kinda · 2 pointsr/buildapc
u/ogdonut · 2 pointsr/Seaofthieves

I highly recommend getting this Dell monitor if you're looking for something cheaper and that'll utilize your gpu to the fullest. /r/buildapcsales posts this on sale pretty frequently, and can easily be picked up for $350. I have one and I have absolutely no issues with quality or screen tearing on any game

u/TheReptarKing · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

I've seen this one recommended quite often. Wait and see what everyone else thinks. I'm not an expert by any means.

1440p + 144hz + IPS + G Sync (but I don't think that'll apply to your graphics card, but I'm not sure)

u/TheAutoManCan · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Maybe a Dell S2716DG? It's a TN panel 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync. It's been on sale new for under $500 if you are willing to be patient or you can buy one right now at Amazon for $588.88.

u/noah03ark · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I'll try to keep this as terse as possible.. There's also a few more steps if you use Flux, so if you need those added just say so.

You can try an .icc profile as the quickest, simplest form of calibration. This is done in your windows settings, using the s2716dg profile that you can download here:
These guys put one together based on their review of the monitor.

I don't only use that .icc – I applied it at first, and went into Nvidia control panel's color options and applied the following tweaks suggested by this fellow in the Amazon review
. Just scroll down, it should be the first review.

His settings didn't quite jive, so I turned down digital vibrance and some other things. Point is – that profile plus any tweaks in nvidia control panel and the built in hardware's brightness and contrast should do you fine, and you can eyeball it when you get to that stage.

The beauty of this monitor is that it does have 8bit color unlike a lot of TN panels, and with some calibration the only way you'd care about this vs IPS is if you have them side by side or depend on color calibration for photos.

u/AssCrackBanditHunter · 2 pointsr/skyrimmods

this guy

Personally I think g sync is the cherry on top of a nice system, it shouldn't be something you sacrifice other parts for. I got this on sale for 500 bucks when I was looking for a monitor and I love it. I like that I never EVER have to worry about v sync or screen tearing. I like that even when my games dip to 40fps they're still smooth flowing. It's a very nice feature to be sure.

But if you're deciding between a big gpu upgrade or getting g sync, I'd say go for the gpu.

u/poperatwork · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I'll go ahead and suggest the monitor we all knew someone would suggest.

Out of your price range now, but it goes on sale below 450 almost on a weekly basis. Watch /r/buildapcsales

Hits most of your points.

low response time.

It is a TN. Some might knock me for saying this next bit, but don't listen to them. Speaking from experience, this is true. This monitor has fantastic colors for a TN. Turn up digital vibrancy in the nvidia control panel to about 60% and things will really start to pop. Sure it has TN viewing angles, but you don't care, you're going to be looking right at it like 99% of people who spend this much money on a monitor.

The only issue that this monitor has to speak of is some pretty bad color banding. Personally, I think it is far overblown, but it is there and I will accept that some people may be more sensitive to it than others. Accept that in your price range no monitor will come without drawbacks (In any price range, it could be argued... monitor technology and QA really still kind of blows all around). I'd take this particular drawback over almost any others I could think of.

Still, If you can wait a week or two for this monitor to go on sale and snag it, I would be willing to bet you'll be so satisfied with it you will not feel the need to upgrade in a year, and if you did you would be disappointed with the monitor you upgraded to in the sense that you will feel you should have gotten more for what you paid in comparison. You really can't beat this monitor for the price when it's on sale.

u/boonstyle_ · 2 pointsr/computers

tested tons of 27 inches with gsync. the only one ive been really satisfied is this one . i got on e of those a fewmonths ago and got a perfect panel with the first order. i upgraded to dual of those and second one was perfect too since dell has pretty good quality control. all the asus and acer (which i tested like 5+ of every model sadly...) either had high backlight bleeding or many dead pixels and dust behind the panel (or even both). despite i know at least 2 colleagues of mine do have an acer predator without problems ( after some buys and returns in the panel lottery). and avoid 1920x1080 at 27+ inches since it does look pretty ugly and your 1070 can chew those 2560x1440 easy even maxed out on most titles (especially with gsync making it smooth even in the 80 fps).

u/Ender1183 · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

> IPS Swift
I think he ment this one but i have read a lot of people do like the back light bleed.
Been eyeing a dell for a few months.

u/TheRedSoviet · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/White-t-shirts · 2 pointsr/buildapc

newegg and other sites have same/similar policy. but on amazon still cheaper

u/MathiasBonnet · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Well if there is a huge GPU crash and a GTX 1080 ti is $400-500 then that or a GTX 1070 or 1070 ti. I'm looking for a 1440p monitor, 144hz and vesa compatible.

u/Pilfy · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Dell UltraSharp U2414H 23.8” Inch Screen LED Monitor

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

Realforce 87U Tenkeyless 55g (White/Gray)

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0 Active Near Field Monitors - Studio Monitor Speaker - Wooden Enclosure - 42 Watts RMS

u/ungratefulanimal · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

I'm going to send you a link to a new monitor. Not used. That is a big budget. I can find you the one I got. I got the Dell s2716gd.
2.5k resolution monitor, 144hz, 27"
Absolutely amazing.

u/Ass_Cheddar · 2 pointsr/battlestations

I would recommend saving up for one, It would be totally worth it. I spent $560 on a Dell 27" 1440p 144Hz monitor, my second is my old Dell 23" 1080p and the difference is impeccable.

Edit1:Found It on amazon for cheaper than I spent! used or new.

Edit2: Also Gsync is amazing for gaming, you can really tell the difference when it comes to the smoothness of a games graphics.

u/WrappedCorn · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

My tax return can barely fit the bill for my needs for a 1440p monitor. The two monitors that I am looking at right now are these.

Dell and Asus

Taking that both of them are gsync, the dell ones are relatively cheap but still expensive. I think I would either go for the 1080p monitors since that's all I could afford.

u/gsnee · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have the 27" this is the model that I have I believe S2716DG Best buy carries it for around $350 fairly often.

u/charliefuckstick · 2 pointsr/techsupport

With your CPU usage being that high, open task manager and find out what's using most of your resources. Prebuilts often come with a ton of manufacturer's bloatware.

Otherwise, there's not really a whole lot else worth straight up upgrading in your system right now. The 7700 is a great CPU, and the 1070 is a great GPU. You're at 1080p60, so there's not really a lot more performance you can squeeze out of that resolution/refresh rate for games. Nvidia's RTX cards just launched, but there's really no data for them other than they're the standard improvement over last gen's cards since literally nothing supports ray tracing yet. There's info circulating around AMD putting up GPUs on a 7nm process soon, but same with the RTX cards, it's probably wise to wait until more information is available before deciding on either. However, the 1080ti is likely going to take a dive in price pretty soon given the RTX release and Nvidia coming back into possession of thousands of Pascal boards once the crypto market demand died down. If you decide to step up your GPU, you might want to check into higher resolution and higher refresh panels as well, as there's not really more performance you can squeeze out of 1080p60 by upgrading your hardware. I've got this 1440p144hz panel and this 4k60 panel, and they're both outstanding performers for the price. You'd definitely need to up your GPU to drive them to their full potential, but it kinda sounds like you're thinking about doing that anyway, and like I said there's really not a whole lot more you can get out of 1080p60 that you aren't already getting out of your current hardware.

As for your CPU, not really a whole lot of point in upgrading there. Coffee Lake is just a hardware refresh of Kaby Lake [your CPU family], and Kaby Lake is just a hardware refresh of Skylake. It's a quad-core cpu, but it's hyperthreaded, which means it essentially functions as an 8-core. There's really no reason to put money into upgrading it until something actually better comes along.

But then again, these could all be totally moot points. Building a pc is a lot of fun and a great way to get to know every single bit of hardware in your rig. Given that you've already got a very well-performing pc, it might be worth your while to just put down some cash for an inexpensive pc just to fuck around with, like a Ryzen 3 GT 1030 build. It's a great way to learn more about hardware and how it interacts with your os without having to put down a ton of money, and it isn't necessarily devastating if you break your OS tinkering because all your more important data is elsewhere.

u/SmokyTree · 2 pointsr/PC_Builders

For a monitor I am quite happy with this one.

Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

Though I would check for if to be on sale. I got it directly from Dell for $480 and I saw it on sale for $450 before. You could always play on 1080 resolution still if games are suffering too much. I have a 1080 ti and I can generally get around 80-100fps in most games at 1440p ultra everything minus v-synch. With the 1060 I imagine 60fps is possible but you probably will need to play with some high and medium settings.

u/xandarg · 2 pointsr/Monitors

This monitor may go down to $300 on Black Friday, if you're lucky. show's it has hit $300 at least once before, if only for a day a year ago.

As you can see here by simply putting your parameters into Newegg, you're not going to get much cheaper than that.

u/glazapotamus · 2 pointsr/buildapc

144Hz, it feels soooo good!

This monitor is often recommended. Not an IPS display but a few tweaks of the color settings and it looms fantastic. G-Sync, 144hz, 1440p, Display Port. Has everything at a reasonable price and is a fantastic complement to my 1070ti! There's a 24" model as well.

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/voidcalls_tousall · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Hi EN,

I am in your boat. It's Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I want to build a new rig. My last one (9/2011 - seriously) needs some updating.

This morning I've been reading about monitors and honestly the thing that stands out most is FreeSync (AMD) and G-Sync (Nvidia). I'm finding that this determines a number of the variables of the monitor and it's cost. So far I'm looking at a 27" G-Sync monitor and it's on sale for $470 Link

u/Kingrcf3 · 2 pointsr/PcMasterRaceBuilds
Probably the best monitor without spending the premium on an ips version, usually can be found for less in the $400-$450 range

u/Mattb150 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Dell S2716DG

144hz, Gsync, 27" 2560 x 1440, TN panel


Dell S2417DG

Same but 24"

u/gaming4good · 2 pointsr/nvidia

well the first one is free sync so no reason to buy that unless your going AMD.

The second one i think is over priced. It is probably cause it is a BenQ but it has a refresh rate of 60hz which is poor. It doesn't have either g sync or free sync.

My recommendation is

It is a little more but if you camp dell, amazon, and ebay you can find it sub 400 used, but 450 right now for new is a great deal doesn't go much below that ever. I got one for 350 used. It is 27" 1440p 144hz. It looks fantastic and has an amazing stand. The color are great after calibration and it has g sync to boot.

u/ShadowWovle · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I was going to say the same thing

The monitor is 1440p, 144hz or 165hz, 1ms, G-sync

24' is $340 (165hz)
27' is $419 (144hz)

u/Overvaluation · 2 pointsr/buildapc

With the 1080 you could probably bump your monitor up to a 1440p 144hz one (also with G-Sync if budget permits). I'd suggest this or this

If it's a little expensive I'd suggest removing the SSD (for now) to make up the money and adding it later. :)

u/tyronebiggums26 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

You can find this one on sale very often for under $400 usd and I have settled with it since a reputable ips monitor i want next ccost $700.

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/Akip25 · 2 pointsr/Monitors

19201440p is 4:3

i think you probably mean 2560

for gaming id say 1440p 144hz > 4k 60hz

so something like the Dell - S2716DG 27.0"

u/MatteoTomato · 2 pointsr/buildapcforme
u/Beznia · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Middle monitor: Dell Alienware AW3418DW (120Hz) - Got it for $629.99 open box at Microcenter a couple months back.

Left and right monitors: Acer CZ340CK (75Hz) - Got them $599.99 each at Microcenter when they were first released, cheapest 3440x1440 curved ultrawides at the time.

Top monitor: Dell S2716DGR (144Hz) - Paid ~$450 for it used shortly after it came out. I actually had this one as my middle monitor prior to getting the Alienware, but let my girlfriend use it. I recently kicked her out and took it back!


PC Specs:

CPU: Intel i7 8700k

GPU: EVGA GTX 1080Ti (I got this during the height of the crypto boom for $829 from the EVGA site. I bought 3, flipped 2 for $1200 each and came away nearly getting this one free.)

PSU: Some Corsair 850W Gold, don't remember the model.

Cooler: Noctua NH-D15

Motherboard: No clue

Storage: 2x 1TB SanDisk X400 M.2 SSDs, 3TB Seagate HDD, 4TB Seagate HDD, 1TB WD Black

RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz

u/DJ_Slomin · 2 pointsr/buildapc

It really depends on what your brother is playing for games. If they are gaming casually and want it to look amazing this would be a good.

That looks like a good 4k monitor. That 1080Ti could push 4k pixels but only at 60fps max for many games.

If your brother is playing competitive or fps games I would recommend a 1440p monitor. It is known to be the best sweet spot resolution for 27" monitors. Below is a great 144Hz, 1440p, g-sync, IPS monitor. A gaming monster. Having a g-sync monitor is a gamers dream. It keeps everything buttery smooth without any tearing.
Acer Predator XB271HU 27"

IPS monitors are great with awesome colors but can be expensive. Dell makes a very similar monitor that is a TN panel which has worse colors and viewing angles but is cheaper.
Dell Gaming S2716DGR

u/Panther427 · 2 pointsr/Monitors

There are a couple options. Dell has a 24 inch and 27 inch monitor with them specs. S2716DG.

If not Asus

I picked up the Dell options two weeks ago it was on sale for 450 dollars. So if its not an immediate need you could wait for that sale again

u/VectorVictorious · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Bought mine for $430 a few months ago. The caveat is it was sold as "Used - Like New" on Amazon. Always check out the other sellers on that monitor.

Took me about 2 weeks of watching daily before I found a great deal on what should have been and what was a "like new" monitor. Looks and runs flawless for a savings of over $100.

edit: holy shit, I can't believe the lowest priced new one there is now $600.

u/symplr · 2 pointsr/buildapc

The Acer that the other guy mentioned is a good choice, although you could also go with the [Dell S2716DG] ( for the same specs and much lower price (and IMO it looks nicer).

If you're willing to spend a little more for an IPS monitor, the Acer XB270HU bprz (not Abprz) is $100 more than your budget and the colors look much better. If you could afford to drop a little more I think it's very much worth it.

u/Euphemy · 2 pointsr/Monitors

I've been looking at this for a while:

1ms, 144hz, 1440p, 27inch, g-sync

u/SearingEnigma · 2 pointsr/Monitors

Click the 2560x1440 box on here, and that's the one I have. Like I said, though, it's a Freesync monitor, so you'd want the Gsync equivalent. Something like this, but jeez, I have no idea why Gsync monitors always cost more.

Oh, this is the one I would've wanted when I was considering an Nvidia card. Only $509 right now, but for some reason, looks like they edited the page a bunch since I last looked at it. Should have all the same specs, they just don't seem to care to advertise it at the top anymore. It's all in the product description though.

u/zer0fks · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I have this and love it:


I'm playing on a 1440p 144Hz BenQ monitor. I have a i5-6600k paired with a GTX970 overclocked and I get constant 80+ FPS. I play the game on 1440p resolution on lowest setting for PUBG, but any other game I also run 1440p, but with the highest setting my GPU can achieve.

It really is worth it to be honest. I can't tell about G-sync as my monitor is Freesync, but rest make my games look awesome. Modded Skyrim on 1440p monitor... think about it.

The best bang for your buck is probably this one:

u/The-guy-behind-u · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Here are two Dell Monitors, both under $550



u/AlicSkywalker · 2 pointsr/buildapc

For those who doesn't know how to do it:

[short text](the long link here)

Dell S2716DG

u/pizzadadd · 2 pointsr/Monitors

> XR341CK

I think you will get a lot of varied answers around here about IPS vs. TN. Having said that, I will tell you my experience. I bought a cheap Asus TN panel a few years ago (before I knew what a TN panel was). Something always seemed off about it to me but I could never quite place it. Then I started to regularly use an IPS panel and I finally put it together. And once I figured it out, the weaknesses in the TN panel became glaringly apparent.

On the other hand, I have no doubt that TN panels have improved greatly since I bought my monitor, especially in the price range we are talking about here and I think a lot of people here will tell you there are great TN panels like this: Dell S2716DG

Which I have seriously considered buying because it's a great price, great design, great quality and has all the features I want...except it's TN. I can't speak for you but since you already have an IPS panel I would think that having a TN monitor next to it would just be distracting, to me it would be. But the price difference is hard to ignore.

u/g0atmeal · 2 pointsr/buildapc

If I may make a recommendation, try to go for 24", which suits 1080p better. 27" is still good, but it doesn't look as sharp. Also, I would strongly encourage getting a monitor with adaptive sync. ("Freesync" monitors if you have an AMD card, and "Gsync" monitors if you have an NVIDIA card.) It makes a huge difference.

Looks like you have a GTX 1070. In that case, I would recommend also upgrading to 1440p like /u/KarlofDuty said. I use a 980 Ti for 1440p@144hz w/ Gsync, and it does the job very well. A 1070 should do it even better.

The options you selected are all quite a bit overpriced for what they offer, in my experience. As for affordable better options, I use the Dell S2716DG, which meets all these critera and you can often find for about $450-500 -- check /r/buildapcsales often, because this monitor pops up there every other week. You can get a monitor multiple times better for the same amount that you're already willing to spend.

Please note that it is a TN panel, which is a type known for having washed-out colors. I own two different monitors with TN panels, and you can adjust color settings to make it still look great. The main benefit is that TN is usually much cheaper than the better alternative, IPS. (So, if you're willing to spend an extra couple hundred bucks, you can get an IPS panel instead. If accurate color is that important to you.)

You may be thinking, "but that's a 27"." The key difference is that 1440p looks great at 27", while 1080p looks best at 24" in my opinion. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Other note: there's a new release from Dell coming soon, which is basically the same thing but scaled down to 24" for better sharpness and increased the refresh rate to 165hz. I don't know how much it will cost, but if you're interested it might be worth waiting a little while.

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heres mine:

1440p, 144Hz, G-Sync, 1ms response, tn panel. its a very good tn panel so unless youre doing color sensitive work it wont matter.

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Quick suggestion. I believe your 27' monitor is more expensive than the 28' one with built in speakers and sub-woofer.

Edit: Link:
$435 vs $510 for yours.. I am not sure if they are any different.
Try returning the one you have and replacing it maybe? Depends on when you bought it though via amazon

u/jcogs89 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Just bought this. People on this Reddit highly recommended it.

Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

u/Keelay_Jelly · 2 pointsr/Monitors

Unfortunately I don't have any experience with that monitor. The only "problem" I see with that monitor is that it has Freesync and not G-sync. In a way that's actually kinda good, since Freesync adds no premium to the monitor, but when running something at 144Hz you may find the adaptive sync to be nice on graphic intensive games. Funny enough I had the same situation earlier in the month when I found an IPS panel with 144Hz 1440p and Freesync for 200$ less than the equivalent G-sync. The only G-sync version that was the same price was this Dell TN panel (with all the other stuff). Still haven't decided ... waiting for AMD benchmarks.

Back to the questions though. I'm not entirely sure what your situation is like (or how much that monitor cost in AUD cause for some reason the page won't load) but you may either want to stick to 1080p 144Hz or IPS for now, or wait and see if that Dell panel goes on sale, since its got everything you are looking for + g-sync. I'm expecting however that the monitor i linked is like 700+ in AUD, which in that case my bad. A 1080p monitor with IPS and 144Hz might even come out soon who knows?

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He's right. Do you WANT to play at 14440p/144? If you don't care about playing at 1440p, then don't worry about getting a 1440p monitor.

I recommend you do, though. I just built an EVGA 1080FTW/i7 6700k build last week, and I'm absolutely glad that I got a 1440/144 monitor since the 1080 has enough power to make it worth it.

I play Overwatch, Rocket League, Borderlands 2 on maximum graphics at 1440/144 easily, at a nice and cool 67 degrees or so. I can also get Battlefield 1 at a stable 100 FPS on Ultra at 1440/144 as well. I have not overclocked.

I would have hated myself if I had gone for a 1080 monitor with the ability to go higher and still have amazing graphics and butter smooth FPS.

>Which one is cheaper and better?

Cheaper? 1080/144. Better? 1440/144.

Go with 1440/144. You'll kick yourself for settling for less when you get playing with that 1080 card.


I personally recommend this monitor. It's the one I have, and a friend of mine who built first recommended it to me. It's 1440p, 144 refresh rate, with GSync. It's also rather huge at 27", but I love it.

It IS a TN panel, not IPS, but once you adjust it based on suggestions, it's just as good as an IPS for a lot cheaper.

Watch the sales on it. It's "retail" $800, but I never once have seen it even remotely that high. I got mine for $449 from a Best Buy sale, and I frequently see it on sale at /r/buildapcsales. Otherwise you can take a look at and see if you can find one there for cheaper with the discount codes. Such as right here. Pay by debit card and opt out of free returns (can still return if damaged/defective, and can pay to return if you just don't like it) and add in the $50 max SHOP10 discount code, get it for $450 new.

tl;dr - Get a 1440p/144 monitor.

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Its a dell s2417dg, I bought it when free-sync didn't work on Nvidia cards for around $250 on sale, there are most definitely other options for cheaper with free-sync so I would do more research on your own.

u/Rainman5419 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

There are cheaper monitors with Gsync out there. I got the top one for $350 USD on a Black Friday special last year. Note the DG and DGR versions of both monitors below are the same, the DGR version is meant for retail store sales.

27 in, 2560 x 1440 at 144Hz TN Panel

24in, 2560X1440 165 Hz TN Panel

u/CareerRejection · 2 pointsr/buildapc

That is a fantastic deal if that did happen.. But the lowest I'm seeing is $299 for new. I would definitely have picked it up if it really was that cheap.

u/kandt_- · 2 pointsr/Eve

Get two of these:

You can find them new for less than $500 on Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon, Prime and everything) from time to time.

Look great, no glare, 144Hz is awesome and G-Sync is the coolest piece of tech I've ever personally used.

Edit: I got mine for $519.99 in April of last year. A buddy of mine got it for $475 or so in August.

u/keltvek · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Does anyone know why they do that? Isn't S2716DG a good gaming monitor?

u/Krojack76 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I just got this Dell 27" a few weeks ago. Plugged it in and made sure G-Sync was running. It's like night and day. Game movement is so much smoother. I drooled for several hours that fight night while using it.

G-Sync is for Nvidia ONLY video cards.
FreeSync is for AMD ONLY video cards.
So if you do get a monitor that supports one of those, make sure your video card supports the tech first.

u/withoutapaddle · 1 pointr/PS4

Gsync. Specifically, the Dell S2716DG

u/McMurry · 1 pointr/Monitors

Id go with IPS over TN every day, just buy from somewhere like Amazon with a super simple return policy. My first MG279Q came with a mess of dead pixels and some bleed, Amazon cross shipped a replacement and provided a return label. I was able to use the one with dead pixels for a few days. I was ready for the 2nd to be shit and to return that one as well, but it is nearly perfect with one a very small spot of bleed and some glow that at usable brightness levels (40%) isnt noticeable in normal usage.

Either one you pick though setup a camelcamelcamel alert as the Dell S2716DG can be had for under 500:

u/JohnNecro · 1 pointr/buildapc

Ayy, I've been looking to! :D these are what I've found so far

Dell ( 550$ )
Acer ( 450$)

u/MrNerd82 · 1 pointr/Monitors

it changes price semi-frequently... looks like it's back up....

look at the price history on camelcamelcamel they have sales on it often, lowest in history was 449

(be sure to click the box to show the amazon line and not 3rd party)

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Closer pic

Dell 27 144hz w/ G-Sync Amazon link

Edit: Wow that fuckin compression

u/summaryjudged · 1 pointr/buildapc

New dell gaming is nice, TN plate but it has all the bells and whistles. here

u/Pleasure_Town · 1 pointr/buildmeapc

Thanks for the reply!

And I figured I'd save up some more and buy this monitor in the future

u/i_did_it_brah · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I've been looking at This monitor. It's the Dell S2716DG. It's 27 inch 1440p 144hz G-sync monitor, it's also a TN panel. You are pretty much getting the same specs as the Asus PG278Q ROG Swift for cheaper. I personally will be buying the monitor shortly. It's $600. I'm not sure what your budget is, but I would recommend this monitor. I've only read positive reviews about it.

u/Zadoose · 1 pointr/nvidia

Has anyone found a fix for this? It seems to happen everyday now and seems to happen more often if i havent used the keyboard/mouse for a while. But can also happen while im doing things on my pc as well. I thought it was because my gpu is sort of old and might have compatibilty issues like this because it cant do 1440p @ 144hz because of the gpu's pixel capacity and thought maybe the fact that the max refresh rate isnt on 144 and the gpu was giving out because ive got a dual monitor setup with a 1080p 60 fps monitor. But if youre having problems with a 980 ti then that cant be it. Im using the dell 2716dg monitor which has the same capabilities as the asus one except that it doesnt have 3d vision but that shouldnt matter because supposedly 3d and g sync cant be on at the same time. Have you guys ever found a solution since this is about 5 months old?

u/TheGranPuba · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Is this the same as this?

u/Senecaraine · 1 pointr/titanfall

Separate enough from the post but still related enough to put in here... Any one have experience with the Dell S2716DG? It's only at $600 despite being 144hz 1440p gsync. That sounds too good to be true and almost overkill for my worries.

u/blasphemoustoast · 1 pointr/Monitors

So this is a monitor I've been looking at. It has all of the features you're looking for plus g-sync. The only cheaper free sync monitors that I could find were only 100 USD less at most and they weren't brands that I recognized. (Disclaimer-I don't know that much about monitor brands so they could be great brands but I usually don't assume that to be the case with cheaper electronics in general) all of the other name-brand freesync monitors were at pretty much the same price. It's also a highly trusted and recommended monitor by many reviewers. Could you link me the freesync monitor you were looking at?

Also from every review I've read it seems like g-sync is a strictly better technology, providing a wider range of refresh rates, while freesync still stutters at lower fps, as well as freesync monitors having much more refresh issues such as ghosting. It's also important to note that g-sync monitors actually use additional hardware to regulate the refresh rate. While I don't know enough to evaluate whether the cost of this hardware justifies the price hike, however, having it takes load off of the GPU and, as a result, freesync won't give you much performance benefit over V-sync while G-sync will.

It does however irk me that Nvidia doesn't allow you to use freesync on its GPUs, seeing as there's literally no reason why they couldn't.

u/ryios · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

You can get close, like this dell:

After you adjust it.

Thing is, I've never seen a high hertz IPS that doesn't cost 700+.

OP wants quality though, so yeah, IPS is best bet. But there are some really good TN panels out there, which was my point.

u/ManMadeBeard · 1 pointr/witcher

Hey thanks for the response! Yeah I don't have time to read the books sadly I am a father of 3 work full time and stream after they go to bed, so time is slim.

I will try that difficulty as long as its rewarding and not just hard to be hard. If you don't mind me asking what/where are the mods?

And my monitor is here it is a great monitor! You have to adjust a little of the color/brightness stuff when you get it but you should do that anyways. It is the cheapest 1440p 144hz with gsync that has great reviews.

u/Used_Taco · 1 pointr/Monitors

If you can do without IPS you can get this dell but other than the you won't find anything for under $700-800.

u/JunkRaider · 1 pointr/Monitors

Dell S2716DG. They were down to $440 on Amazon a couple days ago. I'm sure if you give it a little time they will go back to that price.

u/camono · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Let me give you a Colombian perspective: Let's say I want to buy this monitor (420usd), I can't ship it directly to Colombia, I have to use a freight forwarder the service will cost around 60usd, the taxes are 16% over the price + insurance + charter = around 80usd. The final price of the monitor is around 560usd, using current exchange rates (1usd = 3019cop) that's 1692040COP and here the minimum wage is 737717COP.

TLDR: The ridiculous taxes, exchange and shipping rates make buying any hardware incredibly expensive.

u/malignSAINT · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

IPS for the best picture possible and TN for the best response times. VA is kinda I'm the middle ground.

IPS typically doesn't go under a 5ms response timea but some can simulate 1ms

TN might not look as pretty but they more easily achieve 1ms response times and you can get some decent 1440p 144hz monitors.

So really it depends on if you are gaming or not. For a non competitive game I would recommend an IPS because they look so amazing but for fast paced games like shooters and such TN might be the way to go. I have this TN panel as my main monitor for gaming and 2 IPS displays on the sides for different things like youtube on one side or when I'm streaming I have chat on one and all of my technical stuff on the other.

u/BigVig90 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Dell 1440p 144hz Gsync

I have this one. No new ones in stock, but they usually always are, and retail $450ish.

Very happy with mine, will buy another as soon as I see it go on sale

u/BWright79 · 1 pointr/nvidia

I am running a Dell Gaming S2716DG gaming monitor along with an EVGA GeForce GTX 970 video card.

If I am running a game in full or windowed mode (on the g-sync compatible screen) while simultaneously using a second monitor that (does not support G-Sync) to view Discord or a Twitch stream, will that give me a hit in performance in my game?

My ultimate goal is to run dual monitors without taking a hit in gaming performance. Do I *NEED* two g-sync compatible monitors?

u/Cobaltkiller13 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

How well could a GTX 970 handle 144hz gaming at 1440p, assuming all other components are solid? I'm looking to buy this monitor,
but I'm not sure how well the card would perform with G-sync, 1440p, and 144hz combined. I'm eventually going to do a major overhaul of my hardware, but for now the alligator closest to the boat is my monitor.

u/DespiseTheirLies · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
Yeah I have looked very extensively into the right graphics card for me, considered a few cards to run in SLI but ultimately decided on the Zotac.
I have done my research and I know that an IPS monitor is not right for me. This Dell looks absolutely fantastic in person (my friend has one) and its ratings and reviews are much more consistent then the Asus monitors that are like it. Gsync is a MUST with what I am building

u/AliTaker · 1 pointr/buildapc

These are great deals for gsync monitor get This is you want 1080p144hz and get This if you want 1440p144hz.

u/Necessary_Committee · 1 pointr/buildapc

keep an eye out for deals on this monitor, its what i have and i think it got it for 200 or 250. its a good 1440p 144hz. its a TN panel if that matters to you. ive always used TN's so i cant speak to how better it is then IPS.

i will probably retire this one for a 1440p ips 144hz in a couple of years when prices are lower hopefully.

u/scrublord123456 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/HomieMcBro · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/czn89 · 1 pointr/nvidia

Bought mine on amazon warehouse deals (450ish at the moment) and it came brand new in an unmarked brown box with tons of packing. Save 100 bucks and do the amazon warehouse deal.

u/Verellic · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This ones a bit expensive, but I got it a few days ago and am loving it!

u/irunforowens64 · 1 pointr/Monitors

I bought this recently, but have not received it in the mail yet. I remember reading something in Amazon reviews saying the power-save/economy setting has issues with display port.

edit: here's a link to the amazon review page, apparently the monitor is not HDCP compliant over display port.

Here is a review with someone with a GTX 660 and the same problem. He solved it by upgrading his GPU.

Sorry this is all I can come up with before bed

u/Caanon565 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Literally the only issue is small spot that is slightly brighter that I can only really see on white backgrounds like googles homepage. It is barely noticeable and is probably from the thing that spreads light being too tightly mounted or something.

I have zero dead pixels or other issues, and thing was above was so minor and didn't want to risk an exchange and end up with something worse.

Here are the amazon reviews for the dell:

and the ASUS:

The Dell is $160 Cheaper.

Edit: I used the settings and color profile from this site for calibration:

u/Garmarilla · 1 pointr/Monitors

Apparently it is a big difference, especially if you play AAA games as your Gtx 1070 won't hit 144 HZ all the time. It will go up and down and that's exactly what gsync is for. If you play Cs go on low for max frame rate then gsync doesn't matter

There is also this guy which is a bit cheaper

u/AisbeforeB · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Just bought my first g-sync monitor two weeks ago and the difference is very noticeable from my previous monitor. The framerate is just so much nicer. I highly recommend upgrading.

Edit: I bought the Dell S2716DG for around $505 and i've been very happy with it.

u/Arabaster77 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Just got this guy:

144 HZ, 1440p, g-sync, $560. Super cheap compared to the competition, and it's really good.

u/Yeet_PC · 1 pointr/xboxone

Link to monitor

I'm not sure at all :/

Yes, tried all combinations of "turn this on first." Nothing worked.

u/Wahots · 1 pointr/buildapc
u/Acetaldehyde · 1 pointr/Monitors

If you're willing to spend a little bit more, you can find the Dell S2716DG between $400-$500. It's 144hz, 1440p and gysync. It pops up on /r/buildapcsales all the time. The thing to consider it whether you want to go 1440p. I wouldn't with anything less than a gtx 1080 or you will have to turn settings down a bit on AAA titles. It depends on the games you play though.

u/L1ghtz · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

After a few hours of learning what things mean and doing some research I have come to the conclusion that aside from some random really good sale you hit the nail on the head.

Seems G-Sync Monitors are a bit more expensive than the Freesync counterpart and I'd rather not go overboard on a monitor quite yet.

There are two monitor's on amazon I'm looking at atm: one a 24, the other a 27.

Is 70$ worth the 3" upgrade on the panel?

u/Dayton002 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Here's a monitor. It's slightly higher then ur budget but it includes G-sync

u/Mcgaming3881 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Hm, would a 1070 be able to handle it? With a 1070 at this price:, it would up the build but that's fine. I'm thinking of this one monitor too 27", what do you think?

u/GreatDane022 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I would definitely recommend this one. It is extremely good value for 1440p, 144Hz, 27 inches, AND g-sync.

u/Pr0f-Cha0s · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

The jump from 27" to next size up, which would be 34", is a huuuge price increase for 2K monitors.

I love my Dell 27". Dunno if you need Free Sync or G-sync, but this is g-sync

u/BillTheCommunistCat · 1 pointr/buildapc

Well, imo (and almost everyone's opinion) the best 1440p 144hz monitor on the market right now is the ASUS ROG Swift. With that you'll also get a 27" screen, 1ms response time, G-Sync, plus a lot of other great features. This one is also pricey though; it runs about $638 USD. It really is the best monitor out there right now though.

If that is a bit too much for you, there is a Dell alternative that has a lot of the same features including GSync. It is still a bit pricey at about $595 USD. IMO if you're going to get one of these two, the ASUS one is heaps better.

Those are the only two 27 inch 144hz 1440p monitors on the market right now.

If you still dont want to spend that much, there is a 24 inch Dell model for only $450 USD. This is the best option if you want all the great features (GSync, 1440p, 144hz, 1ms response time, etc). This one isn't as good as the first two, but it is under $500 USD.

u/PeterParker_ · 1 pointr/buildapc

This one goes on sale for under 500 pretty often just keep an eye on it.

u/soupersauce · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Did you have an answer in mind for 1440p? I'll be in the market for one soonish, been leaning towards this Dell

Comment fixed and resubmitted to appease Automoderator

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u/jhause13 · 1 pointr/buildapc

i bought this one

and its super kick ass for me and you save like 200-300 bucks bu not paying for the premium brand (ASUS and ACER). I also like it more aesthetically.

u/Caseyfam · 1 pointr/buildapc

You mean something like this one?

And it would do 144hz through just an HDMI cable, right?

u/Lakkoa · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

It's a TN but 144hz is so buttery smooth.

You can get the 24 inch one and save $120.

u/titaniumsack · 1 pointr/battlestations

Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/lonestar1027 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Thanks! Okay, so you have a GTX 1080 so freesync will not work for you. If you want to get a monitor with Gsync you will be paying a premium for it. I have never used it, so I can not speak to the actual value/worth of getting Gsync.

I can however say that getting a monitor with a 144hz refresh rate is 100% worth it! The difference between 60hz and 144hz while gaming is night and day. Ever since I got one I would never be able to go back to gaming on a 60hz monitor.

That being said, I have heard good things about the Acer Predator monitor that you have linked up there. But if you are not dead set on a really expensive widescreen monitor you could go with something like this: I have a few friends that have that monitor and they absolutely love it. Hell you can get two for the price of one of the Acer predator monitors lol.

u/NissanGT77 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I’m in the market for a new monitor. I mostly play FPS games where input lag needs to be at the absolute minimum. I have a ratio of 100 to 0 (performance to graphics.)

With that in mind, I’m hearing about FreeSync and GSync monitors. I haven’t shopped for monitors in ages so this technology is new to me. Is one necessarily better than the other?

I had this monitor in mind Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

Does this monitor come with the GSync “chip” already installed? Does it require any extra DIY (I’m totally fine with that simply curious?) Also, are these monitors a plug-and-play sort of deal or do you need a MOBO or other components that support GSync for it to be work According to Nvidia’s website, my current GPU is supported (GTX 970.) I realize this wont release the full potential of the monitor but I’m looking to buy a new GPU once the next GeForce series comes out. Is there anything else I need to worry about?

Thank you.

u/herogerik · 1 pointr/pcgaming

I just recently bought the Acer Predator XB271hu and after turning it on for the first time I did not notice any difference between the "feel" on it and the 60hz monitor I have sitting next to it that I've had for 5 years. It was very underwhelming at first, especially for the money I had just invested into it.

I suddenly remembered reading a post over at r/pcmasterrace for people to double check their monitor settings both on the monitor itself, and then also in the OS. Once I went into the OSD for the Predator, sure enough, it came out of the box set to 60hz! As soon as I told it to switch to 144hz it was like my eyes were opened and I almost shed a tear at how much better everything looked and felt!

I've also recently had 2 friends who just got 144hz monitors due to me regaling them about about the benefits for both gaming and general use. (one got the Dell S2716DG and the other got the Asus PG279Q) They both had the same experience as well. It's not really an issue, seeing as it's just a few button presses to correct it, just annoying when manufacturers don't send their monitors off at their ideal refresh rate.

u/Xacebop · 1 pointr/Monitors

That's the one I use. Got it during the holidays last year for gsync. It was $400, the acers and benqs were more than double that and it has served me well. Edit sorry didn't see you needed 29"

u/lil_2k10 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I got a $550 Dell S2716DG

1440p, 144 Hz, G-sync. Hopefully my GTX 970 can keep up! I still feel weird spending as much as a mid range build for one monitor. I'm expecting to be absolutely blown the fuck away by it, otherwise I'll return.

Not PC related but I'm also excited to get the guitar delay pedal I got for 25% off.

u/z-Routh · 1 pointr/Monitors

This one made by dell.

Here is a review of the monitor.

IMO it's the best 144hz 1440p monitor available at the best price. Dell has much better quality control than ASUS and ACER and i can't believe it's not more popular. I have the asus 24inch 144hz 1080p monitor and the dell will be my next upgrade for sure.

u/AlejandroDo · 1 pointr/buildapc

Hey there,

I highly recommend this monitor Dell Monitor 144Hz Gsync and 1440p, with a 1070 and a great build you have you do not want to go cheap on the monitor and waste the great components you have. A 1070 can definitely run 1440p and 144hz is the way to go. It's a total different experience then 60hz, it's honestly the best upgrade I ever did. It's a $600+ dollar monitor, but you can find them open box on Ebay and Bestbuy all the time for around $400. I have it and highly recommend it :)!

u/MasterChiefKing · 1 pointr/nvidia

Any kind of port such as Display Port, Mini-Display or HDMI will support G-Sync, But it's important that your monitor has to get G-Sync chip included.

For what I see, that your monitor apparently doesn't support this feature, there is no use of buying any 'specific' cable in this case to support G-Sync. If you wanna to get the G-Sync monitor you have to go after monitors like this or like that. The G-Sync system is sold by a manufacturer who has a contract with Nvidia and is licenced to sell a monitor with G-Sync feature enabled.

u/return-zero · 1 pointr/buildapc

It's definitely subjective, but I have this monitor and having used both I can't tell the difference under normal use for me which is programming, gaming, movies (at different viewing angles). Of course, I'm not a professional in design or something similar, but I doubt those types would be looking on here for monitor advice anyways.

u/happinessattack · 1 pointr/buildapc

Hi! Any clue what the difference(s) is/are between the S2716DG and the S2716DGR Is Amazon just missing the last character?

u/Def_Not_A_Programmer · 1 pointr/buildapc

So these are my two current monitors:

Dell s2716DG (2560x1440) at 144hz

Samsung 38UC99-W (3840x1600 WQHD+)

So they are bit high end. Would you think that the old build would be fine with these monitors for a few more years? After a bit of research I am getting the feeling that the graphics card would be fine, but some other things may need an upgrade.

u/Clubtropper · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

You options are the Dell S2716DG or the Pixio PX277

The Dell is G-sync, TN.

The Pixio is Free-sync, IPS.

u/kevinhaze · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I have this one. I got it for close to $400 at best buy and could not be happier with the value and the quality. 2K 144Hz with 1ms, G-Sync, and it has 3 USB ports if that matters. I wasn't expecting very good quality at that price point but it's actually really nice. Really thin bezel, solid build quality, and very nice performance.

u/ADFX_Pixy · 1 pointr/battlestations

More specifically it's this one from Dell. Looks really nice and Best Buy has a sale on them right now!

u/Wildest12 · 1 pointr/buildapc

G-Sync and freeSync are definitely nice to have. not required but absolutely recomended.

I have a acer predator xb271hu 27 inch. (165hz/1440p) G-sync.

I would recomend a g-sync monitor.

this is cheaper than the one i have but is considered to be one of the best choices for 1440p/14hz.

Edit: its worth noting that the more expensive acer predator is an IPS panel, which since you said you will be doing some video editing and adobe work you may be interested in.

u/FTMorando · 1 pointr/reddeadredemption
u/sk9592 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Dell S2716DG:

It's not curved, but it fits your other requirements.

u/rattlecan_fresh · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/benderman24 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/LogicalThought · 1 pointr/buildapc

My monitor doesn't wake up when the computer goes idle. When my computer goes to sleep and I wake it up, the monitor will wake up with it. But if I don't choose the sleep option and just leave my pc alone for a while and let the screen go black it wont turn itself back on after I press some of the keys or click the mouse. I have to physically press one of the buttons on the screen in order to get picture back on the screen and I get the little notification in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that says g-sync display connected.

Monitor: dell s2716dg
Video Card: EVGA GTX 1080 SC ACX 3.0

u/pizzaranch420 · 1 pointr/battlestations

this is the monitor in the middle:
Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

the side monitors are both 27” 1080p 60hz BenQ monitors I bought years ago

u/TrickTwo · 1 pointr/buildapc

The Dell S2716DG is pretty popular and comes at a good price. The Acer Predator XB241YU also comes in under that price. Both are quite good TN panels that'll need a hint of color calibration out of the box. IPS panels get much more pricey but do exist.

u/YasakaKanako · 1 pointr/nvidia

Thank you for this. I've heard that the top comment on the S2716DG is recommended for the monitor. What are your thoughts on the comment?

What are viewing angles?

u/sjs31 · 1 pointr/nvidia

I've got one of these so I'd like to take advantage of the 144hz. Plus a little future proofing

u/IsaiasSkywalker · 1 pointr/Monitors

Everytime I see this debate I always post a link to this monitor, literally the best monitor I've ever bought, 1440p, 144hz, ULMB, and G Sync.

u/humanfrenchfry · 1 pointr/buildapc

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/baileywastaken · 1 pointr/battlestations


Secondary is a basic Lenovo 1080p monitor.

u/gabriel1leal1 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales


It's the first 3 on the list, and you can also see the refurb there

u/brianf408 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

There are options under $500. This Dell, for example. Or its 27" brother goes on sale for $400-450 pretty often.

G-sync is definitely getting upcharged, but there are more affordable options hitting the market.

u/jeefsiebs · 1 pointr/buildapc if you keep an eye out for sales you can get this for $400-$420. That's a popular one that wont push you over $2500. G-sync is crucial, it would be a shame to rock a 1080 Ti with no g-sync.

I have some questions...

  • What are you gonna do with an 8TB drive? I keep a lot of media on mine and haven't filled up 2 yet
  • I'd get a larger PSU just in case, maybe 650, to be safe
  • You've got a mini GPU in a full tower case, i assume just because you used a filter on PCPP. You probably don't need a full tower unless you're adding a lot of drives or multiple GPUs. I love my Phanteks p400s mid-tower.
  • I don't think biostar is your best brand for a mobo, the only biostar i have was made specifically for GPU mining. Look for a mobo from asus or gigabyte or msi or similar.
  • Windows 10 is overrated, go with windows 8. Just kidding, wanted to make sure you're still reading.
  • Don't forget peripherals. If you're spending this much on a gaming rig, lets be real - you're looking at $50 - $150 for a mechanical keyboard and a gaming mouse
  • Again I know you just used filters on PCPP but MAKE SURE your RAM is compatible with your CPU and mobo. Ryzen is picky, find the exact models listed as compatible before you click buy
  • There are other things you probably will buy. case fans, mouse pad, monitor VESA mount, etc. Just keep that in mind and leave a little room in your budget when picking parts.
u/DeadWater27 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I'm upgrading from a 1080p IPS monitor to 1440p 144hz. I got a TN panel from amazon ( Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC ) and the colors aren't as vibrant as my IPS. I tweaked the color settings a bit already, but most of the suggested color settings use the nvidia settings too and the rest of my build won't be here for another day or two. So hopefully the colors will improve a little bit more.

Do you think it's worth returning the dell and spending an extra $200-250 on an IPS? (Aka 50% increase in cost) Or is this one of those things that after a few days I won't even notice the less vibrant colors?

u/hi_im_bearr · 1 pointr/buildapc

Would this monitor be better suited to what Im looking for?

u/Chaliandra · 1 pointr/buildapc

The dell S2716DG is a cheaper alternative. its 27-in, 1ms response, 144hz, has g-sync built in and has a native display of 2560x1440.

Only thing is that its a TN panel monitor, not IPS. But comparing it with my buddies 20-in 60hz IPS monitor, the colors and brightness of the monitors are nearly identical. Unless of course, you turn the monitor at an angle and then you get the wierd distortion that TN panels do. But I never play games at with my monitor turned at 90 degrees. haha.

u/timsternater · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/Shane1200 · 1 pointr/Monitors

These two are going to be the best under $500, both are 1440 27" 144hz. If you plan on using a PS4 a lot, I wouldnt advise getting 1440. 1080 at 240hz may be your best bet for PS4/PC use, either that or 4k 75hz+. I prefer a higher refresh rate over resolution but if you do choose 1080 240hz id say get a 24".

u/gobikerider · 1 pointr/nvidia

Your PC is made for 1440p gaming man, get this ( and don't look back, you would regret getting a 1080p monitor.

u/nip_holes · 1 pointr/buildapc

Did you read what I said as well? I stated that for tgat budget he could do 1440p144hz, proceeded to create a build that is $1,100 and gave him a monitor that often goes on sale for ~$400. The reason that it is so high right now is because the monitor is not on sale, jacking the price $200 higher than I'd suggested he pay for it.

Edit: Monitor is on sale now

u/CallMeCygnus · 1 pointr/hardware

Worth it to buy new at those prices. $390 for the 24" and $450 for the 27".

u/hotwingsofredemption · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Made sure to do that, got this monitor for about $400 new:

u/sockosis · 1 pointr/DestinyPC

You probably don't want to hear this, but I suggest trying to sell the 1060 card and pick up a 1070. A 1070 card will run at 60+ FPS at 1440p all day long at max settings. The 1060 card is your limiting component. But, at 1080p, you'll be 60+ fps.

Used 1060 cards will sell for around $250. New 1070 will be about $450. To me, 60 FPS at 1440p is primo!

Either way, you'll run D2 well!

Pick up a gsync 1440p at 100+ hz monitor. I use

u/fliffy101 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/Dbail3y · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

My bad! Got model numbers mixed up. Here's what I have.

u/bantership · 1 pointr/buildapc

Good 1070 Ti Deal

24" Monitor

Budget-breaker 27" Monitor

Total 24": $788.89 before tax, $768.89 after rebate.

Total 27": $879.98 before tax, $859.98 after rebate.

Dell is basically the only manufacturer with consistently reasonable G-Sync monitor prices. Sometimes you'll catch a lucky break and find an XB241YU on sale, but those sell out very quickly.

u/TheLockoutPlays · 1 pointr/buildapc

This is literally the best purchase I have ever made. 2k 144hz g-sync. A little pricy but god damn it is a very good monitor

u/GeneralApathy · 1 pointr/pcgaming

You could always buy this one.

u/eMMaekstra · 1 pointr/Monitors

Depends on what you want to be honest.

Cheap 1080p, 144hz, gsync I used to have one of these, decent monitor.

24" 1440p with all the goodies

If you have extra money to spare and want to get your world rocked

All in all I would recommend the AOC, as the price is great and it is a decent buy considering what you get. It served me proudly for 2 years.

The 24 dell would be a more futureproof investment considering the res.

That said I received the 27" Dell today, and it is awesome. The price is also a steal on the 27", I paid nearly 250 USD more for it here.

Edit: When thinking about it I would 100% get the 24" Dell if you can't justify the extra money for the 27"/can't afford it. Really good price and specs all around. Also, gsync is worth the money for futureproofing your setup.

u/Cruzixx · 1 pointr/buildapc

How does this Dell monitor compare to the Acer Predator ones? I'll soon be ordering 2x monitors from either of these brands in 27" 144hz 2560x1440 and both are thin bezel monitors so it all comes down to which is best.

Acer Predator (TN)

Acer Predator (IPS)

Dell (TN)

I would appreciate some insight in this as I don't really have much knowledge as to what to look for on monitors :)

u/MicroGamer · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Check out this monitor. It's about the cheapest G-sync/1440p/144Hz monitor you can get. I love mine.

I definitely notice a difference in games I can't run at >100 fps with the G-sync. No need for V-sync either, less input lag.

u/FireBlazer0 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Is that this same monitor?

Ebay just has the model as S2716DGR and amazon S2716DG. I don't understand the difference and must buy a new gaming panel soon. :(

u/ColorBananas · 1 pointr/buildapc

Yes, I was planning on buying this one

if you could give me an opinion it would be very helpful.

u/Hypnotoasted · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Your build is very similar to mine. Unfortunately you wont do 144hz on ultra, maybe high. It truly depends on what game youre trying to run. However, with the 1070 id recommend a g-sync monitor. They are pretty pricey but they performance they output is fantastic for nvidia gpus. Here is the one im using for my rig. It does the 1070 some justice.

u/Pun_In_Ten_Did · 1 pointr/buildapc

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC gets consistently high marks -- 27" 1440p 144hz refresh $466

also use -- browse by individual parts, select monitor, use left side of page to drill down what is important to you (size, resolution, etc) -- very handy reference, point you in the right direction.

u/Collin1406 · 1 pointr/Amd

Unless I'm missing something, you can save 150 dollars for a G-Sync monitor with the same features you listed, which would make Nvidia the better choice in this situation.

u/DadeMurphy95 · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I've got a Dell 27" 144hz 1440p GSync monitor. PM me if interested. In NYC (flatiron)



u/Emailkook · 1 pointr/buildapc

Nah it’s on Amazon

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/Lavitzlegend · 1 pointr/nvidia

Go down to the review section and the first recommended review "sweet monitor after calibration" lists all the settings to get the best realistic colors and hue. These values are based on an in depth review done by TFT Central if you are curious to dig deeper into a full monitor review for the Dell s2716dg

u/zenpox · 1 pointr/buildapc

Thank you all for your fast and helpful responses.

I think I have enough to upgrade Monitor and RAM.

I have two monitor options (only ones available here):



    Looking at specs, they seem exactly the same, so I'm wondering why the huge difference in price.
u/munn3y · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This is currently the monitor I am ordering right now. Decent price IMO and has tons of great reviews. Monitor

u/RARE_PEPE_MERCHANT_ · 1 pointr/Monitors
u/ayobinnnce · 1 pointr/AskBattlestations

Opt out getting the m.2 and just get a regular ssd via sata and better monitor. Your not doing your 1070 any justice with that 1080 monitor!

u/dstaller · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Cheapest 1440p, 144hz, GSYNC monitor that you're going to find at the moment. It's a TN panel.

Acer's XB270HU is your only other option and it's $600. IPS though.

u/shadmere · 1 pointr/buildapc

I don't know enough about monitors, apparently!

How does that compare with this one?

I know this one is a TN panel, and I know IPS is more expensive and better, but not entirely sure why. I've also seen some places say that TN is better for gaming?

10-bit panel: So more than 16.7 million colors, right? Does that mean it has HDR? I just googled to try to figure out what that means, exactly.

u/PNUTheGamer · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Look for deals on the Dell S2716DG. I recently saw it at $450. I think that's it's worth it. 1440p looks amazing and G-Sync makes it really smooth. I personally have an IPS monitor, but that monitor has very good ratings and is much cheaper than IPS panels.

u/Celticz · 1 pointr/buildapc

If you're going SLI config then I would either go with a 4k monitor or a 1440p 144Hz. My recommendations for monitors are such:

Predator X34

Asus ROG PG348Q

Acer XB271HU


Dell S2716DG

I recommended these monitors because you said budget is irrelevant so I figured I would show you the higher end. I have the XB271HU and I recommend it very much it's great.

u/Erikoisjii · 1 pointr/Monitors

If you're looking for high refresh rate 1440p gaming, go with the one you have right now. The only downside to that is that it's TN. Tbh for that price I'd try to find a VA or AH-IPS/IPS monitor, just for the color. If you don't care too much about the viewing angle, and you are ready to get worse color reproduction, go on and buy it. I myself am not the biggest fan of buying products from expensive brands, but 1440p high refresh rate monitors are expensive anyways. I don't really like the adaptive technologies, so it's a personal (and budget) preference if you want G-Sync or not. Won't give you a world changing advantage. (Though your RTX 2080 ti can push out so many frames at 1440p that you might have some tearing without it) Maybe this if TN is fine for you

u/kimblegartencop · 1 pointr/buildapc

I don't really know what to recommend but this is what I have:

Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

I found it to be the sweet spot in value/performance but it is LED.

144hz 1440p GSYNC and 1ms response time is beautiful though!

u/MatrixDrag0n · 1 pointr/buildapc

I will assume 1440p/144hz. Be aware - With AAA, you'd be hard-pressed to get a build that pushes solid 144fps at max settings. The 1080 will get you close, but not there. Of course you can adjust your settings as little adjustments will lead to big improvements without much sacrifice in quality.

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | AMD - RYZEN 7 1700 3.0GHz 8-Core Processor | $313.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard | MSI - B350 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4 Motherboard | $107.99 @ SuperBiiz
Memory | Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory | $132.66 @ Jet
Storage | Crucial - MX300 525GB 2.5" Solid State Drive | $149.49 @ OutletPC
Video Card | Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1080 8GB WINDFORCE OC 8G Video Card | $499.99 @ Amazon
Case | Phanteks - ECLIPSE P400S TEMPERED GLASS ATX Mid Tower Case | $89.99 @ Amazon
Power Supply | EVGA - SuperNOVA G3 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | $89.49 @ SuperBiiz
Operating System | Microsoft - Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit | $86.88 @ OutletPC
| Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts |
| Total (before mail-in rebates) | $1480.48
| Mail-in rebates | -$10.00
| Total | $1470.48
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-05-06 17:01 EDT-0400 |

  • Changed the GPU to a 1080 (non-blower). You'll be fine with the 1080.

  • Changed SSD to something way cheaper in terms of price/GB. Yes Ik Samsung has a bit of a reputation of being one of the best in quality and reliability when it comes to SSDs. But between the 850 Evo and MX300, there is little performance difference with the 850 Evo just pushing the MX300 out by a margin. The quality and reliability is basically the same. So I went with the MX300 as its way cheaper and has a bit more storage. Just wanted more budget headroom for the monitor.

    Frequently on /r/buildapcsales you see great monitors that go on sale.

    For this build I would recommend seeing if you could find:

  • Acer Predator XB271HU - 1440p/144hz/1ms/IPS/GSYNC. Frequently goes on sale for around [$525 refurbished] ( Can find new for less than $700 when on clearance or random deals like [this one] ( on Amazon.

  • Dell S2716DG - 1440p/144hz/1ms/TN/GSYNC - Albeit TN panel, it has colors that come close to IPS quality when calibrated correctly (Of course theres still the fact that IPS is better color quality and view angles overall). But the Dell does make a compelling argument for being one of the cheapest monitors with its specs, especially with GSYNC. Can regularly find this monitor on sale for $479 +/- at either [Amazon] ( or [Best Buy] (

  • Dell S2417DG - 24" variant of the one above. Same specs. Can regularly find on sale for around $400 or less at various places like [here] (

    Again /r/monitors is a great place to get recommendations/suggestions with people more experienced in this field.

    To cheapen the price of the build:

  • Get cheaper RAM. I will quote what I said before:

    > if you're not the type to care about high speed RAM, then get the Gaming 3 back and pair it with the a cheap 16GB set like the [Team T-Force/Night Hawk 16GB] ( You'll probably get around 2666 speeds. And its $30 cheaper.

  • Change storage configuration. Quote:

    > You can always go 250GB SSD + 1 TB HDD instead of one big SSD. Its cheaper than a 500GB SSD and you get more storage headroom. You can put the OS and other programs on the SSD to achieve those load times and use the 1TB HDD for mass storage (documents, videos, photos, etc. Things that don't need those loading times).

  • Change case to non-tempered glass variant. Or just get a cheaper case in general.

u/BL_RogueExplorer · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

THIS is on sale right now on amazon. If you're interested.

u/g1ngerguitarist · 1 pointr/Monitors

One other thing: The way the monitor comes isn't calibrated for best color. If you look at the Amazon listing for this product and scroll down to the first customer review they have way to calibrate the color for the best viewing experience.

u/necrohealer · 1 pointr/DestinyTheGame

Dell 1440p 144hz G-Sync If you're willing to shop on amazon, you can get this amazing monitor for only ~480 usd.

u/Comrade_K · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I have the 27" Dell S2716DG. You can find it around 500 or even lower when it's on sale. Looks downright gorgeous once you calibrate it. Its 1440p, 144hz and has G-Sync.

Edit: Here's one on Amazon

u/FractalPrism · 1 pointr/Overwatch

there are those 150$ statues of Tracer / Reaper / Widowmaker.

if full size statues are too big, maybe a smaller $60 ea. Mei, Tracer (and soon Mercy) Nendoroids [action figure with multiple hands & faceplates etc].

you could get him a blizzard $ giftcard, so he can buy event Loot Boxes to get some sweet Costumes for use in game. [sold at retailers bestbuy/target etc]

if you want to go really nuts, you could upgrade his PC for better performance!
(there are tons of ways to upgrade his pc, here are the two most significant choices)
new video card. $300-1300
1440p 144mhz 1ms monitor. $600

but if you have time, just hang out together and ask him stuff about the game.
taking an active interest can be a great bonding experience

have fun!

u/onliandone · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

pc-kombo shared list

CPU | Intel Core i7-7700 | $294.99 @ superbiiz
Motherboard | Gigabyte B250M-DS3H | $69.99 @ newegg
Memory | Ballistix Sport LT DDR4-2400 Rot CL16 (16 GB) | $109.0 @
SSD | OCZ TR150 960GB TLC (960 GB) | $249.99 @ newegg
Video Card | Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC | $683.99 @ superbiiz
Case | be quiet Silent Base 800 Midi-Tower - orange | $114.99 @ superbiiz
Power Supply | EVGA SuperNOVA G3 (650 W) | $89.49 @ superbiiz
CPU Cooler | Arctic Freezer i32 | $28.56 @
Operating System | Windows 10 Home 32/64-bit USB Flash Drive | $106.99 @ superbiiz
| Total | $1747.99
| Generated by pc-kombo 15.05.2017 |

The cpu cooler in this is optional, the 7700 comes with a stock cooler. The 7700 is a very fast processor, only topped by the overclockable 7700K. It sits here on a B250 board, with 16 GB Ram. The GTX 1080 Ti is the fastest current gaming gpu. 1TB SSD, high quality case and psu.

There are alternatives: One could go up to an overclockable 7700K, with faster ram and a Z270 board. Or one could go down, especially with the gpu, if targeting a lower resolution/less FPS. But for a top of the line non-overclocking gaming build, that's it.

For the remaining parts, there is:

  1. Dell S2716DG, a 27" 1440p@144Hz display with gsync support. See for a review.
  • Corsair Gaming Strafe MX, mechanical backlit keyboard
  • Corsair Gaming M65 PRO gaming mouse

    There are no objectively best picks for keyboard and mouse, I invite you to pick alternatives yourself for them. But those are good default options.
u/ThaZatzke · 1 pointr/blackdesertonline

Typically, games display resolutions that your monitor is capable of handling. You only see up to 1080p on your notebook because that's probably it's maximum resolution.

If you get a 1440p monitor you'll be able to select 1440p. Also BDO is pretty CPU intensive, so you might have to disable some graphics options to play at a decent FPS depending on your CPU.

Downscaling** essentially renders the game at a higher resolution, and downscales the picture to fit your monitor. It is usually very stressful on your GPU, and doesn't really offer a huge gain in terms of picture quality if you're already running at a high resolution.

I highly recommend this monitor. I just got it myself on an impulse buy and it's pretty solid. The color settings need some tweaks, but there's a pretty good review on amazon that gives you some tweaks to improve the color depth. It's 1440p, g-sync capable, 1ms response time, AND 144 Hz and costs less than or about the same as most 1440p/gsync monitors. Solid buy imo, but you will have to spend time tweaking the colors/contrast.

u/dalbukerke · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

intel i7-7700K build

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | Intel - Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor | €339.98 @ Amazon Italia
CPU Cooler | Corsair - H110i 113.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler | €126.73 @ Amazon Italia
Motherboard | ASRock - Z270M Pro4 Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard | €119.42 @ Amazon Italia
Memory | Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory | €128.69 @ Amazon Italia
Storage | Samsung - 850 EVO 250GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive | €96.70 @ Amazon Italia
Storage | Seagate - Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | €78.76 @ Amazon Italia
Video Card | Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1080 8GB G1 Gaming Video Card | €544.99 @ Amazon Italia
Case | NZXT - S340 Elite (Black/Red) ATX Mid Tower Case | €98.99 @ Amazon Italia
Power Supply | XFX - XTR 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | €98.52 @ Amazon Italia
Operating System | Microsoft - Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit | €72.77 @ Amazon Italia
| Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts |
| Total | €1705.55
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-05-24 23:19 CEST+0200 |

amd r5-1600X build (obs.: i selected the X version but best value (price/performance) is nonX which comes with CPU cooler so you don't even need the Corsair saving you 156€ in the total price

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | AMD - Ryzen 5 1600X 3.6GHz 6-Core Processor | €248.08 @ Amazon Italia
CPU Cooler | Corsair - H110i 113.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler | €126.73 @ Amazon Italia
Motherboard | Gigabyte - GA-AB350-Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard | €104.51 @ Amazon Italia
Memory | Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory | €128.69 @ Amazon Italia
Storage | Samsung - 850 EVO 250GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive | €96.70 @ Amazon Italia
Storage | Seagate - Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | €78.76 @ Amazon Italia
Video Card | Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1080 8GB G1 Gaming Video Card | €544.99 @ Amazon Italia
Case | NZXT - S340 Elite (Black/Red) ATX Mid Tower Case | €98.99 @ Amazon Italia
Power Supply | XFX - XTR 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | €98.52 @ Amazon Italia
Operating System | Microsoft - Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit | €72.77 @ Amazon Italia
| Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts |
| Total | €1598.74
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-05-24 23:22 CEST+0200 |

monitors with gsync;

24" 1440p@165hz €416

27" 1440p@144hz €634

u/dildologist · 1 pointr/buildapc

If you can sock away an extra $50 you might check out Dell's offerings.

Haven't used them personally, but for a 27" G-Sync, 1440p, 144hz, 1ms monitor it's a pretty good price point. Still a TN panel, but so was the original you posted. Maybe someone will have some input as to how well they perform.

u/Chugbeef · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
I got one of these about a year ago and have been really happy with it. For a TN panel it's great, after a bit of calibration (factory settings are bad, gamma way too high). For the price, definitely best bang for your buck.

u/DeviousKeegan · 1 pointr/buildapc

Under 400 would be real tough for that. I think I spent about 370 on mine and it was a 24. Gsync requires extra hardware in the monitor as opposed to FreeSync which would ofc drive prices up. There’s a pretty good deal going on for the 27 inch version of what I have but it’s still over 400.

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/IsaakAttack · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

Ouch, my bad, I meant the i7-7800K!! Sorry to bother, but I still am a tiny bit confused.
>Yes, gaming performance is almost always going to improve. Every generation we get a bump in Instructions Per Cycle or IPC. This means that at the same clock speed, the CPU with the higher IPC will perform better.

>To simplify it here is a simplified 'benchmark'

>i7-2600K @ 4GHz = 500 points
>i7-4790K @ 4GHz = 700 points
>i7-7700K @ 4GHz = 1000 points
>i7-8700K @ 4GHz = 1200 points

>i7-8700K @ 3.5GHz = 1000 points

>i7-8700K @ 4.5GHz = 1400 points

>These numbers are made up, just to help you understand.

So basically the Ghz are faster with each new generation? Like for instance, would the Intel i7-7700K at 4.2GHz run faster than the Intel i7-8700K? Like I know the 8th Gen is faster, but what I am trying to say is the GHz speed is different for each generation? Sorry if that was not clear, I'm trying to write my thoughts down.

Also, this was the website I was looking at to compare the two CPUs.

The main thing I am worried about here is Minecraft, and I know it sounds dumb and stuff, but I've been seeing on other PlanetMinecraft and Reddit forums that it is hard to tell with Minecraft, and you never really know how to tell if it is going to run well or not. My current laptop, a Lenovo YOGA 710-14IKB, can run MC vanilla at a max of about 120fps, which is the highest I have ever seen it go. When I am running on MultiMC with a custom modpack of about 120 mods on the lowest settings, I am lucky to get 40fps. I just really want to make sure that the parts I am looking at will run these games considerably better (To play my heavy games such as Black Flag and PUBG I use Nvidia Geforce Now).

Also, I was browsing around Microcenter yesterday, and I found a couple good looking monitors. I wanted to make sure that they would work with the parts I will get in the future, plus I want to wait for the prices to go down, maybe get a holiday/special event deal or something. This is one in particular I was looking at, I will probably have to go over budget, but monitor is important.
*Dell Gaming Monitor-144Hz, 3ms Response Time, 27" Monitor--$479.99 @Amazon

Let me know what you think. (Also, this is kind of my first post on Reddit, so sorry if the formatting is bad, I was looking at the Markdown chart below.)

Anyway, thanks so much for your help! I've learned a crap ton ever since you started commenting. Thanks!

u/TikiT0rch · 1 pointr/Monitors

The monitor you were looking at would be a great deal. I suggest going with a 4k monitor as your second screen with those kinds of specs.

u/RainbowUnicat · 1 pointr/Monitors

Thank you for your reply kind sir.
However I don't really get why 1060 is not enough for 1440p.
My last computer was a laptop with a 880M and had a 2880x1620 resolution. I really noticed this difference between my laptop and other monitors.
From this benchmark the 1060 is way superior, it goes in hand with the processor. Is the size of the screen a heavy factor in performance ? Should I buy a 24" then ? I don't really mind if I can get closer to my laptop resolution.
I surely will loose in fps but as long as I have 60fps I will be fine with it. I will always have the possibility to lower the resolution of a fps(shooter) if I want more fps. And when I will upgrade the gpu I won't have to upgrade the monitor.

For now I think I will be looking for a sales between this kind of monitors :

no G-sync

no Ips


What do you think ?

u/EatsCerealWithWater · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

Actually going to go with the i7 after all why not right?

this was the monitor I'm thinking about picking up, have you used or heard things?

u/nObRaInAsH · 1 pointr/IndianGaming

Hey bro i found a really good monitor Dell S2716DG Almost everyone is in love with it and i think ill be comfortable in paying 60k for it. What do you think :)

u/Twinewhale · 1 pointr/buildapc

Following the "modesty is best policy" principles I would recommend a few things here:

  • Go with the really good main monitor, looks like you got the 27 inch 1440p 144hz Acer. (This is freesync btw. I recommend the Dell S2716DGR for the G-Sync - AMD vs Nvidia) and pick up a 1080p side monitor.

  • Ditch the liquid cooling. It's an unnecessary hassle for anyone other than PC enthusiasts in the OC communities. A Cooler Master or the Noctua (if you have enough room in your case.) Both will provide ample cooling and your CPU will last just as long as with a liquid cooling kit.

  • In combo with the above, my favorite case so far (after 4 PC builds for myself and family) is the Corsair Carbide 540 High Airflow ATX Cube. Lots of room for cables in the back and gives your components a nice display with LOTS of airflow.

  • I would, however, recommend going to an M.2 SSD, which is significantly faster than a standard SSD. Not much of a price jump there.

    I see others have spoken about overclocking your CPU and such already. My opinion is to skip overclocking. For the standard gamer wanting a quality experience that is getting a top of the line CPU, there's zero need to OC. I went with the i7-7700 non 'k' version and have been plenty happy. It saved some money too.

    Keep in mind your peripherals. Usually those are overlooked when upgrading your PC, but maybe it's time for a new mouse/keyboard, new controller, headphones, etc.

    Also if you're dad is giving you a budget, is he giving you the money to spend, or buying the stuff for you? If you don't get the remaining money from $3k, maybe you should include those things now instead of later.
u/KevTheGamer · 1 pointr/ElgatoGaming

Does this larger monitor have HDMI input? if it does not its not happening. I googled the monitor and I only saw a single display port. If its not too late return that monitor and get this one it has the inputs you'll want and its 1440p 144hz with G sync. Its a great monitor I personally own it and do what you are trying to do without issue.

u/hamandchip · 1 pointr/buildapc

[Dell tn](dell gaming s2716dgr 27.0" screen led-lit monitor with g-sync

Prolly the top selling monitor this year and last year.

u/bakedcookie612 · 1 pointr/buildapc

That’s a good point but I was originally thinking to start small and slowly upgrade but am now realizing that most parts have to be on the same compatibility range and it would most likely be more efficient to just hit the ground running. I can stretch my budget right?

how’s this monitor

u/Zarrex · 1 pointr/buildapc

Not really, it's just that the most recent version of the Dell has Freesync now. I bought that monitor with GSync a while back for $350 on sale (it goes on sale all the time)

This is the one I have, it's a little bit older but is still a great monitor

u/willmoreGG · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

A 1440p gsync would cost you at least $500+ 1440p monitors aren't cheap. and neither are 144hz. The cheapest 144hz monitor is $250.

u/weemancod · 1 pointr/buildapc

I just upgraded from 1080p 60Hz to 1440p at 144Hz and Gsync.
I never want to go back. The difference from 1080 to 1440 is definitely noticeable, and the difference from 60Hz to 144Hz makes playing games as smooth as butter. If you have a 1070 you want to go 1440p 144 Hz for sure. If you will only be pushing 1080p then i would buy the 1060 instead as your 1070's power will not shine with a 1080p monitor so you are just wasting money at that point. That is my opinion. I purchased a Dell S2716DG and it is a pretty decent price for what it is. It is a highly rated TN panel and looks great. Best Buy has been having sales on this monitor quite frequently too so be sure to check there. Just a couple weeks ago it was down to $450, and i was able to get it at $550. Here is a link to the monitor on Amazon

u/PMPG · 1 pointr/Monitors


those reviews are from S2716DG, even if it says S2417DG.

because i remember those reviews BEFORE the release of S2417DG proof

u/DerFunkyZeit · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Dell has a 27" 1440p 144Hz GSync TN panel monitor. Here is the one I'm talking about. It's cheaper on Newegg. Not top of the line, but top of the line isn't in your budget.

EDIT: You could probably go with a cheaper monitor if you plan to play at max settings. 1070 can't really handle 1440 at 144Hz and max settings.That being said, you could go with the good monitor and do SLI or a better card later for those FPS, and in the meantime some games would probably be able to make use of the higher refresh rate. Again, look at benchmarks for the games you plan to play. IPS over TN seems to be not too big of a deal to me, I am using 3 total monitors right now, and I can't really tell the difference between my IPS and my TNs unless I look at it from the side and I don't plan to look at my screens from an odd angle while gaming.

u/Cabriel_Yaash · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Good luck! You can find ideal calibrations for this monitor in the top comment for this amazon review.

u/prodigiouswaste · 1 pointr/Monitors

TN Panels - fewer QA problems, faster response, shitty viewing angles and less accurate colors

No Gsync

Gsync check the sellers for lower than amazon is showing

Acer Freesync

IPS - More QA problems, better colors and viewing angles

Asus Freesync

Pixio - less known but cheaper

PC Partpicker has more

u/dcmc6d · 1 pointr/buildapc

Ok excellent, thank you. Now to find a good monitor - have an opinion on this one or this one?

u/GingerSnaps84 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

There's a monitor at your price point and has your needs. It's new unlike some of the other recommendations. It also has g-sync.

u/neverinlife · 1 pointr/nvidia

Probably the same one. Can't recommend enough. I was worried about it being a TN panel but it is beautiful.

u/NSC745 · 1 pointr/Vive

Yeah I thinks I can find one here. We have a computer hardware/repair store so I'm sure they have one unreasonably priced. Just bought a Dell monitor

I heard it was good. Didn't want to go for 4K cause I heard 1080 even struggles with it on newer titles on max and I rather have good fps. Thanks for all the help guys! Does that monitor look decent to you all? I can still cancel it if there is something compatibly priced that you all think is better. Man, I love upgrade years. My wallet doesn't tho. Lmao.

u/_Skylake_ · 1 pointr/buildapc

Do etttttt

PS: if you chose who you buy it from you can get free shipping/no tax

u/Yggdrsll · 1 pointr/pcgaming $510, 1440p 144Hz gsync. It's TN and still pricy, but damn I want it lol

u/HDST · 1 pointr/Overwatch

$510, 144hz 1440p G-Sync + extremely low input lag.

u/the_boomr · 1 pointr/gadgets

Ok so if you want a G-SYNC monitor with 1440p@144hz, I very highly recommend the Dell S2716DG. I just bought mine about a month ago and it's just incredible. It is a TN panel, not IPS, but if you tweak your color settings you can get it looking very good, and the quality control on it seems to be miles ahead of Acer and Asus, there are very very few reviews that mention dead pixels or anything of the sort.

You can buy a used one for mid $400s which is an amazing price for a G-SYNC monitor. Mine was $430, and like new condition. Not a scratch on it, plastic wrap still on it, etc.

u/Dgoolsby · 1 pointr/buildapc

I would stay away from anything that's 1080p over 24". It'll just look stretched. If you could afford it something like this Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC would be good for you.

u/TheDrazhar · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I mean, it's freesync instead of g-sync which your 1070 could utilize.

Consider something like the Dell S2716DG for a 1440p 144hz that will also benefit from your 1070?

u/LegendaryFart · 1 pointr/buildapc

I found this one,

It seems great for the price but I'm not sure if IPS is worth it instead

u/bobbysavage · 1 pointr/buildapc

I feel like it shouldnt be if it is.

This monitor does the same exact things for less money

u/justletmetypedammit · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Could take a look at this one

1440p, 144hz, G-Sync; only real downside is that it's a TN, dunno how much that matters to ya

u/skosh112 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I am in pretty much the same boat. I have a gtx770 as well and am looking at monitors for either the 1070 or 1080 (waiting to see some benchmarks).

I have been looking at the Dell S2716DG .

It's a bit more than your price range, but it is a pretty highly rated 144hz 1440p monitor, if you decide to go for it.

Edit: You could also look into refurbished. The QC on these has been suspect I hear, but returns would be easy from Best Buy for example: XB270HU bprz.

u/guns_r_us · 1 pointr/nvidia

I'm running dual 1080p right now but upgrading to dual 1440p when I get a new card. (I would suggest trying out the 1440p if you get a chance, ever since I did I'm salivating over the dell 27 inch displays with super thin bezels.) I'm getting one of each:

1080ti might be overkill for 1080p but will be future proof for years. I'm hoping for 100+ fps @ 1440p on the 1080 ti.

u/HappyGrandPappy · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

If I were looking at this Dell monitor, should I jump on this Acer instead?

u/Dyslectic_Sabreur · 1 pointr/buildapc

This one is one sale right now but you will have to tinker with the settings to make it look good.

u/ionlylooklazy · 1 pointr/Monitors

I am in the same boat as you. I am strongly considering buying a GTX 1080 soon after release and want to upgrade my monitor to 1440p/144hz from 1080/60hz because.

After reviewing the current available options there are two monitors that stand out to me:

Dell S2716DG

Acer XB270HU

The only two differences I see between these panels:

  1. The dell is $150-$200 cheaper
  2. The asus is IPS while the dell is TN
u/selicos · 1 pointr/buildapc

2K is workable and can easily tone down to 1080p for better fps. However I'd say the Dell 27" gaming usually runs over your budget but has g-sync while the Asus animeman mentions is solid too.

The dell will, however, match refresh rate to FPS and allow you to run at a high refresh rate.

u/MrAwesomeAsian · 1 pointr/buildapc

Dang. I was intentionally staying away from g-sync for most of my research since I mistakenly thought it would add to the price of the monitor. However, asking for 4k, IPS, and 27 inches is sort of pushing it over 500 dollars which was outside my price point.

The one that I did have in my "dream parts" was the Asus ROG which is a very good monitor and one of the best 4ks specifically for gaming.

Also the Dell S2716DG is an affordable monitor with G-Sync.

A search on Newegg reveals a couple of options, but if you really want 4k below $500 or so you need to drop the size of the monitor.

But that's what I got. If you can, do wait until Computex and visit r/monitors, they might be able to help.

u/richs25 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I think I'm going to get this

Despite being a TN panel, it has very favorable reviews and saves money.

u/Intel8700k · 1 pointr/nvidia

> "May the IPS Lottery odds be ever in your favor, friends"

Ahhh noooooooo. I was just going to suggest against getting that monitor and anything related to it. The Acer, AOC, Viewsonic, and Asus monitors all use the same panel from the same company, AU Optronics.

I have had 3 Acer, 2, AOC, 2 Viewsonic and 3 Asus monitors. I would find issues with it, go back and exchange it for another one. I had issues such as: dead pixels all over the screen, dust in the screen, severe scratches INSIDE the screen(this was on more than one monitor actually), bad bad lightbleed(not IPS glow) and deep sleep issues even though I had the option turned off.

I got tired of going back to Microcenter and exchanging so I gave up. I ended up going with the Dell 1440p 144hz gsync TN panel. I was reluctant to go back to TN after I had just switched to IPS but it turned out better in the end. I bought the Dell and the first one was good.
Here's the link if you want it if you have issues:

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Dell is a good price. It's 449 at best buy if you want to order there if you have issues.

u/907Shrake · 1 pointr/Amd

The 56 once properly tinkered with will do very well @ 1440p+.

u/JuanLob0 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Are you gaming? If you are playing pretty much any not-Destiny modern pc shooter (especially counterstrike or PUBG) you'll want a 144hz monitor.
For gaming purposes bonus monitors are nice but I'd say aim for a 1ms 144hz 1440p monitor above getting 2 cheaper monitors.
For workstation stuff, more monitors > 1 big monitor in my experience. is my monitor and I can't recommend it enough. Glorious for gaming and so good for workplace productivity that I'm aiming to get the office to fork out for one for me.

u/2kWik · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This one I'm assuming? Someone was saying there's a Black Friday sale on Dell that it's going down to 399.99. But I'm not worried about saving 50 if I can just get one now. This one is $70 more right now.

u/Shilling4Shekelz · 1 pointr/buildapc

> Dell S2716DG

Thanks! Might seem like a dumb question but are these the same thing?

I have a friend with a really good Best Buy discount so I would probably want to buy from them anyway.

u/Victorzaroni · 1 pointr/buildapc

IPS vs TN panels... Is it worth shelling out for an IPS? Is the TN panel Dell S2716DG 27" really that much worse than the IPS panel Acer Predator XB271HU 27"? Does an IPS panel warrant paying double the price for an otherwise identical monitor? I currently have IPS monitors but they're just 1080p/60hz, and having used TN panels before, I'm not certain I can tell the difference.

I'm looking to make the switch to 1440p/144hz gaming up from 1080p/60hz. I'm pretty sure my GTX 980 can do it. Maybe I won't get exactly 144hz on ultra settings on the latest AAA titles... What do y'all think?

u/ZeroPaladn · 1 pointr/buildapc

You can hide the link with a simple markdown link, like this. We'd prefer if you did that instead of using a shortener. Thanks!

u/The_Hope_89 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Better monitor See Below edit 2

Your monitor is the best entry level 1440p monitor probably, but it will hold you back sometimes. 1070 is in a weird place between 1440p 60hz and 1440p 144hz.

Maybe drop down to the 650w G2 PSU to save 10-20 bucks. otherwise looks fun! Enjoy!

edit ignore all that putz about the monitor i linked a 1920x1080 one, let me try to find one give me a few minutes.

edit2 1440p G-Sync Monitor As I mentioned before it's pricier, but G-Sync is super awesome.

u/Zeag · 1 pointr/Monitors

Absolutely not a problem? ;)

I would say a Acer X34 or Asus ROG SWIFT PG348Q.

In the more plausible realm, I'd say the Asus ROG PG278Q and Dell S2716DG are two very popular choices.

Hope that helps!

u/iiNt3rV3nTiiOnZ7 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

The Dell S2716GD will cut a little bit of the price off without losing much of anything quality wise. The Asus monitors in that price range are not recommended much because of poor quality control on the panels.
Link for the Dell:
Side note about v sync: it increases input lag quite a bit. If you're playing twitch shooters like csgo at any level above casual it is not recommended to use it. G sync and free sync help alleviate some of that input lag, but not all of it. It would be useful in something like gta 5, or possibly the witcher 3 if you can keep those frame rates high.

u/burner706 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Pulled the trigger on the Dell S2716DG yesterday. Should I cancel and order this instead?

u/ftwin · 1 pointr/buildapc

Thanks for you input. If you think I can go TN then what do you think of this? This is the best 1440p/144hz/GSYNC I can find for a reasonable price. It's a TN though.

u/Zomgalama · 1 pointr/Monitors
u/Baggotry · 1 pointr/Monitors

That's literally the price on amazon:

And camelcamelcamel says it's been $509 on amazon since May 24 so this isn't a deal.

u/LonelyNarwhal · 1 pointr/buildapc

So I have a few questions:

u/achennupati · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

Great monitor. The 24 inch variant is 165hz and is around 350, so if you want to stretch your budget you could get two of those.

u/teshh · 1 pointr/buildapc

There is no 4k 144hz gsync monitor. I'm currently waiting for a 27" 1440p 144hz gsync monitor to go on sale.
I've narrowed it down to 3 based on reviews and recommendations from here and elsewhere.

u/jeyton · 1 pointr/buildapc

Nice! Eventually I'll get to replace the screens I have. Debating between 4k 60hz or 2k 144+hz. My current leaning: Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/The_Real_Cjc100 · 1 pointr/buildapc

There is a 27 inch version of the 24 inch dell I recommended early.

It's significantly out of your price range though.

I found this one which is 27 inches and freesync and IPS.

If you don't need one right now I'd recommend you set up a price alert on a pcpartpicker search.

Here is one for monitors bigger than 26 inches, 1440p/4k, with a refresh rate of 100hz or higher. You could also set it to only look for g-sync/freesync or IPS monitors too.,240&sort=price&page=1&W=2600,5500

u/Crimtide · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

What /u/kyetsi said.. you aren't going to notice the difference in 3ms.. the IPS will look better, especially in 1440p.. it's going to be beautifully stunning. But if you can't afford it, don't get it.. The thing is.. I don't know if you will be hitting 165 FPS @ 1440p.. so 165Hz may not be worth it? Have you looked at 144Hz variants to save a bit of money?

Has the 1440p 144hz Gsync Dell that is always on sale not caught your eye?? Dell S2716DGR.. It is on Amazon for $478 now.. but it goes on sale for $400-450 or lower quite frequently. It was $399 last week at Best Buy .. With some color calibration it can look nearly identical to an IPS. It is $399 on eBay right now, if you want a link to that seller let me know I will PM it to you, can't submit ebay in PCMR.

u/jyrkesh · 1 pointr/DotA2

On most machines with high settings, you're playing at 200-300 fps the whole game. Two things are especially true of pro players at majors:

  1. They're usually playing on REALLY good hardware (after all, the sponsors want to show off their stuff)
  2. They may even play on low settings. Looks like Hiko plays on 1080p@144hz, though his monitor is a G-Sync, so yeah it probably doesn't matter.

    That being said, good hardware should be giving him more than that. It would imply that people with mediocre or poor hardware are doing much worse than that.
u/Lepryy · 1 pointr/pcgaming

You don't have to:

It's close to $700 but I suppose the price fluctuates. I bought mine for $590.

u/Kylix_ · 1 pointr/Monitors

Dell S2716DGR - 1440p, 144Hz, 27" LED w/ G-Sync, TN panel, 1ms response @ $699

I've seen this go on sale recently for around $449. Just throwing that out there.

  • Here's an older discussion about this model (pretty good reviews overall)

  • Here it is on Amazon (a little cheaper than Best Buy if you want to price match or order online)

  • I've seen this one in person and can vouch that it actually does look and feel really good. I just can't bring myself to own a TN panel because I do a lot of artwork and I feel like IPS is better for that (color reproduction and accuracy), otherwise I'd own this one already.
u/iShades · 0 pointsr/gamingpc

If your not looking to spend 600-800 bucks on a monitor get this Dell. I got and I couldn’t be happier. 144hz, 1440p, 27 inch and G-Sync. I love it.

u/blovetopia · 0 pointsr/buildapcsales

S2416DG comes out to $342 which seems decent?

u/Djlee201212 · 0 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I recently bought this monitor:

This is a beast of a monitor, and if you just keep an eye on it, it will regularly go on sale. I got it for $440 about two months ago!

Good luck on the search!

u/MFCody · 0 pointsr/MLBTheShow

I play on this:

I have two of these for my PC setup. Wouldn't recommend them as there are much cheaper options that will perform just as well. In theory, any 1ms response TN panel will be the best as far as response goes.

For picture though, an IPS panel will be nicer, even though they have a response time of about 4ms at best, you will not be able to tell the difference I assure you, and the color will be much more vibrant, and the viewing angles will be much better.

Personally, I would recommend a 27" IPS panel. You should be able to get one for just under $200, and if you are willing to go down to 24", could go even cheaper than that.

u/Jace_the_mind · 0 pointsr/pcgaming

Yes, this is the monitor I'm running. (I didn't pay $599 for it)

Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/darthmilon · 0 pointsr/buildapc

Spend $200 more for a 2k, 27”, 1ms, 144hz, Gsync monitor from Dell.

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/GoldenOneTx · 0 pointsr/Monitors
u/PM_ME_YOUR_MANGA · 0 pointsr/buildapc

I've been reading more and I'm starting to lean towards a 144hz G-Sync monitor. I was originally planning on getting a cheaper 1440p monitor with a GTX 1080 but now I'm realizing how stupid that is.

My plan now is to get this monitor with a 1070.

u/Hyper-Silence · 0 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I would actually say to go with this dell 2k 144hz

u/Look_Ma_N0_Handz · -1 pointsr/buildapc

No, you have an Nvdia card. Your GPU won't take advantage of the freesync technology. For nvdia cards you need gsync technology . Also I never heard of that brand Look for something like this:

u/Simon_Says__ · -5 pointsr/buildapcsales

At practically the same link... 4k Dell 28 inch with integrated subwoofer, 429$ ( 170 off from 599 )

u/Adamantite_Ore · -8 pointsr/Monitors

Skip the IPS 1440p 144hz Gsync monitors this generation, they're shit. Go with a TN panel. I have this (I didn't sneak a referral link like some assholes do) and I'm really happy with it, when properly calibrated, i couldn't tell teh difference between this and my IPS 60hz 1440p monitor that i've been using for a few years.

I tried the Asus PG279Q for $700 and the build quality was awful along with the backlight bleed being inexcusable for such an expensive monitor. Also the bezel didn't seem like it was clamped together properly which made light bleed even worse around the edges

I don't know what new technology we're getting so I can't help ya there

Guess the triggered Asus sheep are downvoting me despite all the IPS 1440p 144hz gsync panels are the same no matter what monitor brand you go with. It's fine though enjoy overpaying for a shit build quality monitor while I game on a TN version that I paid $370 for on a Best Buy sale