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RENPHO Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App sync with Bluetooth, 396 lbs - Black
Smart app syncs with fitness apps. Over millions of happy global users. Easy setup app syncs with Samsung Health, Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, and offers App for Apple Watch.13 essential measurements. The scale shows body weight only. Other body composition data including weight, BMI, body fat percentage stores to app. You can weigh yourself anytime without your phone.User-friendly app. Download RENPHO app at app store or google play, also offers Apple Watch App . RENPHO App works with Bluetooth 4.0 And above.High Quality Product. Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2 lb, 0.05 kg with 396lbs, 180kg capacity. 4 high sensitive electrodes, 3 x AAA batteries included.Monitor your progress. RENPHO connects with the apps to help you set goals, save historical data and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.
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87 Reddit comments about RENPHO Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App sync with Bluetooth, 396 lbs - Black:

u/smith1894 · 10 pointsr/keto

We have this one from Amazon:

Each of us use it and it tracks separately on our phones. Works great

u/Cro370z · 10 pointsr/intermittentfasting

It’s relatively easy. Many people think it’s super hard but it’s not. When you get hunger cramps you’re actually thirsty so drinking a lot of water is key. What helped me the first few weeks was sparkling water (La-Croix) with 0 calories and sugar. After about 3-4 weeks your body adjusts. Black coffee also helps.

My number one advice for all of you guys is buy a smart scale because it helps you keep track not just of weight but BMI, Body fat, etc. it really motivates you. Every 2-3 days measure yourself in the morning after taking a piss and you have to be fully naked no socks for accurate measurements. Maybe one day I’ll make a video on my experience with more tips as I see a lot of people struggle with this. Good luck!

u/NeptuneIsMyHome · 10 pointsr/fitbit

People say plays nicely with the FitBit app, and it's a whole lot cheaper than the Aria.

u/CaveatEmpress · 7 pointsr/orangetheory

Suggestion - get a scale like this. I have it, and love that while my weight has varied by less than a pound for 5 weeks, I’ve watched as my composition has changed in other ways.

RENPHO Bluetooth Scale

u/vivalasita · 6 pointsr/xxfitness

I own this scale from Amazon. It's less than $30 and I've had it for two months now. Beyond its body fat readings, which I'm not sure of the accuracy of most scales, the Bluetooth feature is really helpful for recording results to your phone in apps like Apple Health or My Fitness Pal. The scale also has a phone app that is pretty decent by itself; again, like any piece of technology, it will not be 100% accurate but if you're measuring yourself as well as weighing yourself consistently it can certainly help with organizing your data trends wirelessly.

u/ncl8986 · 6 pointsr/xxfitness

hmmm, well this is the one I have: it was recommended to me once, I've since converted my coach and I've suggested it to other competitors and it's always been very accurate for us!

u/UnderSomeRock · 6 pointsr/loseit
u/hdjunkie · 6 pointsr/loseit

I use this one that is half the price and has the same features. Work great for syncing with health app on iOS.

u/prendes4 · 5 pointsr/intermittentfasting

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs

There's the link to the one I got.

u/deconcerte · 5 pointsr/ProEDmemes

It comes with the scale I bought from Amazon.

u/alexanabolic · 4 pointsr/nutrition

I found caliper to be the more precise of all way of measuring, I have a couple of model, but they are kind of hard to use in a consistent way.

Like you, I want to monitor my progress, especially monitoring that I am not loosing muscle or a minimum amount while cutting fat. In the past, I did loose a lot of muscle while loosing the last 20 pounds, so this time I just want to be sure this is in check.

Unfortunately, using caliper is kinda a pain in the ass to use and the slight variation in pitching the fat, or the emplacement and the measurement is off and hard to compare.

Personally, I am using this body fat scale:


It measure your weight and you body fat, your lean body mass, etc and it sync with your phone automatically. Bio Impedance is not reliable if you want to know your true bodyfat percentage (can be off by +- 4%), but to track your progress it is awesome if you use it in the same circumstance. I weight in the morning at the same time every morning after I wake up and pee. On the other hand, in my case, the bodyfat this scale is estimating me is the same as what I measured using my calipers. So for me, it is pretty accurate while being very cheap and very very convenient.

u/alovejoy · 4 pointsr/keto

Correct me if I’m wrong, OP, but I believe it’s the Renpho Body Fat scale. It’s super cool, I use it too!

u/WaitingForGoodTimes · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting
u/Slowmac123 · 3 pointsr/bodybuilding

Got this for $37 canadian ($30 US)

The scale only shows your weight, but everything else sends to an app. Cool af

u/My57Vettes · 3 pointsr/fasting
u/fog_horn · 3 pointsr/omad

It came with the scale I use.

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale

u/Vlad_the_Homeowner · 3 pointsr/smarthome

>If I was you I'd just buy some Withings scales

Just looked up the one I have - yup it's a Withings. Works great, syncs with my Garmin and Strava apps (compatible with lots of different health apps), can do multiple people, and it's $60. If OP just likes DIY, knock yourself out, but considering there's a product on the market likely as cheap as you could DIY, why not put your time into other projects.

Edit: here's one for $25 that has over 11k ratings.

u/Texanjumper · 3 pointsr/orangetheory

I have this scale

I haven't tested the accuracy of the body fat part, but I have a DEXA scan next month and was planning to compare then.

u/supermario218 · 2 pointsr/zerocarb


I'm sure there is a lot of marketing BS in here. I don't know how it could track everything it claims it can. But, I was interested in the app that would easily record and track my progress and the body fat % measurement. I do know from experience that scales can measure body fat %, so as long as it does those things I'm happy.

u/fantasticforceps · 2 pointsr/keto

This food scale is pretty simple and cheap, and I've had no problems with this body scale, too. I link the latter up with my fitbit because I like the fitbit graph.

u/imdoingketo · 2 pointsr/keto

Yeah, I definitely am not taking that measurement as gospel, but using the calipers is a pain and I haven't had any other really good way of doing it, so I'm just glad to have something to track. Percentage has been slowly going down from day to day, so I'm trying to pay most of my attention to that.

But here ya go, it works, integrates with fitbit/google fit, and it's pretty cheap. You will need a smartphone, though.

u/Buffalone27 · 2 pointsr/keto

Hey! Congrats on deciding to make a lifestyle change. I just did, too! About to finish week 2 of keto. I’ve lost weight already and feel really great about it! I haven’t followed a specific meal plan, but I have mapped out my grocery lists and stopped eating out at restaurants and strictly cooking my own food, with the exception of 1-2 meals at my restaurant job that I work several shifts a week at. This really helps me count my carbs and calories in the really helpful app Carb Manager.

I feel less bloated without gluten! It’s awesome. I made my first fathead pizza last night with my coworker and friend who went keto too! Having someone else who is willing to undergo the change with me has been more than helpful, especially since my spouse is still eating carbs and sugar in the same apartment as me!

Things that have helped me so far:
-buying a great food scale

-buying an awesome body weight and body fat scale ...this scale comes with an app that shows me statistics like bone density, water weight, body fat %, and weight. It also tracks my progress, shows me healthy/normal levels and percentiles, and more. I really like it. Almost as much as I like watching my weight decrease every few days from keto.

-having a friend or two who are new to keto as well. They have recommended different products to me like:

  1. Skinny girl sweetner
  2. Fiber supplements for when the cheese hits you hard
  3. Tape measurers (simple and common item that won’t deceive you like the scale often can!)

    Personal mantras I remind myself to continue keto in a healthy way:
    -don’t obsess over the scale. NSV pop up daily and they’re sometimes even better than watching the number on the scale drop. It’s not healthy to let your mood rely on scale results. Once a week is enough moderation in terms of weighing yourself. (I’m struggling hard with following this direction myself)

    -make sure you hit your protein quotas! They’re important. You need protein for muscles, and so much more.

    -try not to eat sweets at all for the first few weeks. You need to give your body time to stop craving sugar (and it will happen!)

    -drink a fuck ton of water. It will help you feel less full at first, and you need it especially to keep healthy while your body transitions from eating carbs to eating fat. Water is your new bff.

    -listen to your body. Eat when you’re hungry. If you’re hungry, eat. Don’t starve yourself, you will begin to feel less hungry as you continue on tho. If your eat something that’s keto friendly, but it makes you feel funky, try to feel out different options. You want to feel your best in order to keep up the inspiration to continue!

    -last but not least: TAKE PROGRESS PICS!!! I lurk this sub/weight loss subs constantly and I always see ppl talk about regretting not taking more before pics! Once they reach the time to take after shots, they really wish they had a lot more to compare them to!

    Hope this helps :)
u/OssotSromo · 2 pointsr/smarthome

Do you NEED wifi and tie in with automation?

If not, no bullshit,

Renpho. It's as accurate as our old scale. Forget the name but I did a shit ton of research to find one of the most accurate around. This one tracks a ton of data points. Syncs with fitbit and Apple Health. And it's only $25 but also only Bluetooth. Supports multiple devices just fine. Just make sure both people create their own account in the app and whoever is weighing just opens the app before they get on.

u/checkoutchannelnine · 2 pointsr/gainit
u/TheDude4527 · 2 pointsr/keto

I got this one:

Super cheap and works great! It has its own app to keep all the data but I also synced it with my fitbit app.

u/signalwave · 2 pointsr/Brogress

That screenshot is from google spreadsheets. I export from my app to that spreadsheet and it updates the charts.

Thats the scale I have, but there are lots like it. I paid $31 for it, so $22 is a good deal on prime.

u/rabidstoat · 2 pointsr/weightwatchers

I haven't used it very long so I can't really say if it's a good long-term solution but I recently bought this scale:

It's blue tooth enabled and, though I've not tried it yet, their app claims to sync with the Fitbit app (along with a couple of other apps). I've not used that functionality yet. If it did work, though, it's a much cheaper alternative for automatically syncing with Fitbit, as it's $32 instead of $100.

I also like that it uses AAA batteries. My last scale used those small, round disk-like batteries, and they're a lot more expensive. Plus you can get rechargeable AAA batteries but I've never seen rechargeables for those disc-like batteries.

u/weird_turn_pro · 2 pointsr/loseit

It technically sends it to Fitbit and then Fitbit sends it to MFP. I still manually log my weight into the libra app but I usually wait until my lunch break to log it.

This is the scale I have if anyone is interested. Warning: it rounds to the nearest even decimal on the app but, Fitbit records the actual decimal.

u/CulturalPomegranate · 2 pointsr/wls

I purchased this one from Amazon! It’s like $25 and I’ve loved it so far!

u/skibbi9 · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Nice start.

Good selection on timing, nice work adapting to Low Carb (even with a carb day). While I aspire to keto-like carb days (under 50g), I find I'm in the lazy keto range more often than not (<100g)

Are you tracking on Apps?
Do you have a scale (you should be about ready for this sub's favorite: renpho which is on sale right now for 20) 396lbs capacity, it says)
Keep an eye on certain vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. I supplement magnesium and a few other things. with low carb, your whole wheat levels drop which really kills most peoples biggest Mg source.
Healthy fats, eggs, salmon, etc. Keep crushing it.

u/continuuuum · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

This is the one that I have.

Gives pretty decent readings, bluetooth and has some other bells and whistles. For $25, you really can't go wrong.

u/robopain · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Noodles! Happy birthday to your little one!! Here's a picture of my dog that cheers me up! I recently got a little rat from ikea for my dog and she immediately loved it!

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs - Black

I'd really like to keep up with my weight better now that I'm working out and eating better. I've never had a digital scale and heard they're more accurate. The scale now I have was my grandmothers scale.

u/bacontarian4life · 2 pointsr/keto

Has a cool app and synch's up with google fit, which can roll up to Cronometer.


u/ianrdc · 2 pointsr/gainit

I've had this for over a year now and it's pretty consistent, just make sure you let it calibrate for a sec
RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

u/everywherenever · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I use this: RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs - Black, 11 x 11 Inch

It has consistently said 12%, do you not think it's reliable?

u/ilovegirlsinheels · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Hi all
24 5'8 M 215 lbs
Body fat according to the device at LA fitness: 30.2%
Body fat according to this new scale I got: 29.2%

Majority of my fat is around my stomach and my butt/thighs.
My immediate goal is to have a flat stomach (and wider upper body?) And slimmer butt/thighs.

I play soccer twice a week and go to the gym twice/thrice.

At the gym my workout is at follows:
Bench press 40lbs x 5 x 6
Assisted pull ups 60 lbsx 5 x 6
Lateral raises 20 lbs x 10 x 3
Mountain climbers 30 x 3
Squats 20 x 4
Cross body Crunches 10 x 3
20-30 mins cardio.

My tdee at the current numbers is 2700-2800 calories.
I eat about 2000 calories as follows:
Carbs 123.4
Protein 123.6
Fat 52.9
Sugar 74
The macros are going to be a little higher for each category as I have Indian lunch that is not prepared by me but is homemade and on the healthy side so I assume it to be 400 calories which is included in the numbers above.

Given my current targets : to loose fat around my core, should I maintain the current nutrition and exercise or change it and how?
One of my gymbros tells me that I should replace some meals with just protein shake but I need to physically eat something to feel satisfied.

Beginning of this year I was 222 and am 215 now.

Thank you so much! (:

u/BitchinItch · 2 pointsr/fasting

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs

u/DjcidbwbqoOcndkdn · 2 pointsr/keto

I use the RENPHO digital scale and have been really impressed. I went through a couple different ones and this is the only one that I have found to be accurate with my doctor’s scale. You can find it here:

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs

I was looking for a scale that worked with Apple Health and this does the trick. It’s much cheaper than a lot of others out there so maybe it’s worth a shot.

u/HairyJefe · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396lbs - Black

u/ringo_24601 · 2 pointsr/AskUK

'Smart' weighing scales if you're bothered about tracking your weight. They've been great as my missus and I tracked our weightloss. £24.99

Or.. save it until the next time Amazon Echo dot's go on sale.. they normally drop to £25-30ish.

u/awolf14 · 1 pointr/loseit

I got a scale on amazon from a company called Renpho. It is bluetooth and it gives you: weight, BMI, Body Fat %, Fat-free Body Weight, Body Water %, Skeletal Muscle %, Muscle Mass %, Bone Mass %, and your BMR.

It was like $30. Even if it's not 100% accurate, at least you get see the fluctuation over time. I've had it about 5 months now and I really like it. There's an app on my phone and it pings once it had all the info it needs. Super easy to use.

u/4orty1savage · 1 pointr/omad

It’s an app that comes with this RENPHO scale and automatically syncs up with the scale. I probably owe 80% of my progress to this scale because of how much stuff it tracks so easily. I always used to forget to weigh in and all this other stuff and lost track of progress...this scale literally syncs in seconds without you having to do anything. Sorry to sound like a salesman I just love it it’s been a game changer!!!

u/MarlaSinger520 · 1 pointr/Myfitnesspal

I recently purchased a Renpho scale.

It syncs with my health app in my iphone- which I have synced with myfitnesspal app. It automatically updates myfitnesspal when I weigh in. It's easy to use and also measures water weight, fat etc. Plus it's a really reasonably priced scale!

u/Anonymo123 · 1 pointr/omad

At my heaviest i was 292..that nearly 300 mark really put me into a focus. I immediately found Keto and did that and got down to 250ish and stalled after 9 months. All diet, no exercise. Went through a bad breakup and shot back up to 275. I went back to Keto and then started doing 16:8 then went to 18:6 and dropped to 255ish then back up to 265, currently I am switching to OMAD. My big problem is I can do OMAD just fine, but then I gorge and blow past my 1700 calories with stupid shit full of carbs and empty calories. My best efforts are tracking on an app to know exactly what I am eating and then sticking to OMAD. I don't drink alcohol or normal soda, so those liquid calories aren't a concern.

As for my workout I do 3 days a week, look up any 3 day exercise routine (Sun\Tues\Thurs) and do a 10 min warmup on the elliptical, lift for 30-40min and if the heavy bag at the gym isn't occupied I'll do that for 10-30min depending on the day. Lifting fasted isn't an issue for me, but slugging through 30min of heavy bag work is rough after lifting on an empty stomach. I am looking to supplement my non workout days with body-weight stuff\stretching\yoga at home, and make those my 500 calorie days. And 500 calories sounds like nothing but thats a 3 egg omelette for me, so thats enough.

I used to go a 300calorie protein shake after my workout but since I am trying OMAD I just make that one meal super heavy with protein. I drink usually 32oz water during my workout, another 64 during the day. Now its getting cold I'll throw in hot tea with stevia, etc.

More then you asked but thats what I am doing. I got this amazing scale ($20 now, wow) so i can track my weight and more importantly my BF%. I also just ordered this fitness watch, I am curious about my sleep info mainly

My goal BW is 220 and < 15% BF. Right now I am at 267 and 30% BF. If i can dial in my diet I know I can get to where I need to. I workout mainly due to being mid 40s and shit isn't getting any easier otherwise I'd do all diet. But I WFH so i enjoy getting out of the house and to be honest..the hotties at the gym make it worth going.

u/selflessGene · 1 pointr/leangains

Get a bodyfat scale. I just bought one and it's fucking awesome. My bodyfat matches up with the caliper numbers. It syncs the data to a app on your phone so you can see trends. You could also export the data to Google Fit

Here's the one I got:

u/fire_n_ice · 1 pointr/keto

It came with my Renpho scale. The scale has bluetooth and connects with your phone via the app. It's pretty neat!

u/MadeleinesMom · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

I recently purchased this one: It was recommended by a friend and the price was right. I like it, and the app is cool, but it must be broken because I haven't lost any weight since purchasing it. ;-)

u/Rayleie · 1 pointr/fitbit

Literally came here to say this. I love their app as well.


I got this one: currently $27.99 but also has a 10% extra off coupon right now.

u/wearealonetogether · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I got this one in May and its been working great! The app works really well and the Bluetooth connection always works flawlessly with my iPhone (my parents had a fitbit scale that was always a PITA connecting, but this was a few years ago so maybe Bluetooth in general has just improved)

The body composition results were decently close to an InBody scan I did at my gym, however I don't think bioimpedance in general is particularly accurate in terms of body fat %.

u/beowulf_71 · 1 pointr/homegym
u/ampeed · 1 pointr/homeautomation

$20 for a top rated scale. You can also get the 2019 'improved' scale for $10 more.

u/KungFuBucket · 1 pointr/keto

It's from RENPHO, bought it because it was inexpensive, synced with apple health, had prime shipping, and the little "Amazon Choice" sticker when i did a search for it.

u/Shots-and-squats · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

There's a bunch of different ways, some are easy and not very accurate and others are accurate but take money and time.

The easiest is a tape measure and a calculator. But I wouldn't trust that too much.

I use a scale that measures body fat by sending electric signals through your body. Also not super accurate, but it gives you an idea. I do it everyday, first thing in the morning, to make it as accurate as possible.

Once I get close to my goal I'll go get something like this done. But that cost money, and takes time. But you can really count on those measurements.

u/loofawah · 1 pointr/amiugly

I think you should start to look at your physique. Get your body fat percentage taken. For a quite fit woman you're looking to be at 20% or lower. If you can get down to ~20% then you can tell where else you can improve. Personally my goal is 10%, and I'm around 12.5-9% depending on the day. I just use


Per Google:

Description Women Men

Essential fat 10–13% 3–5%

Athletes 14–20% 6–13%

Fitness 21–24% 14–17%

u/mvpopper · 1 pointr/fasting

Snake diet guru

As far as the app, it’s pretty good and works well with $24 scale from amazon ( much better than the $100 Fitbit scale I had)

u/tstaffordson · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

I wish I had gotten my scale sooner... for the whole IF journey.


The data is from the Feelfit app (ios) that came with my Abyon scale... link to scale:


There are a lot of sub $30 scales on Amazon right now.


Here is a better rated model that I have seen recommend on this sub.

Link to Renpho scale:


Disclaimer... I'm not sure if I would trust the measurements coming from these scales implicitly, but as a point of reference the information is good to have.


I love having the data at hand for future reference, sharing and motivation.






u/zamiboy · 1 pointr/orangetheory

It is like a regular scale but with bioimpedance sensors built into it and does some rough calculations to determine your body fat %, muscle mass weight, subcutaneous fat weight, etc. Along with giving you your actual weight.

I have one at home. It also logs your previous weigh-ins and things like that on its connecting app. The major downside to the scale is that bioimpedance has been shown to not be super accurate, especially not as much so as DEXA scans (also cost more per scan vs 1-$25 purchase). I just use the scale as a good baseline to compare myself against in my weekly weight checks.

u/w1n5t0nM1k3y · 1 pointr/Lightbulb

They have scales that integrate with cell phone apps to track your progress.

u/GetOffMyRedditMom · 1 pointr/fasting

This is the scale I use if you wanted to look into it. I'm not exactly sure what you were gonna look into lol

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs

u/TrevorX5J9 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Does this scale look like it could be any good? Apparently it can do body fat, among a bunch of other things.

u/mabenjamin0420 · 1 pointr/orangetheory

RENPHO. Bought it on Amazon. I really like it! RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs

u/Urban_Empress · 1 pointr/loseit

I bought this one from Amazon a few weeks ago. I love it and it does have bluetooth for tracking weight and other metrics on an app. You can create multiple accounts for this. This was cheaper than anything that I've seen in stores.

u/timmmmmmmmmmmmm · 1 pointr/gainit

I think its difficult to give an absolute number like 2 pounds/month. I know I've put on more than this.

OP, if you are worried I would buy some smart scales. They are cheap and will give you various body composition metrics.

For example

u/genbetweener · 1 pointr/AskTechnology

I think they mean one of those scales you stand on but it also estimates your BMI. Like this:

u/turneresq · 1 pointr/keto

This is a great scale if $30 is in your price range. With Prime you can get it same day.

Also, I think you're doing it right as far as I can tell. If you're a bit worried about a caloric deficit, I'd suggest a low carb shake like Isopure. Will bump you up 150 calories aside from giving you some other benefits.

u/vivian_lake · 1 pointr/loseit

We've been using this for a few months now and I really like it. I also really like the bluetooth/app component which I kind of derided at first but then decided I liked.

u/-uWu-uWu- · 1 pointr/1200isplenty

Yes its called Renpho, it comes with a scale I ordered on amazon. (Ive included the link.)

Also thank you very much. :)

u/Korzag · 1 pointr/AskProgramming

You're going to likely need to get a scale that can connect to Bluetooth or something, such as


Then you're going to need to research and see if there is an API you can use with their software, which I'm going to guess they don't expose publicly for people to use. In fact, I just looked up their website and didn't see anything about developer tools. Their store app is free, so I mean if you were really persistent you could reverse engineer their code.


Essentially, what you're needing to do is find your scale hardware, ensure it has a publicly exposed API, and then go from there. Or... learn how to reverse engineer Android apps and then try and hijack the hardware that way. I can't provide much help there as the only reverse engineering I've ever done was C code, and not Java bytecode. I bet there are resources online for it, but I'm no where near an authority on it.

u/6BakerBaker6 · 1 pointr/WeightLossAdvice

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs - Black

I have this one.

I was surprised when I saw smart scales are that cheap. I thought they were closer to $100.

u/SerpentineLogic · 1 pointr/ketoaustralia

The cheapest way is probably this

Might not be super precise but cheaper than paying $20 per use of a professional one at a gym.

u/Mett25 · 1 pointr/xxfitness

My fiancee bought this for home We really like it because it gives us a way to track anything from fat-free body weight to protein percentage(not that we track that stuff). I agree it is not super accurate but it seems to be close enough.

u/Nosfermarki · 1 pointr/gainit

I'd say somewhere between 20-23%. I bought a scale on Amazon that gives all sorts of data, including bf%. It had pretty good reviews including one comparing the scale readings to fancy pants hospital scales. It seems pretty accurate so far.

u/Roly113 · 1 pointr/orangetheory

I have that one too and it was relatively close to the Dexa scans that my husband and I both had done last week.

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale...

u/mox1979 · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

Also a fan of And to anyone looking at the site, want to automate the data entry, but don't want to spend $130+ on a scale, there are other options. For example, I use this scale:

And their app syncs with my fitbit account, which in turn syncs with No need for an actual fitbit or their scale.

As for CICO, and I'm genuinely curious, but if you're not hitting your goals, what other options are available to you besides eating less (CI) or exercising more (CO)?

u/keelyjayful · 1 pointr/keto

I have one from renpho that automatically connects with my fitbit dashboard and in turn myfitnesspal. I'm not sure how accurate it is but it does 11 body measures. My only issue with it is that based on my age and height, it wants me down to 106 - 129 lbs as the standard. I would not look healthy at 106.

u/stowm3 · 0 pointsr/leangains

i can’t speak to its efficacy from personal experience yet, but I’ve been looking into them as a way to get more information about my body composition than weight can provide alone. You can get a relatively inexpensive body fat scale that uses “a technology called bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure body fat. A small, unnoticeable electrical current is sent from one foot, up one leg and down the other leg. Fat is a poor conductor of electricity compared to other components of the body such as muscle. The more resistance the electrical current experiences, the higher the fat.”

I’ve just purchased one for about $40 CAD on Amazon, I’ve never used one before but it has thousands of good reviews. I’m also insanely curious if there is a legitimate, reliable way to measure %BF without having to go to the doctor or have someone at my gym do it for me. I’m also keen on this option as it works with an iOS app that allows me to keep track of more than my weight over long periods of time. I’m keeping myself skeptical but hopefully nonetheless!

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Body fat scale

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To piggyback this comment, if you can afford one (they're pretty cheap), you should invest in a smart scale. They give you more metrics to track besides just overall weight. They provide a solid estimate of your total body fat percentage, subcutaneous fat, fat-free body mass, etc. Obviously they're not as accurate as something like a DEXA scan but they're the next best thing, IMO.

They're a million times more useful than a standard scale if you're bulking and cutting.

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You could buy a body fat scale on amazon for $24.