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Drop Stop - The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler (AS SEEN ON Shark Tank) - Set of 2
Drop Stop provides 100% Gap Coverage in front of, surrounding and behind seat belt catch. Drop Stop attaches to the seat belt catch via built in slot moves with the seat and no need to readjust or reinstall.As Seen on Shark Tank, Drop Stop blocks that annoying yet ever so dangerous gap between your car or truck seat and center console.Drop Stop is the Original and Patented Seat Gap Filler. Drop Stop will never fall apart and lasts a lifetime.Each package comes with 2 Drop Stops (1 for the driver side and 1 for the passenger side; universal fit), a Slide Free Pad and an LED Credit Card Light.One size fits most vehicles. High Grade Neoprene casing allows Drop Stop to contract or expand to whatever size gap you have. One color blends all. The Gap is always a dark shadow so once you install Drop Stop, you won't know it's there until it Stops the Drop.
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50 Reddit comments about Drop Stop - The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler (AS SEEN ON Shark Tank) - Set of 2:

u/mpetrait · 700 pointsr/funny

Try one of these

u/nastylep · 33 pointsr/nfl

I saw this on Sharktank a while ago and I remember thinking, "who the fuck would buy this?"

I guess I underestimated the market.

u/Rentiak · 23 pointsr/funny

You clearly need The Drop Stop

No really, I put them in my car and they're great.

u/Mod3_freak · 10 pointsr/TeslaModel3

Ok, after four months with the car, here goes...



  • Wall Connector $500. Not necessary but I'd recommend biting the bullet before taking delivery, so you can keep the mobile charger in the car. The electrical work took 2 hours of time, at $130/hr. I highly recommend installing a dedicated 60-amp breaker and an efficient gauge wire which will give you 45 mi/hr of charge.
  • Charging Adapters $35. Car comes with the 5-15 and 14-50. I strongly recommend buying the 5-20. If you plan to charge at someone else's house on a roadtrip, ask them to send you a picture of their dryer plug. So far, I've needed the 10-30 and 14-30.
  • NEMA 5-15P to 5-20R Adapter $20. Strongly recommended in combo with Tesla's 5-20 adapter to "cheat" a 16-amp charge (33% faster charging). Must-watch this video, and must-read here, here, here, and here.

    Tesla OEM

  • Cargo Mats for Frunk & Trunk $70 & $130. Must-have some sort of trunk mat, since the trunk material is generally poor quality for heavy use.
  • Front Sunshade $75. Living in Florida, this is a must-have if you dont plan on tinting the top glass panel. The "front" is acutally the middle of the three glass panels, not the windshield.
  • Paint Repair Kit $55. Nice to have so you're ready for rock chips. So far I've had one that made it through the black paint and silver primer.


  • Aero Cosmetics Complete Car Kit $40. Highly recommended. Pricey but saves time for amazing results. Cheaper and better quality than CarGuys products. I liked it so much that I ended up buying this also.
  • Invisible Glass Spray Cleaner $4. Recommended that you have some glass cleaner that's not Windex. This brand is one of the best.
  • Wash Mitt 2-pack $16. Highly recommended compared to a wet rag.
  • Tire and Wheel Brush $8. It's important to segregate parts you use on wheels from parts you use on paint. This product is solid.
  • Grit Guard $8. Totally optional. Helps separate dirt in the bucket when cleaning. You'll see a difference in the water.


  • Tough-Pro Interior Mats $80. My opinion is that all-weather mats are a must-have. The stock mats are crappy, and all-weather mats make cleaning easier. These are cheaper than Tesla's all-weather mats. I'm happy with them but I'd buy the OEM Tesla ones if I could do it again.
  • Upgraded White LED Lights $13-$77. Must-have for the trunk. Optional for others. I replaced all 7 non-footwell. Easy install with a credit card. As a bonus, I have one left over, so PM me if you want it.
  • Kenriko Matte Wrap for Center Console $30. Must-have. Watch his install videos first. Customer service is excellent if you screw up the install like I did. The matte black matches the black leather interior perfectly. I'm sure the matte white is nice too.
  • Pet Cover for Trunk $45. I couldn't find anything better for driving my dogs, so I use this one with the back seats down, along with Tesla's rubber trunk mat. I'd say my setup prevents 90% of dog wear, and keeps any dog smell to a minimum.
  • Nomad Wireless Charger $130. Nice to have. Not available until end of November, but battery is integrated unlike the comeptitor's.
  • Rubber Cupholder Liners $25. Optional, helps with cleaning.
  • Drop Stop $20. Optional, makes life easier.
  • Air Compressor $25. Optional but recommended. Look for one with automatic shutoff.
  • Tire Plug Kit $8. If you're handy, this is a cheap solution to be ready for a flat. If you're not handy, get Tesla's tire repair kit.
  • Card Holder $5. Optional. Keep in your center console so valet has a way to hang your card key.
u/president2016 · 9 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

Get this:

I ordered for Christmas and likely because of Amazons holiday hiring of newbies, I ended up with two. They said it wasn’t worth sending back to just keep it! Now both vehicles protected.

Drop Stop - The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler - Set of 2 (AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK)

u/joshuads · 7 pointsr/funny
u/Astrum91 · 6 pointsr/funny
u/KayFuj · 6 pointsr/juul
u/hammymchammerson · 6 pointsr/breastfeeding
u/6231 · 6 pointsr/4Runner

Drop Stop - The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler (AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK) - Set of 2

u/tealplum · 6 pointsr/cars

It's called Drop Stop. Started as a pitch on shark tank.

u/timothycavinaw · 4 pointsr/cars

My girlfriend's family bought this for me one year.

Thanks, but no thanks.

u/tunersharkbitten · 4 pointsr/Toyota

something like THIS

u/Red_Inferno · 3 pointsr/tifu

Maybe you should have bought a Drop Stop. Saw it on shark tank.

u/jkxs · 3 pointsr/SubaruForester

I apologize in advance for this long post. None of these are "must gets", but they are what I got for my 2016 Premium forester. I'm posting this for my own future reference as well as to help some people who are wondering what accessories might be good for their new forester. I highly recommend ordering from Jackie from Annapolis Subaru @ 443-837-1422 as she can get you some good prices on the subaru accessories as well as WeatherTech products! I saved on WeatherTech shipping costs (~$20) by ordering through Jackie and the warranty is the same as if I had bought them through their website.

Please note that some of these accessory links are for my specific car year, model and configuration. I have a 2016 Premium forester without eyesight (affects the Covercraft/heatshield sunshade - they also have eyesight compatible sunshades!).

Also, I personally didn't get my windows tinted, but I think that is something that you should seriously consider doing :)

Speaker kit

Tweeter kit

WeatherTech DigitalFit floorliner (1st & 2nd row)

WeatherTech cargo/trunk liner (without bumper protector)

Weather Tech TechCare floorliner and floormat Cleaner/Protector Kit

Gorilla mud flaps

Covercraft's UVS100 sunscreen - use promo code FREESHIP

Exterior Auto Dimming Mirror w/ Approach Lighting

Luggage Compartment Cover (manual rear gate)

Rear bumper cover

Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass and HomeLink

Rear Seat Back Protector

Two Home Depot 5 gallon homer bucket

Heatshield sunshade (driver/passenger, second row, rear windshield, sunroof) - note that their website only shows only one side window (driver/passenger), you need to call in to ask them to add the second row side window ones - on my invoice it says part #1425S-A and #1425S-B

Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 Multi-Function Power Supply and Jump Starter (check eBay to see if priced cheaper)

Viair 77P Portable Compressor Kit (check eBay to see if priced cheaper)

Amazon stuff:

EZ Pass Holder for VA Flex

Aux cable

Stickershield (parking stickers, etc)

Dropstop seat gap filler (driver/passenger side)

Door panel removal kit (for speaker kit install)

Two grit guards

Microfiber Drying towel

Microfiber cloths (3 pack)

Car wash shampoo

Wheel brush

Resqme (window breaker/seatbelt cutter)

Wheel cleaner

Microfiber wash mitt

Reindeer costume for Christmas

Headrest coat hanger

Road reflective triangles

Duct tape

Odor eliminator

Tire air pressure gauge

OBDII Scanner (Bluetooth)

First aid kit

u/dpotter05 · 2 pointsr/funny
u/1ate7 · 2 pointsr/funny
u/bewaretakecare · 2 pointsr/funny

Got this as a stocking stuffer and it changed my life.

Drop Stop

u/yes_its_him · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

LPT: have an extraction plan for vehicles where that is really effing hard.

u/pennies0000000001 · 2 pointsr/IdiotsInCars

I have these for both front seats. Worth every penny.

u/kiantech · 2 pointsr/wheredidthesodago

its because you know if you do buy it, its going to be a piece of shit even though you want it to work.

except this one gets pretty good reviews on amazon:

u/FreeHealthCareNow · 2 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

I just saved your life. You're welcome.

u/iPhantasy · 2 pointsr/ft86

There are 3 different connectors that you'll have to hook up to the connector that comes with the head unit that plugs into the head unit itself. The other 3 connectors are VERY easy to install. 0 electrical engineering education, but common sense and the color coded instructions on the back of the packaging explains all you need to know.

Radio Antenna harness

Main connection (two main connectors that came out of the factory head unit)

USB Connector (if your car came with usb at the bottom right of the center console)

Should mention that the stock AUX connection won't function. You will have to run an extension from the back of the head unit to somewhere in your car. I routed mine to the left side of the passenger seat held up by this thing.

I don't use the microphone for bluetooth so that's not connected. I don't plan on using my head unit for displaying for any video sources so I didn't bother hooking up the hand brake bypass. The GPS antenna I just stuck to some metal plate that was inside the head unit cavity (pretty strong magnet and pretty accurate).

You may want to pick up a bracket like this. to fill in the rest of the head unit cavity along the sides. I'm not too sure if this is the exact one for the head unit. Crutchfield automatically told me what parts I would need to completely setup the head unit including the bracket and connectors. I couldn't find yours on the site so I can't tell you exactly which bracket to get. They're both Pioneer head units so it's worth a try. The bracket is a generic bracket made for most Toyota cavities to support double DIN sized head units. I had to do some slight Dremel work to get everything to line up with the stock mounting bracket. A solid afternoon with everything and I was set by the end of the day.

I had to contact OEM Audio Plus about how to get power to their amplifier because they have a replacement harness for the stock harness. But that's information that doesn't pertain to you unless you own their system with a subwoofer.

Tl;dr: Links 1-3 are what you need to connect everything. Link 4 is some random accessory I bought that happened to work things out. Link 5 is a bracket adapter to the stock bracket. Last link is the site that showed me all the stuff I needed and I just looked them all up on Amazon.

u/ahabeger · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Hopefully the dealership cleaned the wheels well. I'd suggest cleaning them again and putting a sealant or wheel wax on the barrel of the wheels to aid in keeping them clean. The brakes on BMWs throw a lot of dust.

A quick interior detailer is a big time saver as the wood trim on the inside picks up fingerprints pretty quick.

I have two guzzler drying towels and sometimes that isn't enough for the vehicle, picking up a 3rd when they're on sale.

Get an in-car trash can. This one: fits behind the center console well.

Also get some drop stops since the gap between the seat and console is hungry.

My X5M is black exterior, black leather, black piano trim and a fingerprint magnet.

u/Mombutt_long_and_low · 1 pointr/funny

The abyss. Get one of these:

u/dropstop · 1 pointr/wheredidthesodago

Haha! Awesome thanks so much. You can order direct from our website. We'll be finding our way to retail very shortly and we'll let y'all know.

You can also order from Amazon and QVC, but right now our site has a free shipping code up for a Shark Tank's scheduled to be removed at 1pm PST. However if you don't get to ordering before then, just PM us for a free shipping code and we'll create one just for you ;-)

u/scrlk990 · 1 pointr/funny
u/d00msdayxx · 1 pointr/funny
u/Joe_Sith · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

You should invest in a couple of these. The couple of bucks has been worth the frustration it's saved me from not having to dig my phone or change out from between the seats and console I don't know how many times in the year or so since I've had them.

u/ReproCompter · 1 pointr/TalesFromRetail

Maybe you need this. Drop Stop

u/javawebdeveloper · 1 pointr/tifu
u/LeftMySoulAtHome · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The Drop Stop. I have one set in my Mazda and no longer find mummified french fries under my seat. haha.

u/eighty_sixed_86 · 1 pointr/Mustang

OP, some accessories I'd recommend:

  1. Tint. That should win the award for duh, sorry.

  2. Dashcam. There are many, check out

  3. Floor mats. Weathertech / is really popular. Most of their styles have a deep-ish footwell which is great if you live in rainy, muddy or snowy areas. I don't and prefer my feet to be 'no slip' when driving; went with Ford's rubberized mats and trunk liner.

  4. This one sounds cheesy but it works. Took my 16 GT on a 6k roadtrip this year. Getting out of the car and had my phone in one hand, something else in the other. Wouldn't you know it my phone fell into the space between the center rest and seat. Not fun getting it out. Bam, solution:

u/elpapiflaco · -1 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Drop Stop - as seen on Shark Tank. Prevents stuff from falling between the seats.