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u/mpetrait · 700 pointsr/funny

Try one of these

u/mr1337 · 391 pointsr/LifeProTips

Truly a LIFE pro-tip.

However, if you are able, please keep a window-breaking tool conveniently accessible in your car. Either a hammer or spring-loaded multi-tool. Just make sure that whatever you get can also cut seatbelts (like the two I listed here).

Mythbusters did a couple episodes on escaping from an underwater car. After their experiments, even they said they would be keeping them at arm's reach at all times while in a car.

u/a_personification · 367 pointsr/MorbidReality


The water pressure on the car will prevent you from opening the door. This is how you are trapped. Wind the window down.

My friend died in exactly this way. I wish he knew this. Now you do.

Edit: If you can't roll it down; How to smash a car window (from zolco1 below)....or you could keep one of these handy for emergencies.

u/MechanismZero · 308 pointsr/videos

Eh, my worry is that in the chaos, I won't have time to grab the hammer doodad, and by the time the car is full of water, I won't be able to get enough power with the drag of the water to break the window with the hammer style ones.

I own this badboy.
Spring loaded window punch and still has the seat belt cutter. You just press it against the window and it does all the work.

u/THEJAZZMUSIC · 72 pointsr/gifs

Resqme. $10.

u/OhSeven · 72 pointsr/DIY

There are these stretchy screens now that fit over the door frame itself, allowing the window to open while keeping bugs out. I think it's meant as a sun shade. In any case, they're cheap generic products you can even get on amazon and skip the custom fitting

u/Mikey129 · 50 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

Resqme. $10.


[–]30ocho 25 points 13 hours ago
Cars made after 2017 (a lot today as well) have laminated glass making this not possible. Soon those glass breakers many people carry will be nothing more than clutter in your glove box. Laminated glass needs to be cut out to be removed. So just don't drive Into the water any time soon
Source: Law enforcement officer & volunteer Firefighter/EMT
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Gimme karma.

u/yankeefoxtrot · 44 pointsr/funny
u/DDotJ · 42 pointsr/teslamotors

A few extras I recommend:

  • Dash Cam for sure, I recommend the Blackvue cameras.

  • The Abstract Ocean LED light upgrade The lights that come with the car are pretty weak, and they make a huge difference in the trunk.

  • Abstract Ocean Key Fob Covers which come in leather and silicon (I personally prefer the leather ones, I had both and the silicon didn't hold up very long for me)

  • If you have a large USB music collection, this Low Profile USB Storage Stick will hold your music and it won't stick out like a sore thumb (drive)

  • Model S and X don't come with spare tires, so this Tire Repair Kit from Tesla could come in handy if you have a small leak and don't have time to call roadside assistance

  • I sleep in my car from time to time, so I leave a Tesla Blanket (unfortunately looks like those are no longer available) and a sleeping bag in the frunk. It's very comfy

  • This flashlight has come in handy countless times, it's nice to carry around and it's powerful too

  • A first aid kit and a ResQMe Car Escape Tool which is a spring loaded window breaker and seat belt cutter.

    Congrats and enjoy your new car!

u/dangoodspeed · 40 pointsr/technology
u/IAMhonka · 35 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

They're probably talking about these anti theft devices, guy.

u/Gullex · 33 pointsr/videos

Get one of these.

u/nastylep · 33 pointsr/nfl

I saw this on Sharktank a while ago and I remember thinking, "who the fuck would buy this?"

I guess I underestimated the market.

u/Tnargkiller · 30 pointsr/videos

> neither of those situations should have led to an overturned car.

Yes, but sadly it happens. I know of a family who's son was driving (with a Maryland permit, which I elaborate on below) and overcompensated for a merging truck.

> Seriously, we need better, mandated driver training and testing in the US.

I could not agree more! I was lucky to have started driving in a family that takes driving very seriously. I can't imagine where i'd be without them.

I think a road kit should be legally mandatory. One that includes a reflective triangle, tire iron, first aid kit, and one of these.

I believe Finland has the strictest criteria for receiving a license. In Maryland, the requirements for a permit is nothing but a 20 question test, and that an adult (21+) is in the passenger seat.

u/[deleted] · 27 pointsr/MorbidReality

My mom used to have a tool in her car that could break a window and cut seatbelts.

Edit: Something like this

u/-poopsicle · 26 pointsr/vandwellers

It's actually real easy. When I built the bed I purchased [these] ( off of Amazon. They provide some privacy, keep the sun out, and most importantly, allow us to let breeze through the windows while keeping bugs out.
Additionally, I purchased [this] ( to black out the front. Both items have been perfect for camping so far!

u/Zorkeldschorken · 25 pointsr/raisedbynarcissists

You're making the assumption that there is only one copy of the key.

Get a this:

u/Steev182 · 25 pointsr/cars

Car windows absolutely do not need a gun fired at them.

My police officer dad gave me something like this when I started driving.

Ended up leaving it in the car when I sold it though!

u/Leovinus_Jones · 25 pointsr/HumansBeingBros

Better yet, keep one of these in your car for occasions like this, or when you need to break a window to escape.

u/grepnork · 23 pointsr/unitedkingdom

If you can't gain entry to the vehicle safely then you call your sergeant and they will bring in officers with the right equipment, the fire brigade if nessacery, or more likely head to the scene and negotiate themselves.

You don't go smashing your way in like a nutter, you especially don't try and smash the windscreen. You warn the suspect of what you're going to do more than once, you particularly warn the suspect to cover their eyes. Then, with another officer guarding the doors on the opposite side of the vehicle and second pair of hands, preferably two, next to you, you smash a side window. The spare pair of hands unlocks the door and grapples the suspect.

This isn't Die Hard, it's policing by consent.

u/Rentiak · 23 pointsr/funny

You clearly need The Drop Stop

No really, I put them in my car and they're great.

u/NoxiousDogCloud · 19 pointsr/ottawa

If you don't wanna hafta use your coconut to batter a window down, get a resqme tool.

u/Reddevil313 · 19 pointsr/sales

Block out time on your schedule to do follow-ups.

Block out time to study and learn about selling. If you think you're a natural sales person then you're not. The most knowledgeable sales person is the one that understands they know nothing. Many people have an aptitude for sales but not the ability or willingness to learn and grow. The difference between a good sales person and an extraordinary one is someone who is willing to learn and grow. ABL. Always be learning.

Have dedicated office time. Some sales people become very distant from the office because they start and end their day from home. Stay connected with your office staff. Show your face and make sure you don't become that person outside who they never see.

Keep yourself mobile. Always have a laptop and hotspot and some type of mobile office kit. My colleague has a sweet little setup that fits on the passenger seat. I've used a cheap little table that hooks to the steering wheel (for when you're not actually driving).

Your business should have goals and quotas. Track your closing rate. I've had many people that think they're doing well only to discover they're only closing 30% of their leads and it should be 50 to 60% (that will depend on your industry of course). Take some of the office time to figure that out.

Number one mistake people make is they confuse what is urgent with what is important. Dedicate time on your schedule to what is important. Make it part of your office time.

Sorry if I answered more than what you asked but I got on a roll.

EDIT: Added links to the mobile office stuff.

u/SurrealEstate · 19 pointsr/camping

Great recommendations. A nice addition to the window vent kits, as it also blocks out some light and keeps insects from finding their way in.

u/less_than_nick · 18 pointsr/ElectricForest


These things are cheap af and are perfect little ash trays. They seal up too so you don't have to smell that stale cig stench. I bring em to every fest

u/kurtthewurt · 18 pointsr/DIY

I camp in my car sometimes too, and the dome light attracts mosquitoes, so I've gotten some of these. The best way I can describe them is like pantyhose for your car doors. They're a mesht that stretches over the top of the door and cover the whole window area on both sides like a screen. They filter light and bundle up into a small bag.

u/Detached09 · 18 pointsr/WTF

I would very strongly suggest you get her (and yourself, and anyone else that drives) on of these Car Escape Tools that will allow her to cut her seatbelt and break out her window. A car door is extremely difficult to open underwater, as proved by Mythbusters. A window, on the other hand, is easier to break and will shatter into (mostly) not dangerous pieces.

u/Yargyarg · 17 pointsr/videos

In case you didn't know, car glass is actually lamenated glass, which is why it's so hard to break. Obviously you wouldn't want it to be as brittle as regular glass, otherwise every time your window got hit by a rock doing 50mph, it would break.

Although it wouldn't have helped much in this scenario if the owners of the car had one (probably would have helped if someone else had one in their car), there are many tools on the market designed specifically to break car glass. It's a VERY good idea to buy such a tool in the event that your car goes into the drink or any other event happens in which you need to break your own car window fast. Such tools are as follows:

Imagine, instead of a kid being stuck in the car, you lost control of your car and went into a river. You can't get your window open because of the pressure differential and you need to get out, QUICK! There's a problem, though: it took a 250lbs man and a massive pipe multiple tries to break the window from the outside, how the fuck are you going to do it with nothing to help from the inside? Seriously, buy something like the above, keep it in your car. You may never need it but wouldn't you rather spend 20 bucks on something you never use than not spend 20 bucks on something and die as a result?

u/Unlimited_Bacon · 17 pointsr/videos

I don't think a knife could break that glass that easily. I'd guess it was one of those emergency tools that is designed to break glass.

u/neil125 · 17 pointsr/ft86

Probably just paranoid but this is in that pocket of my FRS. fits perfectly.

u/reddog323 · 16 pointsr/LifeProTips

Or get one of these, and keep it in the ashtray. Mine fits there. Cheap at $10 too.

u/RAM9999 · 16 pointsr/videos

I use this one ^^

I can put my fob inside, close it, stand directly next to the car door with the bag, and the door will not open.

u/0r10z · 16 pointsr/teslamotors

Ordered same. They are very good but passenger side curles up when I accelerate. I think any matt not tacked down would in P3D :))

ToughPRO Floor Mats Set (Front Row + 2nd Row) Compatible with Tesla Model 3 - All Weather - Heavy Duty - (Made in USA) - Black Rubber - 2019

u/Airazz · 14 pointsr/coolguides

The plastic around the window can be quite soft. Jamming that headrest pin between the glass and plastic might be easier than you think.

Alternatively, buy a glass breaker and stick it on the floor in your foot well, somewhere in the corner.

u/toothpasteandcocaine · 14 pointsr/UnresolvedMysteries

An emergency window breaker costs like three dollars and can cut your seatbelt and break a window, allowing you to escape. Small enough to keep in your console or wherever is handy.

u/auf_der_autobahn · 14 pointsr/Detroit

Brightmoor is not a great area, no. I would assume that whatever company you're interviewing with will have a parking lot with a gate, unless they're run out of a house or something. Stick close by and you'll be fine. If there's no parking then you'll want a club on your steering wheel and to take anything valuable out of your car.

You'll be fine, you won't get shot or shanked or robbed in the three seconds you'll be outside, but you should keep your wits about you. Also, don't judge too hard—Brightmoor is full of people, some good and some bad, and no one likes feeling as though they're being perceived as horrible. It might also be a good idea to check out the area on Google Street View just so you know where all your turns will be, what the building you're headed to looks like, and in general what to expect from the neighborhood.

u/cut-spike · 14 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

It depends. If the car is full of water, the door is really easy to open. However, if the car is full of air, it is really hard to open the door. It is recommended to break a window with a tool like this then open the door. There was a Mythbusters episode about this here.

u/PLEASE_USE_LOGIC · 13 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

Most people don't carry one of the simplest tools: a window-breaker/seatbelt cutter. Often you see knives that can second as seatbelt-cutters too, but they take a lot of time to use when it comes to just seatbelts.

So along with a knife (which I think is common), I also always have this on my keychain. I can't tell you how easy it is for the seatbelt cutter to cut the seatbelt, either. No pocket knife blade can cut a seatbelt like a seatbelt cutter can. It doesn't even take a second; it's as smooth as butter if you do it in the right angle. With a knife blade, you have to essentially wear and tear the seatbelt down. It takes too long.

It becomes extremely useful. People also tend to think that window hammers on the bottom of knives or flashlights work just as well. This is incorrect.

u/Love_Science_Pasta · 13 pointsr/ireland

So scary. Doors won't open under water pressure. Side windows are tempered glass and are near unbreakable. The car seems built to drown you. It's a wonder they've not enforced a lever in the car to snap the windows in such an event given this kills people every year.

For anyone that's worried about this (thankfully unlikely) tragedy happening to someone they love, you can buy one of these on amazon for a tenner:

Here's a video demo:

u/IgniteTheMoonlight · 12 pointsr/LifeProTips

They sell these things for cheap on Amazon, too. Hammer+recessed razor blade to cut seat belts.

u/ebox86 · 11 pointsr/Seattle

Its not really a slimjim or hotwire that makes first/second gen legacies and first gen impreza's easy to steal, its whats called 'jiggler keys'. If you've ever seen a police video of how a slimjim works, its a fairly delicate procedure, and you have to walk around with the slimjim itself which can be long and obvious looking. Hotwiring involves ripping the lower and/or upper steering wheel shroud off to access the ignition wiring. On these model subaru's that plastic is very thick and even with the steering wheel completely off, its difficult. Easier on older model american cars but 90's era american and foreign cars took some precautions in this regard to prevent it.

The jiggler key, as the cops call it, involves just a random car key of varying length which the thieves then shave down to make it fit in other makes and models of cars, specifically older 80's and 90's cars. The ignition and drivers side lock tumblers of these cars are usually somewhat worn down with use over the years and can be made to 'click' into the lock cylinder. Thats what this guy looks like he's doing, because all it involves is walking up to the car, and inserting a seemingly normal looking key and just playing with it for a min, just like how a normal person would unlock the car.

The only way to mitigate this would be to get one of those steering wheel lock bar thingys, like this one. Alternatively you could wire up some hidden fuel delivery cut off switch underneath the front drivers seat that you have to switch on before starting the car. You could have that wired to your fuel pump. My friend did this to his gen-1 legacy after his previous gen-2 was stolen in a similar fashion by a crackhead.

u/Brittas_bby · 11 pointsr/beyondthebump

I keep a tool with me in the car that has a seatbelt cutter and the other side will break glass if needed. I bought them at Costco quite a long time ago but it's very similar to this one

u/ThatOneCrazyFriend · 11 pointsr/motorcycles

(read my edit below)

Don't get just any knife. I would suggest getting a rescue knife.

Like this:

The integrated seatbelt cutter allows you to safely cut a seatbelt. There is also a glass breaking tip that'll shatter glass easily if needed.

In fact, I lost my rescue-knife so I'm buying another.

If you're on a budget, this is the knife I originally had and is < $10. I liked mine and had no issues with it.


I looked into what /u/lt-ghost was saying. While a steel tipped window breaker may work, it requires significantly more work and in a panic situation probably won't work at all. The razer for the seatbelt should work regardless though, but if not you still have the blade.

It seems like the best option for a rescue knife would be Spyderco Assist I. Expensive, I know.

BUT, the ResQme seems to work exceptionally well. I actually just bought a couple of them for myself. Go look on Youtube.

u/GeekLad · 11 pointsr/teslamotors

I'd say 95% of cars on the road have electrical windows also powered by a 12V battery, so Teslas are really no different. For this they make emergency window breakers

u/sluggyjunx · 11 pointsr/FiestaST

There are many techniques to bring rubber back to life and to keep it treated so it does not dry out. I have heard great things about the Honda Shin-Itsu silicone grease - stuff is fantastic on rubber parts to keep them soft and protected. Every few months rub some on. May be what you need.

Also, check out detailing forums for other treatments. My fav is Detailing Bliss The key thing here is to NOT use any petroleum based products on your rubber parts. The petroleum products will degrade the rubber. There are many "safe" rubber treatments out there. Hope this helps.

u/RainyDayRose · 11 pointsr/konmari

For reference, discarding took about 4.5 months in my 1400 sq foot home and two storage sheds. I have started working on deep cleaning, upgrading necessary yet ugly items, and storage/organizing. I expect this to take another two months. I am watching "Clean My Space" and "Home Organizing by" channels on YouTube now to help with the process.

I am trying to keep in mind getting products out of original packaging, if possible, to limit exposure to constant advertising in my home. I am choosing to spend quite a bit on higher quality products that I love and expect to last many years. Fortunately, I have a budget that allows for some luxuries.


I started with my closet and these great baskets from the container store The closet has a built in shoe organizer and I used my label maker to indicate what style shoes go on which shelf – heels, sandals, sneakers, flats and boots. I also labeled the shelf for each basket. Clothes hangers are all white. They used to be all kinds of colors, and I realized that white is more calming. I am now using these for my socks and undies since konmari folding did not quite work for me on those items The folding works great for most of my other clothes. I am still pondering how to organize the nightstand drawers.


I bought a couple of 10" bamboo lazy susans for keeping my oils and vinegars organized in my cabinets. I bought some refrigerator organization units from InterDesign and the Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce savers. I intend to get Oxo food storage containers for dry goods.
I upgraded to these measuring spoons and these measuring cups

When I was discarding in my kitchen I found I did not really love my dinnerware so I got this set plus matching lunch sized plates. I love the simple clean lines and the durability of the product. I downsized from a 12 person setting to 6 and it is great.


Have not done much here yet. I don’t have much need for storage organization in the cabinets. Still considering what I want to do with the drawers. Right now the drawers are still organized with small cardboard boxes from Glossybox, a cut down cereal box, and an empty jigsaw puzzle box. I upgraded my plunger and brush to nice stainless steel containers, and got a toilet paper holder that matches them


I replaced my bulky plastic basket with this It now hangs on a Command Hook next to the washer.


I have repacked the car kit and 72 hour emergency kits in these for my car and my son's car. ttp:// We live in an area prone to natural disasters so I like to be prepared wherever we are. I bought a car trash container ( and created a little kit in a ziplock bag in the glovebox with essentials. Also, found tissues in a round container that fits perfectly in the door cup holder. I also bought a set of matching reusable grocery bags ( so I don’t have the mismatched set. Finally, I have these on order ( Not organization related, just something I have been thinking that I needed for safety.


I reassessed what is in my purse. I used a couple small cosmetics bags that I had on hand and now have many things I wished I had at various times. Everything is neatly organized and I know exactly what is in there and why I have it. Everything from safety pins, to pen and notebook (, to a tiny flashlight, a granola bar in case I am out and hungry, a tide stain remover pen, a tiny Band-Aid package, tiny measuring tape (, my phone, my wallet, and my keys are always on the little hook. Not exactly Konmari minimalism, but those are all things that I wished I had at various times and I am happy that I will not be caught without again. It is a medium size purse, packed just right, with stuff easily accessible.

Home office

I have not done much there yet, but this drawer organizer is working pretty well

Command center

I am currently working on a “Command Center” to keep clutter off the kitchen counter. I have not purchased anything for that yet. I am writing down ideas, measuring, and considering products.

Other random stuff:

I moved my CDs into a holder and they now live on a Command Hook in my car. For movies I transferred them to these Sleeves and they now live in a small drawer in my living room. I tossed the packaging because it was bulky and does not give me joy.

I am using these in my linen closet This box for my jewelry

Not related to organizing, but I am loving these brushes for getting tiny spaces clean. So much better than an old toothbrush.

If you made it this far, congrats. Something that I have noticed is that I can now shop with confidence, I can easily toss or donate the old unloved items, and I am organized enough to return those few items that don’t work as well as I hoped. My home feels much more open and inviting. I know where everything is and my clear vision is starting to come to fruition.

u/therealbum · 11 pointsr/teslamotors

Model 3:


-Any all weather floor mats/cargo liners - get one that matches your budget. I personally use Tough Pro floor mats and Tesla Cargo Liners.

-Phone charging (non wireless) - the dock extension allows phones with thick cases to be charged on the factory dock.


-Aero Wheel Cap Kit - to cover lug nuts and center wheel hole when not using the aero wheel caps.

u/jraffdev · 10 pointsr/teslamotors

Yes. ‘18 floor mats are just as fine.

Search for 3D Maxpider floor mats. They’re a big hit with M3 owners. Really formed to the floors and go up high.

3D MAXpider KAGU Black All-Weather Floor Liners for Tesla Model 3: RWD, Dual Motor & Performance, 2 Front Seats, 1 Rear Seat Floor Liners

u/xerexerex · 10 pointsr/offbeat
u/Mod3_freak · 10 pointsr/TeslaModel3

Ok, after four months with the car, here goes...



  • Wall Connector $500. Not necessary but I'd recommend biting the bullet before taking delivery, so you can keep the mobile charger in the car. The electrical work took 2 hours of time, at $130/hr. I highly recommend installing a dedicated 60-amp breaker and an efficient gauge wire which will give you 45 mi/hr of charge.
  • Charging Adapters $35. Car comes with the 5-15 and 14-50. I strongly recommend buying the 5-20. If you plan to charge at someone else's house on a roadtrip, ask them to send you a picture of their dryer plug. So far, I've needed the 10-30 and 14-30.
  • NEMA 5-15P to 5-20R Adapter $20. Strongly recommended in combo with Tesla's 5-20 adapter to "cheat" a 16-amp charge (33% faster charging). Must-watch this video, and must-read here, here, here, and here.

    Tesla OEM

  • Cargo Mats for Frunk & Trunk $70 & $130. Must-have some sort of trunk mat, since the trunk material is generally poor quality for heavy use.
  • Front Sunshade $75. Living in Florida, this is a must-have if you dont plan on tinting the top glass panel. The "front" is acutally the middle of the three glass panels, not the windshield.
  • Paint Repair Kit $55. Nice to have so you're ready for rock chips. So far I've had one that made it through the black paint and silver primer.


  • Aero Cosmetics Complete Car Kit $40. Highly recommended. Pricey but saves time for amazing results. Cheaper and better quality than CarGuys products. I liked it so much that I ended up buying this also.
  • Invisible Glass Spray Cleaner $4. Recommended that you have some glass cleaner that's not Windex. This brand is one of the best.
  • Wash Mitt 2-pack $16. Highly recommended compared to a wet rag.
  • Tire and Wheel Brush $8. It's important to segregate parts you use on wheels from parts you use on paint. This product is solid.
  • Grit Guard $8. Totally optional. Helps separate dirt in the bucket when cleaning. You'll see a difference in the water.


  • Tough-Pro Interior Mats $80. My opinion is that all-weather mats are a must-have. The stock mats are crappy, and all-weather mats make cleaning easier. These are cheaper than Tesla's all-weather mats. I'm happy with them but I'd buy the OEM Tesla ones if I could do it again.
  • Upgraded White LED Lights $13-$77. Must-have for the trunk. Optional for others. I replaced all 7 non-footwell. Easy install with a credit card. As a bonus, I have one left over, so PM me if you want it.
  • Kenriko Matte Wrap for Center Console $30. Must-have. Watch his install videos first. Customer service is excellent if you screw up the install like I did. The matte black matches the black leather interior perfectly. I'm sure the matte white is nice too.
  • Pet Cover for Trunk $45. I couldn't find anything better for driving my dogs, so I use this one with the back seats down, along with Tesla's rubber trunk mat. I'd say my setup prevents 90% of dog wear, and keeps any dog smell to a minimum.
  • Nomad Wireless Charger $130. Nice to have. Not available until end of November, but battery is integrated unlike the comeptitor's.
  • Rubber Cupholder Liners $25. Optional, helps with cleaning.
  • Drop Stop $20. Optional, makes life easier.
  • Air Compressor $25. Optional but recommended. Look for one with automatic shutoff.
  • Tire Plug Kit $8. If you're handy, this is a cheap solution to be ready for a flat. If you're not handy, get Tesla's tire repair kit.
  • Card Holder $5. Optional. Keep in your center console so valet has a way to hang your card key.
u/amelia_sucks · 9 pointsr/Austin

a Lifehammer is what you're looking for. Has a seatbelt cutter too.

u/MagicWishMonkey · 9 pointsr/pics
u/kateh01 · 9 pointsr/gifs

So something like this "life hammer" would be ineffective?

Or this resqme tool that pops the steel bar into the window with force?

I also know an LEO that has similar tools to the life hammer in his family's cars.

u/Xenjael · 9 pointsr/pics

Too time consuming. With a knife it's literally in and out.

If you wanted to be a dick order that thing off Amazon that costs like 4 bucks that pops car windows. You just press it against the window, click it, and it shatters the entire glass. Also comes with a seatbelt cutter!

u/president2016 · 9 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

Get this:

I ordered for Christmas and likely because of Amazons holiday hiring of newbies, I ended up with two. They said it wasn’t worth sending back to just keep it! Now both vehicles protected.

Drop Stop - The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler - Set of 2 (AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK)

u/cenebi · 9 pointsr/worldnews

There are in fact thousands, possibly millions of people worldwide that have portable ashtrays.

This one is less than $5, $10 with shipping. This isn't that difficult.

This one is also under $5 and has a colorful kangaroo on it.

So yes, people actually do that. It's this thing people that aren't lazy and terrible call "Having some goddamn respect".

u/brdude · 9 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

Someone else on here pointed me to these last year. Totally worth the money.

I also just bought a 1.5” thick double camping pad to replace the mattress to leave a little more head room for the gf and I but have yet to test it. Will post on here when I do.

u/coredumperror · 9 pointsr/teslamotors

A revamp of a detailed accessories listing that I posted a few days ago:

Interior Essentials:

  1. Matte Screen Protector. When the sun is setting behind you as you drive, you will be blinded by reflections off the fingerprints and oil on your screen. A matte screen protector will prevent fingerprints and smudges from forming, while also diffusing reflected sunlight so it's not nearly as blinding. I got the Abstract Ocean one, but there are lots of good options.
  2. All-weather Floor Mats. The mats that come with the Model 3 are not good. I personally got the MaxPider 3D mats to replace them.
  3. Center Console Wrap: The piano-black center console is coated with a plastic that picks up fingerprints and scratches extremely easily, so you'll definitely want to install a vinyl wrap over top of it. I got one from Kenriko, and I'm very happy with it.
  4. 64GB+ USB thumb drive. Format it with the FAT32 file system, and put a folder at the root of the drive called "TeslaCam", then plug it into one of the two USB ports beneath the center display, under the phone dock. This will activate the built-in dashcam on your Model 3, and it will record everything that the front camera and two side cameras see in a 1-hour loop. You can then press the camera icon in the top right of the screen to permanently save the last ten minutes of recordings, in case you get into an accident, or see something else you want to keep. If you're a little more tech savvy, check out TeslaUSB, a Raspberry Pi-based storage system that will automatically copy dashcam and sentry clips to your computer at home.
  5. Ultra-bright trunk LEDs. The OEM LEDs that illuminate the trunk are pathetic. Get the Abstract Ocean ones for 16x more brightness, so you can actually see the contents of your trunk at night. You need two.

    Interior Optional:

  6. Interior door handle wrap. The Model 3's emergency door release handle is extremely easy for passengers to accidentally use to open the front doors. This is no longer as big of a deal as it once was (pulling it used to sometimes break your window, until a software update fixed it), but getting a wrap for at least the front doors is quite handy, as it'll cover up the emergency release handle, obscuring its purpose. The wrap is perforated, though, so you can still pull the handle in case of a real emergency. I got mine from RPMTesla.
  7. Dash wrap. If you got the black interior but you don't like the wood panel on the dash, wrapping it works great. I used this one from Abstract Ocean.
  8. Puddle Light Projectors. These things are cool, but a little pricey (~$45 for a pair). They replace the puddle lights, which shine down from the bottom of each door, with an ultra-bright LED that shines a Tesla-related logo onto the ground. I got the ones that shine the "Tesla T", but you can get all kinds of other ones. And I'd highly recommend getting the Abstract Ocean ones, as the other manufacturers that you can get these from for cheaper make them out of crap.
  9. The Ultimate Reflector. A windshield shade custom-built for the Model 3. It works great for keeping the sun off your interior while the car is parked outside all day when you're at work. Long term sun exposure will damage your seats and possibly overheat your center screen.
  10. "Door Open" Decals. If you find your passengers consistently forget how to open the door from the inside (like my mom...), these decals are awesome. Super cheap, but very effective.
  11. Aluminum "Performance" Pedals. There are replacement covers for your pedals that make them look like the Performance edition's pedals. IMO they're much snazzier than the default ones, and since the accelerator one is also a little larger and grippier than the default, it makes it easier to keep your foot planted on it without it sliding off. Be sure to get the ones that match your Tesla, though. The Model S/X ones are slightly too large for the Model 3.


  12. Stronger Frunk Struts. The i1Tesla channel introduced the world to using stronger struts in the frunk to make it pop all the way open when you open it, rather than simply unlatching and sitting there, mostly closed. Get the ones from the link in the video description, rather than the ones that specifically advertise themselves as Model 3 frunk struts, though. Those guys just sell you the exact same piece of equipment for a massive markup compared to buying the originals off Amazon. i1Tesla also came up with a solution for the rear trunk, but I personally don't use it.
  13. Paint Protection Film (PPF): Tesla makes their cars in California, which has much stricter air quality laws than any other place in the world where cars get made. Thus, they need to use a slightly different paint formulation than other manufacturers, and this does lead to "softer" paint. If you want to protect your paint from rocks flying up from cars in front of you and taking chips out of it, Paint Protection Film is the only option. It's pricey, but some people find it worthwhile. You don't really need to get any more done than what installers generally call the "front package", which is the front bumper, hood, and side panels back to the forward doors (some will add the rocker panels below the doors, too). That personally cost me $1700 to have done in LA, using XPel PPF. The costs will be different depending on where you live and which brand and type of PPF you get.
  14. Ceramic Coat: If you want your car to be easier to hand-wash yourself, a ceramic coat can help. It's like painting a very thin layer of glass right on top of your paint, and it adds both a very high shine, and a hydophobic layer to your paint, which makes water run right off the surface.

    If you plan to wash your car yourself, this video goes into good detail on how to go about it, including which washing products to buy.


    If you're OK with using your Tesla account credentials in a third-party app (they don't ever upload said credentials anywhere, they just use them locally to generate a Tesla API token), you can do all kinds of extra stuff that the base Tesla app doesn't support. Like Siri Shortcuts that activate Summon, or automatic Sentry Mode when parked at any location that you haven't marked as "safe", or all kinds of additional statistics tracking. The two apps I've used are "Remote S" and "Stats: for Tesla model S/X/3". Those are for iOS, but I'm sure they, or something similar, are also available for Android.

    There's also, which is a website that works much like the phone apps I just mentioned, but does all KINDS of extra stuff. One of my favorite features is that I've got it set up to send me a text right before I got to bed if my car is at home, but unplugged. And it can do sooo much more than that. It does cost $5/mo, though you can get a free month-long trial if you use any existing user's TeslaFi referral code.
u/Space_Pecs · 8 pointsr/conspiracy

Buy a Faraday bag, if you're that concerned.

u/GhostedAccount · 8 pointsr/AskReddit

It is all about determination. If she doesn't have the title she would have to try to get a new one. That takes time.

Also take her copy of the key away.

A low tech solution would be for him to get a club and always place it on the wheel when he is not driving it.

u/KidzKlub · 8 pointsr/CFB
u/TurboSalsa · 8 pointsr/houston

I bought one of these after the last big storm, just in case.

u/dirtyfries · 8 pointsr/teslamotors
u/ThePinkPanther2 · 8 pointsr/AskWomen

On the local news there was a 3 minute story of a driver who hit a guard rail too fast, and at a wrong angle. The car overturned and caught on fire. The driver was struggling to break the window, but eventually lost energy. The only reason he lived was because a random stranger threw pieces of cement at his windshield and this allowed him to escape.

I impulsively bought a "Car Escape Tool" . Afterwards I thought I should have gone with the larger LifeHammer. It arrived last night and we shall see. I tested the seat belt cutter part and it worked really well. Sometime this week we will test the metal striker on scrap pieces of glass. If it successfully breaks the glass on multiple attempts then I'll get one for my dad.

u/Devchonachko · 7 pointsr/Harley

Fuck- that sucks. And I know how shitty it feels from experience.

I was moving across country back in the 90s and stopped for dinner- parked in the semi-parking because I was pulling a large ass U haul trailer. When I came out 30 minutes later, the van and U-Haul full of all of my shit was gone- I mean everything- socks to books to a huge collection of personal/family photographs to a few vintage guitars to my massive record/cd collection to my bed to my blender- every fucking possession I owned in the world down to my pillows except what I was physically wearing was stolen and never recovered. LE found the van and trailer burned slap flat to the ground the next morning. Once thieving cocksuckers cross a state line, shit gets even more difficult to untangle. They never caught the fucks. I doubt they even tried much past calling in a tow truck.

Ever since that, any time I pull a trailer now I park it where I can watch it while I eat- and IF I'm going to be at a hotel I put thick chains through each the tires, each locked by a decent lock, and use [the Club] ( Hindsight is 20/20.

I wish you luck.

u/Filifa · 7 pointsr/Adulting

People have died from not being able to get out of their car. Don't make that mistake.

u/huge_douche · 7 pointsr/NewOrleans

No worries. anyone who drives over a body of water no matter how small should have a safety hammer in the car. 14 dollars that could save you!

u/rbeach · 7 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

> Long story short, carry a hunting knife of some sort (crappy pocket knives may not cut well enough) in general to deal with being trapped by your seatbelt, as opposed to not using it and just getting thrown clear of the car to die a different way.

Or buy one of these:

u/johntozz · 7 pointsr/EDC

I feel like there's a general lack of ResQMes. It amazes me to see people carrying everything from 12" pry bars to full size knives on their key chains but completely skipping this awesome $10 tool.

u/crispyscone · 7 pointsr/EDC

They sell these seat belt cutter/glass breaker tools.

u/Windig0 · 7 pointsr/askscience

There are readily available tools you can purchase that allow you to easily cut your seatbelt and break a window.

u/taco-say-what · 7 pointsr/GolfGTI

Appears the price has gone up a buck. Still totally worth it.

u/joshuads · 7 pointsr/funny
u/sillycyco · 7 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Yep, here is the item on Amazon.

u/slowro · 7 pointsr/lifehacks

You need this bad boy.

AutoExec Wheelmate Steering Wheel Attachable Work Surface Tray

u/Korrugate · 7 pointsr/ipad

You need to get yourself a steering wheel table.

Hilarious customer reviews.

u/S13pointFIVE · 7 pointsr/EDC
u/kgunnar · 6 pointsr/submechanophobia

Related PSA: always have one of these tools in your car, just in case.

u/percisely · 6 pointsr/Portland

Seriously. I carry one of the little "put!" kangaroo pocket ashtray things around. They work pretty well.

u/Gimmegimmegunshots · 6 pointsr/gaming

You might enjoy the pictures and user reviews for this little gem on Amazon.

u/riverblue9011 · 6 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

I undestand that this would come with a warning and the majority of people that would get one wouldn't use it while driving, but it's always the minority that spoils things, right?

Here's the page

The comments are pretty funny though, worth a read:

>My husband Brad always warns me not to try and update my Facebook page while I'm driving. "You'll hit another pedestrian," he says. "This isn't the Enterprise, there isn't a deflector array." Then along comes a miracle product like this! I can now happily fly at warp speed down the streets of Los Angeles, laptop or mobile device perched right in front of me, so I can keep both eyes right on it AND on the road. It's so much easier to ignore all the frightened screams and annoying honking when you've got Facebook to look at while driving. Thank you, Wheelmate!

u/TheGrandDalaiKarma · 6 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

I think he was using a Wheelmate.

Read the reviews.

u/KingFishTrick · 6 pointsr/ElectricForest

I sleep out of my car and these are the greatest thing ever.


They keep all the bugs out and when combined with smoker vents you have a vented waterproof sleep setup. I bought them for festivals and ended up using them regularly. I dont even take them off in the summer because its nice leaving the windows cracked with no fear of insect visitors when I return. The pup likes em too because the windows go all the way down now.

u/conor_af · 6 pointsr/priusdwellers

The easiest and best solution IMO is a removable screen that covers the whole window by going over the top of the door. I am amazed that I almost never see them suggested on here:

They are $20 for a set of 2, require no assembly or otherwise need to be “made” from multiple components, provide privacy (people can’t see in but you can see out pretty well), you can open the windows as much or little as you want, and they pack away into a tiny pouch (all 4 of my shades take up a space about half the size of a loaf of bread and can be stored anywhere).

u/Sythus · 6 pointsr/Android

maybe make a custom case that acts as a faraday cage, blocking all signals?

here's a wallet that can also house your phone

u/CorneliusJenkins · 6 pointsr/Minneapolis

Was just reading a post on /r/Mazda3 about this concept - using some sort of relay attack (I have no clue about the technical term/process here), where folks can relay and/or clone your fob.

Suggestion was to store your key in a Faraday bag to prevent your key from transmitting a signal that can be picked up outside your house.

So, maybe something to look into?

u/OneEngineer · 6 pointsr/TeslaModel3

Essentially three options if you want great “coverage”:

3D MAXpider B07D9GMYG8 Complete Set Custom Fit All-Weather Kagu Series Floor Mats in Black for Select Tesla 3 Models

TuxMat Custom Car Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 2017-2020 Models - Laser Measured, Largest Coverage, Waterproof, All Weather. The Best Tesla Model 3 Accessory (Full Set - Black)

New Tesla Floor liners:

There are other mats as well which are flatter and have less coverage.

u/aaron2888 · 6 pointsr/teslamotors

These are what I got, and these are the best in my opinion, I also live in Florida and they are perfect

3D MAXpider B07D9GMYG8 Complete Set Custom Fit All-Weather Kagu Series Floor Mats in Black for Select Tesla 3 Models

u/TacticalStudiesRules · 6 pointsr/Portland

Dear Portland:

I have no idea why the company isn't advertising the fuck out of Portland.

And before anyone says it, most car thieves are opportunist, not professionals. Of course, the club problem wold be solved with a metal steering wheel with a leather wrap.

u/cmbyrd · 6 pointsr/motorcycles

That's the good advice, here is mine.

u/hlharper · 6 pointsr/tampa

Giving her the benefit of the doubt...

  1. It's really hard to break a car window. She may not have been strong enough.

  2. I wouldn't think that CVS would have a wrench or something like that that could break a window

  3. Breaking a window could scatter glass everywhere in the car, which isn't good for a baby

    I personally have a Resqme on my key chain that's designed to break glass without it getting everywhere.
u/Thunder__Cunt · 6 pointsr/videos

He has a ResQMe Car Escape Tool in his left hand and he breaks the window in the upper left hand corner. Yes I am getting two. My girlfriend drives like she's from the States. Oh, wait...


u/gobohobo · 6 pointsr/MorbidReality

Buy this. Attach it to your keys.

u/TheAethereal · 6 pointsr/UrbanSurvivalism

smart phone, multitool, flashlight, cash, and a resqme.

u/jaggazz · 6 pointsr/nottheonion

It is. In Minnesota a lot of people drive on the lakes in the winter and every year there are lots of cases of cars going through the ice. Many ice fishermen carry something like this in their trucks.

u/Ltjenkins · 6 pointsr/LifeProTips

Or have one of these.

u/_kato · 6 pointsr/knives

Ok. So to summarize what you want:

Will be used for

  • light cutting (packages)
  • medium use (camping, I assume food/feathersticking/kindling/whittling)
  • Just in case (not sure if you mean self defense or in case you need it)
  • Emergency Use in car (Seatbelts)

    Some things you also mention

    >when I want to use it, I want it to do the job properly

    You listed off a large range of tasks, an I personally feel that for all those things, some of the knives you are looking at might not be necessarily the best.

    My Thoughts

    Firstly, I would advise against using any knife as a go-to seatbelt cutter. For safety reasons you don't want to accidentally stab the person whose seatbelt you want to cut. Especially since tanto blade shapes are designed to maximize tip strength for stabbing/penetration. For your emergency needs I feel this or this would be better.

    As for camping, a tanto blade is not "ideal" but for the tasks you I assume you'll be doing I think you'll be ok. A blade with a nice belly (the curved part of a blade, like a drop point) has more utility as it will be easier to slice food, and offer you a bit better control. But I mean if you like the tanto shape than by all means =).

    If you feel like you're not going to have it on your person everyday, then that Kershaw RJI should be more than sufficient for your needs. Just because Kershaw's price are lower, they definitely do not feel like "cheapies"! Kershaw has great build quality, 8cr13MoV is an OK steel, and will be easy to touch up.

    I haven't had any experience with SOG so I can't say much about them, other than that /r/knives is a fan of the SOG Flash. As for ZT, they are wonderful knives. they are a little big to have in the pocket, but the quality and craftmanship is definitely there. For how lightly you will use it, If I were in your shoes, I am not sure if I can justify this as a first buy, unless you have a real appreciation for knives.

    Other Options

  • CRKT M16
  • SOG Flash 2
  • Kershaw Blur
  • Benchmade Griptilian

    They are all around the same blade size, and same "look" as your suggested 3. The first 3 are around the same price range as the Kershaw RJI and are community proven knives. The last is around the price range of the ZT 0700, but in my opinion is a better buy. Griptilians are a joy to use.

    That's my $0.02, hopefully I didn't overwhelm you too much!
u/tealplum · 6 pointsr/cars

It's called Drop Stop. Started as a pitch on shark tank.

u/6231 · 6 pointsr/4Runner

Drop Stop - The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler (AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK) - Set of 2

u/hammymchammerson · 6 pointsr/breastfeeding
u/KayFuj · 6 pointsr/juul
u/Astrum91 · 6 pointsr/funny
u/academician · 5 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I'd recommend getting a multitool or something that looks like you got it at a hardware store. Or if you're serious about having something to break your windows in an emergency, maybe something designed for that purpose like this or this.

u/Icanopen · 5 pointsr/phoenix

Hammers suck at breaking car windows, unless you have a Lifehammer and we should all have one of these. A lot of accidents incapacitate the vehicle and the personnel. also if you get stuck in a flash flood or flooding your windows will not roll down and it is impossible to get the door open.

u/samtabar · 5 pointsr/askscience

I have a LifeHammer in my car. I've never used it and hopefully I never will.

u/Zumorito · 5 pointsr/Unexpected

Surprisingly it doesn't take much force at all with the right tool.

Ninja rocks:


u/HuruHara · 5 pointsr/EDC

For a glass-breaker, get a ResQMe.

It's affordable, proven to work and available on Amazon. And getting it as a separate tool is highly recommended, since it's only use is as a glass breaker, it doesn't have to worry about any short-comings to accommodate other tools.

As for other EDC-related suggestions :

Pocket-knife - Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife

Pocket tool - Gerber Shard

Pocket flash light - Fenix E05

Pocket suspension clip - Tec Accessories P-7 suspension clip

Wrist watch - Timex Weekender

Pen - Parker Jotter all stainless steel body

Generic stuff - cheap Bic lighter, cheap pocket notebook, cheap front pocket wallet, a dice or pebble.

Why all these ? Because they are useful, affordable and good quality. Victorinox, Timex, Parker, Bic are household names. The rest like Tec Accessories and Fenix are well-known in their own specific circles.

The dice or pebble can be anything else, it's just something you carry around that might have a story behind it. People love that shit, cool conversation starters. Or maybe even some thing you can fiddle around with, like a small top or a coin.

u/holyshitilove · 5 pointsr/lifehacks
u/Ronin_301 · 5 pointsr/interestingasfuck

I have one of these. It stays on your car keys, and then in the event of an accident it can be pulled off the keychain with fairly light force, revealing a cutter for the seatbelt (in case it gets jammed) and a spring powered window smasher. I tried it out at an auto wrecker's and it works pretty great!

u/Wincal308 · 5 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

This little guy.

The county deputies all get issued them out here and I picked one up after seeing theirs.

u/CokeCanNinja · 5 pointsr/knives

I would recommend a true escape tool, such as the Resqme. It's a keychain with a seat belt cutter and spring loaded window punch. I think being spring loaded is a must, because they can still be used if there is no room to swing your arm, or if you are injured. I don't think a knife with added window breaker or seat belt cutter will be as good.

u/cahua · 5 pointsr/LifeProTips

My dad got me this

u/caseigl · 5 pointsr/preppers

Get home bag, normal road hazard stuff (jumper cables, flashlight, poncho).

However, you really should have a window breaking/seat belt cutting tool for emergency use. Not only can it save your life if you're in an accident and end up in the water but it can also help you assist others in an accident when they are trapped and you need to cut someone out of a car quickly.

u/Hulabaloon · 5 pointsr/teslamotors
u/silenc3x · 5 pointsr/S2000

The hardtop-only latches have slightly thicker hooks. Are you using those?

You can also try to put small rubber washers here - on lower right side. It'll tighten up the latches and is a common fix.

Lastly, hit up all your rubber seals around the roof/top with shin etsu if you haven't in a while, it'll plump them all up to eliminate more wind noise.

u/verysharkyshark · 5 pointsr/GolfGTI
u/TheEyepatchCat · 5 pointsr/EDC

If you want to still keep your work keys on a separate ring from your house keys, you could try something like the Free Key System.

Otherwise, you could try something like the Keysmart, and put your 5 keys in that, and then just have that, the car key, and the fob on the ring.

I personally use the Keysmart, and it's been great so far. I've had mine for a few months already, and it's held up great. My best friend has had one for several years, and his is also in great condition.

I also recommend a suspension clip, I've been using this one by Keysmart recently, so I just drop my keys in my pocket but hook them on the top of my pocket. That makes it easier to pull the keys out of your pocket, and also keeps them dangling in your pocket as opposed to bunching up at the bottom.

Hope this helps!

u/smilingkiwi · 5 pointsr/blogsnark

I just switched to a Freekey key ring and it's great. I can't make extra copies of my apartment key, so I needed an easy way to take my house keys off my enormous key ring when I go for a run, and this is working perfectly.

u/MyOwnHurricane · 5 pointsr/EDC

Nice Walther, nice knife. You could go with a standard carabiner or an S-biner, both available at Home Depot, both like to stay closed. I use a Freekey system that hangs from a standard carabiner, myself. Keybars and Keysmarts are pretty popular around here and they seem like they are worth looking into.

u/ArmyCop119 · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I just bought this one, after wanting it for some time.

It seems to be decent.

u/ToadGazebo · 5 pointsr/StarWars

It looks like it just went out of stock. I might have bought one of the last ones. It JUST arrived (like a week ago).

u/Sways-way · 5 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Can confirm, had one when I was there. Pretty awesome imo because they blocked the smell. You could hold the pouch next to your nose and barely be able to smell it. Not that it mattered once you left a haze filled smoking hut.

u/trancematik · 5 pointsr/todayilearned

The lack of bins doesn't excuse you to litter. Here: should I buy you this or how about this

u/WonderingTachkoma · 5 pointsr/teslamotors

I bought these and they are great!

ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Set - All Weather - Heavy Duty - Black Rubber -2017-2018

ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Trunk Mat - All Weather- Heavy Duty - Black Rubber - 2017-2018

u/thatstickerguy · 4 pointsr/LifeProTips


And even if it's not illegal, it could still put you into legal woes.

Buy an Escape Tool for breaking windows with a built-in seatbelt cutter instead. It's only a few bucks each.

Source: California Penal Code Sections 466-469

ALSO life saving tools such as window breakers should be withing reaching distance of the driver. If your car is upside down and you cannot release yourself from the seat belt, you probably won't be able to open the glove compartment and get the tool you need.

u/Esperiel · 4 pointsr/teslamotors

I was gifted a large multi-function knife/screwdriver-socket-set/car-escape tool, but small keychain ones ( are inexpensive and readily available. They readily (see vid) both cut through seat belts and shatter windows for a quick and easy exit should anything incapacitate door or seatbelt mechanism for any modern car.

Mythbuster recommending windowbreaker to ease escape from underwater car. ( example of heftier one ( as opposed to keychain version linked earlier.

u/Jason5678 · 4 pointsr/florida
u/Motas420 · 4 pointsr/pics

Yup. I’ll walk a block away if I have to in order to not make people put up with my bad habit, always disposing of my butts.

I turn it into a ritual of sorts: They say tobacco is a great offering to the Fairy People and the environment, so I pour out the rest of the tobacco left in the butt before I throw it away/put it in my pocket. 1. Helps with the smell 2. Makes sure it’s all the way out and won’t keep burning and 3. The Fae always appreciate a good offering ;)

P.S - Check these out

u/ssswerve · 4 pointsr/ElectricForest

I started getting into using a pocket ashtray at Shambhala when they were giving them out ans saw lots of others actually using the damn things. Theyre pretty small and padded so you barely feel them. Just dump out them out when youre near a trashcan and youre all set. The ones I have kinda look like this.

But yea ive also seen people use those plastic pill bottles but it seems like those would sit in your pocket funny.

u/mattryan · 4 pointsr/cscareerquestions

If he has time to do yoga, he has time to code. Just needs to put the laptop on one of these bad boys

u/FoodBeerBikesMusic · 4 pointsr/Justrolledintotheshop

...and get yourself one of these Has room for a dozen donuts and coffee!

u/littlejob · 4 pointsr/TeslaModel3
u/Moistened_Nugget · 4 pointsr/WTF

Get yourself one of these. Hopefully it'll never come in handy. There are plenty of cheaper versions, this was just the first one that popped up

u/bo1tm1n · 4 pointsr/Winnipeg

If you want something to cut your seatbelt and break a window, I would considering getting a car escape tool and keeping in your glove box or on your key chain. (Something like this:

u/vincopotamus · 4 pointsr/Firefighting
u/TexMarshfellow · 4 pointsr/VEDC

Meh. The actual resqme is made in America, and only costs $4 more on Amazon.
If this thing is potentially going to be used to save my life, I'd like it to be the real product and not some cheap Chinesium knockoff.

u/Hovsky · 4 pointsr/videos

Good a time as any to remind people to carry something to help escape a car that's under water/on fire.

u/NearlyLegit · 4 pointsr/EDC

At the moment I'm running:

TEC Centipede - Titanium ruler that's about 8.5cm in length. I measure things irregularly, but not enough to warrant a full tape measure which will take up more pocket space. Feels super well made.

Leatherman Micra - Just got it, and I'm torn on how much I like it. Whilst beefy, the scissors sometimes flex whilst cutting thicker items (so it goes between the blades laterally). I've never had this problem with my Classic SD, and may end up moving up to a 74mm Victorinox like the Executive for the sake of the bigger scissors.

Boker Vox Access Tool - Titanium prybar with a carbide glass breaker on the end. I've come from the SD Titanium Prybar which was bloody useless for nail pulling due to the groove literally being a 'V' without any guiding for nails, and the edge of the bottle opener kept digging into my hand when I used it. Although for it's follies, the tip lip is very thin (yet sturdy) and can get between thinner crevices than the VAT; I also drove in a couple of nails with the SD, and in seeing if I could unscrew a half in one with the VAT, I chipped the guiding groove for the nail puller (not severely, but it was kind of disheartening as I literally just bought it and didn't think it was much of a stress test).

Kershaw Pub - Technically this isn't on my keys, as I put it in the 'snuff pocket' in my jeans, it's beefier than the VAT for box opening, and the blade is about the same size as a Stanley blade. It's a bit of a different design and great for fidgeting. Not so great for fidgeting when people see you, but fun all the same.

I've currently retired:

The SD Ti Prybar - See above, a great little prybar, hampered by a frankly stupid decision to put a bottle opener on it. NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS A BOTTLE OPENER.

Victorinox Classic SD - A present which I absolutely love, however I'm in the pursuit for something 'beefier', although the scissors on this are second to none for all the little odd jobs I've had over the years.

Uncle Bills Sliver Grippers - Brilliant tweezers for splinters, however the first day I put them on my keys, and then sat on my keys, I hadn't put them in the holder right and they stabbed me in the arse. These tweezers have never been on my keys since.

Resqme Car Escape tool - Had it on the keychain, realised I'd only ever use it in the car, and now I keep it in the glovebox as I have the glass breaker on the VAT.

Leatherman Squirt PS4 - An absolutely fantastic multitool let down by a shit pair of scissors which have a lot of play between the blades. It results in a lot of rough cuts and ultimately spoils a perfect out of the box multi-tool. In the pursuit of better scissors and a lighter set of keys, I've currently retired this fantastic piece of kit.

Leatherman Brewzer - I absolutely loved this little prybar, but it broke in half when I tried to get a little shelf stud out of a bookcase, and it just shattered my confidence in the product to the point that I can't be bothered sending it in under warranty, as I know I'd never use it again.

Gerber Dime - I bought this at the same time as the Squirt PS4 because I couldn't decide between them. After taking them both out of the packing and comparing them side by side one after the other, it was instantly obvious that the Leatherman was just the better fit, so this was retired pretty much instantly and was gifted within an hour.

True Utility Keytool - First keytool I ever had and it was great for years! Practically invisible and as I only used it for the file, the mini screwdriver, and the thread cutter, it was fantastic. Never had an issue with the quality, and never had the need to take it off the key it was on, I only stopped carrying it because I don't use the type of key it works with anymore, and don't want to carry it round for the sake of it when I have so many other options. Great little buy though.

I'm probably going to buy:

Victorinox Manager - This is pretty much the best multitool for what I really need, and it has a pen. It's just 58mm and I really want a larger pair of scissors, however it has all the tools I've used recently, and it has a pen!

Another Prybar. As soon as I find a beefy titanium 80mm~ straight prybar which doesn't have a bottle opener on it, and instead has another useful purpose I'm going to get it. Hell, even if it doesn't have a secondary purpose I'll probably get it as well.

u/khark · 4 pointsr/aww

May I recommend one of these for the future incidents that certainly will not happen if you purchase one?

u/jeanralph · 4 pointsr/UpliftingNews

Everyone should own at least one glass breaker/seatbelt cutter combo and keep it stored in the glove box (NOT in the trunk). That, or some sort of "EMT knife" with a glass-breaker if it's legal in your area.

They're dirt-cheap, they will break glass more efficiently than a huge ass item such as a bat and you never know whenever they might come in handy.

u/Moroax · 4 pointsr/gifs

You won't be able to break the window - underwater they become almost impossible to break unless you have a window shatter tool with a sharp edge. You can buy them and keep them in the car - since you have thought this out so much go do it! They often are comboed with a seat belt cutter thats safe so it doesn't cut YOU and sometimes a LED flashlight and other small features - really cool handy tool you will probably NEVER NEED.

But if you do need it you will be god damn praising god it's there.

I've had the same thoughts and 'fantasies' about how I would get out of a car underwater....I bought one its in my glove compartment and no regrets. I would link it but it was years ago in a random auto parts store for like $30

edit: I don't know if this means it's a cheap piece of trash (probably - mine was like 20 or 30 when I got it) but here is one on Amazon for less than $7 lol. I am not advocating for this particular model just to show you what I'm talking about and give an example they are inexpensive.

u/sunny_rainy123 · 4 pointsr/UnresolvedMysteries

Well, one thing, it can be hard to open a door when partially submerged if the windows are closed. You have to wait until the car is submerged. Most cars nowadays have electric windows and locks which can go out. They sell a tool you can use to break windows, though. Something like this

u/stahlgrau · 4 pointsr/Miata

Shin-Etsu grease on the felt channels.

It's a $15 OEM Honda tube of grease. I do it once a year.

Pop the door card off.

u/GonzoMadness · 4 pointsr/GolfGTI

I've got them too! Perfect fit for the Mk6 for under $10:

u/illest219 · 4 pointsr/EDC
u/tunersharkbitten · 4 pointsr/Toyota

something like THIS

u/timothycavinaw · 4 pointsr/cars

My girlfriend's family bought this for me one year.

Thanks, but no thanks.

u/ReverendDizzle · 3 pointsr/AskMen

No reference to the club?

Ya'll are slipping.

u/598X0T45 · 3 pointsr/chicago

Not trying to come down, but I may recommend grabbing a club. Won't stop a real criminal, but for $40 it keeps honest folks honest. Plus may convince someone to steal your neighbors car instead of yours, better to give sympathy than to need it. There are cheaper one's too, I know this claims a $1800 payback if broken or something.

u/peoplesaysillythings · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Probably this.

u/CBRjack · 3 pointsr/Toyota

That... shouldn't happen?

Maybe buy one of those old school steering wheel locks.

u/merc08 · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

Glove box, if you are tall enough to reliably reach it.

There are also various retention mounts you can get and a fix somewhere within reach. This window breaker has one included, but there are also generic types available elsewhere.

u/kpthunder · 3 pointsr/pics

And this is why I keep a life hammer in my car. I was unfortunate enough to have to use it one time. Story from this comment:

>Back in November I drove into water and the car started sinking. Doors wouldn't open due to pressure. I had a lifehammer in the car and I know that is the only reason I was able to get out.

> The Mythbusters originally said that you just have to wait for the cabin to fill with water. After revisiting and determining that in real world uncontrolled conditions that it just isn't likely you'll have that long, I decided to buy the lifehammer.

> Best $15 I've ever spent.

Edit: It appears to be my cake day. Yum.

u/jinxed_07 · 3 pointsr/Showerthoughts

I think the adrenaline rush of having your car slowly being incased by water should provide more then enough strength to rip out the window shattering tool. In any case, this comes with a mounting bracket so it can be securely affixed to any part of the car, so your argument is invalid. There is no reason for the tool to be in the glove box in the first place.

u/poorsoi · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

The specialized tools I've seen don't go loosely into the glove box or console; they're in a bracket that you mount somewhere accessible.

*edited to add an example: LifeHammer

u/Zediac · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
  • Car emergency tool

  • Small first aid kit

  • Emergency kit with blanket, spare clothes (warm ones if you live in cold climates), bottles of water, basic food, flashlight, reflectors/flares, etc

  • Jumper cables

  • Tire iron

  • Spare auto fluids

  • Good multitool

  • Slip on ice cleats if you live in cold climates.

  • Kitty litter for snow/ice
u/McFeely_Smackup · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

This idea is more than a little dangerous. Mostly because it makes people think "oh, I'll just do THAT if I need to", when in reality if they're in a car filling with water and possibly upside down they'll find out they have no idea how to remove the headrest...and if they do, they've never done it while sitting in the seat at the same time.

I have one of these combination window punch/seatbelt cutters attached to both driver and passenger seatbelts in all my cars. $8 each seems like a very small price to pay.

But then my commute involves crossing two bodies of water every day, so the odds of ending up in the water isn't as remote for me as it might be for some people.

u/Elbarto_007 · 3 pointsr/amibeingdetained

Will be similar too, if not actually, this.

Seat belt cutter and window punch

u/Gtt1229 · 3 pointsr/WTF

They recommended seat belt cutters. I think they have some that will hang from the buckle part.

Have a keychain

u/roastpuff · 3 pointsr/aviation

If it's polycarbonate, you're not going to be able to do anything with a glass breaker tool. You'd need a saw of some kind - preferably a rotary saw or chain saw with a carbide blade. They're damn hard to break and you're better off trying to find other exits. See here: Forcible Entry

Volunteer firefighter here, I have the Victorinox Rescue Knife which is great for automotive rescue.

Otherwise, the ResQMe tool is handy, cheap, and easy to use.

u/duhduhduhdiabeetus · 3 pointsr/EDC

I second this. Here is the amazon link. It's a keychain seat belt cutting tool, AND most importantly, has a spring loaded pin for window breaking. The razor is very sharp, and the steel pin is reliable. It may not have a bottle opener, but it's a damn good car opener, ya know. :P :)

u/Gator_Stubby · 3 pointsr/EDC

That little gimmick tool will have a hard time breaking a window. It tip is just a pointed stainless end. I would find it shocking it it breaks through the front laminated or even the side tempered glass.. heck even a glass cup...

That said if you really want something for safety and function you cant skimp and get something cheap.

The resqme will be your cheapest best bet.

You can always opt for a pocket knife that has a good tip on the end designed for breaking glass.

u/AceofSpad3s · 3 pointsr/knives

Jesus Christ $250? Just get [This] ( and then choose a knife. Also I have never scene a 5 inch folder. Maybe you might be able to find a large opinel. I think they go up to that.

u/ToaSt667 · 3 pointsr/EDC

this thing is pretty cool.

u/moratnz · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Might I suggest the ResQMe - it's the keyring version.

u/jkxs · 3 pointsr/SubaruForester

I apologize in advance for this long post. None of these are "must gets", but they are what I got for my 2016 Premium forester. I'm posting this for my own future reference as well as to help some people who are wondering what accessories might be good for their new forester. I highly recommend ordering from Jackie from Annapolis Subaru @ 443-837-1422 as she can get you some good prices on the subaru accessories as well as WeatherTech products! I saved on WeatherTech shipping costs (~$20) by ordering through Jackie and the warranty is the same as if I had bought them through their website.

Please note that some of these accessory links are for my specific car year, model and configuration. I have a 2016 Premium forester without eyesight (affects the Covercraft/heatshield sunshade - they also have eyesight compatible sunshades!).

Also, I personally didn't get my windows tinted, but I think that is something that you should seriously consider doing :)

Speaker kit

Tweeter kit

WeatherTech DigitalFit floorliner (1st & 2nd row)

WeatherTech cargo/trunk liner (without bumper protector)

Weather Tech TechCare floorliner and floormat Cleaner/Protector Kit

Gorilla mud flaps

Covercraft's UVS100 sunscreen - use promo code FREESHIP

Exterior Auto Dimming Mirror w/ Approach Lighting

Luggage Compartment Cover (manual rear gate)

Rear bumper cover

Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass and HomeLink

Rear Seat Back Protector

Two Home Depot 5 gallon homer bucket

Heatshield sunshade (driver/passenger, second row, rear windshield, sunroof) - note that their website only shows only one side window (driver/passenger), you need to call in to ask them to add the second row side window ones - on my invoice it says part #1425S-A and #1425S-B

Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 Multi-Function Power Supply and Jump Starter (check eBay to see if priced cheaper)

Viair 77P Portable Compressor Kit (check eBay to see if priced cheaper)

Amazon stuff:

EZ Pass Holder for VA Flex

Aux cable

Stickershield (parking stickers, etc)

Dropstop seat gap filler (driver/passenger side)

Door panel removal kit (for speaker kit install)

Two grit guards

Microfiber Drying towel

Microfiber cloths (3 pack)

Car wash shampoo

Wheel brush

Resqme (window breaker/seatbelt cutter)

Wheel cleaner

Microfiber wash mitt

Reindeer costume for Christmas

Headrest coat hanger

Road reflective triangles

Duct tape

Odor eliminator

Tire air pressure gauge

OBDII Scanner (Bluetooth)

First aid kit

u/texas_aggie_2005 · 3 pointsr/houston

Or, buy a cheap, specialty tool that can bust side windows and cut seatbelts. Res-Q-Me. Highly reccomend.

u/zeezombies · 3 pointsr/HumansBeingBros

That's not in the trunk, it's on my keyring. Not the exact one, but something similar.

u/AverageJoeBruin · 3 pointsr/EDC

Resqme Tool. $10. It's pretty awesome. Tried it out on some glass windows and it worked perfectly. It also has a ball bearing on one side so you can jab at the broken glass to remove it from the frame.

u/wellwasherelf · 3 pointsr/TropicalWeather

Yeah, you don't need anything heavy to smash a car window. They're made of tempered glass, so all you need is a sharp object with a concentrated point that is harder than the glass (e.g. an icepick or punch tool). That's why you can shatter a car window with just a tiny smashed piece of ceramic from a spark plug ("ninja rocks").

Using something as a lever works too since it applies so much force into an extremely concentrated area, and it's probably also going to be near the edge of the glass, where tempered glass is weakest.

I highly suggest investing in one of the specialty tools though. They're super inexpensive and take up no room in your car. I keep one in my center console and one in my dashboard. They do make larger ones too if you're worried about a keychain-sized one getting lost.

u/Taliesen · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

One of these (or similar) should be standard equipment in all new cars. Clip it to the seatbelt hanger and it's always where it needs to be.

u/neodiogenes · 3 pointsr/woahdude

He probably meant to post something like this thing

u/trinitesla · 3 pointsr/teslamotors

I always keep a glass break and seat belt cutter in every car i own.. to hell with manual or electronic windows.. if i gotta go i gotta go Exact One

u/JLPatter · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I've never been in the situation my self, but after recently having had this happen to a close friend of mine not long ago I asked my parents and this is what I've been told.

First and for most, DO NOT PANIC. There is a chance that you won't be open the door at first because the pressure of the water our side and your air filled cabin will be an issue. Your car will fill with water, so what you want to do is make sure you can get your seatbelt off. You can buy one of these which you can cut your seat belt with if its stuck.

As I said your car will be filling with water. Now here's the issue, the myth busters said to wait until your car was fill submerged and your car is full of water to open the door, but if your in a very deep lake. That could lead to fatality. So what's recommended is that you actually try to open your window electronically as soon a soon get your seat belt of. If you can't that tool I showed above has a part to break open your window . Again don't panic, as water will then fill your car quickly, you can try to swim out of it then and to safety. There will be a current but you should be able to get out any way. If not, just wait a little and you can make it out.

If you have passengers in your car like children. I would advise getting them out with you as they won't be able to get themselves out.

u/warmchill · 3 pointsr/vancouver

Some of them use a little handheld device like this to break windows. No one would even know they're carrying it.

u/nllanki · 3 pointsr/IAmA

Keep a 'life hammer' next to your seat. Allows you to cut the belt if necessary & smash the window.

Seems ridiculous not to wear just because you think the concept of the law is oppressive. You're an idiot if you don't wear a belt. Effectively psychological child abuse if you do it around minors (akin to the chap that told his kid up was down, black was white etc).

u/donthurtthisguy · 3 pointsr/nononono

If you're doing anything like this you should have a seatbelt knife attached to your chest somewhere. We were issued them in Iraq and now I try to keep one in the car. Such a simple (in hindsight, obvious.) yet uncommon thing.

EDIT: Something like this would be ideal.

u/orlheadlights · 3 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Some of this depends on how funky your interior is. I use APC for tougher stains (diluted). I use InnerClean by CG for removing dust and light stains, and it does smell like Pineapple, but the smell goes away very quickly.

I would try a car scent if you want to get away from fruity smells, something like New Car Smell by CG.

Cloth Seats - Give them a good vacuum and go over any spots with a cloth and cleaner.

APC has the ability to be diluted for all types of tasks, and sometimes the manufacturers are helpful and put them on the side of the bottle. It can be dialed down for interior use and use full strength for the nasties you find in your engine/wheels.

Scratches showing through the clearcoat and the paint will require touch up paint. That white color is most likely your primer. Compounding will not remove this.

EDIT: Saw the seats are cloth.

u/falkentyne · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

You can buy 100g of Shin Etsu g-30m for $15 dollars.

G-40M is available from focusattack but it's more expensive.

They all perform the same so its not worth paying the extra $10, and Sanwa themselves said that you can use G-30m on their joysticks just fine.

Shin etsu ALSO makes thermal compound for CPUs but this is NOT the same thing. This is VERY high quality silicone lube.

While the best way is to disassemble the top of the switch, only PCB mount switches can be accessed this way without soldering (a removal tool is on You can just find something needle nosed or pinhead thin and press the switch down and squeeze a little into each side of the switch. You don't need a lot.

u/dcux · 3 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Not OP, but I have a tube of Shin-Etsu grease that Honda recommends for the door seals (originally bought for S2000 soft top and window seals). This tube has lasted quite a long time. I usually treated the S2000 seals once or twice a year to keep them in shape.

Throw on some rubber gloves and rub that stuff into the seals like you're giving it a massage. Be thorough and don't skimp on the grease. Just don't get it EVERYWHERE. When you're done applying to all seals, go back over with some paper shop towels to remove the excess and old microfibers to remove any that got on the paint and whatnot.

u/RichardCabezo · 3 pointsr/mr2


This stuff is supposed to be the shizznit on rubber seals like T-tops.

u/aMiracleAtJordanHare · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

Seat handle inserts are easily the best value.

LED interior lights are common. deAutoKey is a popular site/brand and provides various kits. Crisp white light really makes the interior look a lot newer, imho. And many people go for colored footwell lights.

Under seat storage tray is an option, but not a cheap one.

u/TheNaCliest · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

Rupse 2PCS Seat Lift Wrench Seat Insert Trim for VW GOLF 5 6 MK5 MK6 GTI

u/jabatasu · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

My favorite mod is my paint-matched rear badge inlay. No more shitty black bleached plastic on the rear badge:

Also, these seat lever inlays should have been installed at the factory. There's even an indention for them:

u/chewychubacca · 3 pointsr/EDC

Wallet $15 - big skinny

knife $10 - Gerber EAB

keychain $7.50 freekey

suspension clip $5 - tec p7 ripoff

Light - I don't have a good one for this yet. Can someone recommend a small AAA light with a power button (vs twist)? I have a twist one and it kept getting turned on in my pocket.

u/Red_Inferno · 3 pointsr/tifu

Maybe you should have bought a Drop Stop. Saw it on shark tank.

u/Keinichn · 3 pointsr/pics

I'm going to take the time to say everyone should have one of these in their car. It's $6.

It's deceptively difficult to open a car door when water starts rising and if the engine dies, you're not going to be able to roll down the windows either. You also might think "it's just glass, I can break it if I need to" but you'd be wrong. Sometimes even a fucking hammer can't break it.

Once the water starts getting up on the door, you're not going to be able to open it until the car is completely full of water. Here's the whole Mythbusters segment of them trying just that. Adam has said in interviews after it that it was the closest he actually came to dying on the show and that if he hadn't remained calm and had the backup guy there, he would have.

u/VaguePeeSmell · 3 pointsr/knives

If you wants tool to get out of a car buy a car hammer. If you want a knife for camping get a fixed blade like a Mora Companion.

u/Metamorph1980 · 3 pointsr/Cigarettes

They are very good so far. I put my ashes and butts in (holds 3-4 butts) and I can't smell a thing. I just emptied mine at the cigarette butt recycling box at my office building. They're pretty neat. I got the 3-pack through Amazon and they arrived quick even without Prime membership.

Dunhills are my go-to cigarettes. I like how they smell and taste. I'm going to get another pack when I finish this one since it got crushed. Costco here sells cartons but you must have a business license to get it I think.

I read somewhere in the forum that by the end of 2020 the USA is going to switch over to "standard" packaging, which will suck since the beautiful pack designs will go away--but there's a strong tobacco lobby and that will keep that court decision to switch over to plain packaging with ugly warning signs for years. I think it's just BS because people will still smoke even when packaging is ugly.

(Sorry for the rant.)

u/BitWarrior · 3 pointsr/CrappyDesign

Reminds me of this

u/afrobafro · 3 pointsr/EDC

It's hard to find small multi tools with clips the SOG Baton series has clips and is a little larger than a sharpie. the Boker Tech tools all have clips and are about the same size as a traditional swiss army knife. If you want to go smaller I'm a big fan of these suspension clips and a small leatherman or SAK.

u/gattijam · 3 pointsr/EDC

This little piece of metal literally changed my life. Check for the P-7 Keychain Suspension Clip Online. I’ll try to post a link to it on Amazon.

Basically it’s a clip that keeps your keys from sliding to the bottom of your pocket and lumping in with everything else. I find it clips onto the top of a jeans pocket perfectly and doesn’t do too bad in slacks either. Keys are right where I can grab them not tangled in all my other crap.

P-7 Keychain Suspension Clip

u/IronPentacarbonyl · 3 pointsr/EDC

Well, most of them, but ok, I'll bite. I really like the Bellroy Note Sleeve that I replaced my old, very fat, wallet with. I'm trying to settle on a knife carry right now, debating whether I want to pair my much-loved-but-I-wish-it-were-bigger Rambler with a larger knife or not. The Rambler really is great, though. It punches way over its weight class, which is half the problem - it covers everything I really need day to day, but I like to have a knife that fits my hand a little better. If you have trouble with things balling up in the bottom of your pocket, the Tec P-7 suspension clip solved that quite well for me. I guess that's about it, really.

u/talnlikejordan · 3 pointsr/EDC

Not OP, but it appears to be the P-7 suspension clip.

u/Gearward · 3 pointsr/EDC

Ranger Bic keychain lighter:

Leatherman Squirt PS4:

Photon II microlight:

P7 Suspension clip:

--> Your EDC keychain is now complete and you're ready for 90% of the EDC tasks likely to be encountered.

u/porkbullet · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/bsullgrim · 3 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

The ones I ordered were generic one size fits all

They fit great width wise but they have a little extra material height wise but it just scrunches up at the bottom of the window. No problem

u/startingoveragainst · 3 pointsr/carcamping

I bought these (or something like it that fit my Rav4); on top of tinted rear windows and a blanket stretched across the front seats, it feels pretty private.

u/Trailman80 · 3 pointsr/mazda3

They are called Signal boosters if you are in an area that has High crime get a Faraday case.

Amazon has them I bought these.

u/CryptoMaximalist · 3 pointsr/TeslaModel3

I believe [removed] means the mods removed it, not the user

Here's the post from google cache by /u/xtraveler192

> I've installed a bunch of accessories and thought I'd write up some quick notes. No reason for long reviews on most of these products.
> ​
> Wireless Charging Pad:
> -- Fits in nicely, but doesn't seem to support fast charging despite contact with the seller. (Yes, I've connected it to a QC 3.0 Adapter for fast charging)
> -- Might return it and just go wired charging with a QC 3.0 Power Bank.
> -- Still undecided
> ​
> Front/ Rear Seat Floor Mats:
> Picture:
> -- I first thought they looked cheap, but once installed the lines are so clean it fits seamlessly
> -- The hexagon shape is great for catching dirt, verus having it slide around the mat before it hits the edges
> -- Highly recommend
> ​
> Center Console/ Cup Holder Liner:
> -- Fits really nicely, easy to remove and clean, keeps everything from sliding around
> -- Highly recommend for a basic liner, splash of color
> ​
> Trunk/Frunk Liner:
> Pic:
> -- Clean lines, easy install, but doesn't fully cover every inch of the trunk space
> -- Tougher to get to lower compartment with items in trunk, but a small inconvenience
> -- Recommend for the price
> ​
> Door Open Stickers:
> Pic:
> -- Day 1 & 2 showing people the car they all pulled emergency handle before I could catch them
> -- Since installing this no issues, and most people think it's a factory decal
> -- Highly recommend
> ​
> USB for DashCam/ Sentry Mode:
> -- Everything has been great so far, plenty of storage
> -- I followed this instruction and had no issues at all:
> -- I formatted using GUIFormat (link in article) and it was quick and easy
> -- Recommended
> ​
> Key Card Holder:
> Pic:
> -- I don't like Tesla's phone connection, since I can't get text messages or any notifications, so I use my card often
> -- Placing this on top of the console wrap (see below), seems pretty seemless and prevents my card from sliding around
> -- Recommend for those that use the card often, or might use valet
> ​
> White Carbon Fiber Center Console Wrap:
> Pic:
> -- This is awesome, take your time with install, the videos on are prefect and very clear
> -- The one mistake I made noone notices, so I don't point out (cup holder piece is the hardest to install FYI)
> -- BUY THIS NOW!!! (Especially if you have the white interior, I think it's the best accessory I have
> ​
> Screen Protector:
> -- Easy install, it basically suctioned itself to the screen after placing 1 corner
> -- My fingers slide easily on the screen, and cleaning it is a breeze
> -- Highly recommend, can't beat the price
> ​
> Center Console Organizer:
> Pic:
> -- Great organizer, great price, easy to pop in and out
> -- Make sure you put the organizer in, and then lower the phone holder, reverse order to take it out
> -- Highly recommended
> ​
> Dash Phone Holder:
> -- I bought this to wireless charge and use Waze (normally key for my commute)
> -- It didn't fit well on the dash, and the cable run was going to get in the way of the clean interior lines
> -- Not recommended
> ​
> I'll answer questions that come up.
> (I wish I had set up an Amazon Associate Account to get a cut of these products, lol)

u/RowdyBuck180 · 3 pointsr/intj

Not sure where you are located, but if in an area that gets snow, these floormats are awesome:

They have ones for the trunk and frunk as well.

The stock ones are subpar.

u/SupaZT · 3 pointsr/teslamotors

3D MAXpider KAGU Black All-Weather Floor Liners for Tesla Model 3: RWD, Dual Motor & Performance, 2 Front Seats, 1 Rear Seat Floor Liners

u/supermain · 3 pointsr/Model3

I have these in my model 3 and Forester. Absolutely the best ones i've had. Fit like a glove and easy to clean with no slippage. They also have frunk/trunk mats, but I haven't bought them. I am ghetto and have used cardboard for those two.

u/your-tosis · 2 pointsr/pics

This thing costs $5.64 and can be used to break the window and cut seatbelts.

Not a big investment to make sure you never get trapped in your car in an emergency.

u/TheNightKingCometh · 2 pointsr/news

How's a hammer going to cut your seatbelt dipshit? These are expensive because they are rated by the government. They work. You can get the $5 chinese knockoff if thats what your life is worth to you.

u/seesoccer · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy Birthday

My favorite birthday was my 16th when my mom got my friends and I a party bus. We had so much fun and it's something that we all remember to this day.

If a $10.97 Prime item works then [this] ( or [this] ( if it really needs to be under $10.

u/8bitesq · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy Almost Halloween!! Less than a week to go.

I need this sun shade. My love of Star Wars knows no bounds and this would be absolutely perfect.

u/CombatWombatEsq · 2 pointsr/StarWars

And... I just impulse bought one.

u/Flavorbaby13 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have two things this because everyone needs new shot glasses and this because star wars is super awesome

u/gunsnammo37 · 2 pointsr/WTF
u/TheMarginalized · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Pocket Ashtray. My wife has been using one for years and swears by it. Cheap, compact, and it works.

u/mem_somerville · 2 pointsr/skeptic

I was thinking of those ones where suddenly everyone thought the product was hilarious, and wrote wacky stuff. Like this:

"Unnatural reviews likely*". Nailed it.

u/meatwerd · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Because it's smaller then this Steering wheel table

u/Mattums · 2 pointsr/tifu

Whenever I feel like life is getting me down, I read this review (or watch the Aww Joby video) and whatever I was thinking about before that point is pretty much chased away by laughter. I think it was on some post (can't remember where) that had a bunch of funny Amazon reviews.

This was another product they listed, almost all of the reviews are priceless...


u/ThatGuyYouKnow · 2 pointsr/Omaha
u/NoMansKing · 2 pointsr/EDC

Excluding a custom installation of a clip you could use that loop at the end to attach a pocket clip, such as popular the TEC P-7 for example.

If you prefer the knife itself to keep the original look, or maybe you want a lanyard on the loop and you don't want a modern looking clip, you could consider a pocket slip with the clip built-in. Here is one example I remember:

u/SubmersibleGoat · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/slyevilhomer · 2 pointsr/EDC

Also, suspension clip. Tec Accessories

u/marcoaml78 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

since you didn't got any replies, i can recommend what i did to my Tool AAA, ditch the clip and use a Tec accesories P-7 clip.

Pics of mine here:

u/ardoin · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Loop it through the hole at the end of the tailcap. This works.

u/toystoriegirl · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

Not OP but I have these:

They cover the windows entirely so it's definitely darker in the back, but also a pain for trying to actually see through (like checking blind spots). Can roll the windows up and down all day long though!

u/homescrubb · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

I got this ALPS Mountaineering sleeping pad from amazon. Its self-inflating and very reasonably comfortable. A 12v fan is also nearly essential for muggy summer nights. Lastly, these window socks are awesome in that they let you keep your windows down without bugs getting in.

u/rhetto · 2 pointsr/ToyotaTacoma

Never thought to use it for that. My wife got a two pack to keep the sun out of our son's face when he's in the back seat. She gave me the extra. I kept the windows up when driving on the trail, so I can't comment on its effectiveness in keeping dust out. But it's a cheap alternative to tinted windows if you got a kid!

u/greenpotatoes9 · 2 pointsr/Mommit
u/mr-maniacal · 2 pointsr/subaru

I have ShadeSox on my 2011 Forester and they fit, no problem...
I bought these exact ones, and they are actually a little big.

u/seatrip · 2 pointsr/Hookers

Get one of these and put your phone in it. Works like a charm.

u/Kind_0fA_BigDeal · 2 pointsr/teslamotors

I bought these. Have not installed them yet though as I’m still waiting for my M3.

ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Set - All Weather - Heavy Duty - Black Rubber -2017-2018

u/Flames5123 · 2 pointsr/teslamotors

The floor mats I got were toughPro

They don’t cover the entire well, but those parts are easily cleaned. I’ve had muddy feet a lot and my floor is still very clean. It’s also only $75 vs the $200 for other mats.

u/darthmiso · 2 pointsr/teslamotors

The Model 3 comes with carpet floor mats and no trunk mats. If you want rubber ones, you have to pay extra. Tesla sells them, or if you want aftermarket, I got these and they fit perfectly.

u/ploootz · 2 pointsr/TeslaLounge

By far the best all-weather mats. Amazon link.

u/CatonaHotSnRoof · 2 pointsr/nyc

If you're really worried about car theft, what about one of these: Steering Wheel Lock ?

u/abrandnewhope · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

This totally doesn't help now, and I realize this, but consider getting a club ( for your own car, and a spare one to keep around your apartment for when guests visit.

I've been living in Queens for 25 year now (born and raised), and my family has had a car stolen back in the day, and that has made my parents on high-alert ever since. It was a crappy old toyota, and we didn't have anything valuable in the car, but still somebody thought to steal it.

My boyfriend who was born and raised in a super-safe suburb in MA gets paranoid when he drives his car into unfamiliar areas and I've always teased him about the uber-paranoia (doesn't even leave spare change in sight, and the thought of leaving his laptop in his car out of sight still makes him nervous). My mom bought him a club and I think it really gives him better peace of mind. In your case, even if thieves could break into the car, and had the car keys to start the car, they wouldn't be able to drive far with a club locked on its steering wheel.

Sorry this happened to you. It's unfortunate but you have to be cautious in NYC and exercise common sense at all times. I worked in a pretty safe area of Queens, and once last year one of our clients left our building to discover that her car had its windows smashed, which she believed to be because she had a GPS HOLDER (not even a gps itself, which she kept in her purse on her person) visible on her dashboard.

Good luck with everything. :)

u/bovinitysupreme · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

Yes, that is 100% normal. It is the risk we all take as car owners. Do look up book value for your car though; generally the insurance company gives you book value, which tends to be more than the car is actually worth. If you show them that the market value is higher than book value then you can even argue for more money.

One insurance company advertises "better car replacement" which should help. You might go with that company.

If you're truly paranoid, some options to help prevent theft of the entire car are:

  • Make sure it's a car that nobody wants to steal. Do not get a Honda. Your Ford should be less of a target, but trading it in for a 20 year old Chevrolet Cavalier would really help a lot.

  • Whatever car you have, keep it as ugly as possible...keep it dirty, put dents in it, trash the interior, etc. If it looks that beat up then it won't be worth much to sell or part out.

  • Install and use every anti-theft system and accessory that you can. There are steering wheel immobilizers like The Club, alarms of all sorts (including ones that can call your cellphone), tracking devices like Lo-Jack, dashcam surveillance systems (you could get a smartphone with an unlimited data plan and have its dashcam upload real-time to a server), etc. Someone good at automotive electrical work can rig it so that you have to turn on some accessories (perhaps turn signal on, cigarette lighter inserted, wipers on) before the car will start. Except for the tracking device and surveillance, these things only help slow down someone who is trying to drive your car away, they don't have any effect on trailers and tow trucks.

  • Move away from that nasty place. Seriously, if it's so dangerous that you're really this worried, why the hell would any sane person want to live or work there? Your car is replaceable, your life is not. I'm not even afraid of that sort of thing but I still find dangerous neighborhoods and big cities offensive enough to stay out of them.

    To be honest, a 2009 Fiesta really isn't worth all that effort, time, and money. Just park it somewhere visible or secure and lock it. Save the money that would be wasted on all those irritating accessories to help buy a replacement if an insurance is insufficient, if it gets stolen at all.
u/conjunctionjunction1 · 2 pointsr/AskSF

My tenant's older hondas and toyotas used to get stolen all the time- PD basically told me that they are being stolen by daylaborers who don't have licenses and can't register a car, so they steal cars and use them to commute back and forth from places like Tracy and Salinas for work in city. Two of them were found a few months after they were stolen in the East Bay and San Jose with toolboxes and painting supplies in them- in perfect condition, gas in the tank.

I had all my tenants with older cars start using The Club (that 80's car theft tool that locks your steering wheel), and we haven't had a car theft since. But yeah, they love those older cars without alarm systems and without chip-keys.

Hope it turns up for you.

u/Timmytimftw · 2 pointsr/everett

Shouldn't this be the responsibility of the insurance company to clean up? Just because the owner found a piece of paper with a name on it doesn't mean they were the thief. Mail and ID's get stolen just as often if not more than cars. I get that these people are frustrated but it seems like there anger is pointed in the wrong direction. Given that this is the second time the car was stolen I'm going to venture a guess and say the owner needs to get a club for his old ass honda.

u/guitar574 · 2 pointsr/FocusST

I just use a steering wheel club.

u/Itsthejoker · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

This is The Club.

u/saucydisco · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

It's a patented steering wheel lock. People had been using chains and whatnot for ages for this purpose, but this thing was like, specifically designed to lock your steering wheel.

It was super popular when I was growing up and I guess it's still around:

u/MegaTrain · 2 pointsr/legaladvice

So during the time you were married, this was your primary (only) vehicle? And she drives a second vehicle? With the way the separation agreement is worded, I have a hard time imagining a judge taking the car away from you when you have it in your possession.

> After we got the divorce, I told her that I would pay her for the car. I paid her $1000 and then decided that I didn't need to make any more payments to her

How much did you (originally) agree to pay her? Does she have this in writing (email/text)?

You need a tag and insurance to drive it legally. You need to get those up to date to stay out of trouble with the law, but I can't imagine this has much bearing on the dispute over ownership.

If you think she might have a key and you're worried about her coming over and taking it, you might consider a steering-wheel lock.

u/Afflo · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Do you mean "The Club?"

People realized that it's very easy to steal your car even with "the club" in place. Videos like this started circulating on evening newscasts showing how "The Club" was at best a way to slow them down a minute or two.

More importantly, cars began using smart keys that would prevent the engine from starting without a code from a microchip. You could tow it to a chop-shop, but you can do that with "The Club" anyway.

EDIT: A bit more on The Club from Freakonomics.

> What we found out was that a pro thief would carry a short piece of a hacksaw blade to cut through the plastic steering wheel in a couple seconds. They were then able to release The Club and use it to apply a huge amount of torque to the steering wheel and break the lock on the steering column (which most cars were already equipped with). The pro thieves actually sought out cars with The Club on them because they didn’t want to carry a long pry bar that was too hard to conceal.

u/Uberhypnotoad · 2 pointsr/Survival

For the car, get something that can smash the window safely and cut a seatbelt.

For a knife, I, personally, would not go with anything swiss army. If you want a multitool, then a leatherman or gerber tend to be more useful. (primarily pliers rather than primarily knife) Ideally, I'd recommend a simple non-folding full-hilt knife for the blade component. Hinges are a common point of failure and when you're trying to rely on your blade, the last thing you want is for it to break off, or worse, fold onto your hand. Fixed blades are more reliable and safer to use.

u/fuzzby · 2 pointsr/JusticePorn

They are made of similar types of glass but the thickness and curve will be different. Front wind shields are made of laminate glass and the rest of the windows are made of tempered glass. Also, a fixed and curved glass will have significantly more structural integrity than a movable flat one.

It only looks like it comes apart easily because the method used to break it could only be accomplished with a partially open window. With regards to the safety in breaking auto glass in emergency situations I highly recommend having one of these in your glove compartment:

u/ltx · 2 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

Emergency hammer is your friend in this situation.

u/sageroux · 2 pointsr/news

I literally have a glass shattering + seatbelt cutter tool in my console. I bought it when I discovered I could not easily detach my car's headrests. $15 was a low price for my own peace of mind.

u/oryxic · 2 pointsr/WTF

Are you being facetious, or do you really think you can break a car window with your bare hands, Rambo? From personal experience, car windows are tough, and I had to really work at it to crack one with a tire iron. The average person can't just punch it and have it fall apart. The glass is tempered.

That's why they make these suckers for if you're in an accident and trapped in your car:

u/Paul_Swanson · 2 pointsr/VEDC

Mine is: Don't die.

What could kill me in minutes?

  • Fire/drowning: LifeHammer to get out of the car
  • Blood loss: Israeli Bandage

    In a few hours?

  • Emergency blankets
  • Regular blankets
  • Hand warmers

    Other general tools

  • Headlamp - ever change a tire in the dark?
  • Folding saw - small fallen trees
u/infinitree · 2 pointsr/videos

I clicked the link, read the description, and figured I'd read the comments before proceeding. I can't as deep of a mind-fuck as everyone is describing, right now. One good thing has come from this, though. My Amazon cart now has a vehicle fire extinguisher queued up for purchase. My wife and I already have the LifeHammer. Can't believe I never thought of getting a fire extinguisher.

u/sweatyfatguy1 · 2 pointsr/pics

Which is exactly why I keep one of these securely fastened within reaching distance of the driver's seat.

There's also this which clips onto your keychain.

u/TheRipePunani · 2 pointsr/TheVampireDiaries

Well, by that logic (not that yours is flawed or anything, you have a valid point) Matt should have just bought a Lifehammer and none of this would have happened.

PSA: Which by the way, if you don't have a Lifehammer in your vehicle, please buy one. It could mean the difference in the event you crash in a body of water. You won't have vampire blood to bring you back once you're gone.

No, I don't work for Lifehammer.

u/jgur88 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

More people need to carry Resqme keychains on them [link here]. Seatbelt cutter and tempered glass breaker in one keychain. I have one on my bike and car because you never know.

u/pranksterturtle · 2 pointsr/guns

A bigger punch is always a good idea, but these little guys also work like a charm.

u/I_Cant_Math · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

ZOMG We Need this! Because fucking SAFETY, woman! I do have this on my wishlist, tho it's in orange. I chose orange because it's much easier to see, which would be useful in an emergency.

And oooo, I see you have Beyond Snapshots in your book list. That was an extremely helpful book when I was just starting out. Very good choice! And I just wanna add, I picked up a set of Calvin and Hobbes today for 10¢, can you believe it!? Thrift stores are awesome.

Enjoy your movie :P

u/RedShirtDecoy · 2 pointsr/EDC

Have you considered a resqme?

Seat belt cutter and window breaker in a small package. Its no bigger than my thump... and Im a girl with small hands.

u/Gewehrschuss · 2 pointsr/EDC

These are really nice if you're ever in or around bad accident.

u/MrSkred · 2 pointsr/knifeclub

Its nice to have a seat belt cutter and glass breaker handy. I keep a Rescue me on my keyring so I can carry any pocket knife I want. Just wanted to give you an additional option.

u/holymolym · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

They make keychains for this reason. Contains a seatbelt slicer and a window breaker!

u/HamwiseVonTossington · 2 pointsr/EDC

Not a knife, but you should check out ResQme. I considered a rescue knife fir a while too, but found these. For something that's hopefully never going to be used it's more economical ($10!) and just as useful. I tested both the glass breaker and seatbelt cutter and

both functioned great.

u/deathdragon1987 · 2 pointsr/videos

Just bought one, thanks! (UK Amazon page here)

u/ItGonBeK · 2 pointsr/WTF
u/TomMelee · 2 pointsr/EDC

I have a love-hate relationship with my keychain. There's nothing on it I want to / can get rid of, but I hate that it's so big. What I have on mine...

  1. My toyota car key---is irritating because it's so fat with the keyless.
  2. House key, work key, boat lock key.
  3. ResQMe which is nice and functional but damnit it makes my keys toooo big to fit in my pocket.
  4. Pico 16Gb flash drive. Thumbnail size, I run Liberkey on it and keep an encrypted TrueCrypt container with important personal info, the rest of the drive is open and unencrypted. Be aware that the ball-chain opens easily and needs replacing with something else.
  5. Carabiner. Right now I have a crappy non-load-bearing biner, I will be replacing it with a real one soon. My entire rack got stolen the last time I was on the rock, so I've been slow to re-gear. Mostly it gets used to clip keys to my pocket, but I can't stand the jingle-jangle and the flop of the ResQMe, I feel like a redneck janitor even though there are only 4 keys.
u/lickmybrains · 2 pointsr/WTF consider one of these, it's spring loaded spike with a seatbelt cutter

u/judsonzhao · 2 pointsr/FortWorth

You guys really need this
Can save lives sometimes.

u/TheRubyRedPirate · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congratulations on your first contest! After gandering at your wish list, I think I may have found some items for you.

For $5 and under, since you like candy, old fashioned hard candy. Cinnamon is my favorite but they also have flavors like root beer, watermelon, lemon, and orange.

For $10 and under, I think everyone should have the escape tool. its a keychain that can cut your seatbelt and break your window in an emergency. Hopefully no one would have to use it but nice to have around.

Thanks for the contest!

u/vbullinger · 2 pointsr/HumansBeingBros

People's lack of preparedness astonishes me.

At all times, you need these in your car:

Jumper cables

Tow rope

Gas can

Something to break your window and something to cut your seatbelt, like this:


Tire gauge

In cold weather areas, you also need:

Very warm jacket, gloves, hat

Snow shovel

There's more, for sure. That's off the top of my head. I drive an electric car and still have jumper cables for all the idiots that don't. I even have a car battery charger for other people:

EDIT: and a spare tire. Ugh. I have run flats.

EDIT #2: and an ice scraper, obviously.

u/capncrooked · 2 pointsr/UnresolvedMysteries
  1. Tell people where you're going.

  2. Keep the GPS on your phone turned on.

  3. Know how to break your car window and get out of your seat belt, so if you drive into a body of water, you can get out.

    If step 3 fails, at least you have steps 1 and 2 working in your favor.
u/GCanuck · 2 pointsr/AskReddit


You'll probably never use it, but if you need to it will save your life.

u/6854894 · 2 pointsr/halifax

This is sad : / I imagine the driver was unconscious after hitting the pole? Always, always keep a window breaker/seatbelt cutter in your car just in case and make sure its easily accessible from the drivers seat.

u/Pancake_High · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

You can get one of those seatbelt cutters for emergencies to put in your car.

Might give you some peace of mind.

u/cdskip · 2 pointsr/worldnews

Yep. I'm fully aware that there are situations in which wearing a seatbelt might backfire and result in my death. I'll play the odds and keep it on, thanks very much.

I also keep one of these close at hand, because why not?

u/FightOrFlight · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

They have chemicals that you have to buy in bulk. Its kind of hard to get exactly the same stuff.
I've heard great things about chemical guys new car smell. Maybe you can try that?

Edit: I almost forgot, I've seen the new car smell come back after cleaning a car really well. Removing the source of foul odor in a car will bring it back to its neutral scent.

u/CaryS3 · 2 pointsr/TeslaModel3

This is potent and concentrated but seems to simulate the new car smell really well. Dilute it before use because it's fairly strong if you don't. I suggest spraying underneath the seats or on the car mats

u/merrickx · 2 pointsr/oculus

I'm getting some of this.

u/MrKodijack · 2 pointsr/OculusQuest

Maybe this smells similar 🥰👃

u/vapeducator · 2 pointsr/Lyft
u/beyondinferno · 2 pointsr/Honda

Window run channel lubrication.
be careful using the widow before you lube the channel because you can burn up the motor due to the extra stress.
That stuff is absolute magic.

u/three_rivers · 2 pointsr/Honda

Get a tube of ShinEtsu silicone for the rubber seals around the engine bay, trunk, and doors. I also lube up the seal around my engine air filter. A tube will last you a lifetime.

Honda Genuine Shin-Etsu Grease

u/Dirty_Old_Town · 2 pointsr/Cartalk

Clean the seal around the sunroof with a damp cloth. Clean it well. Then, try using something called Shin Etsu grease to lube the seal. I used this all the time when I worked at a Honda dealership and it worked very well.

u/Faloopa · 2 pointsr/Miata

The easy method: spray some white lithium grease down the tracks and let it sit a few hours, then reapply and roll them up and down a bunch.

The better method: take the tracks out and clean them well with wax & grease remover, then re-grease everything with Shin-Etsu Grease and put it all back together.

u/KiDX77 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

The following is cheap and adds a nice touch. You could probably find it cheaper btw, I just linked the first one I found. I got mine for like $6 shipped.

u/veto001 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Look at Cobb tuning for performance modifications, if your tight on money a stage 1 tune is plenty for most and it's honestly how the car should've came in the first place. It costs about 675 for a access port and an air filter. Cobb's biggest competitor is APR which is slightly pricier with a bit more, but the accessport is really unbeatable because you can flash your ECU yourself and do everything yourself. Couple aesthetics i would consider is something like the Mk7 side wings

I also got these from amazon

Makes entering the car feel a little bit better. This is my advice to you if you want to spend 1k or less. honestly the cobb accessport is a godsend and everyone should have one lol

u/Wahhchaa · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

The badgeskins ( look pretty awesome and are cheap and easy. Also the GTI seat handle inserts look awesome and are easy, something like:

u/mcarp22 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

These seat lever inserts should be mandatory:

u/Jimbogiant · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Here are the seat pump handle inserts:

I got these a couple weeks ago and I'm impressed with the very OEM look and fit.

I don't have the door sill inserts like OP, but that may change soon, they look sharp! Here's a link to what I assume OP has installed:

u/Izviral · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Those are the ones I have, they look fantastic. Perfect fit and high quality materials

u/Grepherdk · 2 pointsr/EDC

Couple of options off the top of my head.

u/TelaTheSpy · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Brewzkey Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel by Brewzkey

I have had something like this on my keychain for 15 years. Never failed me and is compact like the rest of my keys. This particular one is made in USA stainless steel and well reviewed on Amazon so you probably can’t go wrong.

I’ll continue to look and see if I can find the exact one but it’s pretty much that design.

Also, HIGHLY recommend the FreeKey system.

FreeKey System

u/LenoxAsa · 2 pointsr/EDC

Here's a few I've seen

Or, you can just buy all the things you would want on Amazon, it'll come in 1 or 2 boxes. Here's a few choices to put together a "kit"

This or this for flashlight.

This This, or, This For a multitool depending on the size you want.

This or This for knife (Note: I am not a knife person, I have a Squid and I like it and I've heard good things about the Kershaw Chill)

Exotac FreeKey System

u/Xeekatar · 2 pointsr/EDC

Watch 25.49
Knife 24.00
Wallet 10.92
Flashlight 23.95
S Biner 1.78
Free Key 7.49
Total: 93.63

u/visceralhate · 2 pointsr/gaming

Sure! There are a ton of great keychain accessories out there but the criteria for mine are all items must:

1: Be < 2" (Preferably 1.5")

2: Fit in my pockets comfortably (jeans)

3: Be used at least once every 3 months
(Ambu Pouch excluded)

Accessories used Most - Least

The Freekey Sytem is the foundation of the keyring and is one of those products that is so elegant in its simplicity and functionality that it seems like it should have been invented years ago.

The SOG Straight Edge Key Knife comes sharp and has held an edge pretty well over the last few months. With its tiny blade it's not going to replace your Ka-Bar anytime soon but I can almost garuntee that you will use it more frequently.

The Swiss+ Tech 6 in 1 Utility Key coupled with The Infora Key Multitool seems to be gaining ground to overtake the SOG Key Knife as top tool in the line up with flat and Phillips screwdriver heads, bottle opener, and serrated blade.

The Streamlight Nano LED Flashlight is an awesome addition to the gang and probobly the one that has saved my ass the most, there are too many times I've wasted time looking for a light source in the dark.

The 2.0 64 GB Kingston Data Traveler SE9 USB drive. Reasonable speed coupled with great durability. The cast in keyhole eliminates the possibilty of losing the USB from a weak tether and defiantly holds a perminent place in my top 5 keychain accesories. Along with its basic utility I keep a file named "If Found: Reward" on it with my information in case I lose my key ring.

The True Utility TelePen telescoping keychain pen is one of those items that doesent get the everyday recognition the others do but is totally fucking clutch when you do need it. I owe a couple side projects I've picked up to this pen, partly because of the writing aspect but more from it as a talking piece.

The InCharge Ultra Portable Charging Cable is a cool little accessory that I thought would get the boot initially but saved my ass when I was in transit and my buddy only had an Apple cable with his charger.

The True Utility FireStash Keyring Lighter is the only item on the list that I haven't actually "needed" but will probobly keep anyway because fire is such a basic necessity and if I ever DO need it I'm probobly going to name my kids True and Utility.

The Ambu Res-Cue keychain CPR mask rounds out the list but might be the most important. Along with it being being a valuable lifesaving/self protection asset it's also super useful for locating my keys. I once read something about humans being able to see more shades of red than any other color and that our minds are geared to "ook out for it. Whether that's true or not it's always the first thing I see when I misplace them and because of its shape it stops my keys from going between the seats.

I didn't have a ton of time to type this up because I'm on my phone at work but I hope this helps!

u/armander · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

He could have saved his nails with a few of these

u/jredmond · 2 pointsr/gaybros

The best multitool is the one he'd use all the time. I've been a fan of the Gerber Shard for a little while now, but he may prefer something with more components.

I've also heard good things about the FreeKey System. It made things too bulky for my tastes, but I'm also not exactly their target audience. (I carry two keys daily - one for my place, one for my mailbox - plus an RFID keyfob for my office and a barcode keyfob for my gym.)

u/Dave_the_Pigeon · 2 pointsr/EDC

Thank you! I'm kinda bummed its not a mildly industrial looking pocket clip. Anything in mind that would recommend? Currently considering pairing an H.L. Human Pelican Clip with a Free key System.

edit - Looking for a simple keyring that won't tangle, since I really only carry two keys, a Higonokami knife and a Yubikey 4 for some of my software dev stuff. Aside from that just a Nitecore SRT3 Defender and possibly some kind of Spiderco Knife since my other edc knife broke.

u/iPhantasy · 2 pointsr/ft86

There are 3 different connectors that you'll have to hook up to the connector that comes with the head unit that plugs into the head unit itself. The other 3 connectors are VERY easy to install. 0 electrical engineering education, but common sense and the color coded instructions on the back of the packaging explains all you need to know.

Radio Antenna harness

Main connection (two main connectors that came out of the factory head unit)

USB Connector (if your car came with usb at the bottom right of the center console)

Should mention that the stock AUX connection won't function. You will have to run an extension from the back of the head unit to somewhere in your car. I routed mine to the left side of the passenger seat held up by this thing.

I don't use the microphone for bluetooth so that's not connected. I don't plan on using my head unit for displaying for any video sources so I didn't bother hooking up the hand brake bypass. The GPS antenna I just stuck to some metal plate that was inside the head unit cavity (pretty strong magnet and pretty accurate).

You may want to pick up a bracket like this. to fill in the rest of the head unit cavity along the sides. I'm not too sure if this is the exact one for the head unit. Crutchfield automatically told me what parts I would need to completely setup the head unit including the bracket and connectors. I couldn't find yours on the site so I can't tell you exactly which bracket to get. They're both Pioneer head units so it's worth a try. The bracket is a generic bracket made for most Toyota cavities to support double DIN sized head units. I had to do some slight Dremel work to get everything to line up with the stock mounting bracket. A solid afternoon with everything and I was set by the end of the day.

I had to contact OEM Audio Plus about how to get power to their amplifier because they have a replacement harness for the stock harness. But that's information that doesn't pertain to you unless you own their system with a subwoofer.

Tl;dr: Links 1-3 are what you need to connect everything. Link 4 is some random accessory I bought that happened to work things out. Link 5 is a bracket adapter to the stock bracket. Last link is the site that showed me all the stuff I needed and I just looked them all up on Amazon.

u/FreeHealthCareNow · 2 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

I just saved your life. You're welcome.

u/kiantech · 2 pointsr/wheredidthesodago

its because you know if you do buy it, its going to be a piece of shit even though you want it to work.

except this one gets pretty good reviews on amazon:

u/pennies0000000001 · 2 pointsr/IdiotsInCars

I have these for both front seats. Worth every penny.

u/yes_its_him · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

LPT: have an extraction plan for vehicles where that is really effing hard.

u/bewaretakecare · 2 pointsr/funny

Got this as a stocking stuffer and it changed my life.

Drop Stop

u/1ate7 · 2 pointsr/funny
u/dpotter05 · 2 pointsr/funny
u/missxjulia · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Remember, Honda Civics are one of the most stolen vehicles. this is always a good deterrent if you do not have an alarm system.

Congrats on your new car

u/tekdemon · 1 pointr/cars

These cars were and still are so easy to steal that this is why in the 90's all the cars had The Club or other similarly ridiculous devices (like transmission shift lockouts). They weren't really all that effective since you just had to saw the steering wheel but it was annoying enough that thieves would consider looking for a different car to go steal.

I can't believe I'm saying this but OP, have you considered finding a vintage club-style steering wheel locking device? There must be someone you know who still has one lying around. Again, a thief that really gives a crap about stealing your car can saw through the steering wheel but honestly most of the time people just steal these old Hondas for joyrides. It looks like you can buy a new one for like $35 on as well, but I'm almost 100% sure someone you know must still have one of these in their garage somewhere, they sold like a bajillion of these in the 90s.

It won't make your car thief proof but it makes it annoying enough that people will just go find another old Honda or GM SUV to steal.

They had all sorts of crazy devices back then too, there was one that stopped them from hitting the gas pedal by locking up underneath the gas pedal, one that locked up the shifter (this one required bolting it into the car), other more crazy looking steering wheel models that made it harder to saw out by having a shield for the steering wheel itself, etc. You can go crazy but honestly most thieves will recognize the club since it's bright red and it's only real purpose is to make them realize that stealing your car will be annoying.

u/Hedonismal · 1 pointr/Advice

I don't think there's any question your father in law is out of line and has some messed up ideas about entitlement. Since you're planning on leaving anyway, seems like buying one of these might solve the problem with the least amount of drama. The Club is old school by now. Probably lots of other stuff now with the same purpose.

u/Pink_Flamingo7 · 1 pointr/serialpodcastorigins

It was a safety device that was popular in the 90's, before many cars had electronic alarm systems.

u/goosehysteria · 1 pointr/technology

the club.

i know they can just cut the wheel..still another barrier..

u/makubex · 1 pointr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

A friend of mine used to have a really shitty Geo Metro with all kinds of anarchy symbols and generic punk ramblings spray painted all over it. There was never anything of value in the car, so he always figured "fuck it" and left the vehicle unlocked all the time.

One day, he returned to his car to find that someone had rummaged through his stuff, and after deciding it was all worthless, they had placed a club on his steering wheel and left.

u/ecib · 1 pointr/Portland

>...I should consider getting one (but my laziness suggests that it won't happen).

u/0MY · 1 pointr/Portland

You need a Club. At the very least, it's a deterrent.

u/DrSounds · 1 pointr/trees

I used to hide my blunts in the car club. Do u guys remember those?

u/chairmaker45 · 1 pointr/houston

Everything depends on needs and money. What are you looking for and how much do you want to spend? Is it just you or do you have a family? What's the maximum amount of time you want to spend commuting to/from work? I assume you're going to rent at first but will you be looking to buy a house or condo?

Cars are a necessity here. The public transportation system in Houston is poor. There are buses but the city is so spread out (larger in area than London) that they're often not practical due to the time it takes to get from point to point. There is a light rail system but it's centered on downtown Houston and wont help you in Hedwig.

The big headline here in Houston right now is rain. A lot of rain. Measured at IAH airport, we've had 38" of rain so far this year. 20" above normal. It comes in insane bursts which causes a lot of localized flooding. Houston handles it fairly well but there are some areas where flooding into homes and businesses has been a problem. The real danger is flooding on low lying roads. Especially within the freeway system. Do not drive into high water! And get a glass breaking tool like this or this.

u/wpm · 1 pointr/chicago

Yeah if cyclists were legally allowed to simply smash a window on any car parked in a bike lane I imagine the practice would end rather quickly.

u/SlimTeezy · 1 pointr/HumansBeingBros

Everyone should invest in a window breaking tool for emergencies such as this. Many of them have seatbelt cutters built in if it gets jammed too.

Lifehammer Emergency Tool Orange

u/brad-corp · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

An actually helpful LPT would be to buy one of these tools that are actually designed to smash windows and keep it somewhere within reach of the driver's seat.

u/gitoffamychest · 1 pointr/AskMen

I have:

u/agup48 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This, the LifeHammer, it's one of those items you wish you never have to use, I want it because I have read horror stories about idiot parent/guardians who leave their pets/children in the cars, as an's one of those things I want in those desperate times.

u/zyzzogeton · 1 pointr/funny

Liquid NO2 followed by one of these on a 2 foot long pipe extension

Gone in 60 seconds.

u/Cuz_Im_TFK · 1 pointr/knives

I carried a victorinox for years, and they're nice because they're so compact, but I find their blade/tool locking (if they have it) to be flimsy and unreliable. I also really like having pliers, which you don't get with a swiss army style pocket knife. I made the switch to butterfly-style multitools and have never looked back.

My personal recommendation is to check out this butterfly-style Gerber Multi-Tool The Multi-Plier. This is the model I have and I absolutely love it. I've had it for a few years now and it works and looks like new. Really solid tool-locking, easy releases, very nice spring-loaded pliers, and I've never needed a tool that's on the more expensive ones but not this one. And on top of that, it's only $22 on Amazon. right now, which is just unbeatable in terms of value (I think I paid 40 for mine).

As far as an actual knife goes, I firmly believe that you should always use a dedicated folder instead of a multi-tool if you're going to be using it a lot or for critical applications. And for that, you really can't go wrong with a Benchmade with an Axis lock. It's far and away the best knife lock on the planet and the only one I trust my fingers to. I remember seeing a video where they resistance tested a Benchmade, and when the pneumatic thingamabob got up to 1200 pounds of positive load, the blade snapped before the axis lock did.

My personal recommendation for a Benchmade is the classic 710 in D2 steel. This is my EDC (the Gerber stays in the car) and I use it every day. I remember the day I got it I held a piece of printer paper, freely hanging, with one hand and and then sliced it in half just by lightly pulling my 710 through it. I remember thinking I could NEVER have done that with my swiss army knife—I was hooked. I literally have absolutely zero complaints about it. I can't think up a single downside to this knife. It's as close as you can get to perfect IMO.

Its Knifecenter page claims that it can support 200 pounds of negative load (pushing on the back of the knife towards your fingers) and that even when it fails, it crumples instead of just being released onto your fingers. Mine has never failed on me (you have to be doing something seriously wrong to put 200 pounds of negative load on a folder). And finally, beware counterfeit Benchmades. The out-of-production butterfly knives are the most commonly forged knives, but you should still make sure you buy from a reputable vendor like Knifecenter just to be safe.

And finally, /u/ElBomberoLoco is right about car escape tools. Get a dedicated one of those too—there's no reason to have it on your multitool, and I wouldn't trust one that was added as an afterthought anyway. Just spend the $15 and pick up a real LifeHammer. This thing is tried and tested and has overwhelmingly positive reviews. This is the kind of thing you go name-brand and dedicated-hardware for. I linked the glow-in-the-dark one, but you can save a few bucks by going with the non-glowy one. (Beware: the "Car Hammer" on Amazon is a cheap knockoff of the LifeHammer. It still probably works, but it's not worth saving the $5-6).

Hope this was helpful. Let us know what you end up buying!



So, TL;DR:

For a multitool, look into the Gerber Multi-Plier. For a knife, any axis-lock Benchmade should be fine, but seriously consider the 710. For a car escape tool, go with dedicated-hardware from a reputable vendor that's well-tested and has good reviews, like the original LifeHammer. Beware knockoffs.

u/amateurishatbest · 1 pointr/SeriousConversation

I've got one of these that I keep in reach of my driver's seat at all times. Highly recommended.

Edit: fixed link (hopefully)

u/dumb_ants · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Do what I did and buy one of these for each of your cars.

u/calvin521 · 1 pointr/WTF

Life Hammer

It has a sharp point so a good hit will shatter that glass like nothing else.

u/Cadd · 1 pointr/ProtectAndServe

Any word on if he stole the jeep in a carjacking? a late model car is not something you can just hotwire anymore.

Also, i'm surprised no one has a glass breaker, even something like this, or this

u/frankzzz · 1 pointr/EDC


Emergency escape/rescue tool.
Rounded tip is a spring-loaded car window breaker, knife is seatbelt cutter.

u/MrMeeseeks263 · 1 pointr/flying

I’m with you. I have one of these zip tied to the shoulder belt guide on the driver and passenger side of my car:

Simple to deploy, just give it a tug. I thought about the larger ones, but I couldn’t find a good place to mount it and I definitely didn’t want to add a missile inside the car if I get into a wreck. I’ve gotten a couple of questions about them, but no one has openly called me crazy. :)

u/hulahulagirl · 1 pointr/vandwellers
u/BoredPudding · 1 pointr/thenetherlands heeft ze al iets goedkoper.

u/AlcoholicSpaceNinja · 1 pointr/gaming


Here is a keychain that can cut a seatbelt and break a car window.

Others knife like that can be clipped directly on the seatbelt.

u/Artefact2 · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

Much cheaper and it's already a successful product.

u/hazeleyedwolff · 1 pointr/Unexpected

That's why I'd recommend everyone have a rescue device like one of these handy. Available here. Of course, if this guy had it on his keys, it wouldn't help him, but if the guy recording had one, the problem would have been solved.

u/canonfine · 1 pointr/Philippines

Maybe they have something like this:

Just bought one recently in case I need it

u/CrazyTillItHurts · 1 pointr/videos

> Every time the mom was begging for the fire department to break the window--depends on the vehicle and the skill of the firefighter.

Not really. They should all have one of these already:

u/mattdahack · 1 pointr/AskReddit

This is the same concept as a centerpunch I carry this around always.

u/Ramacher · 1 pointr/coolguides

Get a resqme and put it on your key chain.

u/Akronica · 1 pointr/coolguides

My friend has one of these as her keychain. Its cheap and seems to be very effective if you can keep your wits about you. Watch the product video at the bottom of the picture column on the left.

u/helonias · 1 pointr/Anarchism

> What if you need to cut a seatbelt to get someone out of a burning vehicle? What if you're in a vehicle and it gets submerged in water, how are you going to break a window and get out?

I have one of these on my keychain for those kinds of situations and it's pretty great for both. Not terribly useful for

>What if you show up to a dinner party and they're all out of knives??


u/comin-in-hot · 1 pointr/videos

Using a headrest or the metal part of a seat belt are just as effective as one of those hammers. In water, you won't be swinging that hammer fast enough to shatter glass. Neither are very effective.

You would want a spring loaded tool like this one.

u/Shmifty · 1 pointr/EDC

This style is much better.

I don't have that exact model, so I can't speak for it. I have a Benchmade Houdini.

u/babysitterwithcuffs · 1 pointr/ProtectAndServe

Forget the fancy knives. I've had partners failed by the window punch feature on their knives. Buy a knife that's badass on its own and toss this sucker in your back pocket for windows and seatbelts.

u/Margot_Poleaux · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I recommend the resqme! It goes right on your keychain and works great.

u/swd120 · 1 pointr/funny

If you watch the video, he seems to lead the hit with his right hand, and it seems to be fisted the entire time he's in the shot.

I think the video is fake, and he used one of these to run though it.

u/ireland_SS · 1 pointr/SubredditSimulator

You're talking about it, at least he's trying to get on TV and have a look - if you've photos / dates etc! Tubridy definitely, Ryan's already dead so at least I can get one of these on amazon for a tenner:.

u/AlexTheInnovator · 1 pointr/EDC

Check out this handy little guy. My wife got me one, and I can confirm that the spring loaded punch and seatbelt cutter do work well.

u/lazyplayboy · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Forget this. Do yourself a favour and buy one of these, a combined window-breaker and seatbelt cutter for your keyring.

u/lookingchris · 1 pointr/pics

> Usually when people die from airline crashes they die from fire and smoke, not impact.

Out of curiosity, would a ResQMe work/help on that airplane dual-pane?

u/Medicdude29 · 1 pointr/daddit

As warlocktx said call 911 first. They will come right awake and pop your door usually first with locksmith tools and at last resort break the window.

I would also reccommend one of these they are small and work great. You could easily keep it in your purse and won't take up much room.

u/adriennek · 1 pointr/lifehacks

I've used my Res-Q-me to get through that packaging.

[Res-Q-me on amazon]

u/Punky_Boobster · 1 pointr/breakingmom

These little things are amazing, break the window in a second. Of course, it won't do you much good if it gets locked in the car, BUT I have one in case I ever need to break someone else's window because there's a child inside.

u/darwin57 · 1 pointr/EDC

There's a key ring on the blade guard that pulls off to use the tool. You could put it on a key chain or tie it off in your car somewhere for quick access.

u/ilikesleep · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Resqme may be useless your entire life, but you'd be glad to have it if you did need it.

u/Elephant_on_skis · 1 pointr/facepalm

In case they get trapped in the car because the seatbelt is stuck or the door can't open.

u/call_me_cthulhu_ · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

but wait, there's more!

emergency escape tool

u/Brimshae · 1 pointr/YouShouldKnow

They make a tool for that.

Barring that, there's a bit of time to try whacking at it with my Leatherman.

Or you could always try ceramic off a spark plug, aka ninja rocks.

Here's an annoying guy on Youtube doing it.

Here's the Mythbusters doing it.

'course, no one has tested it from the inside...

u/Butch_Glitterface · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This emergency escape tool sure would make a good Milkshake.

u/Love_Indubitably · 1 pointr/WTF

This device is an excellent investment-- it's $5, and hopefully you'll never need to use it, but it can cut seat belts and break car windows. Just put it in the center console and forget about it!

u/Guinness2702 · 1 pointr/news

Haha, it's really not that exciting. That part that I am involved in is being one of many people positioned around the circuit, and getting to a crashed car quickly, if it's in my sector. Whilst we do deal with any fires, if there are medical needs, we summon a fully qualified doctor (there are usually several at a race meeting), and the doctor and rescue crew deal with extricating the driver (I can be asked to help in some way, if they need an extra pair of hands). I haven't been involved in many major incidents, they are pretty rare.

As for your actual question, you probably could use the metal part of the headrest to break the window (LPT: try to hit the window in a corner, as it will be more likely to break), but best to have something like this handy, if you need to get into/out of a car window, quickly.

u/joedaman1999 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Seatbelt cutter/glass breaker tool. Because you never know.

u/Laeryken · 1 pointr/coolguides

All car owners should have one of these.

u/mediocrefunny · 1 pointr/funny

I have something like this in my car.

It's to cut a seat belt in case of an accident, or break a window. The seatbelt cutter has worked great for opening packages and cutting zip ties. I'm happy I've never had to use it for it's intended purpose.

u/Monocle_Lover · 1 pointr/newzealand

Every one needs ones of these and teach your kids how to use to too then leave it .... Of all the times to forget the name of the box thing on the passengers side. but any way - leave it in there. Unless you lock yours, then tie it to the passengers/drivers side door.

Or something like that.

u/UneducatedGenuis · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

As for the phobia of driving into water and not being able to get the seat belt off you should buy one of these. They are very easy to use, cheap, and simply place it in your glove compartment. They even come with one that comes on a key chain. Solve your phobia, save money from tickets, and give you the responsibility to help break your habit.

Edit: Here's the key chain one

u/DeniseDeNephew · 1 pointr/pics

$7 on Amazon.

u/StellaMaroo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I really don't have anything must-have on my wishlists. But I think that a Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Emergency Escape Tool would come in handy if I get in a car wreck.

u/thawhizkid · 1 pointr/cigars

I'm not sure how well it would work if you smoked daily, but every time when I come home from the lounge, my car smells. I spray about twice or three times inside the car, and the next morning, no smell.

u/nearlydeadasababy · 1 pointr/AskUK
u/BBQBeefWhistle · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Buy this:

I found out about it on the forums, everybody basically says this is the stuff to coat all over your seals. Havent had any leaks since i rubbed it into all the hardtop seals and door weatherstripping.

u/BroasisMusic · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

While you're at it, rub some of this in to the rubber on your door jams. Will help them from freezing and also clean / moisturize the rubber seals.

u/kingtuft · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Shin-Etsu Silicone grease is specifically designed for this/weather seals. I use it on my miata hard top and it works wonders.

u/exxxidor · 1 pointr/IAmA
u/mcpusc · 1 pointr/Honda

shin-etsu silicone grease was the stuff. it helps.

ed: a little goes a long way.

u/marcogopro · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I also second with getting mosnter mats and interior LEDs, huge difference

Other mods I have for the list are:
•Illuminated shift knob - color matched to interior red lighting and dims with the dimmer switch (not sure if you have stick or DSG but have a spare for sale)
•Double Apex USB Charger - OEM + look to fill dummy ports, very easy install
•GTI seat inserts ($30 off amazon)
•Toe-Hook License frame mount (if you're in a state that requires a front plate)

u/MoleHairs · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I picked mine up on Amazon.

u/Badger_23 · 1 pointr/EDC

Sorry for photo quality. First post ever on this so be gentle. Starting from top row, left to right:

u/CaptZoom · 1 pointr/EDC

A brass key hook of choice and the FreeKey System is cheap, space efficient, and pretty quiet. As a bonus, you can operate your hanging car key fob without having to reach into your pockets.

u/must_ache · 1 pointr/EDC

$20 leather wallet, bi-fold, my last Dockers lasted me 10 years.

$50 flashlight, FourSevens QPL

$20 knife/multitool Leatherman Style CS

$10 keychain FreeKey System and Gated carabiner

u/L0ial · 1 pointr/starterpacks

For top left - there's a key ring called the FreeKey that actually works well. I got it years ago to be able to separate my car key while wearing gloves.

u/owlurk · 1 pointr/starterpacks

Another solution

They use a more flexible metal that is easier to open. The big ring even has a slight bump so all you need to do is press down on one end which opens the other end to easily slip stuff in.

u/SnapesGrayUnderpants · 1 pointr/lifehacks

Just squeeze! I've used mine for over a year. Works really well.

u/cda555 · 1 pointr/EDC


I love it so far. Makes taking keys off a breeze. I like the way those other holders look (Key Smart) but I have oddly shaped keys.

u/eighty_sixed_86 · 1 pointr/Mustang

OP, some accessories I'd recommend:

  1. Tint. That should win the award for duh, sorry.

  2. Dashcam. There are many, check out

  3. Floor mats. Weathertech / is really popular. Most of their styles have a deep-ish footwell which is great if you live in rainy, muddy or snowy areas. I don't and prefer my feet to be 'no slip' when driving; went with Ford's rubberized mats and trunk liner.

  4. This one sounds cheesy but it works. Took my 16 GT on a 6k roadtrip this year. Getting out of the car and had my phone in one hand, something else in the other. Wouldn't you know it my phone fell into the space between the center rest and seat. Not fun getting it out. Bam, solution:

u/LeftMySoulAtHome · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The Drop Stop. I have one set in my Mazda and no longer find mummified french fries under my seat. haha.

u/javawebdeveloper · 1 pointr/tifu
u/ReproCompter · 1 pointr/TalesFromRetail

Maybe you need this. Drop Stop

u/Joe_Sith · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

You should invest in a couple of these. The couple of bucks has been worth the frustration it's saved me from not having to dig my phone or change out from between the seats and console I don't know how many times in the year or so since I've had them.

u/d00msdayxx · 1 pointr/funny
u/scrlk990 · 1 pointr/funny
u/dropstop · 1 pointr/wheredidthesodago

Haha! Awesome thanks so much. You can order direct from our website. We'll be finding our way to retail very shortly and we'll let y'all know.

You can also order from Amazon and QVC, but right now our site has a free shipping code up for a Shark Tank's scheduled to be removed at 1pm PST. However if you don't get to ordering before then, just PM us for a free shipping code and we'll create one just for you ;-)

u/Mombutt_long_and_low · 1 pointr/funny

The abyss. Get one of these:

u/ahabeger · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Hopefully the dealership cleaned the wheels well. I'd suggest cleaning them again and putting a sealant or wheel wax on the barrel of the wheels to aid in keeping them clean. The brakes on BMWs throw a lot of dust.

A quick interior detailer is a big time saver as the wood trim on the inside picks up fingerprints pretty quick.

I have two guzzler drying towels and sometimes that isn't enough for the vehicle, picking up a 3rd when they're on sale.

Get an in-car trash can. This one: fits behind the center console well.

Also get some drop stops since the gap between the seat and console is hungry.

My X5M is black exterior, black leather, black piano trim and a fingerprint magnet.

u/SanFransicko · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I carry:

  • At least two sets of ratchet straps

  • 5 lb dry chemical fire extinguisher

  • Tow strap with a hook on one eye and a shackle on the other (Amsteel line rated to 26,000 lbs)

  • A set of jumper cables

  • A tool bag that has a few screw drivers, channel locks, adjustable wrenches, needle nose pliers, wire tool, a bundle of zip ties, a few hose clamps, and various fuses.

  • Rescue tool with seatbelt cutter and window smasher

  • 4 road flares.

  • A roll of Rescue Tape, and a roll of electrical tape.

  • There's a farm jack, a green slime tire patch kit, and an air compressor that plugs into my accessory charger, and of course a tire gauge (please don't trust the one at the gas station).

  • In the medical kit, there are two universal splints, a cervical collar, exam gloves, gauze, triangular bandages and bandaids, a CPR gasket so I don't have to kiss a stranger, blood clotting powder, super glue, duct tape, chewable aspirin for heart attacks, CapriSuns for diabetics, eye wash bottles, iodine wipes, smelling salts and ipecac, and a pulse oximeter

  • I have a rescue rope (orange rope with a buoyant ring at the end). I have a couple of space blanket material sleeping bags, and a couple of really cheap ponchos.

    This is my everyday kit and it all fits under and behind the bench in a standard-cab pickup truck.
u/TThor · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

If you are actually worried about this, just buy a glassbreaker to keep in your car. This one even has a seatbelt cutter and a mount to attach it somewhere accessible in your vehicle.

u/JJ_The_Jet · 1 pointr/ems

Having recently gone through AVET and experimenting with various window breaking methods, I can tell you that the dedicated window breakers such as this or window punches work much much better than a striking tip on any multitool. The striking tips tend to cause over penetration (tool going into passenger compartment) as they require more force to do the same thing. Buy a good knife and a good punch and you can punch the window then cut the seat belt with the knife.

That's my two cents.

u/249ba36000029bbe9749 · 1 pointr/mildlyinfuriating
u/HowCatastic · 1 pointr/StarWars
u/mouseptato · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

OK then, how about a gift certificate for car wash/detailing? New floor mats? A sunshade? I have this one:

A fancy new LED rechargeable flashlight?

u/RoboNinjaPirate · 1 pointr/pics

For what it's worth, I got this Sunscreen for the windshield for christmas.

u/-CharlieFoxtrot- · 1 pointr/funny

You can get the Star Wars sun shield I have one in my car!

u/krdshrk · 1 pointr/funny

Got mine from Amazon

u/KevlarYarmulke · 1 pointr/StarWars
u/HotterRod · 1 pointr/BurningMan

Don't forget your ashtray! I recently discovered these flame-proof pouches, which are very convenient.

u/kent_eh · 1 pointr/WTF

Oh yeah. That's an excellent excuse

u/Khyfemon · 1 pointr/trees
u/Letsbereal · 1 pointr/Futurology

You're exactly right, they have been taught to do it because they've seen people do it. In movies, you never see someone pull out one of these and stow away their garbage. Of course that thing was invented in Japan. Fuckers are wayyyy too environmentally conscientious to be human. They gotta be bred in a lab or something.

u/jeremec · 1 pointr/Portland

Better yet, get one of these... The city should just hand these fucking things out.

u/noize_grrrl · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Found [these] ( on Amazon. I get mine from Daiso, a Japanese dollar store in Melbourne. I like them much better than the metal ones, not as bulky in your pocket.

u/Reamer · 1 pointr/shittyaskscience

It was all because of the AutoExec cover-up.

u/KittenAnne · 1 pointr/randomactsofamazon

This is one of my favourite WTF - I mean who needs 55 gallons!

Also I love the shear ridiculousness of this steering wheel table

And one of the other stupid thing is pens specifically for her read the comments for all of these - they are funny!

As far a gift - surprise me if I win :)

u/fuzzball007 · 1 pointr/pics

They sell some pretty amazing ones with some great reviews if you're interested.

u/carnageeleven · 1 pointr/gaming

Pshh...a true gamer would bring his desktop in the car with him. That's why they have power inverters and this.

u/JorusC · 1 pointr/funny
u/j__moriarty · 1 pointr/IdiotsInCars

Get yourself a stand for your laptop while you’re at it

I know it’s not meant to be used while driving, but you know someone has done it.

u/strike2867 · 1 pointr/worldnews

The reviews are actually pretty funny.

Reminds me of the reviews for AutoExec Wheelmate Steering Wheel Attachable Work Surface Tray. I wish they still allowed pictures.

u/spit-evil-olive-tips · 1 pointr/SeattleWA

Just a phone? Pfft, amateur...

u/Floppie7th · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Drivers are, however, doing all of the following - and I have a hard time believing any of them are accidental:

  • Texting
  • Eating
  • Talking on the phone (hands-free only helps if you're changing gear; otherwise, does not change the level of distraction)
  • Doing their makeup
  • Messing with their kids in the back seat
  • Fiddling with the radio (I'm looking at you, touch screen head units)
  • Reading a book/using their laptop

    The list goes on. Don't do these things and, magically, you're a lot more careful.
u/Pope-Cheese · 1 pointr/Bravenewbies

Check out the reviews on this badboy

This should be a purchasable item that allows you to use your notepad while on autopilot.

u/FilthyTerrible · 1 pointr/Guitar

> That's just dumb. If it wasn't useful, there wouldn't be a market.

Pet rocks. Goldfish. This laptop shelf that affixes to your steeringwheel:

u/RedDelibird · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This Steering Wheel Work Table is the greatest series of reviews I have ever seen.


u/ostrich_semen · 1 pointr/WTF

If you liked that, you'll love the Steering Wheel Desk Reviews:

> 4 out of 5 stars Not so good as baby changing table

> I read some 4 and 5 star reviews by those who used this device successfully to change a baby while driving. On that basis, I bought one. I put my baby on it and drove for over an hour. It did not change. Same baby. I am glad it worked for some people but I will be returning mine. (The steering wheel desk.)

u/Vic_the_Dick · 1 pointr/flashlight

Agreed, I’ve been meaning to add one of these to my aluminum Tool.

u/leatherdenimcanvas · 1 pointr/rawdenim

Only need a house key, a work key, and a car key fob. All three are hooked to this tiny clip and sit inside my right pocket, clipped to the pocket, next to my knife. This part is always the first to fade from all the friction and ends up with near white fades after just a few months. Eventually it does tear up the top of the pocket, and sometimes the pocket bags, but those are easy to fix (and look awesome with some repairs).

u/Sparks_MD · 1 pointr/EDC

Sorry guys, I thought this comment would show up but it didn't so here's it again!

Info and such.

Picture one is my work (garrison, not deployed) EDC and picture two is my normal EDC.

  1. IPhone 5 with LifeProof case

  2. [Fisher Space Pen] ( (This is my third one, last two flew off.)

  3. Just a normal sharpie

  4. Two diffrent types of Rite in the Rain

  5. Gerber Flick Multi-tool and belt carrying case

  6. Southord Jackknife lock-pick set

  7. Kershaw Cryo knife

  8. CREE LED flashlight

  9. Keys with a TEC P-7, a tritium key FOB, and a 2 GB flash drive

  10. ID tags

  11. A very cheap Armitron sports watch

  12. Carmex

  13. A BIC lighter

  14. Standard ear Protection

  15. Standard tri-fold wallet (will upgrade soon)

  16. Oakley Flak Jacket (These were given to me)

  17. Standard issue gloves (do not buy these)

    So I do carry much more stuff with me while I'm working but I'm quick to shed it when I get back to the barracks.

    Hope you enjoyed and I'll be happy to answer any questions about my getup!
u/mossington1911 · 1 pointr/knives

There is a recessed clip around the internet like this. There are others too. It's just one I found.

u/mattjvalenzuela · 1 pointr/EDC

For me, I keep my notebook, wallet, phone and pen in pockets. Knife, sharpie, multitool, and flashlight are in a bag. I don't get enough use out of them to justify weighing my pockets down any more. I'm also a teacher, and this limits my carry by a lot when at work. If I'm working, I leave nearly everything in my bag except for essential items (phone, pen, occasional expo pen).

Having a bunch of items doesn't make much sense to me when you can't carry them in an efficient manner. I struggled for a while carrying too much and having my pockets bulging when I wasn't getting a lot of use out of my gear.

My suggestion(s):
Get a bag. Leave less-used gear in there.

Limit your pockets to a single sharpie or pen. 2 pens in 1 pocket gets clumsy.

Slim your wallet if you can. Less weight, and wallet and notebook can go in the same pocket.

Mount multitool and flashlight on a single clip. I like the P-7.

u/b_jams · 1 pointr/AirForce

If your keys in the bottom of your pocket are causing your drawers to ride up on you, look into getting a key chain suspension clip

u/aprofessional · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Most of those SAKs have a lanyard / keychain attachment point. You could attach an s-hook or suspension clip with a split ring.

u/dj_boy-Wonder · 1 pointr/Survival

I have one of these, Great Choice. Get one of these to combat the weight of it

u/aboveavgskeptic · 1 pointr/EDC

been using this for a few years now. holds up great and is nice and slim.

u/N_Rage · 1 pointr/vandwellers

Found them on amazon:

They are made by a company called shade sox, though there probably are some cheaper ones available.
It might be an advantage to look for ones that are bigger than your windows to cover them fully,mine were about 1/2 inch too short and I'd rather have had bigger ones.

u/Sleepy_zebra · 1 pointr/Parenting

I read another comment where someone advised you to make sure your kid runs around during stops. That is great advice. I don't know if your little one can walk yet but lots of exercise to get them nice and tired is a good idea.

I also read that you nurse. I have become quite proficient at sitting in the back and nursing my baby while he is strapped into his car seat. That is a god send. You don't have to pull over and it's a great comforting tool. I keep a towel, scarf in the back to shield us from other drivers.

Forgot to say my car has tinted windows but my old car didn't. I found those [shade sox] ( things very helpful.

u/lordgummy · 1 pointr/vandwellers
u/DriverFL · 1 pointr/Honda

Just got it this week after an accident in my 1994 Acura Legend.

First Honda for me, and first car made in the 21st century (previously also had a 2008 Chevy Cavalier).

Wanted to share with you all and ask about best (frugal) accessories to keep this car tip top for years to come. So far I've gotten:

  • Elite Seat Shield- I play a lot of basketball and go the the gym regularly, so want to avoid damaging the seat.

  • Armor All Rubber Mats- for everyday use and especially for ease of cleaning when I bring sand in from the beach

  • Shade Sox in lieu of tinting until I can save a little money to afford it

  • Jumo Windshield Shade- to keep the car cooler and protect the interior parked in the bright Florida sun.

    I also plan to get

  • Ultra Gauge for real-time MPG monitoring

    Any other basic recommendations. I'm also open to learning how to properly and regularly wash and wax the car to retain the paint and re-sale value down the road, and have read a few threads on that, such as this Wiki post here.

    Any other good recommended (easy for the beginner) resources you can suggest. This is the first time I've spent more than $1k on a car (~$7500), and want to protect and preserve the investment.

    Thanks /r/Honda.
u/catwithlasers · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

These have made a huge difference in the temp of my car, plus they're great in that you can open the window unlike the suction cup kind. If you order them, make sure you check the "other sellers" option and pick the ones that are more expensive and available through Amazon, because the lesser expensive ones are cheap knockoffs. (They do take some getting accustomed to, as they are not super easy to see through.)

I haven't made it yet, but I'm going to use a dryer hose (vinyl, not aluminum) to rig a pipeline from one AC vent to the backseat, to make sure cool air gets back there faster.

u/sur_surly · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

These were linked elsewhere for a more frugal approach to ventilation.

u/Zaporah · 1 pointr/vandwellers

My bf and I slept in a regular size prius for 2.5 weeks this summer. Just put the back seats down so it was flat and used backpacking sleep mats and sleeping bags and a pillow. Was as comfy as my bed! So any of those should be fine.

I would recommend just barely cracking your windows for air flow and either getting a sun shade or parking strategically so you aren't woken up by the sun. At that time of year I don't think you need to worry about the heat at least :-)

Also if you ever do it more long term these were an amazing purchase. Kept the sun out, bugs out, privacy and air flowing! And super easy to pack down.

u/dompybear · 1 pointr/daddit

I have a 3/4 ton dodge and I bought These and they fit like a glove. I have a crew cab too if that helps.

Edit: you said rear window, woops. I don't even bother with rear because I have a topper! Sorry!

u/NewtonGimmick · 1 pointr/DogCare

You can try something like this. It'll block out some sun/heat/mosquitos/etc and let you keep the windows down. You just slide em on over the door.

I would also suggest some sort of seat belt. These buckle into a normal seat belt on one end and the other end you attach to a harness (do NOT attach it to a collar unless you want a dead/severely injured dog if you get into an accident or need to hit the brakes hard).

u/Kickedintheshin · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

I built a sleeping/cooking platform for the back of my crosstrek and I am about 6'2 and I just fit with the front seats as far forward as they go. So you guys should fit just fine. Getting something like the Yakima 16 skybox (what I have on mine) helps a lot with gear storage. If you are going to sleep in your car in the summer you are probably going to want the windows down so recommend these: They fit the back doors perfectly, keep the bugs out, give some privacy and are some defense against minor rain.

I had fun coming up my build/set up so I say get creative and good luck!

u/PhiladelphiaCollins3 · 1 pointr/vandwellers

I just bought some mesh window covers for getting some ventilation and keeping out bugs while camping in my suv. They fit over the entire top half of the door frame and are black which helps with blocking anyone from easily seeing in the windows. The downside is that they're not very secure and wouldn't be difficult to move out if the way so I would be careful urban camping.

And I've been putting a lot of thought into this myself recently, and I'm not sure there's a good way to stay cooler during the day other than putting something like reflectix in most of the windows , which definitely isn't stealthy. Maybe get that silver looking window tint and reflectix wouldn't be noticeable behind it.

u/Flatline2962 · 1 pointr/camping

Bought these the other day. They're what people on the /r/xvcrosstrek sub suggest.

u/ThrowAwayAcct0000 · 1 pointr/news

I've found these to be very helpful if you need some air, but don't want to turn on the AC (because of keys in the ignition could get you a DUI), but you don't want to roll down windows (because of bugs). I use them for camping, but they would work here too!

u/cedwardsmedia · 1 pointr/privacytoolsIO
u/ibanezrocker724 · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Get one of those metallic bags that block radio signals. like this one

u/alfbort · 1 pointr/videos

This is why I keep my keys in my house in one of these

u/cybereality · 1 pointr/security

If you search "Faraday Bag" on Amazon, there are tons of options. I have used the EDEC one for my car key fob ( ) and the Wisdompro for larger items ( ). I have tested these in my car and with a cell phone, they do what they say.

u/ldean668 · 1 pointr/TeslaModel3

I prefer the ToughPro because they provide more coverage at a lower price.

ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Set - All Weather - Heavy Duty - Black Rubber -2017-2018

u/thebryguy23 · 1 pointr/teslamotors

Doubt the Model S ones would fit nicely. There are plenty of third party options on Amazon, currently looking at these (they also make a set with the frunk & trunk mats, but more than twice the price

u/showmethestudy · 1 pointr/teslamotors

Are these the ones? It looks like adding the trunk and frunk mats goes up to $200.

How's the hexagon pattern? Looks like it would be tough to get dust out. May have to spray them out. But they look like they hold water and snow pretty well.

u/demonlag · 1 pointr/teslamotors

These are pretty good if you need something now. I'm reasonably satisfied with them for the price.



u/saskue87 · 1 pointr/TeslaModel3

Personally I would get these

They are pricey but this car is something you would keep for 10+ years if you can. Get the best of the best for it!

Besides that, a center console wrap is a must

u/TheKobayashiMoron · 1 pointr/teslamotors

This is the link, but they are always in and out of stock. Sign up for notifications and grab one when it pops up.

For Tesla Model 3,RWD and Dual Motor, 3D MAXpider Floor Liners, (2) Front Seats, (1) Rear Seat Pre-Order Reservation

u/shammikaze · 1 pointr/teslamotors


u/Gah_Duma · 1 pointr/TeslaModel3
u/baljeeter · 0 pointsr/cybersecurity

I'd recommend getting a Faraday bag and keeping the phone in it the whole time you are there.

You can find them pretty cheap on Amazon: link

u/_frank_dux_ · 0 pointsr/news

Wouldn't it have been easier to break a window rather than the windshield? Either way, I bought one of these in case I ever see a dog or a child left in a car during sweltering heat with the windows rolled up.

u/originalone · 0 pointsr/bicycling

or carry around one of these

u/freakofnatur · 0 pointsr/Whatisthis

Try this:

Same price as a cheesy pocket knife, and you get a bonus hammer.

Also note that one reviewer actually tried cutting a seat-belt with this, and it was hard with this purpose built device with a strong handle. My guess is that the flimsy letter opener would be sketchy at best, but better than nothing.

u/RadioMedic · 0 pointsr/knives

I keep a Res-Q-Me on my keychain.
If you are in a situation where you'll need a seatbelt cutter and window punch, very likely everything not bolted down will go flying. This is on your key ring in your ignition. Snatch it off the ring, cut your seatbelt, press the spring loaded punch to the window.

u/branchan · 0 pointsr/Miata

Really great tips :)

If you want a good grease, this one is always highly recommended:

u/RockstarAgent · -1 pointsr/povertyfinance
  1. Close the bank account where the payday loans come out of if they're automatic. Open a new one at another bank if you still need to do direct deposit and also because it helps to do things electronic.
  2. Change your number or block the numbers. Better to change the number, less stress.
  3. Get a steering wheel lock for a little bit extra security.
  4. Credit cards, stop paying them too. Your credit may tank, but this is emergency actions.
  5. Literally just budget for what is first, rent, utilities, the necessities, cut off the rest, like bankruptcy but on your own and you can negotiate a payoff later. At least try to before they may sue you. I said may, because sometimes if the amount is too little they don't bother.
  6. IF you can, see if there's any way that you can get a storage unit, sell off anything extra you don't need, box everything up like you're going to move, then either see if you can "bunk" with relatives for a few months and see how much you can save to jump start your situation again. Can you sleep in your car and get a gym membership?
  7. Not to keep you in the cycle, but for me, two companies (I've posted many times elsewhere and on other's posts many times, because I swear by them) helped me start to dig my way out. which is like a payday loan but you can borrow the $250 for 30 days instead of 15 days. Still $294-295 payoff but the longer time has helped me, also, if you do it like a week after payday, then you have time to pay it off instead of it just being pulled out of your account automatically right on payday, which for me caused problems because I didn't have direct deposit, and even if you get delayed for any reason, that is a problem. If you continue to need them, eventually they let you borrow larger amounts, and up to $1k, which you can pay back about $100 a month for 12 months. So it only costs $200 for that loan. And they let you simultaneously borrow the $250 still as a separate loan. is the second one that has helped me pay some things like my cell phone, storage, paid for a car repair, some things you may not be able to pay because if they charge the $1 test charge, then you can't use it, because it makes a virtual credit card for one time use. So a $700 car repair, I'm paying $70 a month for 12 months, so the loan cost me $140. You can choose 3, 6 or 12 months. IF you use these companies, definitely best to have a spreadsheet so you can have a visual of the amounts and where you're going to use them, and how you budget and basically juggle pay back, or renewal.
  8. Try to go out more, for walks, enjoy nature, do things together that make you happy. It's going to be rough but you have each other. Good luck.
u/magicaltreasuretroll · -1 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

Get the club instead. Possibly the cheapest option out side of a homemade kill switch.

The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock, Red

u/soparamens · -1 pointsr/mexico

> y ese olorcito a plastiquito nuevo la neta es algo único.

sabiendo que con 8 dólares mi auto puede oler así diario no me atrae tanto la idea de pagar un 25% de sobreprecio :P

u/elpapiflaco · -1 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Drop Stop - as seen on Shark Tank. Prevents stuff from falling between the seats.

u/CanardConfit · -8 pointsr/videos

Fancy? no much faster and safer than a baton? Yes. Oh and the "ninja rocks" are made from the body of the spark plug not the tip as you said previously. Sorry what was the point point of your copy/paste response??

u/FutureCrabFisherman · -31 pointsr/videos

The Lord isn't going to help you out. If he was, the truck wouldn't of flipped in the first place. What is going to help you out is to A: stop panicking and B: perform chest compressions until the paramedics arrive. I know it's hard to keep calm but believe me, if you don't you are not going to be able to think clearly or decisively. And this will cause you to make mistakes and forget things you normally wouldn't.

Also PSA everyone should have one of these keychains no matter what it's cheap and could save someone's life's when precious seconds are a matter of life and death.