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RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with Handlebar U-Bolt Base
Spring-loaded 'X' design with rubber caps sports great holding power without hiding your phone; includes optional device tether for peace of mind during rugged useIncludes U-bolt base that accommodates rails from .5" to 1.25" in diameter and a medium length, B size RAM double socket arm; ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustabilityMade of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel components, and high-strength composite for durability and reliability in the most demanding environmentsCompatible with iPhone 7,iPhone 8, iPhone SE,iPhone X,iPhone Xs,iPhone Xr,Google Pixel 3,Pixel 3a,Samsung Galaxy J7 Series,Note 8,Note 10,S7,S7 Edge,S8Plus,S9,S9Plus,S10,S10+,S10e,Xcover 3,Xcover 4
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34 Reddit comments about RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with Handlebar U-Bolt Base:

u/tendrax · 8 pointsr/motorcycles

Not sure what exact model he is using but the RAM X-Grip Mounts are pretty popular and work very well.

u/trinaryoc · 5 pointsr/motorcycles
u/mrgreywater · 4 pointsr/Motorrad

On the R1200R, the gps is connected with the 12V auxiliary power cable which is switched on with the ignition. This cable can be acquired at your bmw motorcycle shop: hornig

You take this cable, and connect the proper leads (see description of the link above) with this usb power regulator: ebay/amazon

I've tried a few different 12V to 5V usb regulators, but this is the only one that charges the phone consistently with 2 Amps. Most other regulators I've tested don't supply a consistent 5V when the bikes 12V fluctuates (e.g coming to a stop/accelerating/switching to highbeam) causing the phone to drop to a lower charging speed.

I've found an adapter plate to mount that usb regulator to the handlebar in a local bike shop (standard ~28mm diameter socket) for $5. You can probably also cut a piece of plastic/metal like this and mount it with a handlebar screw. Alternatively: twistedthrottle

To hold your phone, Ram Mounts X-Grip works best (though expensive). You can replace one bolt on the handlebar for an anchoring point: hornig/amazon.

The best/most secure throttle lock I've found is brake away: . You would have to measure the available space and handlebar diameter to choose the right one though.

u/phil128 · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

Items used:

Battery SAE Connector $6
SEA connection that has 4 plugs. If I need to hook up a battery charger or air compressor it's nice.

USB Power $10 I used one for the phone itself and one for the hub, however you only need one. I just didnt not want the amplifier taking power away from charging the phone. Redundancy is nice too. Extra USB ports for whatever.

USB Hub $7 For all the gadgets.

USB Phone Power Cable $5 This is the real weak point in the setup. I've gone through a lot of these. is good for really cheap cords.

[Phone Audio output(between phone and amplifier)] (
$7 Quality cord here. Purchased for the right angle plug.

[Amplifier]( $28
Amplifier output connection: $30 After not being able to hear very well with no amplifier, this greatly improved the experience.

Helmet coil cord $5 With this cord you never know the cord is there until you get off the bike and it will break away.

Helmet speakers: $10 I found a great deal on ebay for some "hoodie" speakers and I epoxied them in the helmet. You could always use this setup with earbuds too, but I was never fond of getting them pulled out while riding.

Phone mount $35 I would trust it will an $800 phone.

Total Cost w/ Phone Mount: $ 115

u/SilverbackBob · 3 pointsr/videos

I got a RAM mount a couple years ago and it has been 1000% worth every penny. Really nice setup to have. Mine is this package, but I went directly to RAM and got a base that mounts right on top of my clutch reservoir like this.

u/Ckytrj · 3 pointsr/Harley
u/jacktheripper14 · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

Yeah, this is the one I bought. There is another one I just saw on amazon when I was getting the link for the one i bought that has the x mount with the silicone holder along with the ball socket arm and a u bolt set up for mounting to the bars. Here is that set up

I have a Samsung s6 edge and the silicone part is pretty tight. I think any phone that is bigger might be too big to fit.

Edit: i screwed up the links, fixed now.

u/turkish112 · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

Try that one. Sorry- I copied from my past orders to make sure it was the right one so it’s probably trying to find it in your past orders. Anywho, it’s amazing and I love it.

u/D00MK0PF · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

i have a RAM Mount that works great. however, my HTC One M8's rear camera went to shit, presumably from all the vibration at higher speed. just a fair warning. i think it might be more specific to my model though, because after searching it seems that lots of people have had similar issues with the same model.

u/z9nine · 2 pointsr/Kawasaki

Ram Mounts RAM-B-149Z-UN7U Handlebar Rail Mount with U-Bolt Base and Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder, Zinc Coated

u/Bman74 · 2 pointsr/GalaxyNote9

I have a motorcycle, this past July I drove across the US, from Florida to Oregon and back. Some of it off road. I have a Ram Mount and not once did it fail or did I feel that my phone was going to fall off.

u/camusdreams · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I bought this mount when I got my license but it didn’t fit my BMW handlebars, so I’m just now able to use it for the first time. Seems fine so far. In addition to the clamps you see, there’s a stretchy rubber material that secures the corners of the phone down.

u/themangeraaad · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

This one looks like the same one I got, except I paid $18 for it rather than $50.

Looking at the other options available, the handlebar mount RAM x grip mount is only $33 now (I swear it was $50-$70 when I bought my knockoff). If you don't mind the handlebar mount style I'd probably just go with that one. It looks like it has better adjustability than the one I got

u/closer68 · 2 pointsr/mountainbiking

I use a Ram mount x grip on both my MTN bike and my motorcycle. Never a problem.

Ram Mounts RAM-B-149Z-UN7U Handlebar Rail Mount with U-Bolt Base and Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder, Zinc Coated

u/Obvious0ne · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I use this handlebar mount on my boat - but I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with it on a motorcycle.

u/hyper_sloth · 1 pointr/vancouver

Here's a universal car mount. I believe it is a bolt on. I don't know if you drive for a living the way you described, but companies can and should accommodate. I would find it bizare if no one had supplied a solution for what you described.

u/i_am_good · 1 pointr/FZ07

Hello folks!

While I wait for my 2018 MT-07 White Intensity model to arrive at my dealership, I am putting together a list of things I would like to change up.

Planned mods:

  • Color: Flat black on tank, rear side panels, plastic under head light and exhaust pipes
  • Black Widow Exhaust 200mm (link)
  • Engine Cover (link)
  • Frame Sliders (link)
  • Integrated Tail Light (link)
  • Radiator Guard Cover (link)
  • Windscreen (link)
  • Phone Holder (link)

    Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I have had great success with RAM mounts and various clasps for different devices (I am sure they have one for a go pro). I use this one for my Galaxy 7 Edge and it rocks!...

u/wdgiles · 1 pointr/DIY

Needs a Ram Mount with the X-Grip phone holder. Tat thing will never rattle off. Great looking project!

u/wtf_0ver · 1 pointr/Harley

Ram X mount. This is the handlebar clamp option but you can also get a mount for your brake reservoir or handlebar clamp bolt mount. This is the best mounting system I've ever owned.

Ram Mounts RAM-B-149Z-UN7U Handlebar Rail Mount with U-Bolt Base and Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder, Zinc Coated

u/SirEDCaLot · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Under $300- easy. Sena headset intercom kit.

It goes in her helmet and lets her talk with other riders. But, it also connects to a mobile phone with Bluetooth, so the phone can play music, phone call audio, AND nav directions right into the headset.
Sena 10S motorcycle bluetooth intercom kit $215

If you want to spend a bit more than $300, there's the 10C for $350 which has a built in camera. That can be a safety thing, so if a driver does something bad she has evidence of it.

Note- if she has a Schuberth helmet (expensive European brand) get her the Schuberth bluetooth kit as it integrates into the helmet...

If you want cheaper, try a $45 RAM Cell Phone mount so she can mount her cell phone on her bike handlebars.
This may not be a great gift if she's really new to riding though as the mounted cell phone can be a distraction in some cases...

u/2009miles · 1 pointr/PKA

Really happy to see Woody got himself a thumper and will be motovlogging. /u/vanguard_anon you mentioned you were looking for a phone mount and most motovloggers i see swear by these things: RAM mounts. You should definitely give those a look if you haven't gotten a phone mount yet.

Also, you probably already looked into this, but something like this would be a great start for when you do your first motovlog, specially the segment from 9:50 to about 15 minutes, that should help you set up the camera and mic so we can get a good angle and as good quality audio as possible. (keep in mind the helmet is a big variable in all this, some are just better than others when it comes to audio recording)

Really looking forward to those motovlogs, also the guy on the video, Dan, would be a great guest for the podcast and /u/DrChiz should definitly try to get him on.

Hope this helps. ^^if^you^actually^ever^see^this.

u/daniell61 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

$47 aint that bad dude

or $57

if you want cheap you're not getting a ram mount.

u/i_am_atoms · 1 pointr/motorcycles

This Ram mount is a good bet. I have a couple of knock off ones the same design (only about $15 on ebay) that have served me well. I even use them for enduro and my phone hasn't fallen out, so they're pretty secure.

u/enraged768 · 1 pointr/SVRiders

I went to the iron pony in Ohio recently and purchased this ram mount I really didn't have much knowledge of these but I figured there was a place I could mount it. It turns out that theres really not, i moved the clutch and brake levers all the way in an attempt to gain a little room for the mount and I probably could have squeezed it in with a Dremel but I really didn't want to do that.

Anyway after fighting the U bolt version for about 45 min i eventually decided that i was just going to mount it on my mirror, which...worked, and honestly worked very well. I tightened the mirror screws about a quarter turn more to ensure tightness and mounted this mount. It works very well. it doesnt vibrate much and its almost at eye level which is really nice.

Im only posting this in case someone was wondering which mount to purchase. I'm not telling to to buy this mount this is only what ive discovered using this. hopefully this gets archived until someone eles has this question.

u/RuckOver3 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I've used the Ram X mount for the past 5 or so years wthout any issue. It doesnt look that secure but it is. When the guy at shop recommended it, I said it didnt look secure. He put his brand new iPhone (no case) in it and swing it around as hard as he could and it didnt budge.


u/GymBull · 1 pointr/motorcycles

RAM X-Grip like Dan said and you can grab the little net to make sure it's steady.

This and This

u/AKTriGuy · 1 pointr/amateurradio

Ram Mount X-Grip with rail mount.

u/TryThisAnotherTime · 1 pointr/Fahrrad

Ich hatte mir fürs Motorrad von RAM den X-Grip geholt, hält dort super. Am Fahrrad ist jetzt auch eine kleine RAM-Kugel montiert, ist halt nicht ganz günstig (oder leicht), aber hält Bombe. Auf Amazon gibts dieses Set ich finde das Verbindungsstück aber zu lang, hab selber das kleinere.

Handy ist eine OnePlus 7 mit Hülle.

u/floop14 · 0 pointsr/motorcycles
Bought this same setup last week. The small universal X-grip (UN7) works for the the average smart phone, yours included. I have the galaxy S5. A thick case like an otter box might be too big. I believe the item description gives the maximum and minimum measurements for phone height and width.

u/PDXTony · 0 pointsr/Portland

isnt it the car you dont see that gets you though?

why not just use a cell phone mount on your bike? Ram mounts are amazing