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Top Reddit comments about Calendars:

u/jonthemaud · 25 pointsr/funny

Could have been the best $7.41 you ever spent

u/Karleopard · 15 pointsr/Showerthoughts

It is going to be pooping pooches.

u/MilchreisMann412 · 13 pointsr/de

Schlimme Nachricht: offenbar sind bei einem LKW-Brand mehrere Tausend Exemplare des wunderbaren Carponizer - erotischer Karpfenkalender 2018 zerstört worden. Beim Amazon auch nicht mehr lieferbar. Wer auf seine erotischen Bilder mit Karpfen im Jahr 2018 nicht verzichten kann/möchte sollte sich auf die Suche nach den Ausgaben aus den Jahren 2001 oder 2007 machen - die gelten auch 2018.

u/Avoo · 10 pointsr/ImaginaryWesteros
u/yoenit · 9 pointsr/asoiaf

IANAL, but I know drawing artwork based on a book is still a form of derivative work. Webcomics and the like are usually protected under Fair Use as transformative works, but I don't think that applies in this case.

An example of GRRM selling artwork based on ASOIAF would be the calender.

u/kinmix · 9 pointsr/europe

Buy Putin calendar, Obama calendar and get a Cameron calendar for free^

digital download only, offer expires yesterday)

u/IHaTeD2 · 7 pointsr/de

>Kunden, die diesen Artikel angesehen haben, haben auch angesehen

Carponizer erotischer Karpfenkalender 2017

u/poekoelan · 5 pointsr/gameofthrones

Link for the lazy:

Probably also available at your local bookstore. Support independent bookstores! (if you have them in your area)

u/Edraqt · 4 pointsr/WTF

I mean, i think the market is cut out pretty clear: Dumb novelty gift you give to your bro.

So pretty much a way more expensive erotic carp calendar.

u/norwaypine · 4 pointsr/BabyBumps

I love the 1st year calendars! My Life as a Baby: A First-Year Calendar (Woodland Friends)

There’s a bunch of different ones on amazon

u/Stranger0nReddit · 3 pointsr/Gifts

I suggested this in another post, but having to display this creepy sequin nicolas cage pillow could be pretty funny.

some other ideas- pooping pooches calendar, this weird jeff goldblum shower curtain

u/ruincreep · 3 pointsr/de

Wie wär's mit dem Bestseller #1 in der Kategorie "Sportkalender"? Nichts sagt mehr "es ist Januar" als eine halbnackte Frau mit einem dicken Karpfen im Arm.

EDIT: Hab "Advents-" überlesen, aber ich lass es mal stehen weil's so schön ist.

u/McBunnyface · 3 pointsr/news

She just wanted to get into this calendar

u/dowhatyoulove · 3 pointsr/WTF
u/sjvmi87 · 2 pointsr/notebooks
u/babies-are-adorbz · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

My Life as a Baby: A First-Year Calendar (Woodland Friends)

I bought this one. It’s the size of a wall calendar, has a space for one photo a month, a calendar page where you write in the dates and can write down when important things happened, and a few open ended questions for each month.

There are also stickers for milestones like crawling, walking, one month old, etc.

There are other themes available too if you search around.

For when she’s older I plan to get a “School Days” book. It has a pocket page for each year of school. The pages again has a space for a photo, and some questions, and then the pocket to put in some school work, report card, etc. (not a lot of space, so can’t save everything in it, but has space for some samples of stuff from that year.

u/dtmfadvice · 2 pointsr/AskRedditAfterDark
u/HealthyDisease · 2 pointsr/MURICA
u/ryguyrhino · 2 pointsr/TokyoGhoul
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Goats in Trees 2011 a friend of mine got this for me. Its already on my wall waiting for January.

u/poleary · 2 pointsr/trees
u/laniastarpower · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I've been using this one for a couple years. I love that there's a blank page on the right side because often I have notes/reminders/lists that aren't date specific.

u/poundfoolishhh · 2 pointsr/news
u/CaptainCoral · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

^ THIS! Everyone thinks I'm kinda old-fashioned that I don't use a fancy app on my phone (I'm constantly on my phone), but I just can't get rid of a paper planner. This Moleskine weekly planner is the best one I've found - it's the perfect size, pen won't bleed through the pages, and it's got a pocket in the back for notes/businesscards/appointment reminders, and it comes with labels.

There's also just something about writing things down by hand that will help you remember things. I get alot of satisfaction out of crossing things off lists, so I'll use post-it notes within it with grocery lists, to-do lists, phone calls to make, etc. and cross them off and leave them in the notebook so I remember when I did certain things.

u/Augustus4 · 1 pointr/February2018Bumpers

Here’s the one we have: My Life as a Baby: A First-Year Calendar (Woodland Friends)

u/scoronam · 1 pointr/patriciacaprice

So --- apparently that's for real. -- and a part of me wants to buy it as a hilarious collector's item.

u/Exnon_ · 1 pointr/WTF

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they're potato because the pictures are taken from Amazon. Here's a link to Amazon.

I know how weird some of you guys are.

u/-Pelvis- · 1 pointr/AMA

I was going to recommend Thunderbird as well, but I haven't tried it.

After a bit of research, it seems Google Docs can use the calendar offline, and sync with your iphone, so that might be exactly what you're looking to do.

I've had a bit of a rough night, I'll do some more research and see if there's another way. I might be getting a cell phone soon, and I'd like to be able to do this. I'll probably go android, mind you.

In the mean while, I hear these are pretty reliable. Har har.

u/Probopper · 1 pointr/FakeTitsWorship

I reverse image searched and found out it was from the erotic carp calendar.

u/mastrepolo · 1 pointr/gameofthrones

The Dabel brothers publishing were the ones that commissioned the cover art prints. But their website has been down for a while, plus the Amazon page says they're calenders out of print. Here's the link that announced when it came out. It will be hard to get a calender(specially the limited print one with Ned Stark on the front), but good luck on trying to find one let me know if you find it.

u/dreamgal042 · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

This is the one I got for my son. It's easy. Every month it's height and weight, and then stickers for milestones. He's 18 months now and for his first year I filled the whole thing out except the details of his first birthday party 😂🤦

My Life as a Baby: A First-Year Calendar (Woodland Friends)

u/grito94 · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

Yeah I am looking for the same style where the images on the calendar are of nature and have the days of the month in the same way. But I can only find one on amazon that looks like that, but they are mostly cities Tatry Panorama Calendar - Calendars 2018 - 2019 Wall Calendar - Photo Calendar - 12 Month Calendar by Helma

u/CUTTHROATAMFT · 1 pointr/pics

Reminds me of this calendar I want terribly.

u/Doktaplayer · 1 pointr/WrestleWithThePackage

There's a few places you can buy it on but the bare minimum you're looking at is $35 given how it's an import and probably low production. Here's a Japanese site that ships internationally that has $10 no tracking shipping so it's slightly cheaper than Amazon and then there's Amazon with a $37 listing but with free shipping. All and all not cheap but hey, if you're that much of a fan, might as well.

u/MadGameHouse · 1 pointr/TokyoGhoul

So glad I picked mine up on the Amazon Japans marketplace... I literally checked on the marketplace for days looking for a low price when the TG Gods blessed me with a $54 deal! Came in two days later and its beautiful! But I don't wanna open it...

I recommend going on the Amazon Japans marketplace for the Calendar and check multiple vendors you can buy it from until you find a reasonable price for it. Maybe a new vendor may come up like for me that sells internationally and you can pick up a good deal with it!

You can find them here:

Make an account and add multiple items from different vendors to cart. Check them out and have them delivered to your address. That's when it'll notify you if it can be sold and shipped overseas. After you find one that can, trash the other items and buy the one you can have shipped to you. Enjoy!

u/hopeless_poet · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

/u/plungerwhisk you share my little sister's birthday! (She's my fave sibling too, legit) She turns 24!

Tell me Jameson is your favorite whiskey..? the only other option is Weller's. ;)

So, Louise from Bob's Burgers.. or her voice actress, Kristen Schaal, is from the Colorado town I live in! ^(bonus points?)

It's the end of the year, and this is on my wishlist... but maybe you'd prefer a philosophical shirt?

u/willywillywill · 1 pointr/gameofthrones

You can purchase a copy already. I got mine a few weeks back and all of the art is beautiful.


u/shadowhce · 1 pointr/guns