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u/MrGreggle · 25 pointsr/nostalgia

You can also buy a machine that makes it if you're not a poor.

Its a bit expensive, but this is actually a pretty awesome machine since its the only consumer grade nugget ice maker. Other than that guy you're looking at like a few thousand dollars on a commercial Hoshizaki machine or something.

u/timesuck · 20 pointsr/pittsburgh

The Allegheny County Health Department’s Housing program is who you should contact first. If you’re within the city of Pittsburgh, you may have to go through permits and licensing, but the health department should be able to guide you. They can also tell you if the vent violates existing building code. It might be possible that it only violates the manufacture’s warranty.

Also, are the hook-ups mentioned in your lease? If not, prepare yourself for the possibility that your landlord will repair the code violation by removing the hook-ups if you report him.

Just FYI, you can vent a dryer indoors with a special attachment.

u/SunnySouthTexas · 17 pointsr/preppers

I am a r/VanDwellers and live from a van that has a fridge (cooler-shaped, 12v/24v/120v Dometic 65-quart fridge/freezer combo), a little Camco camp toilet, pressurized hot water tank for dishes and bathing,a Camp Chef dual-burner propane stove with oven that uses Coleman tanks or a white tank, and a modest ($1,300) solar setup...

I've lived completely off grid and mobile since August 20 17 until this past Winter because cold and snow!

With a double bed across the back with regular linens, storage for clothes and tools and cooking, power outlets, I have all the comforts of home.

Not counting the van, my complete setup was about $3,500.

The Prairie Schooner can be disassembled in a day and all the components can be applied to a cabin - as soon as I get some land (LOL!) for said cabin - leaving a regular cargo van for work or resale.

u/delusions- · 13 pointsr/cringepics

It's a mini-fridge but yes.

Big enough for a can of soda, OR a stack of condoms.

u/PotentiallyMike · 12 pointsr/HydroHomies

I believe there are crazy expensive ice makers out there that claim to make the same kind of delicious nugget ice that Chic-Fil-A does.

u/dalek_999 · 12 pointsr/mealprep

Freezer. We bought a small freezer like this and it can fit roughly 40 meals in it.

u/SpareiChan · 10 pointsr/techsupportmacgyver

Ah the good-ole-duct trick.

> I'm so tempted to try and break 4.6GHz, but my apartment simply gets hot too fast if I go crazy with overclocking.

I know people who do this with their main outs, forces the hot air outside, mounting can be tricky but can work well.

u/PalpatineWasFramed · 8 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

I can say that using those ball ice makers with boiling water does make them less cloudy but not perfectly clear. There are devices you can buy which do make clear ice but they can be kinda spendy.
Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker, Stainless Steel

u/tekym · 8 pointsr/pics

Something I discovered a few months ago: Countertop dishwashers exist! I bought one, it's great. It hooks up to the sink faucet for water and discharge, and it's effectively equivalent to the top rack of a full-size dishwasher, so it handles most things other than large pots and pans.

u/valar_k · 6 pointsr/HydroHomies

Like many of my brothers in this sub, I'm always thirsty and always want water. In particular, I want it ice cold and in massive quantities. A while ago, I got this refillable 100z "cup":

Pic with pint glass for size comparison

I lived near a gas station with really well filtered water that let me fill it up for free, so I was set. Unfortunately, after moving, all the places near me want like $1 for an ice water refill in that thing. Fuck that. Here's an overview of all the components needed.

Pitcher - I use this Brita pitcher. In the past I used the bigger one here, but it honestly sucks to fill up because it's heavy and unwieldy, whereas the pitcher form factor is really easy to just refill right after you use. It also pours quite a bit slower. Apparently my new place does some filtration of water before it comes out of the sink, so I might switch to this guy for instant filtration. Also make sure to change that damn filter often enough. Having charcoal leech into everything when it breaks down from too much use won't hurt you but it definitely looks bad and takes some time to clean out.

Giant Cup - Valero Corner Stores sell this, though the 64oz and 52oz variants are more common. Plenty of other gas stations sell identical 100oz cups with their branding, but you just have to find one. If you don't mind paying the pretty steep cost (~$20) some people sell them on Amazon, like this one. I really really wish Yeti or some other company made a 100oz cup made for drinking that insulates as well as theirs do, but I haven't found one.

Reusable Straw - The big cup comes with a plastic reusable straw which you can see in the pictures of the one I linked to, but I don't like it. The ridged structure that makes it easily bendable also causes drag on the water and makes it harder to drink. So what I use are these. They are just the right size. They get a bit off smelling after a while (a month or two), and there's a brush included to clean them, but I can never really get them cleaned well, so I honestly just toss them and use another. It's $8 for 5, so you're looking at maybe $15 or so a year in straw costs. I had also looked at some of those reusable metal straws but then I realized how bad it would suck to pick up the cup too quickly and bash my teeth out with the inertia of a full 100oz cup.

Ice - Here's the the tricky one. This is basically why I filled it up at the gas station in the past. I'm really picky about ice and will only use clear "restaurant quality" ice. The kind of ice made in most freezer ice makers is cloudy because of air bubbles in the water, meaning that it also picks up any off smells in the freezer, melts far too quickly, is weirdly soft, etc. If you do it right, you can get pretty clear ice from ice trays, but if you're doing that for a cup that big, it's gonna take a lot of time. Here is a pic of the ice maker I bought to solve this problem (I bought it here). It does a really good job making clear, good tasting ice. I fill it up with a full load of water from the pitcher and usually within 90-120 minutes, it's full of clear square ice. Here is a pic of some extra ice I stash in the freezer from it. I'll edit this with a pic of some fresh super clear ice in a bit, I don't have any on hand right now. Overall, I like the ice machine, though I will say that it costs quite a bit to run (it runs at around 150W, spiking to 190W) and should be wiped down every week or two. It might just be easier to grab some of the 10 or 20lb bags of ice from the gas station or grocery story and use that. It is nice to be able to make it on demand though.

Every morning I get up and fill the ice maker up to the top, sip on the leftover water from last night while I wait for the new ice, and then refill when I'm done. I usually drink two cupfulls of water a day.

But what if I want my water to get me drunk?

The best part about water is that it makes the best mixed drink for sipping at home. Just carbonate it and mix it with a spirit. The Japanese highball is the height of such mixed drinks, but I've found that some experimentation yielded a variety of great options. I usually do around 5:1 water to spirit, but usually I eyeball the spirit pour and just full up the glass.

How to make it at home? Sodastream of course! Here is a picture of my Sodastream bottle, a very fancy eau-de-vie, and the resulting beverage. Here are my top picks for spirits to mix with your delicious spicy water:

  • Plantation Stiggins Pineapple Rum - This is distilled with pineapple to give it some good pineapple flavor, but it's not too sugary. It's 20g/L of sugar, meaning that a drink made with 3oz of it has under 2g of sugar, making it a great option for ketohomies who miss fruity cocktails.
  • Dingle Gin - Any decent gin will do, The Botanist is another great option. Mixing it with the water brings out the gentler botanical and herbal notes and makes for a refreshing drink.
  • Lustau Solera Gran Reserva Brandy - This can be tricky to find, but if you can, try it. There's a $35 Gran Reserva and a $25 Reserva. The Gran Reserva's a bit better, but both are good. It ends up tasting like delicious sherry soda. Subtle nutty, chocolate, and maple syrup notes, but not sweet at all.
  • Any bourbon - Japanese whiskey is good but my dirty secret is that I'll take a good bourbon highball any day. Weller OWA 107 is a great option that goes really well with the sparkling water, though it's next to impossible to find. Something with high value like McKenna Bottled in Bond, Wild Turkey 101, or Old Grand Dad 114 will do the trick.
  • Green Chartreuse - I was amazed this works, but it does. Really REALLY herbal, so if that's your thing, go for it.

    There are tons of other great options and plenty of bad ones (funky rum like Rumfire or Wray & Nephew, mezcal, peaty scotch, etc. are things I love that don't work)

    Hope this inspires people to drink more fuckin water.
u/weatherjack_ · 6 pointsr/DIY
u/mintyice · 6 pointsr/Homebrewing

$400 worth of beer.

All kidding aside, it looks like you could use some 6.5 glass carboys and a bigger brew kettle. Maybe get a temperature controller to make a nice fermentation chamber?

Here's a nice temperature controller.

Here's a decent two ported 9 gallon stainless kettle.

Here's a cheap propane burner that you'll want for all grain and full boils.

u/MadtownMaven · 6 pointsr/madisonwi
u/ExiledLife · 5 pointsr/MyPeopleNeedMe

I live in a studio apartment and it didn't have a washer so I boughy one after too many times not washing the dishes.

Here is the one I bought:

u/ChelseaRC · 5 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Not sure what you mean by freezer - but, I have this one and we have used it for a year now with numerous BBQ get togethers, birthday parties, weekly game nights and just everyday use. It is still going strong and does a great job. Makes the ice quickly and holds a decent amount in the reserve. The cubes aren't visually cocktail grade since they're shaped oddly due to how the machine works, but if that's not an issue then I think this could work for you.

u/sderby · 5 pointsr/boston
u/jessiekay77 · 5 pointsr/BabyBumps

This is what we got. We rent a house that doesn't have a dishwasher. This way we can take it with us when we move.

u/bsievers · 5 pointsr/homeowners

I have this one:

you'll see it with the brand names igloo, frigidaire, etc. Same product, different brand with their label on it. It's not bad if you are ok with it failing after roughly 2 years of occasional use. Took longer than advertized to fill and is nearly impossible to clean.

Recommend against.

u/bootes64 · 4 pointsr/Appliances

I would go back to the college and remind them of the ADA. (if your in the US) You need the insulin to survive. Remind them that keeping needles and rx drugs in a common location is a massive health violation, safety issue and just a relllly bad idea.

That being said, you can get a mini USB fridge for a few bucks.

here's a quick amazon search Their designed to hold a 6pack of soda. Should be enough room.

u/Meraere · 4 pointsr/buildapc

This is one i got as a gift lol

Generic Mini USB Fridge (RED)

u/void_fraction · 3 pointsr/AskSF

I think it might have been this, but that's much more retro

u/76rf422gh90 · 3 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Others are giving you good advice on the FF front; here is dishwasher advice (if you have looked at these already, my apologies). I have lived in tiny-kitchened apartments for a while and only graduated to a full size portable dishwasher recently. Prior to this, I owned several (in succession, they lasted about 2 years before dying) of these countertop dishwashers. They are a lifesaver for apartment living - about the size of a large microwave or toaster oven, the height calibrated to fit in the average gap between countertop and cabinets.

Cons: They are not as nice as a full size dishwasher - small in capacity (maybe 4 place settings at a time) and can't handle the worst of the dirty (no baked on/caked on food). Also: getting parts for repairs is somewhere between impossible and HAHAHAHAHA no. So in many ways, if it breaks outside of warranty you have to throw it out (and because the price of a repair guy call might be nearly equal to the price of a new one). But - at $200-250, it is something that can be budgeted for to replace.

Pros: Future marital bliss (drastically reduce arguing over dishes). You don't have to do nearly as many dishes by hand. Confound the MIL (just put them in the dishwasher! What dishwasher?) You don't have to do nearly as many dishes by hand. Did I mention, you don't have to do nearly as many dishes by hand?

Look on amazon for "countertop dishwashers" - there are a bunch of varying quality around that $225 price point, and I haven't had one for several years so I don't know which is currently the best.

u/ketokate-o · 3 pointsr/keto

Here’s an example of what a quarter cow looks like .

I’ve never bought a quarter cow (though it’s on my to-do list), but I have bought a quarter pig. It was about 80lbs of pork. A 13lb ham, 16lbs of ground pork, 5lbs of bacon ends, and a bunch of chops/ribs/a pork loin or two. And scrapple! We paid $180 for 80lbs of pork and it was 100% worth it.

We bought a 3.5 cubic foot chest freezer and were able to accommodate all the porky goodness with room to spare. 1/4 cow is obviously going to be bigger, so probably 4 cubic feet minimum would be ideal.

u/parkers1988 · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

It's kinda pricy..

Dometic CFX-65DZUS Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator/Freezer - 61 Liters

Actual 12v refrigerators are pricy, but they are the real deal. I'm talking popsicles on 100 degree days.

u/jds580s · 3 pointsr/ChineseLaserCutters

You could use that along with some aluminum tape to seal it to the back of the cutter.

I use this blower:
attwood Quiet Blower Water Resistant (White, 4-Inch)

Along with this vent hose:
White Flexible Pvc Vinyl Vent Duct Hose, 4 in. x 20 ft.

These clamps:
Cambridge Tension Clamps, 2 Pk, Zinc Plated Steel

And this quick disconnect:
Dryer Dock Dryer Vent 6" for 4" Tubes, White

If you put the blower near the window it will keep negative pressure upstream which helps put less smoke into the room.

I don’t exhaust out a window, but something like this might do the trick for you:
Window Dryer Vent (Adjusts 24 Inch Through 36 Inch) by Vent Works
Though there may be cheaper or better DIY options for that part.

u/WageSlaveEscapist · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

I got the cfx 65 for my 140" sprinter:

I was quite happy it came in grey.
You're welcome, glad you found it useful. More info at the blog next to my name.

u/Drefen · 3 pointsr/homeowners

You can easily do it yourself with something like this. I am sure you can find a longer one if necessary or buy 2 and use the rods to make it longer.

It really is a simple DIY project.

u/FascinatingPost · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Surprised nobody has recommended this.. I just did this and it's much easier than you think it is. Just wiggle the whole thing, the tray underneath and all, get to the vent and use this thing Deflecto Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit, Lint Remover, Extends Up To 12 Feet, Synthetic Brush Head, Use With or Without a Power Drill

u/makeyourowndamnbeer · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

I’d try replacing the starter relay and capacitor first. Regardless of it working, it’s a $12 part and worth keeping on hand for future fridges too.

u/gr8bier · 3 pointsr/atlbeer

A real helluva engineer wouldn't even ask that question. I'm disappointed, but willing to offer some guidance to get you back on track.

In all likelihood, the compressor is fine, and the problem is a failed starter relay. I was able to revive a "dead" freezer I got off CL by replacing the PTC Starter Relay, like this -

Probably the easiest thing to do is buy a Hard Start Kit like one of these - or Figure out the right one for your freezer; that 1st link has a place to enter your model number. You can just install this and be done, or if that gets it running, you could pull this back out and then replace the failed part, knowing that you're on the right track.

If the freezer doesn't run with the hard start kit, then cut your losses and replace the freezer. Hey GT ain't much for a sports fan lately, but they at least turn out people qualified for appliance repair.

u/ImThaBean · 3 pointsr/specializedtools

They sell dryer cleaning rods with a brush roll on one end. You slid it into the vent and hook the other side to a drill and feed it into the vent line until it pops out of the exit. Works wonders for those with long runs. My old house had a 15-foot vent run. Got A LOT of gunk out of it regularly.

u/SisAbq · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Sadly, this is something I know a lot about. Being able to vent outside is optimal, but it all depends on where your dryer is located. I had a dryer located in the middle of the house and the vent ductwork snaked thorough the ceiling to outside --a distance of about 20ft. The result was that even after we cleaned it (we found about 10 years of birds nest in there), the distance was so great, that the humidity would build up in that ductwork and every load to dry took an hour.
So if the dryer is next to an exterior wall, and you're not pounding through adobe, then definitely, do it. That will be the quickest solution. Get at least two bids from a handyman.

If you don't want to do this then you have to use a bucket with about 1" of water in it that comes with a trap-like device for the lint. The main drawback to this is that you must be diligent in cleaning both the dryer lint trap and the indoor lint bucket trap very regularly. If you're not, and say, you let the water dry out then you're literally pumping all that lint into a dry bucket and the stuff will go all over your laundry room and house. I bought a condo, and the seller was such a slob, she literally had a 1" build up on all the walls and shelves in this closet that held the W/D. It was the most disgusting thing -next to the birds' next, that I'd ever cleaned out.
They also have wall mounted units. BetterLintTrap

Ah, it's such a pain. Like I said, if it's an exterior wall, having a hole cut in is the better solution.

u/NotAHost · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Not sure where your exhaust vent is on your dryer, but check something like this out, it may be slightly better than your current situation.

This one is a bit pricier, don't know how well it works, but should work well.
Filtered indoor vent

A lot are cheaper and use water... I'm assuming yours may do this already. Cheap ones tend to spew water out.

Here's a better one with steel filter and water.

u/ICA_Agent47 · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

Don't bother with the smart pot brand pots, just find a good fabric grow bag with handles. I use these. I'd also get a different pH tester, or go the analog route with some of this, it's kind of annoying to do but it works. Blue Lab makes very reliable meters, they are worth the extra money if you decide to buy a meter. A lot of problems are caused by improper pH, you definitely don't want to cheap out on a meter (unless you wanna buy new ones all the time). Analog is just as reliable although you can't be as precise with your measurements as you can with digital. This hasn't been a problem for me.

To address some of your questions: Your plan for ventilation sounds fine, you may want to get a window dryer vent to assure the air doesn't flow back through your window. This also makes it a little more stealth.

Nutrients won't be necessary for about 30 days in FFOF because it's a hot soil. In fact if you feed them anything you'll probably burn them. Some seedlings will burn in FFOF regardless of whether or not you feed them nutes, some people recommend their happy frog soil for starting seedlings, then transplanting into FFOF after the roots have developed. Usually you'll be fine in FFOF so I wouldn't worry as long as you're feeding plain water for the first 25-30 days.

You should also get a hygrometer to monitor temps and humidity, it's very helpful in diagnosing potential problems. Other than that and some liquid nutes you've got what you need on that list.

Also, you should definitely start in a smaller container than 5 gal for your seedlings. Get some of those red solo cups, oversized if you can find them. You can establish the plant in those and transplant them right into the 5 gallon.

u/srareddit · 3 pointsr/homeowners

Buying the kit for the first time. Thoughts on this one?

u/AireyLynn · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

•What did you wish you knew or learned before owning your first house? Honestly, my husband is awesome and takes care of all these little things around the house. 1. Houses have filters for the air system if they have a central air unit. And if you're like me, change that thing often! I have allergies. 2. Depending on where you live, make sure there's nothing you need to do before winter comes. We live in the great white north so we make sure our spicket outside is set for winter. We accidentally left our hose out all winter last winter. 3. Get a Lint Brush for your dryer. When you notice your clothes aren't getting dry like they used to anymore, check for a huge lint monster! 4. If you have a sump pump (ours is under our stairs) check it regularly to make sure it's working. Especially before your rainy/wet seasons. Better to be proactive about maintenance then have a wet basement. That's our learning so far :)

•What the hell do I do for the next 30 days? How do I not poop myself out of stress and excitement? I can't help you there! Haha!

•What is the best way to pack? To purge stuff I don’t need? Do I just Kondo it all? Honestly yes, I would say purging while you pack will help when you get to the new house and start putting stuff away. You will always accumulate more things haha. Also in terms of packing label all your boxes with which room they go in, that way when you're hot and sweaty moving you don't have to think about where they go. And label them if they're fragile, so when your packing the truck you know which boxes shouldn't be on the bottom etc. Use garbage bags for clothes! Just grab a bunch on hangers and wrap a garbage bag around them instead of taking them off the hangers just to put them back on.

•How is the best way to move when you don’t have friends and don’t want to hurt yourself lol? Without hiring movers, then I would say that you want to get a big truck to fit everything at once so you only have to make one trip. If it's hot, drink lots of water, take lots of breaks.

•When should I reserve the Uhaul? The sooner the better to ensure you'll get the size truck you want.

•I know I need to set up water and trash and transfer utilities. When do I do that? Do it now. Call the companies, they're prepared and will just ask you when you close on your house, usually they will take care of the rest then.

•I’m gonna probably hire cleaners for our apartment just because I’m gonna be so busy. Any other apartment move-out tips? Nope! Did you document when you moved into your apartment for any damages that were already there? If so, I would find that just in case the apartment wants to blame you for that stuff.

•Any YouTube or book resources for home owning for idiots? Honestly we just youtube stuff as we go haha.

•Things we totally need that we didn’t know we’d need. The lint brush I told you before. Also 9V batteries because you'll have a ton of smoke detectors if it's a newer construction. If it isn't maybe look to see how many are in your house, do you think there's enough smoke detectors?

•How do I live with my very old MIL and not go insane? Oh no no, I can't help you there. My MIL would drive me bonkers!

•we have to landscape our own backyard. Where do I find a good person to pour my very simple concrete slab? I want a clover lawn because I’m allergic to grass. Is that stupid? I can't help you with the concrete, I have my husband find our people, but the clover lawn sounds amazing! I am also allergic to grass haha!



u/BackyardAndNoMule · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

you can get a window duct and duct it out that way... that way you aren't recycling humidity into the room.

Also, clean your room. A clean space is a clean mind.

u/eiphren · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

I've used that style and it's terrible. I finally found one that I like.

Indoor Lint Trap Filter

The magnetic thing in the GIF would work really well.

u/Would_u_lookatthat · 2 pointsr/DIY

Window Dryer Vent (Adjusts 24 Inch Through 36 Inch) by Vent Works

Could that fit in the top if it slides down? Nothing unsafe about just throwing it out but if the heats on forget trying to keep it in with that window open.

The ones with the condenser take a significantly longer time to dry. And lots more parts = less long term reliability

u/bobbywaz · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Everyone seems to doing the water filter, so I'll give you the run down on the portable dishwasher. You've got two choices, [countertop] ( or a [portable full size on wheels] ( (read: still smaller than most built-in dishwashers).

Both of these usually come with [an adapter] ( that you can replace your kitchen / bathroom sink [aerator] ( with so that you just click on a hose and have water for it. Then there's a hose that you drop in the sink to drain it. That will look like [this] (

For a few dollars more you can hook either up underneath the sink to a [really cheap tailpiece] ( that will allow you to have a permanent drain just below your sink.

You would also need a permanent water source, so you would need a [splitter valve like this] ( and some teflon tape to run the hose to the dishwasher with.

That would look like [this] (, but keep in mind would need to drill a hole either through the countertop or sides of the cabinets. In my case my dishwasher sits next to my refrigerator, so I drilled a hole in the side of the cabinet the fridge is covering and you cannot see it at all.

The biggest difference between the two is when the dishwasher is running, you can wash food/other dishes in the sink if you go the second route. Otherwise the sink is typically out of commission for an hour+ which is annoying when you're trying to cook food or do other dishes.

Typically the dishwashers come with all other hoses/parts needed other than what I've described, and the parts I have described are all available in the plumbing section of a home depot/lowes for cheap.

u/rrrdee · 2 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

Check this out: Whirlpool 4396037RP 0-to-18 Inch Vent Periscope Whirlpool

u/ExPostRedemptore · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

There are any number of these available, though most are 2" wide. Here's one:

u/Qlanger · 2 pointsr/nova

As said its very easy to do. If you leave a deposit you are welcome to use my dryer cleaning tool. Just hook it up to a drill and it will clean it out well.

For those wondering what I and others are talking about its this...

u/Shurafa · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

Well this is an interesting and unexpected tangent. This is the product we are using for venting. Curious to get your feedback on it.

It's an electric dryer. It seems as thought the exhaust is just steam and lint. Am I missing something?

Indoor Lint Trap Filter

u/lonmoer · 2 pointsr/OffGrid

Well if you want to use a traditional fridge you will need a big system. But if you go with a fridge like this:

Those can run nearly indefinitely on a car battery and a 100 watt panel.

u/machinehead933 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

This cooktop is the most powerful one you can get that you can plug into a standard 120v / 15-20A circuit that you'll find in US homes. By all accounts, it would be difficult to brew a full 5G batch with this cooktop, but it would be fine for mashing. You can probably do full 2.5G batches without issue, however.

There are more powerful induction cooktops, but once you get past the 1800W mark you will likely need a 220v circuit. If you have one available to you, there are more powerful induction cooktops that you could probably do full 5G batches with, but they start getting pretty pricey.

u/NowhereAtAll · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I've used this one for 90 bucks for a year and I like it a lot. I ferment in 3 gallon carboys so my batch size is normally 2.75 gallons. I'll boil anywhere from 3.75 to 4.5 gallons on the burner and frequently do full volume BIAB mashes in a 6.5 gallon pot.

I will warn you, it won't hold a good boil on those volumes without a lid, but it will hold a decent boil with it cracked open a few inches. If that bothers you're probably going to need a more powerful unit. After running a bunch of tests and getting feedback from others at home brew club meetings a vented boil doesn't concern me.

It takes about 30 minutes to heat water to strike temp and about 30 more to get it to a boil after the mash at those volumes. I think it could drive a 5+ gallon boil if you're willing to wait. My brew days aren't that rushed so I don't mind.

It's mega-cheap(running a 1800w burner for 2.5 straight hours costs me 60 cents), it's consistent, and it puts off extremely little heat since all the heat is coming from the bottom of the kettle, so brewing indoors when you don't want to be outside is an option. If I was going to upgrade, it would be for a larger induction burner or an e-kettle. I don't think I'd go to propane or gas if I had an electric choice.

u/KSNZ · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Amazon. It was $19.99 USD before shipping when I bought it.

u/Rep-TX420 · 2 pointsr/trees

No worries, not offended at all. There are cheaper options but I got this one because it gets colder than most others I found.

u/AparentyImTheAsshole · 2 pointsr/DIY
u/SonicPipewrench · 2 pointsr/jewelrymaking

If you are only using butane torches and a pickle pot, you may be able to get away without one, but it is healthier if you use ventilation. You are going to inevitably burn oils and other contaminants and that should not be going into your lungs.

A 200 CFM, 4" duct fan can be used with a dryer hose and a 'vent periscope' box to make a permanent in-window vent system. Add some duct insulation and it won't bleed heat. The basic setup is about $60.

My periscope box installed:

My vent setup:

I'm using Acetylene, and that gives off soot, so I *need* a vent system. I will probably add a stove hood from the remodelling surplus store just for better smoke collection.

u/Sands43 · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Because flex isn't going to seal well on the exterior wall. Galvanized sheet metal tube will allow you to seal the hole better.

The other trick is to have the exterior dryer vent pipe behind the washer. This makes installation of the dryer vent pipe not "blind".

Use one of these:


  • Install dryer and connect pipes, tape with UL listed aluminum tape.
  • Pipe is routed from behind dryer to behind the washer.
  • Install washer, since the hoses are flexible and it's easier to slide it back as you don't need to align anything.

    I'd get reports on service calls for dryers. The #1 issue for "won't dry well" is that the pipe was too short. The fix was to restrict the flapper on the outside by of the house by ~50% with a screw.
u/asdjfweaiv · 2 pointsr/DIY

Here's one that makes 28 pounds a day, and requires no plumbing:

EDIT: Ah, now I see your edit and I understand why you need a larger machine.

u/mdcaffee · 2 pointsr/microdosing

If there are other people in the house and you don't want to keep it in your fridge you could always buy one of those USB mini fridges to keep it in. Relatively easy to hide.

u/BrewFool · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Got the 5.0, which by all appearances is a rebadged Midea which gets excellent reviews on Amazon ($162) and ALSO appears to be at least the same case as the GE sold by Lowes and Home Depot ($189) also with excellent reviews. The house-brand of Lowes (Idylis) and Best Buy (Insignia) don't appear to be Midea parts, and get lots of reports of infant mortality.

The 7 appears to be the same OEM (note the rounded triangle thermostat, the knurled threaded drain, and the inner door texture).

u/j4ckofalltr4des · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Does the gas dryer get the clothes hot?

If so, the venting could be the issue. Most places Ive lived, The vent line ran through the house or garage to the front or rear of the house. Ive paid $50-$70 to have someone come out and clean out the dryer vent lines and its made a HUGE difference when they get clogged.

This is not needed if the outside vent is directly behind the dryer but you should still pull the dryer out and check there are no clogs in the line.

You can buy a DIY kit for about $20 USD

u/MILK_DUD_NIPPLES · 2 pointsr/CA_Kitchen

They have countertop machines that make ice like this, but, fuck, they are expensive. This one is $410 dollars. You can almost get a fridge for that much.

u/caps2013 · 2 pointsr/nova


This tiny dishwasher could be your best friend, too.

u/daveybaron · 2 pointsr/BarBattlestations

Not sure what your budget is like but you could get something like this. Pretty sure you can find similar stuff for cheaper.

You can combo this with some steel inserts for an ice well and bottle chilling.

u/sanka · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Is your pot magnetic? If so you can use a portable induction cooktop. Bonus, you can use it inside.

u/michaelbc92 · 1 pointr/nostalgia
u/UpvotesSalad · 1 pointr/nostalgia

Opal Nugget Ice Maker you can buy one of these to make this kind of ice at home now. You're welcome.

u/HAL9000000 · 1 pointr/nostalgia
u/LlamaWithAnAttitude · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Will change your life. I can't vouch for this specific brand one way or another.

u/GasBomb4 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Amazon Vent

This is what I use. Easy to install and hook a hose.

u/6trees1pot · 1 pointr/microgrowery
u/Uberg33k · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

You don't give a $ of how much you're willing to spend, but the #1 thing you can do to help improve the quality of your brewing is control your fermentation temperature. Even if you stick to kits and extracts, your beer will be better if you can control fermentation temperature. I would go out and look for a chest freezer or even a large-ish dorm fridge and outfit it with an external temperature controller. I use this, but there are lots of options out there. Having 2 stage so you can cool and heat is definitely a bonus.

I don't really see a point in moving to all grain or kegs if you can't ensure you're properly fermenting your beer. Get the temperature under control, then worry about the other stuff.

u/GideonD · 1 pointr/DIY
u/pkeller3 · 1 pointr/appliancerepair

Check the vent. It's free. I had a clog near where the vent exited my house in the attic because someone put a 8in cylinder of chicken wire in the duct. I should have checked there first, but I only spent ~$20 on this when I was debugging.

u/nayohmerae · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Pimp my cube!

This would be cute to look at when you need a little encouragement! And of course no cubicle is complete without a classic Hang in there poster, or a better DIY cross stitch version. Or how about a mini USB powered fridge so you always have a cold drink handy! Or how about a nice little live plant from the Carboniferous period that is impossible to kill even if you forget to water it!

Thanks for the contest!

u/mdeckert · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Wow, did I spend an extra $50 to get my temps in Fahrenheit? I got one of these:

u/iHelix150 · 1 pointr/ReviewThis

Apartment doesn't come with a built in dishwasher?

Don't Let That Stop You (that's five links there)

Maybe I'm just spoiled by having a dishwasher, but I think handwashing dishes is flat out a terrible idea. They don't get nearly as clean, soap doesn't kill nearly as many germs as high temp water, and you waste a LOT more water/soap handwashing dishes. Not to mention the time you spend washing them.

This is a problem our society's technology has solved. I see no reason anyone shouldn't avail themselves of the solution.

u/wahlb3rg · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I do 3 gallons AG batches on a Max Burton 6200 and it works great. My pre-boil volume comes in around 3.75 gallons and boils off down to 3 in 60 minutes. No problems holding a rolling boil.

u/Boston_Jason · 1 pointr/funny

Get that tabletop dishwasher. Best $200 I have spent.

SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver

u/weebernugget · 1 pointr/Plumbing

Maybe past owner tried to snake out the drain with some sort of rod system (the photo almost looks like a vent cleaner you would use for a dryer vent ) and it broke?

u/dagtastic · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Induction Heaters.

Other than that, I would buy grain and hops to make more beer

u/MicaBay · 1 pointr/appliancerepair

Each elbow counts as 5 feet. So your vent run is equal to 25 feet which is marginal. Here's another brand but same exact idea. They are even interchangeable with the LintEater Brand.

u/imaginary-eyes · 1 pointr/breastfeeding

It really depends on your stash and reasons for buying one. I bought this one since I had an oversupply and also wanted to be able to use it for other stuff like freezer meals and general freezer overflow.

I also bought these for storing the (Lansinoh) milk bags by date. They fit in the freezer perfectly, with I think about 14x flat 6oz bags per bin.

u/JMMD7 · 1 pointr/beer
u/ACinSV · 1 pointr/Charcuterie

So I did a similar size cooler that's working fairly well. I'm using two controllers similar to the Inkbird, one for temp and one for RH, but DARNIT (pardon the language :-), mine is only either humidifier or dehumidifier mode; I can't run both! Usually that's not a problem, as the meat's usually giving up water and I want to run the dehumidifier, but the thing can overshoot as it's not an autotuning/learning PID. Also, you get a "dueling temp/RH" thing where the fridge cooling kicks on, temp drops, the RH changes, so the humidity sensor triggers, etc. That usually converges to a stable state, but requires some fiddling with your high/low set points on both temp and RH controllers, plus the other params. Sorry for going on, but even with the dual controller Inkbird (which I'm now going to buy - thanks for the info!), this is something you'll be dealing with a bit. Note that your unit has a water tray (I looked up the manual - it's a CWC-3200 right?), "to receive condensation drained from the interior", so when your cooling kicks in it'll be dehumidifying too. AND if it's bringing in outside air, it'll be mixing that RH in. So, good thing you'll be running both 'sides' of RH control.

I can suggest a dehumidifier that I like just fine. Everybody seems to get the odd teardroppy thing; I got this one about a month ago, which is more compact (I think) for $40 and love it. Suddenly now there're a ton like it for $35 or so, and now I see this one for $30. For a humidifier, I got one of these ultrasonic/wick things, and opened it up and am modifying the switch with a dab of solder to be "always on" (it's momentary and goes auto-off when it runs out of water), but again my controller is either/or, so I've not been using it yet. However, apparently the little $10 ultrasonic things like this just set in a reservoir of your choice are a no-brainer.

You'll want a set of S-hooks. I find the smaller the better as you've got limited vertical space. You'll want to think about how you're going to hang them in the cooler - those wine racks are going to be a bit of a PITA as you're limited to the bottom center of each bottle-holding wire and then the crossbars.

Best of luck! Andrew

u/abdada · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

I bought this one for $20 for a buddy who always keeps a small 250ml (call it 8 ounces) bottle around of nic. Actually works fine. Doesn't keep it cold at all, just keeps it from getting hot.

u/stkchk4 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

There is actually something made specifically for this problem indoor lint trap filter

u/LovableSpaghetti · 1 pointr/Appliances

Is indoor venting out if the question? Like this?

u/Refrigeration1 · 1 pointr/microgrowery
u/intricatecloud · 1 pointr/AmItheAsshole

I also got into arguments frequently with my partner, and then I learned about Counter Top Dishwashers (my landlord won't let me install a full size one) that just screw onto your faucet like this SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver

Its a bit bigger than a microwave and takes up valuable counter space but I found not fighting with my partner more valuable than the counter space I lost.

u/Keebie81 · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

How about a window dryer vent setup? The vent has a flap so only air out as long as flow is good.

u/flattop100 · 1 pointr/Appliances

Always try Amazon: this showed up in the google search results.

u/porkchopnet · 1 pointr/homeowners

If it’s super short, yeah you could do it like that... shove the vac tube into the dryer tube. But if it’s longer then that, you’ll need something like this:

Deflecto Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit, Lint Remover, Extends Up To 12 Feet, Synthetic Brush Head, Use With or Without a Power Drill

Turn your dryer on with the heat off, attach to power drill, and feed that in from the outside of the house.

Don’t clean flexible tube this way, only the “hard” sheet metal tube. You’ll be surprised at how much comes out.

This is also a common service provided by handymen.

u/CapnMagnitude · 1 pointr/pics

Dude, having washed dishes by hand in every place I've lived after being on my own, this countertop dishwasher is probably the best purchase I've made for myself. Completely worth the cost and it pays for itself in time saved alone within one month I'd say. Load it right, you can wash 3 soup bowls, 6 glasses, 8 plates, and silverware, plus a few odds and ends. It uses less water than if I wash by hand, and takes about 80 minutes to do a complete cycle. It's not loud, I can run plastics through it with no melting. Another added benefit is that when you haven't done dishes in a week, your kitchen sink stays clean/not smelling like nasty food because the mess is hidden.

Seriously, I can't say enough good things about this dishwasher. Get one.

u/wonderquads · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

Dometic CFX-65DZUS Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator/Freezer - 61 Liters

u/Kontu · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Unhook from dryer, use one of these Deflecto Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit

u/Kensik · 1 pointr/buildapc

Not sure on both points there is a us store not sure about shipping thow

u/chriSV_650 · 1 pointr/vandwellers

How do you pull 790w from two 325w panels? Or are you saying you have some 100w panels in the mix also? I'm fine spending money to get a decent charge controller so no problem there. I may just go with the one 330w panasonic for now. I'm trying to power a fridge, two fans, charging phone/laptops, and occasionally running the sound system. What do you think?

u/anadune · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I've used two of these: Control Product Temp Controller Will purchase a 3rd when it comes time to add another freezer to my collection.

*edit: should mention it needs wiring also. Once I figured it out it was dead simple.

u/LucidOneironaut · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

I have this thing. It's nice keeps the basement nice and warm, and where I live its fairly dry in the winter, so it adds a bit of moisture to the air.

u/Oofheyt · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Backplates apparently help cool the card but it's more of an aesthetic choice. You can purchase backplates for EVGA cards separately like I did.

u/cr0ft · 1 pointr/vandwellers

Something like a Dometic chest-style portable fridge (top loading) will draw maybe half an amp when it has done the initial job of chilling everything so you can easily run both a fridge and a laptop and stuff off solar and some deep cycle (or better yet, Lithium) batteries. Heck, you can have a fridge and a freezer on batteries easily if you like ice cream. (ok, granted, the 85 liter dual zone is the big one in the lineup and it's a thousand bucks, but it's also what I'm getting if and when I get my van project off the ground.)

u/Richard__Grayson · 1 pointr/Electricity

The specific refrigerator is This One. It plugs into a 120VAC power source, but it can run off a 12VDC power source as well.

u/Plo99 · 1 pointr/trees

Just going to use something like this Dryer Vent Window

u/rilech18 · 1 pointr/homelab

Exactly my plan. Found a good and quite fan designed for AV racks and a special vent designed for windows:

The vent:

The fan:

And a standard dryer hose and a custom “box” to fit to the back of the rack and have a 4” hole in the top (to benefit hot air rising) that goes to the fan then the vent.

u/Gibber117 · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

If you are looking for tool-related ideas, I recommend a nice digital torque wrench. You can probably find a used one online somewhere. Or even ask the truck owner for one that goes on sale.

EDIT: I would also appreciate a YETI Rambler 30 oz . You could even customize one to match something that he likes, for example, sports team, shop logo, personal name and shop title. Or a even a Mini Fridge!

u/randombullet · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I bought mine on Amazon. Make sure you get the correct model.

u/brazendynamic · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes
u/adamsgrow · 1 pointr/enail

i wont believe the 3.5 inch hard drive size till i see it. EDIT: I have a 3.5 inch enail. Vapetech by J4YT3X is the best. But i still dont understand why i would learn the arduino code and go thru so much trouble to have proximity sensors, multicolor indicicator LEDs, sound activated switches. when i can just plug my enail into something that already does this type of stuff for me? and looking back at your other posts u mention a cooling thing for hash, It makes sense sort of, but why not just buy a mini fridge for your hash? I dont like keeping my shatter in the fridge cuz i dont want excess moisture being introduced. But i know full melt is cured in the fridge, so here are some fridges that are really cheap: one of them is 16$ 1 can sized, and powered by a USB this could be taken apart and installed inside my cigar/hash box/enail. or i can get a mini fridge to keep in my room. best second Third
Why add chips and components to modify my enail, when i can easily do the same(get the same results) without any modification?

u/Plyr58 · 1 pointr/GoRVing

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top - Makes 26 lbs of Ice per 24 hours - Ice Cubes ready in 6 Minutes - Electric Ice Making Machine with Ice Scoop and 1.5 lb Ice Storage - Silver

That’s the one we have. We are happy as heck with it.

u/montaukwhaler · 1 pointr/overlanding

Technology for DC fridge compressors has changed. I got rid of my 3way fridge and bought this Nova Kool 3.5 cubic foot 2way fridge for my Alaskan Camper. The DC compressor is amazing.I just got back from a 3.5 month trip driving around in Central America - think hot and humid - and the fridge never had a problem keeping up and making ice! I have one 160 watt solar on the roof, and a portable 80 watt that I used maybe 10 days. I'd spend anywhere from 1 to 6 days in one spot. While I was driving I also used a Dometic in the back seat of the truck for cold water, beer, and a place to store cold groceries on the road.

Anyway, the DC compressors have come a LONG way in the last few years. Pricey though.

u/Tossahoooo · 1 pointr/homeowners


  • Get yourself one of these and clean the dryer vent. Good to do about once a year too.
u/KegOutlet · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Looks good! We build a GIANT fermentation fridge and were going to put one of those together, but ended up just going with a Johnson temp control unit.

I'll have to post pics of our fridge build.

u/doog36 · 1 pointr/Cooking

Was it This one?

If so, I can confirm it's a great ice maker. Got it for my mom a few years back. Still uses it and loves it.

u/AEnKE9UzYQr9 · 1 pointr/AskNYC

I've been using this one for almost four years and it still works great. Quite possibly the best $200 I've ever spent in terms of cumulative time saved per dollar.

u/Nordicaaron · 1 pointr/howto

Op, check this out:

It's a counter top ice maker. I use mine every day and the progress pelets are great. After using it for a while, totally worth the price.

u/anarchyx34 · 1 pointr/appliancerepair

Try one of these. It replaces the relay, capacitor and overload.

u/ncschoon · 1 pointr/GoRVing

Not sure it helps but we bought an ice maker for around $100 through Amazon, it's an igloo model.

I'm really not sure how well this would do off grid though as I we are always plugged in but this thing churns out ice pretty fast. I usually buy one bag of ice or use what's in the house to start my cooler than keep this running while we are camping and I never have to buy ice again.

u/DavidPx · 1 pointr/Homebrewing


I am going to replace my current controller which has an awful user interface.

u/doughcastle01 · 1 pointr/fixit

tldr Ultimately I never found the part anywhere and used a universal/non-oem part. If you have the same fridge, it should work for awhile. It's probably important to get the right horsepower.

Funny story, I looked everywhere online and never found the part for sale. I did find the universal part (linked above) that looked like it would work, but a lot of people said it would eventually burn out the compressor.
It didn't seem likely but I have more free time than money these days so I decided I would try a local appliance parts store. I brought the part to be replaced down to the store, and they could not determine the model from the part so they didn't know if they had it. I was pretty sure they didn't have it anyway, so I asked if I could buy the universal part (which they had, hanging next to the cash register). The lady whistled and said ohhh nooo, you can't use that, just come back or call back with the model #, when I asked how much it would probably be she said maybe 50-60 dollars. So I went back home, got the exact model number off a tag I finally found inside the fridge, and called her back, and she confirmed they didn't have it. They were selling the universal part for not much more than the price online, so I decided to save some of my food and go buy it there. When I got there was a different lady, but she did the same ohhhh noooo you can't use that. I gave her the model # and after she couldnt find the oem part, she sighed and said "Men." immediately did a 180 and rang up the universal part.

The installation was pretty simple, there's a diagram on the bag that shows you what to hook up and it includes the caps and stuff you need. I couldn't find a place to clip it so I just duct-taped it to the inside of the fridge. It's a little noisy when it kicks on but it works and saved me a few bucks.

u/WannabeBadGalRiri · 0 pointsr/fastfood

You can buy a nugget ice maker nearly identical to Sonic for only $499