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u/RTjunkie · 12 pointsr/intel

Apparently Amazon's chat-based customer support likes to play the same agent shuffle that most telephone CS services do. Anyway, below is the transcript of my conversation with them. I don't know if they received any stock initially, but as of now it seems we're stuck waiting for them to receive stock from Intel.


>Me: I would like to check the status of the Intel i9-9900k item I pre-ordered on Oct. 8th. The status for this item previously showed the item would release or arrive by the 19th of this month, and now there is no estimate of delivery.
>You are now connected to Sanju from
>Sanju: Hello, my name is Sanju. I'm here to help you today.
I'm sorry for the trouble.
Let me look into it for you.
>Me: Thank you
>A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
>You are now connected to Elizabeth from
>Elizabeth: Hola me llamo Elizabeth como estas?
>Me: Hello Elizabeth, do you speak English, as I do not know Spanish.
>Elizabeth: I will tranfer to retail in English
>Me: Thank you
>Elizabeth: Have a nice day.
>Me: You as well.
>A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
>You are now connected to Mohd Aquil from
>Mohd Aquil: Hello, my name is Mohd Aquil. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
>Me: Hello Mohd Aquil, Thank you.
>Mohd Aquil: You are welcome.
Please confirm, Are you referring shipment of this item?
Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 5.0 GHz Turbo Unlocked LGA1151 300 Series 95W
>Me: Yes sir, that is correct.
>Mohd Aquil: Thank you for the confirmation.
Please allow me couple of minutes to check the details for you.
>Me: Thank you.
>Mohd Aquil: Thank you for waiting, I appreciate your patience.
I have checked and found that this item is out of stock, Once this item will be available in stock then it will be ship on priority. full link)
Also, I have checked and found that this item was out of stock when you have placed the order.
No estimated delivery date was generated as it was not available in stock.
>Me: Yes, the item was a pre-order so no stock would have been available at the time of purchase. Originally, the product page stated that the item would release and ship on Oct. 19.
>Mohd Aquil: [Me], This item not provided yet to Amazon by the manufacturer, Once it will be provided by the manufacturer then it will ship to you with high priority.
>Me: I see. Is there any estimate as to when the stock will arrive from the manufacturer?
>Mohd Aquil: [Me], Manufacturer not provided any estimated date yet, However once they will informed us then we will send a notification email for the same.
>Me: Alright. Thank you for your help, Mohd.
>Mohd Aquil: You are welcome.
Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
>Me: Not today, thank you.
>Mohd Aquil: You are welcome.


u/SturgisTheGamer19 · -1 pointsr/intel

Okay I just got off with amazon support. I'm being told December 7th!!!! Here are the chat logs... I changed the customer support peoples names to "Amazon". Amazon really needs to step up their s**t

Amazon:Hello, my name is Amazon. I'm here to help you today.

Me:Thanks please help

Amazon:I see that the item is currently not in stock with us.And so a delivery date can not be given.

Me:So you cant give me any info on something I PRE ORDERED 20 DAYS AGO

Amazon:Our inventory team is in contact with the manufacturer and they are trying to acquire the product.
As soon as it will be done you will receive it.

Me:That could be months
I "PRE-ORDERED" the item to get it when it came out 7 days ago.... At least newegg gives info on when they are receiving shipments of it...

Amazon:I apologized for this. And I understanding your frustration . It is available with a third party seller and if you want you can place an order with the seller.
Here is the link. full link)


Amazon:Let me transfer this chat to a dedicated team that is better equipped to handle this particular case.

A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.

You are now connected to Amazon from

Amazon:Hello, my name is Amazon. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.


A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.

You are now connected to Amazon from

Amazon :Hello, my name is Joshua . Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.


Amazon :Please let me check
So you are having trouble receiving your order, right?

Me:Yeah. All im getting is its out of stock. I know that but why cant I have any information about it. And also I pre ordered it. I didnt backorder it. A pre-order is so you can get the item when it comes out.

Amazon :I sincerely apologize for this, I have checked this and confirmed that the item is not a pre order item, and the item item is not readily available to be delivered via two day shipping, however what I can do for you is to expedite your order with the fastest shipping or your order tracking to be updated
Will that work for you?

Me:When I first ordered the item it was a pre-order. Did amazon switch it to something else?
But yeah I guess that would be great

Amazon :I sincerely apologise however I have checked further information for your order but it was not placed a pre order, let me go ahead and update your order with one day shipping with no additional cost
There you go I have successfully expedite your order and the early for your order to be delivered will be on Friday, December 7, 2018 and you will received an email with the new shipment

u/Search11 · 2 pointsr/intel

Valid concerns but trust me it’s a breeze to do. Given how hot your CPU gets you will benefit from a proper delid. Granted though you are still within safe temps. The temps are highish but they aren’t abnormal compared to most others. Higher temps do lessen the life of the CPU but we are talking a very small time span compared to the market life of the chip. I’d say you and 99% of all PC builders will have build a second or even third computer before silicone degradation even reaches minimal levels. If that makes sense. Yeah high temps kill it but it’s like saying the three cigarettes you smoked in high school took two minutes off your life when you live to be a hundred anyway. Analogy might be to the extreme but I wouldn’t worry about it.

With that said here’s some links that will help you.

Delid tool and re attachment tool:

Plastic razor blades to remove stock glue (what you mentioned not knowing what to do with, yes remove it the easiest way I’ve done it was using these and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol):

Silicone “glue” for IHS re attachment. To be honest the very first delid I did was a 3570k using wood a vice and a hammer and I didn’t reglue it. It’s still alive too. I would personally just use a very small amount on the four corners. Just enough to stick. You are correct in your concern about the stock glue causing the IHS to not make perfect contact with the die. Remove the stock crap and use minimal amount of this and it will be a non concern:

Lastly, your liquid metal for the die to IHS and your TIM for the IHS to Kraken. You can use any but it’s probably safe to say Grizzly is currently the go to stuff:

All in all it’s easy and it’s worth it. If you have any questions whatsoever message me or reply here. There are some good videos of walkthroughs (I think one really good one is on rockitcool’s website but I’m not sure). I can find them for you but tomorrow as I’m currently in bed and using a half open eye lid to write this.

u/dopef123 · 2 pointsr/intel

Eh, it's more like they gave you a cheap cooler. It's probably ok, but as you can see you're hitting the max temps in some situations (100C).

Depends on what you want to spend really. Noctua is considered the best for air coolers.

This is like the most popular noctua model I think:

And then there are all in one (AIO) water coolers for $100 (but noctua is on par with them and beats many of them). Here is the one I have for my 9900k:

There are definitely cheaper options that should be solid especially if you're not going to be pushing an overclock and all that. I'm not an expert on coolers but if you search 'cpu cooler 9700k' on /r/buildapc you can probably find a lot of good recommendations.

u/COMPUTER1313 · 2 pointsr/intel


> $222

Ryzen 2600:

> $134.99

And a direct comparison review:

1080p: 145 FPS average overall for the i5, 133 FPS average overall for the 2600 stock, and 150 FPS average overall for the 2600 OC'ed. 1440p has smaller FPS differences.

A more direct price comparison of the 2600:

> i3-9100, 4C/4T

> $129.99

> i3-6100, 2C/4T

> $129.99

I specifically mentioned about the low/midrange market that Intel has a problem in. Is it worth paying nearly double for the i5 over the 2600 when that money could go into the GPU, SSD, RAM, or better CPU cooler?

EDIT: For the 3600:

> Direct competition for the R5 3600 should come from Intel's Core i5-9600 which is listed at $213, but we don’t have that part on hand and it doesn’t appear to be on sale either, so the more expensive 9600K will have to do. It costs $255 and doesn’t include a box cooler, so it's not the exact match we were going for, but it will be interesting to see how they stack in terms of raw power.

> The Ryzen 5 3600 comes out significantly more affordable at just $1.53 per frame as it delivers a similar level of performance, but costs almost $100 less. This makes the R5 3600 better value than the 2600X at its current $195 asking price, though it is 18% more costly than the vanilla R5 2600. Even so given the efficiency improvement and the absolutely monstrous uplift in productivity performance, we feel it’s going to be easy to justify the small price premium.

> The Intel Core i5 was a little faster in a few of the games tested, but the R5 3600 was miles faster where you’ll notice it. So this one's pretty cut and dry unless Intel decides to cut pricing heavily.

11 days after the review, the price of the i5 9600 only dropped by $7:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/intel

Thermalright Le Grande Macho RT. It's quieter, slightly smaller footprint, and cools better than the popular Noctua NH-D15 and Dark Rock Pro 4 you will likely get many recommendations for.

Runs 79.99 on Amazon:

Review of Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT beating Noctua's best in multiple areas:

Another option that will work excellent though not quite as good if you don't want to spend as much is the Scythe Fuma 2: ($59.99)

Review of the Fuma 2 in same league as Noctua's best while being quieter and cheaper:

u/BoneJunkie · 1 pointr/intel

I have a preorder with Amazon US and was hoping to snipe one here in Japan this weekend since it doesn't look good from Amazon. I should have preodered here too, but the original estimation was Oct. 27 and I didn't want to wait... lol.

For online ordering in Japan (Thought I would toss this out there): shows instock tomorrow (Nov 2 @ 11am) has a message about honouring preorders first etc. removed the listing completely sometime yesterday removed listing a while back, but it was here ( I have it saved in my wish list ha.

Not sure if you guys/gals know of any other sites/stores. I really don't feel like spending the day tomorrow roaming around Tokyo trying to hunt down a single unit. Ugh.

u/ruinedxistenz · 2 pointsr/intel

Thermalright Le Grande Macho RT. Best air cooler you can buy, better than many AIOs:

Le Grand Macho RT (with fan TY-147B)

u/squish8294 · 1 pointr/intel

What GPU you have? Figure a healthy 250W for everything in your system before a GPU, and add for instance ~300W for a 2080 ti, so for that total draw of 550W, I'd spec a 750 or 850W 80+ Gold to give some leeway for spikes and the efficiency curve.

On the other hand if you're going for something like a 2070, the GPU power draw would be closer to only 200W, so something like a 650W 80+Gold.

I use SeaSonic power supplies in all of my PC's.

Something like this

u/Hallorannn · 1 pointr/intel

I would wait a bit longer and save up for the i7. More and more games are going to utilise the multi-cores, hopefully, and they'll definitely come in handy when streaming as well (OBS). Also, a good air cooler is very affordable, like the popular Hyper 212 EVO, to something that performs very well even under load, the Silverstone A R07, but can range to higher prices, like the Phanteks or Noctua. My advice would be to wait a while, then grab the i7 6700k along with the Silverstone AR07 (Best performance per dollar under $50, losing out only to the $50-60 Mugen Scythe 4) T

u/rationis · 4 pointsr/intel

Ah, I've been looking at power consumption based off of price/perf since Ryzen doesn't compete core for core, but rather price.

>Considering the 7820X is more power efficient than the 1800X, is considerably faster, and has a much higher overclocking headroom, the ~20% price premium isn't bad at all.

However this is still not true. According to the site you've been referencing, the 7820X used 20.4% more power to deliver 5.6% more performance than the 1800X in C15. So the 7820X used .134W per point and the 1800X used only .117W per point. So the 1800X is 14.5% more power efficient than the 7820X in that test.

The 1800X's official MSRP is $469, which makes the 7820K about 28% more expensive, not 20%. However, if you wanted to buy right now, the 1800X can be had for $420. You also cannot disregard the rather hefty premium X299 demands over the AM4 platform.

u/vrgamingengineer · 3 pointsr/intel

🎃👻Happy Halloween everyone! 👻 🎃

Save the direct links to your favorites.

Intel Processors - In Stock Watch

Amazon - 9900K

Newegg - 9900K

Update: Newegg may redirect "N82E16819117957" to the 9600K temporarily. Regardless that URL should be restored to the 9900K as it is the correct part number for their site. Please be aware in case it points elsewhere when you follow it.

u/b-macc · 2 pointsr/intel

Went from a 6700k @ 4.6 to the 9700k @ 5.0 all core, My sample isn't quite as good as others and needs right around 1.312V to get 5.0 all core from the stock 4.6. Games feel a smoother than than 6700k but I have no objective data to backup that claim. I carried my DDR4 3000 over from skylake and use a 1080 ti as well.

I'm using a Le Grand Macho RT air cooler and temps when gaming are very reasonable, 40-60s depending on the load. Stress tests (XTU, Prime95 Blend, Cinebench, etc.) can vary from high 70s to high 90s depending on which test it is, though I do run my fans at lower RPMs for less noise, this is at 1.312V. This is with the z370 taichi from asrock in a Fractal Design Define S with 2x 140 Noctua in the front and a stock 140 case fan in the rear, RPMs usually around 700-800 depending on temps.

A big RAD or custom loop will problem get you better temps but I have zero desire to mess with water cooling at all. Honestly I might still to try and pickup a 9900k and leave it at or neat stock and rock it for the foreseeable future.

u/Denikin_Tsar · 1 pointr/intel

Sorry I don't mean to sound rude or mean but you bought a PC with an i5-8600k in a H310 motherboard and 4gb of Ram?

That is a very atypical combination.

Did you put the build together?

If so, I would suggest, at the very least, getting another 4gb of ram. If all you do is browse the web, the i5-8600k is not required.

Given that you already have an H310 board, I would suggest for you to get something like this:

It costs less than $50 US.

The i5 8600k is worth around $250 new so you could probably sell it easily for $150. This would give you enough money to buy the extra ram, the processor I linked above and leave you with extra cash.

As to the temp question, It's probably because you did not put your Cooler on properly. (Did you forget to put the paste on?). Or maybe you did not tighten it or forgot to take off the plastic covering the cooler?

edit: just thought of this, perhaps the software you are using to report temperature is not doing so correctly. Maybe try re-installing the software or try a different one.

In addition, you can try to go into BIOS (usually something like hitting delete key before you boot into windows to see what CPU temp is being reported there.

u/Thatonesillyfucker · 5 pointsr/intel

If the leaks are anything to go by (and the numbers were either surprisingly close or totally accurate for the top 3 CPUs in the stack), aren't the 4c/8t CPUs going to have even lower clocks and power draw? I don't remember seeing any rumour for them pushing even 4GHz, but it could all be complete garbage for all I know, since it makes sense to be able to have higher clocks with less cores like Intel does.

Edit: Oh yeah, check this description out: "Push the envelope with 8 processor cores, 16 threads, and the highest clock rates you can get on the advanced Socket AM4 platform."

u/PacoBedejo · 2 pointsr/intel

Neither retail page listed COD:BO4 as a bonus.

u/XboxPlayUFC · 1 pointr/intel

I just bought the used one free shipping and no tax with a estimated delivery of November 14th. Wish me luck boys

u/entlassen · 1 pointr/intel

I want 32 GB (2 x 16GB) and am curious what everybody's opinion is on Corsair LPX 3200 MHz c16:
Caught my eye since it has so many reviews on Amazon. Is that a good one to get?

u/whatsthissoundfrom · 1 pointr/intel

Update - bought with this link for the i9

thanks everyone i can sleep peacefully now

u/wh173 · 2 pointsr/intel

>Ironic you should say that after suggesting the i5 8400

Read the topic, the reason I said this is becuase the guy mentioned buying the 2600X and he is already thinking about the upgrade to zen2, but since he says he bought the 2600X due to pricing, none of it makes sense and I argued why.

> SMT and so you're looking at 6c/12t, which is going to absolutely destroy the i5 8400 in any other situation.

Not in CAD, or 3DSMAX, or video editing using quicksync.

How about an 8600k for £238.66 & FREE Delivery in the UK.

Good luck, you keep buying your cpus due to MOAR CORES and running cinebench over and over and ill just look at the performance of the software I use, or in this context, what the person actually said they were going to use it for. If I were only gaming even the 7700k would be a better buy against a ryzen.

u/id01 · 2 pointsr/intel

Sure you can, long as you have reference price. Like this one

I lived in both Asia and North America. The price of computer component really doesn't differ that much. It is mostly Europe and Australia that are different.

u/aberugg · 1 pointr/intel

Yeah there's similar benchmark comparisons for coolers from other sites is what I mean, even with air coolers. The pure rock should be enough. Just use this to make sure:

It will make a big difference over the default pads that the coolers put on there.

u/THUORN · 2 pointsr/intel


Well, I just pre-ordered the 9700k from Amazon as a backup. Perhaps you should consider the same.

u/tuhdo · 1 pointr/intel

I just mean you could emphasize on the cost better because we already get affordable mainstream 8c/16t.

2700x is $329 usually, right now is on sale for $294:

u/vipeness · 1 pointr/intel

Processor: i7 8700K

Heatsink: Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition for my heatsink


Video card: Gigabyte R9 390X 8GB

Case: [Thermaltake View 71 RGB 4-Sided Tempered Glass]

I do not overclock and or planning on it in the future.

While playing Battlefield 1, these are my temps:

In between loading from the last map to the next, the temps can jump up to 72c. That's the highest I've seen them but they only stay like that for a bit of time.

Are those temperatures too hot? I had used Arctic Silver 5 for the thermal.

u/MohammadAG · 6 pointsr/intel

For some reason it didn’t show up on my PC when searching for it, only on mobile, link for anyone interested:

u/zakkyb · 1 pointr/intel

I told a rep I was trying to buy it for $499 and it went out of stock and came back in at $529 and he gave me a $30 credit

u/cremvursti · -1 pointsr/intel

You do, but I'd advise against dishing out a crazy amount for it. A Hyper 212 evo should be more than enough. Also, get some Kryonaut since it makes a pretty big difference compared to your average AC MX-4 paste.

u/magn2o · 6 pointsr/intel

> but since Amazon is going to sell it at $500

Looks like Amazon is $529.99 now. :(

u/Zakman-- · 3 pointsr/intel

Not really, an 8700K goes for sub-£300 now. I bought mine for £370 so it's already dropped around £80-100 since launch. I could easily see them moving 6C/12T to £250 to occupy the i5 K-series slot and the 8C/16T would launch for around £380.

u/Xonaph42 · 2 pointsr/intel

It’s more like a 70 dollar difference between the two. And you’d have to get an aftermarket cooler for both of them because the 8700 is going to get uncomfortably hot under the stock cooler and paste. And if you get a b360 motherboard you’ll be stuck with 2666mhz ram while you can get a decent Samsung B-die here for the same price or less than lower quality ram and overclock it to around 3600 cl14 and tighten the timings and create a huge gap in gaming performance over the 8700 with a decent overclock on the 8600k.

u/Photaz · 1 pointr/intel

They are on Amazon: Here

u/deathpulse42 · 1 pointr/intel

the Amazon listings for the Kaby Lake chips have been removed now...wonder why?


u/rivageeza · 1 pointr/intel

Amazon UK are currently taking orders and shipping via their global shipping program. Price at time of writing this is £387.77 + £3.30 postage.

u/Onebadmuthajama · 0 pointsr/intel

Yeah, I figured that part out, but only after the mobo had bent pins anyway. I just ordered a new motherboard. My question is really regarding the health of the CPU being ran with bent pins on the socket.

u/DrKrFfXx · 1 pointr/intel

Are those USD prices? I fail to see the mega deal. There are much better options in amazon.

Twice the cores of the first one, with almost all the benefits of the second one plus SSD and the price closer to the first.

The only thing lacking is the graphics card, but it is not like you were going to get any gaming performance out of a 940mx

u/KKMX · 19 pointsr/intel

Naa, the scams are real but they did not buy from Amazon. They bought from a seller on amazon. Those two are not the same thing. Look how many sellers are there for just the 8700K. The first one is Amazon but everything below them are independent sellers.

u/Shastada · 1 pointr/intel

Still nothing posted online stores for sale. I saw it posted on Amazon yesterday for $350 but it was then pulled.

It was at this site.

I almost pulled the trigger, but was waiting for confirmation from my buddy (the intended recipient) and didn't hear back.

u/benefit420 · 2 pointsr/intel

Depends on the game obviously.

About 10 FPS in Fortnite

Around 20 FPS In doom

Less in other games.

Biggest difference isn’t “in number form”

It’s when you pan quickly and your FPS doesn’t drop to 80. It’s the feeling.

I personally don’t care what ram people use but there IS a difference for high frequency gaming on intel contrary to what is often said.

For the other person who asked I’m using Gskil trident rgb

Edit; pubg has a big effect-

u/gabdeg · 1 pointr/intel preorder is up but it's just an import from the US via their Global Store

u/jordi_id7 · 1 pointr/intel

586-591€ depending on the shipping speed you choose. It will be delivered to the uk because I have family members living there and then they'll ship it to spain

u/Baumpharama · 1 pointr/intel

Just went for 32GB of the corsair vengeance at 3200Mhz seeing as it the cheapest I've seen it in a long time. That'll be more than enough for me.

u/russsl8 · 1 pointr/intel

Intel Core i7-7700K Desktop Processor 4 Cores up to 4.5 GHz unlocked LGA 1151 100/200 Series 91W

Not really...

u/ThatsMyDingus · 3 pointsr/intel

Here you go:

Intel Celeron G4900 Desktop Processor 2 Core 3.1GHz LGA1151 300 Series 54W BX80684G4900

u/hungrydano · 2 pointsr/intel

Where do you live?

In the states you can get a vivobook for ~630 with an 8250U, 8gb Ram, and 128 ssd + tb HDD.

ASUS VivoBook Thin and Lightweight FHD WideView Laptop, 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD+1TB HDD, USB Type-C, NanoEdge, Fingerprint Reader, Windows 10 - F510UA-AH55

u/BigLugo · 2 pointsr/intel

i7 just got put on for 399.99

u/nyelian · 18 pointsr/intel

Works for me. Maybe they're acting off similar info as Newegg, and they're getting multiple thousand units on Friday. Either this is a paper launch... or it it's just delayed a week. We'll know Friday.

u/SirCaptainSalty · 4 pointsr/intel

Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 4.9 GHz Turbo Unlocked LGA1151 300 Series 95W

the 3600x seems to be way cheaper and very close to the same performance.. i see no reason to buy a 9700k in 2019 at its current price.

u/h1le · 3 pointsr/intel

Someone in S.korea asked Intel official and They said that only 100 retail boxes of Coffelake was released at S.Korea and We'll get enough supplies By 2017 December or 2018 January.

Due to unavailability in S.Korea, 8700K's price is skyrocketing toward 430~600 USD. What's making worse is that retailer in S.Korea is selling them only by expensive combo bundle.

I think, at this point, It's tough to get one in S.Korea. If you can use freight forwarder in Japan, You should try Amazon japan pre-order at below link(You have to use freight forwarder because they don't ship directly to S.Korea).

u/residentbio · 1 pointr/intel

Question, can it run at all without bios update? I may have fucked up lol since i got an ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E without a processor and that was like 3 months ago. I was waiting for this processor. I'm a sad Panda

u/DTGG · 8 pointsr/intel

As much as I thought this launch was bad by Intel and reviews didn't impress me, you're full of shit my dude. First of all LDLC, just like Maté (same owner IIRC) have always been one of if not the worst place to purchase because of their inflated prices. The 1/1/2019 date is obviously a placeholder.

Secondly, oh look the 9900k on It's not currently being sold by them though.