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Body Back Scalp Massager, Head Massager for Stress Relief, 1 Pack Color Varies
So Relaxing - Get a calming head massage or scalp scratch any time with Body Back Scalp MassagerTangle-Free - 12 rubber tips gently massage without tangling or scratching. Great scalp soother.Great for Itchy Heads - braids or weaves making your scalp itch? Get relief without damaging stylePromotes Scalp Wellness - boosts circulation, hair follicle stimulation, overall hair & scalp healthThe Perfect Gift - Know someone who needs a little me time? Get them a Scalp Massager
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89 Reddit comments about Body Back Scalp Massager, Head Massager for Stress Relief, 1 Pack Color Varies:

u/Guac__is__extra__ · 103 pointsr/AskRedditAfterDark

That’s right damnit! The most masculine thing is to be perfectly confident with what you like and who you are, regardless of whether it’s “masculine” or not. Theres going to be someone who makes fun of you for anything you do. Don’t dress nicely? You’re a lazy slob. Dress too nicely? Must be gay. Enjoy wine? What a sissy. Talk about how you’d rather drink beer than wine? You uncultured redneck.

Just do you the best way you know how.

Also, have you tried one of these?

u/Druubie · 97 pointsr/AskReddit

You and me are in the same boat. I have one of those fabled Internet jobs so dispensable money comes when I want it to. Here are some of the things I bought just yesterday.

LED light strips to accent stuff in your house, with remote control -Video example

Threadless shirts Seriously these shirts are sweet as hell. Look under clearance, too, the $10 ones are very cool. Nothing like those "LOL I KNOW MEMES!!" type t-shirts that litter most t-shirt sites.

Boon Glo Nightlight Completely, completely unnecessary and overpriced. But cool as hell. Unboxing video

Candy dispensers are fun

Sites like Woot and 1SaleADay post new deals on a daily basis, and they are often really sweet things. Bookmark them if you haven't already.

Buy yourself a sweet looking fish tank

Obligatory head massager post

Edit: Couple of you are asking about the job. I figured I had that coming. Please don't perceive this as dick-ish, but I'd rather not talk about it. Yes, it's perfectly legal and no I'm not flaunting my hot body for money, but there's some quote out there about keeping ingenuity a secret from others so...that. I will say this, though. You can make money doing ANYTHING online. Remember the used socks eBay AMA last year? That dude made thousands. Don't look at some TV commercial about taking surveys online for cash, realize it's a low paying scam, and give up. Those are shallow waters. Keep trekking!

u/StickleyMan · 51 pointsr/AskReddit

A Rubber Band Shooting Pen

They've actually got quite a few cool things. None of them really useful, but definitely some awesome up in there.

EDIT: Also, a scalp massager.
"It makes you feel like your head is cumming." - /u/The_Horse_Yeller

u/DigiSmackd · 21 pointsr/pics

If anyone is looking to purchase one, there's a sale on 'em at Amazon at this time:
Amazon - $2.52 + S&H

u/majestic_unicorns · 14 pointsr/AskMen

THIS THING is like better than orgasms. No joke. I will literally be put into such a trance after a few minutes of head massaging with that glorious artifact of the gods.

u/Bishoppeter78 · 10 pointsr/Drugs

Highly recommend some of these. Hopefully none of your friends have lice so they don't mind sharing.

u/[deleted] · 10 pointsr/pics

I used one today, after a while I came-to and realized I had been sitting there massaging my head for almost an hour. Best $3.19 I have spent.

u/xaronax · 9 pointsr/asmr

Get you one of these thingies.

They're the bee's knees.

u/lgbtqbbq · 9 pointsr/femalefashionadvice
  • Spa type stuff: Head massager, tweezers, lip balm sets, mini lotions, perfume oils (sooo many good suggestions on /r/indiemakeupandmore)

  • Candy: Pretty chocolate bars suited to giftee's specific tastes

  • Gift Cards: Sephora if they are into makeup, Whole Foods if they are at all into organic stuff, Trader Joes if they are a student (TJs has the best snacks and is the cheapest!), Starbucks is a good catch all
u/VinotypeChick · 8 pointsr/AskReddit

You should get one of these.

u/kittypurpurwooo · 7 pointsr/trees

No problemo, it's a Head / Scalp Massager @ Amazon for $3.

edit - ($2.03 / oz) that's a hell of a deal!!!

u/Toribor · 7 pointsr/pics

This is seriously the best way you can spend $3.19, hands down.

Buy one next time you order from Amazon. If you can spend only $4 to significantly improve your happiness even for just one day...

u/thegrinchwhostoleyou · 6 pointsr/AskReddit

Scalp Massager. I'd consider it more of a mini gift/ stocking stuffer. It was part of the gift I got for my conservative Catholic father's birthday. The man tells his children to just get him golf balls for every gifting occasion, which gets old after awhile and does his other passions a disservice (like his love for novelty items/gadgets). This item was the jumping off point for my new golf ball supplementing gift strategy and he enjoyed it so much that he even gave it as a gift for a few of his coworkers.

u/tundoopani · 6 pointsr/see
u/StillAnAss · 6 pointsr/sex

Scalp massagers are magical!

u/boywbrownhare · 6 pointsr/asmr

link to buy one

here's another

i don't know which is better

u/LemonMagician · 4 pointsr/brushybrushy
u/powerwafer · 4 pointsr/pics

I seriously just bought one on Amazon because of this. $3.42 shipped.

Amazon link

u/rKade · 4 pointsr/trees
u/jaiwithani · 3 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

You want one of these:

(Honestly. Not a referral link. Best $3 you'll ever spend).

u/mydearwatson616 · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/Good_Entity · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/2z1 · 3 pointsr/asmr

Do you know those head massage things? Get one of those and use it on on them. It works for most people even if they don't experience ASMR.

"Yeah, it's like that, only without the massage thingy."

u/thebestofme · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

Have someone use a head massager on your head. It feels good using it yourself too, but when someone else is controlling it, the pleasure is almost unbearable.

u/ynp_569 · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/Barry9988 · 2 pointsr/HaircareScience

Try this instead

You can find same product but much cheaper on eBay

u/HelloMrPeppermint · 2 pointsr/offmychest

In brief, neurologically, the source of your pleasure is identical to what makes these work

...and if you've never felt one of these...get on it!

u/nielsenal12 · 2 pointsr/asmr

Here you go!

only $2.50

u/Painkiller3666 · 2 pointsr/shorthairedhotties

You should buy one of these: Headgasm machine.

u/mmm_burrito · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

To anyone who enjoys a good scalp massage: get one of these. It looks stupid, but 2 weeks after you receive it, you'll be sending me gold-plated thank you notes.

It will take two weeks because you'll need that long to muster up the willpower to stop using it for long enough to do anything productive. I don't know why I don't own one myself.

u/identicalParticle · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I suggest one of these head massagers. They are pretty much the greatest feeling despite being completely nonsexual. I suggest that if you get him one, you use it on him from behind without telling him. You always remember your first surprise headmassager time.

u/sim713 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

This works for me..

  1. Get one of these

  2. Go to youtube and search ASMR

  3. Pass the fuck out
u/redlegacyatm50 · 2 pointsr/trees
u/broken_axe · 2 pointsr/gamingpc
u/tmbcake13 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Five of these

u/ndsulee · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

The real deal, have your SO use this on your noggin, I've never made my wife make faces like she does when i use this on her (eyes roll back):

u/palex · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

1 My carpet sharks, cupcakes and glitter nail polish

2 Snuffleupagus

3 When I have a really bad headache and my bf uses the head massager on my head, that's nice.

u/asmr_simplicity · 2 pointsr/asmr

I take this and apply it to the back of their head and say "multiply this by ten, that's how I feel when people open bags of chips. Jealous?"

u/JenniTheGhost · 2 pointsr/AskTrollX

They're scalp massagers. You can buy them really cheap and they feel really great on your head!

u/Aquamoose42 · 2 pointsr/aww

It's a scalp massager, you can buy it at amazon for $12.95 ($5.48 if you have Amazon Prime).

u/rediculose · 2 pointsr/casualiama

I'm in, all I request is one of those head massagers, like this (, and a daily massage.

u/DarkFiction · 2 pointsr/asmr
u/im_friENTly · 2 pointsr/trees

It is this thing!

u/DrScoops · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Who needs a girl when you can get one of these?

All joking aside, this thing is amazing. I know it looks like some weird brainwave concentrator, but it is seriously the best three bucks I've ever spent.

u/starfishe · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would love this head massager because it looks AWESOME

And I just came across this awesome YouTube video the other day: The Cat Diaries

u/curlicarly · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I share my birthday with Michael Gambon. Who else can say that they are birthday twins with the greatest wizard of all time??

u/MrDTD · 1 pointr/pics
u/senzafine1 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

having to have worked black fridays in the past i know better than to buy anything today. BUT i'm really tempted to buy this posted by another redditor in some other thread

u/maciballz · 1 pointr/asmr you'll like this. I use it while I ASMR.

u/adfroman23 · 1 pointr/videos

those massagers are on sale today on Amazon

u/ctesibius · 1 pointr/AskMen

Food is good! I'm probably in a small minority, but I happen to like being given flowers (I'm hetero). Other than those two, have you thought of one of those head-massaging devices that looks oddly like a whisk?

u/garage_cleaner · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

head massager cheap but classy!

u/sp0radic · 1 pointr/pics

Wow, only $2.49

u/youknowimhere · 1 pointr/cats

Not gonna lie, I remember doing that with one of my sister's brushes when I was a little kid. Those little nubs on the bristles felt so good on muh face!

Kinda reminds me of these things...

In recent times I've spent an hour marveling over the glorious feelings that these produce. No fucks were given.

u/Katrianadusk · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Yes. Buy one of these

u/imakhink · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/gear0war · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Having another person use a scalp massager on you. It is truly orgasmic. Those people who have used one before can attest to its wonder

Do yourself a favor and get one now

u/tunggach · 1 pointr/maybemaybemaybe

I have this thing, my cats quite like it too, but this one seems so much more interesting

u/thisisrequired · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Like one of these?

u/ColorMeGrey · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/neverenoughblank · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hi and welcome!

I did a similar contest a few weeks ago :D Welcome to RAOA! Hope you like it as much as I do!

I don't care what your roommates say when you bust this out (let's be real, they'll be jealous) because EVERYONE needs a head massager

As for what I need, I would loveee this book (printed would be much preferred!)

u/MistressOfAllPixels · 1 pointr/asmr

I'm more of a head-scratch video person so I often use a scalp massager.

u/Brownie456 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

get them all Scalp massage device. they sell these at bath and body works for around 5$, but the feeling it gives your head is priceless.

u/kungfucious · 1 pointr/gonewild

When I pull hair, I just take a hold of it; I'm not yanking on it like pull-starting a lawnmower. ;)

If you have doubt as to whether your scalp is erogenous, you might want to treat yourself to one of these, for xmas.

u/Avi_ · 1 pointr/FancyFollicles

Get yourself one of these. It's cheap as shit and it feels awesome. Using it for a few minutes every day helps to increase circulation in your scalp, especially if you let your head hang off the edge of your bed while doing it. I bought one and use it all the time. I know Bed, Bath and Beyond has them in-store if you don't want to order it online. Just make sure the ends are coated in a plastic or something smooth so it doesn't snag your hair or scratch your scalp.

u/orangejellybean · 1 pointr/sex

have you ever used one of those scalp whisks?

It's a little embarrassing how much I enjoy this thing on my head.

u/aetheos · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I'm gonna save you and everyone else a lot of time:

Buy this.

u/SlovenlySarah · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

They're like 3 bucks on amazon!! I have 2 of them. BEST feeling ever, and actually helps with my migraines!
What an investment! I'll take eight!!

u/zhaofa90 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

This thing is amazing and only costs $3. It gives you that tingly feeling of getting a scalp massage and you don't even need someone else to do it for you.

u/NvaderGir · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/samantha_pants · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/citrusysecrets · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this head massager! it looks amazing! and its 1.50 with free shipping!

u/joelthezombie15 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

/u/purbredginger hi, sorry to bother you. My favorite color if Orange because Orange doesn't give a Fuck. Is it red? Is it yellow? Is it brown? Orange doesn't care, Orange is whatever it wants to be.