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Capsule Connection 1000 Bulk Wholesale Empty Clear Gelatin Capsules,
Pure clear capsules with no preservatives or additives. Lowest price available. Save by buying bulk.Pure kosher and halal beef gelatin and waterNo preservatives, additives, GMO, BSE or gluten"00" holds about 730 mg. or 1/5 tsp.Packaged and distributed by Capsule Connection, LLC since 1973
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51 Reddit comments about Capsule Connection 1000 Bulk Wholesale Empty Clear Gelatin Capsules,"00" Size,:

u/fresham · 8 pointsr/vaporents

Get a mortar & pestle and gel caps. Grind super fine, and pack them super tight by tamping it down. I use 00 caps and 1 or 2 is enough to stay good for a few hours.

EDIT: You can use smaller caps, like '0' for a smaller dose. What I use, for the lazy:
00 Caps
0 Caps
Mortar & Pestle

u/peacelovinhippy · 7 pointsr/Paleo

I have no idea how much spirulina costs, maybe it's not even worth bothering with. But, if you don't feel like tossing out what you already have, Amazon sells empty gelatin capsules, and I'm sure pharmacies and health food stores have them also. You could always fill them yourself if you didn't feel like flushing the money you already spent on the powder :)

u/mrmatteh · 6 pointsr/trees

Online or at your local natural supplements store

u/Davedeaux · 6 pointsr/PlantedTank

They do help, even if you're dosing.

I bought this

And this

And these

And I have more root tabs than I'll ever use. I've even given away a bunch to friends.

API and Flourish charge you $10 for 10 tabs. I paid a little over $30 for more than I can use in the life of my tank.

u/bearlybaked · 5 pointsr/mflb

Haha thanks man! I bought 1000 off of amazon for 10 bucks! Here's the link.

u/prollyprocrastinatin · 5 pointsr/Nootropics

I bought the largest pill capsules on Amazon. Something like this works perfectly and you can get them in vegan if you need to. Whoohoo! No more taste!

u/dragonbubbles · 5 pointsr/kratom

Making your own capsules is easy once you get the hang of it, which doesn't take long.

Size "00" Empty Gelatin Capsules

u/Love_Indubitably · 5 pointsr/sex

You have to order the boric acid and the capsules separately. I bought Humco boric acid and capsules like these-- definitely go for the vegetarian capsules, as they are less likely to irritate your vagina and will dissolve cleanly.

u/DBOPRO · 5 pointsr/PlantedTank

haha I'm flattered. You can pick up size 0 or 00 capsules from your local vitamin shop. Or online with ebay or Amazon. Searching "empty gel capsules" should get you what you want. Filling them is as easy as filling the capsules with your fert. People have been using Osmocote Flower & vegetable, since Osmocote plus was dis-continued. Others use Dynomite fert. YOu can even mix both and use them!

u/Grommatick · 4 pointsr/shrooms

Yeah they’re called Gelatin Capsules . There are different sizes so you might want to look into that a bit. Also, it’s probably going to be a pain in the ass to fill them if you don’t have a tray for it. There are also small machines that’ll help you fill them on Amazon. Then you’re free to go.

u/mcgangbane · 3 pointsr/treedibles

These are the ones i use, nothing special. About 1 in 100 are defective but its easy to catch them while theyre empty.

u/SomeDudeInPortland · 3 pointsr/oregon

No, I actually meant plant-based vapes. I've had both the MFLB and the Arizer air and they are wildly efficient. I also ALWAYS stuff pills with my leftovers into these:

Overall, I use half or less the amount of bud that I would have smoking.

u/hushhushbunny · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I bought this HUMCO HOLDING GROUP Boric Acid Powder, 12 Ounce

And these

Capsule Connection 1000 Bulk Wholesale"00" Empty Gelatin Capsules

From amazon in 2013, that’s how long it lasts. I don’t use them daily but if something feels off or after a period etc. Then I do one a day for a couple days and that’s enough. I pour some on a plate, scoop it into the capsules and keep the capsules in an old pill jar marked boric acid just in case because you cannot eat them!. Anyway. I do it at night, it makes extra discharge that night but nothing a pantyliner can’t help and then it’s all good.

u/LicianDragon · 2 pointsr/PlantedTank

These are the ones I got. Technically you're supposed to get vegetarian capsules but I didn't realize these weren't till they arrived. Never had an issue because of them!

u/angie6921 · 2 pointsr/kratom
u/rbgilbert · 2 pointsr/treedibles

I got mine from Amazon.
I put coconut oil in them and have no problems.

u/chrisH82 · 2 pointsr/abv

I have been using this for years, it is great. And I get capsules from amazon

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/shrooms


u/ddesla2 · 2 pointsr/KratomKorner

He's just a grumpy asshole. No harm, no foul. Also, I use this setup at home:

It's super cheap and relatively quick and easy to cap a BUNCH in a short period of time.

u/Internetwarrior420 · 2 pointsr/mflb

Link if you want to buy gel caps

size 000 (largest) -

size 00 (a bit smaller) -

I havent tried any of the gel caps, gonna try it when I get my new box.
But from what i've heard most people prefer size 00 instead of 000 because the 000's can be a bit difficult to swallow.

/e. Just bought a 100-pack, gonna try them out asap (about 3-4 weeks)

u/underscorecool · 1 pointr/shrooms
u/mycabbagecorp · 1 pointr/sex

Here's what I bought! These were suggested in the original post I read and worked for me. It's a LOT of product, but it's pretty affordable. Just use a panty liner if you put one in at night because the capsule degrades and leaks out (kinda like the ovules that prescription treatments have.

u/cashglow · 1 pointr/kratom

Buy a cheap scale on Amazon and some caps.



u/some_kid6 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

You could go even cheaper if you cap it yourself

u/Lamberpig · 1 pointr/trees

Amazon! Just look up 00 capsules, plenty of options!

Capsule Connection 1 bag bulk wholesale 1000 "00" Empty Gelatin Capsules

u/jollycooperation420 · 1 pointr/Swingers

So this is a touchy topic but my wife and I have a TON of sex and sometimes I think it is the frequency that we do it (we don't use condoms when it's just the two of us) that can trigger this.

I am hesitant to post this because we have real life swinger buddies who read this sub, but anyways, here's our home remedy. Don't be grossed out.

Some first aid boric acid powder scooped into empty gel caps, inserted vaginally. If you have an exceptionally heavy play session might wanna douche it with peroxide first to nuke the bad microbes, then insert one of these after.

What causes BV? Imbalance in vaginal microbial flora. How does that happen? Lots of ways, could be hormonal imbalance, could be something is feeding the bad microbes (semen has a bit of fructose in it, and some lubricants might too, or who the fuck knows what kind of germs are on fingers or mouths) or could be a bacterial infection you need antibiotics for. However if it's something that reoccurs in reproducible situations I would say it's something throwing off your wife's pH and this might help.

Is it safe? My wife's gynecologist prescribed her these that were made by a compounding pharmacy in town. We ran out and started making our own. Seems to work exactly the same. Try at your own risk.

Do one at a time. If it doesn't clear up after the first one, do another one later that day, or the next day. Abstain from sex till you get it under control. If it doesn't work after a couple days, forget it and go back to the gynecologist . . . but this isn't an uncommon problem it's just not discussed openly because people think it's related to "bad hygiene" and women are ashamed of it.

u/davespex · 1 pointr/kratom

You can find them much cheaper than that. eBay as mentioned, here's some on Amazon for under $13 if you have Prime:

Possibly cheaper options exist there also. I used to get NOW foods capsules for around $6 per 1,000.

I spend around $8-$10 on mine now, but I accidentally ordered a size 0 capping machine years ago and just stuck with it. I can get about 350mg-400mg per capsule, which is fine for me as my dosages are on the small side.

u/TheHammerIsMyPeni5 · 1 pointr/mflb

I make pills out of mine so I don't have to taste it.

I buy empty gel caps on amazon for cheap and then just stuff the AVB in there with the tube from a small pen to tamp it down tight. Takes anywhere between 4 and 10 pills to get me high, depending on how dark I've been making it.

u/The_numbskull · 1 pointr/kratom

I would just purchase powder from a vendor of your choice, then get these and something like this It takes a little time but it's way more cost effective than buying pre made caps. The empty caps I linked are size 00 which will hold about .5g each but you can go the next size up (000) and those hold about 1g each iirc.

Edit- words

u/MCSledgeHammer · 1 pointr/kratom

if you have prime you could have them by wednesday for a whopping $12 total

i bought some of these 2 years ago and am just now getting low..

P.S. Edit, "00"'s I think only carry 500-600mg

u/nutmegtell · 1 pointr/kratom

I LOVE my capsule machine. I got mine for around $18.00 on Amazon and it included the 00 empty capsules (I spied them at a local smoke shop for 15.00) and works like a charm! TnW makes me throw up so I'm relegated to capsules ;)

I've bought lots of different brands of capsules and have found that the NOW 750 count 00 Capsules work best, but if you're looking at a better price you could try these ones sold in bulk sets of 1000 . They smell a little funny to me, and don't always go together properly. But that's probably my own user error.

u/rachmichelle · 1 pointr/avb

If you haven’t tried this already, I strongly suggest making cannacaps! They’re super quick and easy to make once you already have your infusion. First, warm it up a tiny bit (just enough to melt it), then take a small syringe and fill up some empty pill capsules. Seal those babies up and prepare for liftoff :)

If you’re vegan/vegetarian, they make vegetable-based capsules. Also, if size 00 capsules are too large for you to comfortably swallow, or if you want larger capsules so you don’t have to take as many, you can buy size 0 or 000 capsules (0 being the smallest) instead.

They’re super convenient! For each batch you make, start by taking one to determine how strong they are. I pulse my ABV through a coffee grinder before infusing it and skip the straining step to maximize efficacy, since taste isn’t an issue.

u/Malari_Zahn · 1 pointr/KratomKorner

Oooh man, I have lupus and fibro, so I understand pain! Kratom has been awesome for my pain relief!

I just realized that I didn't talk about dosing. I use gel caps since the taste of kratom is awful. I buy my [gel caps] ( on Amazon - and that's where I got my [capping machine] ( as well. I use a [micro scale] ( to weigh mine, but [this chart] ( is pretty accurate.

I know a lot of people do the "toss and wash" method, or just mix the kratom in orange juice or yogurt. I've tried those, and it was a waste of my kratom, as I couldn't keep it down (the taste is just that bad, lol).

So, for me, I have a very low tolerance for meds and drugs and only need to dose about 1.2 to 1.4 grams (that's 2 capsules). I would suggest starting at 2 grams and seeing how you feel. If you need more pain relief after 20 minutes or so, I'd take another gram. Wait another 20 minutes and wash, rinse, repeat. 😉

Kratom can be a bit harsh on my stomach, so I make sure I have a little food in me before I take it. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions!

u/SnapshillBot · 1 pointr/MGTOW

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u/50kent · 1 pointr/abv

I know exactly what you mean with the taste, I usually can't even hold the abv down if I taste it. So I would recommend you make cannacaps. You'll still get gross abv burps and farts but they won't be as bad.

First step would be to get your abv to a fine grind, basically powdered. It's not super important, but it makes a difference in a couple different ways, and mortar and pestle sets can be pretty cheap. Hell you could probably even makes one that gets the job done. If you do grind your abv further, that's gonna be the smelliest part of this process, so I'd recommend you prep your room better than you would just for vaping.

The next step would normally be to water cure but since you're in a dorm that's likely not an option due to both smell and access to equipment. I have another method you can use to cure your abv with a pressure cooker that doesn't require an oven, if you're interested I can write that out for you, but I'd imagine smell would still be an issue.

Once your abv is ready, you can start to cap them. 00 sized caps work best IMO, they're pretty big so they hold a lot of abv. You could totally fill them up one by one, but if you can I'd recommend grabbing a capsule machine so you can fill a large number of capsules (the one I linked does 100 at a time) in like 10 minutes. The machine also does a super good job at getting as much abv as possible into each cap, which is part of why a super fine grind is important. Oh and if you do go for the machine, MAKE SURE you get one that matches the size of caps you have, I made that mistake once.

Regarding coconut oil, I don't usually use it but I've heard really good things about it maximizing THC absorption. I don't believe you can easily infuse your abv with oil without a kitchen/smell, but if you wanted to you could put a bit in the caps with the abv.

And there you go, simple cannacaps! I'd recommend you have a large fatty meal with or soon after taking the caps to maximize absorption. I'd also like to note that IME abv cannacaps fuse is even more unpredictable than just eating it, I've had it take like 4 or 5 hours to hit with caps.

u/Snarky75 · 1 pointr/kratom

I buy mine online from Amazon. I get like 1000 for $13.00 I also bought a capsule maker that is very helpful. I couldn't stand the taste of the tea. If you ever run out and need some fast you can go to a vitamin store they sell them. I get size 00 they are larger and hold more.

u/tehNOViCE · 1 pointr/kratom

I recently bought this Capsule Machine and 1000 capsules off of Amazon...and it does make it easier.

I weighed the capsules the other day and I was getting about 7g in 10 of them.

I usually take about 3-4 capsules and that is about 2-3ish grams. It comes with a little tool that packs it, and I usually do it about three times and ta-da!
It also makes 24 at a time which is awesome.

u/IllegalBeaver · 1 pointr/keto

I've been eating keto for over two years and I know this is a lifestyle change for me because of the way I feel. I gained a huge amount of energy after the first few weeks and it's stayed with me since.

As far as your electrolytes go you need to supplement magnesium, sodium, and potassium. I made Morton's lite salt (290mg sodium, 350mg potassium per 1/4tsp) 00 capsules but I found that when I did this I was retaining water even when I was drinking a minimum of 96oz a day. I instead salt my food as needed and eat foods with sodium added (mmm bacon). I buy potassium citrate powder on Amazon and make 00 capsules with that. I did the math and each 00 capsule holds 1/4tsp of their product which works out to about 500mg of potassium per their website information. This is a lot easier to supplement with as ALL potassium pills sold to the public are limited to 99mg due to FDA rules. I take three pills a day as I also eat foods with potassium in them (avocado, coffee, etc). I included some links to the products I use.

u/OppieWestLA · 1 pointr/kratom

Capsule Connection 1000 Bulk Wholesale Empty Clear Gelatin Capsules, "00" size,

100 Holes (00#) Capsule Holder With Tamper for Size 00 capsules Holding Tray Pill Dispensers & Reminders

Just buy your favorite kratom. Put on Netflix and make some capsules until u finish the bag and u no longer have to deal with eating kratom. And you can weigh one capsule and figure out how much u are taking at a time. Cherrs

u/Jayadally · 1 pointr/shrooms
u/LordBeefus · 1 pointr/phenibut

Each of these Amazon link holds 500 to 600mg... usually, be sure to double check with a scale.)

You should be able to find them at healthfood or drugstores too

Never taste it again.

u/HiMyNameIsRay · 1 pointr/GifRecipes

You don't even need to cook your AVB. I'd recommend getting some 00 gel capsules and filling them with the straight up herb, or eating it in a peanut butter sandwich.

u/kleptomaniEnt · 0 pointsr/trees