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u/troll_herder · 12 pointsr/loseit

I have/had huge issues with them aswell, here's three things I learned:

a) The go away eventually - for me they were one of the last things to start going though, hello paper towel analogy.

b) When the fat in the moobs is gone, you might be left with some sags of skin there. Muscles fill and shape those quite nicely ;)

c) Until the muscles are enough to do the job and/or the skin tightens, compression shirts help keep things where they're supposed to be and actually make them look like pecks. I wear them daily as base layer and get a lot of compliments on my muscularity (and a lot of attention from women ;-)). I can recommend those:

EDIT: If you go for compression, you can safely order a size smaller than you actually wear (I wear XL shirts on top layer, L compression shirts - with the compression I could actually wear L on top aswell, but XL compression doesn't compress enough for me).

u/mazobob66 · 10 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

My "Air Jordy" T-shirt. It is a take on the Michael Jordan "Air Jordan" theme.

u/Darth_Sensitive · 6 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

Wore my super awesome OSU hawaiian shirt today.

Went for a little run just a bit ago.

Have leftover thanksgiving food and beer. Let's go Pokes!

u/Dirtydeedsinc · 3 pointsr/buffalobills

For those looking for the source of this:

Edit: Amazon Price is $69.99, they seem to be $10 cheaper at Personally I’ve never dealt with them and I don’t know what they charge for shipping.

u/tlott · 3 pointsr/Braves
u/henson12 · 2 pointsr/TheLeftovers

A new shirt that’s not a logo of the show?

Miracle Texas Shirt Travel To Miracle National Park T-Shirt

CafePress Jarden, Texas Road Sign T Shirt 100% Cotton T-Shirt Brown

u/bluesquid10 · 2 pointsr/bengals

NFL Men's Cincinnati Bengals T-Shirt Active Light Long Sleeve Tee Shirt, Medium, White

u/-JosephBroseph- · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

It's also available on Amazon

u/danielbln · 2 pointsr/running

Sure thing!







(last two are links, as doesn't have it)

u/KaiElite307 · 1 pointr/reddevils

Looks like a few of the other Amazon sites has it listed also:

Amazon Spain -

Amazon France -

Amazon Germany -

All sold directly by Amazon themself, doesn't appear to be in stock at the moment though. Images of the kit seem to be the same as the leaked pictures which have cropped up a few times over the last few months.

u/sunkcost · 1 pointr/phillies

Mitchell and Ness has one available on Amazon

u/Linquista · 1 pointr/Gunners

I've heard the shirt is kinda baggy and loose like this. Is that true?

u/heriman · 1 pointr/goldenknights

On Amazon, only thing I didnt like is they also put their logo in super light coloring

u/jasmineks · 1 pointr/ravens

I bought this shirt over the summer and I love it! So comfortable.

u/laikapants · 1 pointr/Braves