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u/Beaver420 · 78 pointsr/h3h3productions

You can buy blank SIM cards. Then using social engineering you would call the cell provider and convince them to activate the sim card for your targets number. Once activated you put the sim in your phone and now you have access to any calls/texts they receive.

u/GamerSDG · 10 pointsr/NoContract

Don't trust coverage maps, they all lie on them.

Mint has a $5 trial sim. It gives you 7 days with 200 text, talk, and 200mb of data. Its really a good away to try the T mobile network out. If you buy it an decide to join mint they give you $5 off your first bill.


edit: You will need an unlocked phone that can use T mobile.

u/ecs0013 · 10 pointsr/NoContract

MintMobile is a prepaid service that runs on T-Mobile and includes a trial SIM with their regular kit:

AT&T Prepaid sells their SIM kits at places like Target and Best Buy for $5-$10 and you'd probably need to buy a month's worth of service for around $40 to really try it out.

u/exconsultingguy · 9 pointsr/consulting

Yes, I’m sure there are. I’d probably just order a SIM on Amazon and have it delivered to the hotel/office though.

This is what I use whenever I travel. Works in the states as well.

u/castlec · 7 pointsr/NoContract

She's going to make friends so she's going to want a local number. That's not to say that there aren't options like WhatsApp, but it'll make life easier for whatever official things she may need to do with a local number.

For yourself, I've picked up sim cards from Amazon for European travel. Stupid cheap for gigs of data from 3UK, with international roaming for pretty much all of Europe. I'll go find the link and edit my post.

Link to 12gb 300 minutes currently $28

Link to 1gb 'Tablet' for $13

u/Photography7 · 6 pointsr/tmobile

So I was able to get a 20% off code and signed up through the website and have a tracking code. I have a few questions on how to properly sign up for T-Mobile:

  1. When I go on the promotion status site to check it, it says Tampa, FL for the location, but I'm in Dallas, TX. Will this be okay? It did take my phone number when I signed up and my email, and I printed out the confirmation page with tracking ID. Also, how long will it take for me to see the 20% discount for life on my bill?

  2. I'm switching over from Verizon and have an iPhone 6s Plus, and will be porting my number over. I want to go about this properly and need a SIM card. Can I purchase this Amazon prepaid SIM card and activate it on the T-Mobile One Postpaid account with my 20% off discount?: If not, where can I purchase a correct SIM card?

  3. How do I activate the SIM card once I get it and transfer my number? Do I need to call in or can it be done online?

  4. Can I also sign up for the "17SWITCHER" $150 gift card promo and stack the coupon? If so, do I just go on the T-Mobile Promotions site and enter that before or after I sign up? How long does it take to receive the card via mail?

    Thank you in advance!
u/PH0NER · 6 pointsr/NoContract

I have used the Orange Travel SIM and the 3 Travel SIM which are both available on Amazon. They give you a decent amount of data, texts, minutes, and an EU number. They also offer roaming throughout the EU for free. The Orange SIM assigns a French number, the 3 SIM a UK number. They both offer different allotments for very different prices so check them out! I definitely recommend the 3 SIM if you’re going to be in major cities, but if you plan on traveling into rural areas Orange is partnered with better carriers.

Orange SIM


u/Chrushev · 6 pointsr/CricketWireless

Id say ATT and Verizon networks are pretty on par. Ive been to places where ATT has no service but Verizon does, and Ive also been to places where Verizon has no service but ATT does (I live in Southern California).

Now, that being said, you could be in one of those areas where Verizon works well but ATT doesnt. Wont know without testing it out.

I would recommend signing up for a $30 2GB plan (when you use up 2GB you just get slowed down, you still can use it). 2GB should be plenty for testing.

Pop out your Verizon sim, and pop in Cricket sim. Use it for the month as you would normally use your phone, if you are satisfied move over all lines. If not then all it takes is for you to pop the old Verizon sim back in and you are back to how it was before you did anything.

Currently you can get Cricket sim from Amazon for $5, or BestBuy for $10.

yes this would cost you $35-$40 for the month. But if its a success then you will be saving a lot more than that per month.

PS - I dont know anything about Red Pocket Mobile, but I would test it out with actual Cricket since that is what you are considering changing over to.

Also if you do sign up, visit stickied thread and use one of the promo links, it will give you $25 after 60 days and the person who's link you used $25 as well. That will cancel out the cost of sim cards for you ($5 a piece from Amazon).

u/Daynater · 6 pointsr/mintmobile

Yeah! Mint has a 7 day trial for $5 First SIM is for the trial, and the second one included is for signing up for a plan and porting. Mint's site or on Amazon. Note that you have to use the Mint Mobile App to activate the trial SIM.

u/slade412 · 6 pointsr/tmobile

Mint Mobile trial sim. $5 on Amazon. Trial includes 100MB of 4G LTE data, 100 text messages, and 100 minutes of talk—all of which is good for 7 days after activation. Activate it with a random number. Test coverage for a week. Then throw the sim away and decide if you want to move your mom to t-mobile (or Mint Mobile if you don't need postpaid luxuries).

u/GarlandBuckeye · 6 pointsr/NoContract

MintMobile sells a test SIM on Amazon for $5. Take out your current SIM, put in the test SIM, and try it out for a week. MintMobile will give you an additional phone number with the SIM. Would that work for you?

u/IrisJob · 5 pointsr/financialindependence

Does anyone have a phone without a data plan?

I'm looking to get a US number just to slap on my CV - so I might take calls on it but not really use it. Trying to find the best prepaid plan (is there a subreddit for that?)

I'm looking at stuff like this atm:

u/gabrielr7637 · 5 pointsr/tmobile

You can also get one from amazon for $9.99 instead of the $25 if that doesn’t end up working, probably can find some way cheaper on eBay, just make sure they are not expired.

u/rtcam · 5 pointsr/ting

You mean Z3 compact, right? Regarding the Z3 compact, make sure you buy model D5803 as the other model (D5833) is not compatible with Ting's LTE bands.

They will walk you through the process of porting your number online. You just need to buy a GSM SIM from Ting or Amazon if you don't already have one.

After you get your phone and SIM card, go to

You will be walked through the steps of porting your number from AT&T - you will need your account number and pin handy. It is pretty easy to follow, but you can check out this documentation for some more info.

u/Swastik496 · 5 pointsr/tmobile

I bought this for my 14 day Europe trip. Put it in my phone yesterday to see if it works and am currently getting full speed AT&T(so it’s also useful inside a hotspot if you’re taking a trip to an area without T-Mobile coverage).

It’s sad that 3 UK offers better prices on AT&T than AT&T does.

u/BeneathWatchfulEyes · 5 pointsr/AskAnAmerican

You can get a pair of Mint Mobile sim cards for $5, they come with 100mb, 100 texts and 100 minutes but only work for a week after activation.

Great for activating online accounts that need a phone number.

If you want to keep the number it's $15 a month.

u/BabblingAptly · 5 pointsr/privacytoolsIO

Mint Mobile Starter Kit with a cheap burner phone. You get a real, non-VoIP number for a week which is long enough to sign up for whatever you need to. Just make sure you don't need the number again after that week is up for verification purposes.

I haven't tried this second part, but you may be able to use one of these "real" number to get pass verification, then switch to a VoIP number after the fact.

u/HomelessJack · 4 pointsr/povertyfinance

Yes, Target recently had them on sale. While that sale is now over you can get them the three month version @ Amazon.

FWIW I don't use FP for phone calls just data, so I can't speak to their call quality.

edit: I should add that the reason these are on sale is because FP is moving to a new pricing structure where 2GB will be the minimum data offered so they are unloading all the old 1GB plans.

u/limitedmage · 3 pointsr/mexico

Cuánto tiempo vas a estar en USA? Si es por más de 2 semanas, yo te recomiendo comprar una SIM de T-Mobile con el plan de $30:

u/pinkbutterfly1 · 3 pointsr/tmobile

SIM cards aren't used to store info for smartphones. You most likely have no info on it.


or go to a T-Mobile store and get one for $20

You can also try cutting your SIM to fit the Nano size, but it isn't entirely safe to do.

u/foscho · 3 pointsr/NoContract

Definitely use the Cricket referrals! I'd recommend making it clear with the admin of the group you're looking to join that you'd like to have that credit applied to what you owe, which really shouldn't be a problem. You should get a confirmation e-mail that will serve as "proof" that you've earned your credits, which should roll in around month 2 or 3 of your Cricket service.

Every group is run a bit differently however, so I'd definitely be explicit before joining.

As for the IMEI problem, I'm pretty sure you can order a SIM from Amazon, and skip the checker:

Also, it's cheaper right now than buying in-store or online!

I'm almost 100% positive that the 5x will work flawlessly on Cricket once you pop in the SIM and activate it, but it'd be great if another Cricket user with one could provide insight.

u/Ting_Bryce · 3 pointsr/ting

If you have the US billing address to set up the account you should be able to activate a GSM SIM while you are in Canada. We don't ship our SIMs outside of the US though so you would need to order a SIM from Amazon if you don't already have one.

u/g2g079 · 3 pointsr/arduino

Not sure about the cheapest, but here are the basic components you need.

GSM module

SIM card

GPS module

u/mrsaturnboing · 3 pointsr/AmazonUnder5
u/nosliw_pilf · 3 pointsr/HelpMeFind

This is a little difficult, because these types of plans are not as common in the US as they are in European countries. However, there's a company called Tracfone where you can buy the SIM card and get buy minutes/texts as you need them. You can buy the kit anywhere (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, 7-Eleven), or online. I found a link on Amazon.

Hope this helps.

u/stifflippp · 3 pointsr/NoContract

No you can leave anytime, no contract. But I have to warn you, if you're used to Verizon you will hate Sprint. It is slow, coverage is not too good, and your data won't work while you're on a call.

If 3GB each works for you, why don't you try
for $22 a month per line you get UT&T with 3GB each on any network you want, including Verizon.

u/Cuttlefish88 · 3 pointsr/birthright

I got this from Amazon ahead of time and it worked perfectly! Data only but that’s fine if you use Messenger or WhatsApp. The one through Birthright is a rip-off, especially if you’re extending at all.

u/thefourthchime · 3 pointsr/Visible

I picked up this one for Europe a couple times. Worked great for me on London and Poland.

PrePaid Europe (UK THREE) sim...

u/sporez · 3 pointsr/CricketWireless

Here's a link to the sim on Amazon. Make sure when you order you're ordering from Amazon themselves not a 3rd party seller. I just activated one of these a few days ago and it worked fine.

u/gimtayida · 3 pointsr/privacy

This one here.

Like the other poster said, it just comes as a two pack and you don't really need both. Also, don't port your number. Doing so ties your real identity to the fake name/address you use, defeating the entire purpose.

u/friendliest_person · 3 pointsr/NoContract

I bought the exact phone (unlocked Moto g6) from eBay for ~$87 billed as open box a few months ago - it arrived as brand new.
I'm a cheap ass, but this is definitely the phone you want - best budget phone out there. Don't nickle and dime here.

You need to buy a sim card for it. The cheapest services run on Sprint, so you need a Sprint sim. $3 from Amazon plus shipping.

Table that shows which sim card model# you need for Moto g6 in case you want to purchase elsewhere ( it is "simolw416q")

If you buy it from Amazon:

Sprint Sim Kit - Your Phone. Our Plan. - Unlimited Plans Starting $25/Month

I happily used Tello for 2 yrs for cheap ($10 + tax lasted me a year of use with their PAYG service)

But now all is changing.

The minimum now to start service is $20, and you have to recharge for $20 every 3 months. So it will cost $80 per year, which is still decent at a little less than $7 a month. The rates come out to be 1 cent/ min for calls and texting, 2 cent/mb for data. And I believe the balance rolls over indefinitely ( just emailed them to make sure and awaiting their response).

You could also sign up for the monthly plan, which is $5 or $6 at minimum per month, which is no data and 100 mins voice and free texting I believe. Verify that.

I also need to checkout pageplus and also another service called twillio or something like that.

Very dissappointed with Tello's rate inc, but yes, they still might be the best option out there for users like us.

u/vergingalactic · 2 pointsr/Android

It used to cost $28.
You might want to look around for a slightly better deal on it.

u/bullohnie · 2 pointsr/Android


Thanks a lot! Didn't know it was that simple.

Here's a link for a cheaper one for anyone interested.

u/iOSecure · 2 pointsr/Frugal

its hiding deep in the website, just buy this it covers the first month.
"This Kit is designed to enable you to activate the $30 plan or use it to add it to any plan" it does also come with 100MB hotspot

Photo of what it looks like

u/icecream21 · 2 pointsr/tmobile

T-Mobile doesn't care if you have a Verizon phone or not. As long as it's unlocked you're good to go. Also iPhone 6 Plus isn't band 12 compatible so depending on your area, you may not be able to take advantage of T-Mobiles entire network. iPhone 6s, 7, & SE are band 12 compatible.

Edit: You can activate a sim online and select your plan and port your number. Get the 3 in 1 sim from amazon:

u/kangarang · 2 pointsr/Axon7

Np! This is the one I used (sorry, 10 bucks). It literally took me 1 minute to get Verizon working

u/mubin_bzs_06 · 2 pointsr/tmobile

You can go to a store and ask, sometimes they don't charge for sim replacement. This one will also work. And the link you posted, that will work too.

u/trytuyiu · 2 pointsr/tmobile

Prepaid sim is the only way to try it out. Looks like you can get the some airtime and the sim card for under $20. (you can probably re-use the sim if you like the service.)

Make sure you have a phone with Band 12 (700Mhz).

u/Ted1337 · 2 pointsr/tmobile

You already have an activate account, number, and the $30 plan. You just need to perform a SIM swap. You can go to a T-Mobile store to do this (but the SIM will cost $20) or you can get a $4.99 SIM starter kit from Best Buy or Amazon ( or, call into customer service, and perform a SIM swap. Do NOT buy a new SIM from the T-Mobile website; these are not meant for replacements, and will come pre-activated. While they can be deactivated and reused, it's a hassle and easier to just get a new SIM put on your account at a T-Mobile store, or get a blank, inactive SIM from Amazon or Best Buy.

u/50atomic · 2 pointsr/tmobile

> Does it set you up with a monthly plan with 5gb data for real?

Maybe, but the plan is real.

> Do you have to get one of these every month, or does it just set it up like a normal plan?

Multiple payment options:

Or you can buy it here:

Or activate a new line online yourself here:

> Also, can it work with a Samsung Galaxy s4? Or will I need to switch phones?

Not very well, I would recommend a better network compatible phone.

> I also read you can stream video without using data, does this apply to this plan?

Unofficially, yes with Binge On but this can change at any time given it's a prepaid plan

u/pntless · 2 pointsr/NoContract

The port out doesn't finalize until you activate the SIM, but you can also avoid the worry by buying sim card kits through Amazon for cheaper (link below) then activate on cricket website once you have sim cards in hand.

Cricket Wireless Complete Starter Pack: Nano SIM Card with Standard & Micro Adapters

u/tiwaryrajiv · 2 pointsr/CricketWireless

I think AT&T iphones should work. However, please be careful of sim size. As far as I know idol 3 uses micro-sim whereas iphones use nano-sims. So you may have a problem. The easiest solution is to buy a Cricket sim from Walmart, Target etc. and activate it on your existing line. Amazon is charging $5 for it

Then your micro-sim will quit working and the number will transfer to the nano sim. You will have to do this procedure for each line.

u/mathan1234 · 2 pointsr/ting

Ting also has their SIM cards for sale on Amazon. If you're a Prime member you can get it faster.

u/Dark_Shroud · 2 pointsr/The_Donald

Yeah that sounds about right.

My AT&T Lumia 640 Go Phone cost me $30 at Best Buy. I followed the instructions online and unlocked it. I then installed a sim card from TracFone. I pay $85 a year for voice & text now. I use CableWifi to decently offset that lack of a data plan.

My next phone is going to be duel sim. So I can keep my current sim card and add one just for data plans from companies like Ting or Mint.

u/obou · 2 pointsr/japanlife

I bought this last time:

3 PAYG 4G Trio Data SIM Pack Preloaded with 12GB of Data

Get a simcard without sending it back, but you need to find someone to receive it. You'll need a simfree phone tough. Mobile hotspot should work

u/swaggity_swiggity · 2 pointsr/tmobile

PrePaid Europe (UK THREE) sim card 12GB data+3000 minutes+3000 texts for 30 days with FREE ROAMING / USE in 71 destinations including all European countries

Not an eSIM, but this is my go to for Europe.

u/CorporalVoytek2 · 2 pointsr/CricketWireless
  1. Have the phone "unlocked" by cricket so you can use another SIM card in it

  2. Get a Sim card that works in the UK. You can buy it when you get there, or you can get one before you leave. Something like this:
u/josmausa · 2 pointsr/Tomorrowland
u/jamar030303 · 2 pointsr/China

Sure thing!

For reference, this for data only and this for data and voice (but with a Hong Kong number) are what I'm talking about. You'll pay more but depending on your needs it may be worth the extra to not have to deal with a VPN.

u/highlander311 · 2 pointsr/travel

ExpressVPN worked great for me when I was on wifi, download it before you go. You just need to give it a few tries before it connects.

For mobile I used this sim card and it worked flawlessly around the GFW.

u/lococo72 · 2 pointsr/verizon

I did try this in Spain and France and it worked great

Orange Holiday Europe - 10GB Internet Data in 4G/LTE (+10GB Additional for SIMS Activated from April 4TH) + 120 mn + 1000 Texts in 30 Countries in Europe

If you end up buying it, Just make sure to activate it online before going

u/FlamingNate559 · 2 pointsr/solotravel

Look into the Orange Holiday SIM. It’s from a reputable brand in France and can work in Germany and other European countries as well! You get 10gb of 4G/LTE data and 120min of calling for two weeks and after those two weeks, you can recharge for I believe 20euros and definitely cheaper than going through U.S carriers.

u/Tooch10 · 2 pointsr/tmobile

I used this SIM card, it's from 3 UK but works all over Europe.

u/DriveByRandomInfo · 2 pointsr/Googlevoice

For $5 you can get a Mint Mobile trial SIM, with enough service to verify.


"Trial includes 100MB of 4G LTE data, 100 text messages, and 100 minutes of talk—all of which is good for 7 days after activation."


u/torku · 2 pointsr/privacy

$5 for two working sim cards. Each one comes with a trial amount that is just enough to get you started with a verification services. I recommend using the sim when you need to register/verify a couple different accounts and then throwing away the sim.

Here's a link.

u/benc1213 · 2 pointsr/NoContract

This might be your best bet. It gives you 100mb of data and 100 minutes and texts.

u/ShiiverStorm · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

OK! Back home. Hopefully, I can do better being able to read your post lol Idk how you do it. I've got the memory of a goldfish.

  1. Yes, Verizon will continue to bill you until you call them and have your service stopped OR you have your number "ported" to another carrier. "porting" your number means that your new carrier takes the number from the old carrier's books basically. Make sure not to cancel your number yourself though if you're planning on keeping it. Once they release it, it's gone and there's no getting it back. That's why you have your new carrier do it for you.

  2. Cell phone service works kind of like tv antenna (old school rabbit ears hah). You have to have the right antenna to get the signal. I posted the signals that Verizon and mobile use, and the only one they share is band 2 and I don't think that will be enough for you to get solid reception. it still might be worth a shot although I'd especially recommend the MintSim Trial on Amazon for $5 to make sure so you don't have to deal with a bunch of drama from porting your number/porting it back to maybe trying a new number for no reason.

    You could even get the SAME phone, with a different antenna if necessary. although more research, you might get 3g okay, I've been looking specifically at 4g bands. I honestly don't know much about 3g. so for this, before you consider a new device check how the mintsim trial sim works with your phone.

    The link i sent before was for the Galaxy Note 5, which is just a newer version of your phone. Although if you don't have reception issues with mintsim on your phone that's an awesome extra plus!!

    The link just above is mintsim's plans. It's $45 every 3 months (you don't pay monthly, only in 3, 6, and 12 month increments) which basically works out to $15/mo. Completely unbeatable!! Someone else mentioned freedompop which is kind of cool because if you stay under like 200 minutes/texts and 500mb data it's free. but if you go over at all it's immediatley cheaper to go with Mintsim because you get 2gb "high speed" data and unlimited "super slow" data for that $15/mo.

    To go back to something i said before, I completley forgot about 3g haha so if you can pop the mintsim trial into your phone and you get enough reception to make some good phone calls and text then you're good to go! I would definitely hate to make you buy a device you don't ACTUALLY need.
u/Tiwakawaka · 2 pointsr/mintmobile

Bestbuy is the only place I've seen it.

Could also buy a cheap Amazon gift card from a B&M. (If credit card is your problem).

Add it to a Amazon account and buy this

Get it shipped to a amazon locker. (If shipping address is a problem)

Mint will refund the 5$ when you activate your account.

Not a direct answer to your question, but I don't know another way, goodluck.

u/mmfacemm · 2 pointsr/NoContract

Freeup mobile works on att and gives you 1000 mins/texts for free. Just log in once a month to renew. Started by one of the guys who founded simple mobile before it was sold to slim/tracfone. They have a $10 unlimited talk and text plan if 1000 is not enough.

If you want the sim quick get it off amazon:

Since it is on att any att phone will work even a prepaid one.

Been using it for 4 months with no issues with the service. You can reduce the cost of your bill with rewards eg coupon printing but it isn't necessary.

u/nayabkl · 2 pointsr/verizon

0.5gb x 7 days at $10 a day, you are paying $70 for 3.5gb.

Get this 8gb sim for $22. Also gives you 30 mins of calling anywhere in the world.

u/reddit455 · 2 pointsr/Albuquerque

look around for pre-paid SIMs (may need to unlock phone with home carrier)

in the US we can get them for Europe


>Orange Holiday Europe - 3GB Internet Data in 4G/LTE (8GB for SIMs Activated Before August 22nd) + 30mn + 200 Texts from 30 Countries in Europe to Any Country Worldwide


you can check the US Carriers pre-paid options.


if you don't really care about the phone itself, you can just get "burner"

(refurb?) phone with minutes and data.

u/Dubesta11 · 2 pointsr/paris

Hello again,

I was thinking of purchasing a sim card for my 1 week stay. I mostly just want the option to be able to call my airbnb host as well as have some travel data. I was thinking of getting a sim card off of amazon:

Any luck with these? My phone is on Verizon and seems to be unlocked. Otherwise should I wait to purchase one in town?

u/dbzavatar · 1 pointr/MotoG

Sadly, no. Sprint is a CDMA carrier meaning they don't use sim cards. The Moto G needs a sim card to operate on a network, thus, will not work with Sprint. Your only option may be to go to AT&T or T-Mobile (Verizon doesn't use sim cards either), which are GSM carriers (they use sim cards). If you do chose the T-Mobile route, i recommend the $30 plan, which offers 100 mins, and unl.text and web (I'm currently using it).

this is what I used to get my sim card and account funds. It may be the best option considering: a) you get the $30 already on the account and b) the Sim card is pretty much free.

u/PM_Me_Your_Clones · 1 pointr/technology

You can buy sim kits, just make sure you get the right one for the phone you have. I always buy my phones outright from 3rd parties and then either get the sim from Amazon or the carrier (or just use my last sim, though obviously not applicable in your case). Then phone call to the new provider or pop into a store to get it activated and use it.

I don't know if the still offer this plan, but I'm on a T-Mobile pay as you go for like $30/month (unlimited data and texting but only 100 minutes/month, works for me because I don't talk on the phone that much) and vs. my wife's $100+/month AT&T bill I can buy a new phone once a year and still spend less.


Note - you'll need to make sure your new phone works on your new network, 2G stuff uses the same frequencies but for the higher bandwidth stuff I believe that T-Mobile and AT&T are different. It's gotten better in the past few years though, so I could be mistaken.

u/Forty_Too · 1 pointr/tmobile

Yes - I can’t find a way to share a Prime Now link but here:

Here’s the same on Amazon itself but obviously no two hour delivery:

u/GrapesofWrath2019 · 1 pointr/minimalism

Phone I have Sony Xperia XZ Premium . Just noticed it's on sale for $550. 4K screen 64 gigs, stereo speakers. Battery lasts for days.. I like it. I think it has the same processor as the S8. You can add a second sim for world travel or stick in a SD card.

The S8/s8 plus is nice as well, I have a friend with one. I just wanted 4K screen for 4K vr'ing with my phone and went with the sony for that reason.

The T-Mobile $3 plan link

Sim kit link

Got the sim kit from Amazon, you call up T-mobile, put some money on the account and you're good to go.

I just call text and turned off data, on my third month with the phone and i'm paying about $7 a month on average. I use wifi at home, and we have free wifi at work (luckily). With an SD card you can load up music on the phone for offline listening and google lets you download maps for offline GPS navagation.

u/VGinNYC · 1 pointr/NoContract

FYI: If you buy a T-Mobile SIM card from Best Buy or Amazon for $4.99 (you don't have to activate it), just stick it in your Nexus 5X (or in any T-Mobile or unlocked phone) and run Ookla Speedtests to check on T-Mobile coverage and data speeds at every location.

u/brikis98 · 1 pointr/NoContract
u/mc_88 · 1 pointr/tmobile

T-Mobile Prepaid Complete SIM Starter Kit

Works for postpaid too

u/stanleywinthrop · 1 pointr/tmobile

One alternative is this:

T-Mobile Prepaid Complete SIM Starter Kit

I've activated several of these on my postpaid account and never had a problem. 10 is better than 25.

u/ps_20090 · 1 pointr/Frugal

This is empty SIM, need to put plan beforehand before coming to US.
Try to read reviews.

u/dsatrbs · 1 pointr/tmobile

You could, but why not just spend the 4.99 on a new SIM.

u/--yy · 1 pointr/tmobile

Thanks. Are you sure, that this will allow me to get back on my $30 plan ?? I ask as this plan is difficult to get into once you are in another plan. The way I did it last time was get a $30 sim with plan included starter pack from walmart.

I see this and this on amazon, the second having the same plan as I want, but more expensive that it should be. If what you're saying is right, I should be able to just get the first one.

u/exposetheheretics · 1 pointr/tmobile

I bought this 3-1 prepaid sim off amazon.

but am i understanding correctly that i still need to pay for service (pay as you go $3/month)? I only need 30 seconds to take the call and never again.

i'm on step six here for my adapter

this guy sounds like he did what i want to do only paid five for the card.

i'd ask over there but it takes a month to get a response in that inactive sub.

u/qqn8 · 1 pointr/Android

Choose the $30 month plan with 100 minutes/unlimited sms and mms/5g 4G(it says 4G but I believe it includes LTE too on this plan). 10/c minute after you use up all 100 minutes.

Since it's prepaid it's $30 flat.

u/The_Knowing · 1 pointr/tmobile

You can buy this

u/AlcoholicToddler · 1 pointr/tmobile

The android I was using broke. Can't I just bring in this ( to the tmobile store along with my previous regular sized sim card and tmobile account info so I can get shit transferred?

u/iceardor · 1 pointr/nexus5x

If you're coming from a Nexus 5 and you use Google for your contact list, there really isn't much to lose getting a new card. $15 from T-Mobile website or in-store (they occasionally have deals, like free with new phone purchase from T-Mobile, 99cents, or free with no strings attached). If they don't have a sale right now, you could buy a $5 T-mobile univeral-size SIM kit from Amazon [1].

Mine took a week to arrive from (99¢ sale for pre-paid with SIM99 coupon code), so I decided to cut my Nexus 5's micro SIM card down with a kitchen knife and cutting board and it worked. Look up pictures on the internet of nano sims that have similar shaped gold contacts as yours, then cut to size, making sure to get the dog-eared corner correctly placed. You will need to remove almost all the non-gold plastic, bevel out the bottom, and cut some of the gold. Keep cutting until it fits. The circuit in the card is much smaller than the footprint of the gold contacts. I had little to lose, since my contacts were backed up with Google. If I destroyed the SIM card, I could either buy a $15 kit in-store or wait a few extra days for the 99¢ card to arrive.

You could buy a cutter for $15, but why,? Will you ever have a micro sim again when everything these days is nano sim?


u/finewhitelady · 1 pointr/NoContract

Be aware that if you end up buying the sim from a 3rd party, you won't get the port-in credits. I bought my SIM from Amazon but wasn't eligible for port-in at the time. But it's an option at $7 instead of $10.

u/StuffedHobbes · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

I have no clue. I googled it but nothing came up with a satisfactory answer.

You can get a new sim from amazon for $3 though.

u/Bookofdrewsus · 1 pointr/NoContract
u/emanresol · 1 pointr/NoContract

Oh hey, you can get a Cricket SIM for $.99 from Amazon:
You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to get free shipping. Read the most helpful reviews to see how to activate it. Looks like there's no activation fee (at least if you do it online) but it looks like you have to insert the SIM in a compatible phone. Also, I don't know whether you have to select a plan and fund the first month. (It wouldn't be worthwhile if you do.)

u/whozdabest · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

If you want to port the number a previously activated SIM card, I think there's a $15 fee for changing your number:

I'd suggest getting another SIM to port if you decide to move to Cricket. Amazon is selling Cricket SIM cards for $2.99.

i don't believe Amazon is selling the new Cricket SIMs (all white) yet, but they should work fine nevertheless. The new SIMs puts you onto AT&T proxy servers from the very beginning of activation as opposed to third party proxies. All the old SIMs will eventually migrate over, as many already have.

u/notyavgkat · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

NICE !!! So basically I won't need This. I know i'm dumb when it comes to stuff like this .

u/kkarmah · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

I did this the other day. Ordered the LG X power, when it came I put the sim in my iphone and activated. Done! I never even put the sim in the LG, I'm keeping that as a backup phone.

I also have 2 bring your own device multi-size sim kits for my kids. I got those on Amazon for $5.

u/basiliskfang · 1 pointr/Sprint

> G3 uses a micro-sim

this should work?

u/LiterallyUnlimited · 1 pointr/NoContract

Not unless you can find an ad for it. But use my team's link for $25 off the first bill (or a rolling credit if your first month is <$25) and message me when you get set up. I'll add the cost of your SIM card (purchased at our shop, from Amazon or Best Buy) to your account as an additional credit, making the SIM effectively free.

u/OscarWins · 1 pointr/ting

I'm not certain if Ting ships internationally, but I believe you can order one from the Amazon US site

You should check the ting site first to verify which SIM you need for your phone and check the compatibility of your ESN.

u/Mr_You · 1 pointr/ting

You could try purchasing the Ting SIM via Amazon and having it shipped to your current/future location.

u/INsiv · 1 pointr/Axon7

After the factory reset the sim was recognized for calls and SMS but no data. It took me a few minutes to realize there was no LTE data because I had WiFi on. I entered the APN values, saved, selected it and the LTE data came to life. Rebooted a few times just to make sure it stuck.

The GSM sim doesn't need to be active. I picked up a few H20 sims on Amazon for .01¢. You may want to get one for future use just in case.

u/bipbob · 1 pointr/Axon7

Would it work if I used a $.01 sim off of Amazon? is the link. Then all I do is put it in. Restart my phone till I get signal. Then while still on replace the sim with my Verizon one. And repeat if necessary?

u/jackflash50 · 1 pointr/MotoX

Try Tracfone BYOP...they use Verizon and AT&T 4G LTE Network. Buy Nano sim from Walmart $3 or Amazon $199 ( how to set it up... Triples minutes/test/data you buy, rolls over doesn't expire as long as you add card before the end date of the last card you loaded.

u/yetimind · 1 pointr/cellphones

cell phone plans nowadays are ridiculously complex even though they are supposedly simplified. tmobile is the worst but the other big 4 carriers are hardly better.

try mintsim, a unit of ultra mobile, both of which run off tmo signals. their plans are darn straightforward and hella cheap. $15/mo for UL talk/text, 2gb data. Gotta pay in 3, 6, or 12 mo time periods.

or try redpocket. they work on any of the big 4

u/rayw_reddit · 1 pointr/tmobile
u/anti09 · 1 pointr/AmItheAsshole

You've been given some great tips by /u/fruskydekke below. To add a few more:

  • Cell phone international plans are absurdly expensive. Buy an international sim card instead and pop it into your phone on the plane (make sure you have global roaming enabled).

  • Don't fly, take trains. Europe is geographically much smaller than America and trains are usually the quickest and cheapest way to get from A to B, especially because European airports are often located far outside city centers. I like using to find tickets.

  • If you don't already have it, get TSA Pre Check / Global Entry. Your credit card may already pay for this, check your benefits. And on that note, get a credit card that covers international conversion fees - paying 3% extra on every transaction adds up quick.

  • Keep your baggage to a minimum. Europe is replete with cobblestones, steep hills and narrow sidewalks, and lugging around a bunch of huge roller bags is no fun. I would suggest packing 50% less than you think you need. One way to do this is by building a capsule wardrobe that revolves around a few basics which all work well together so you can mix and match. Bring some travel detergent (or, in a pinch, you can use shampoo) to do laundry in your hotel room, since hotel laundry services can be absurdly expensive (do you want to pay €3 per pair of underwear?). And don't forget to leave some room for souvenirs!

  • European cities are usually very safe, but petty crime is always a concern and one pickpocket can seriously ruin your trip. Back up copies of your passport, bank cards and travel documents to the cloud before you go. Have one eye on your phone and wallet at all times. Keep your voice low (we Americans are LOUD) and try to blend in. That includes dressing like the locals to the extent possible, so leave your "I <3 NY" T-shirt and cargo shorts at home.
u/sjs · 1 pointr/Netherlands

I used this Three UK SIM card for a trip to Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and England last year and it was great. I’m going to the Netherlands again in August and am using one this time too.

A few years ago I got a Lycamobile SIM and it was fine too, but I don’t know if you can use it in other countries.

u/bloodhoound · 1 pointr/askTO

May not be the cheapest option, but we purchased these SIMs from amazon.

We've had two groups of friends use them without issue. One group stayed in Italy only and other group did a cruise and visited multiple countries. We trusted them and will be using it as well on our trip in 2 weeks.

u/AlertThinker · 1 pointr/ATT

If your phone is unlocked, consider buying this sim card from amazon:


We bought it and activated in 3 day before leaving for Italy and it worked flawlessly all over Italy. Yes, it wasn't 4G, mostly 3G and sometimes 2G, but we were able to use WhatsApp to talk and text back to the U.S.


If you do not feel comfortable with that option, you can also get the TIM (a wireless carrier in Italy) Tourist Sim card for 20 euros that comes with 15GB of data. You will need to fill out the form first and then when you arrive, go to the nearest TIM store to get your sim card:



REMEMBER! Your phone MUST MUST MUST be unlocked. If it's not unlocked, none of the options will work!

u/ALD-Justin · 1 pointr/Visible

So, I just got off chat with Visible and I thought I would share what I found out.

First of all, my main goal here was to be able to send/receive SMS messages and make/receive Phone calls on my main number as I travel abroad. Obviously, Visible does not have international roaming so I could not do this. So, I purchased an international SIM Card from UK Mobile Three that works throughout Europe on Amazon ( )

Now for visible. Unfortunately, there is NO way to port out your number AND keep your Visible Service. So this is what I am doing:

  1. Setup a brand new Visible account with a brand new phone number
  2. Once I get the new SIM card in the mail (1-2 days), put that one in, activate test, etc.
  3. Then initiate port of number to Google Voice - In the chat I provided my account name, IMEI, etc. and they gave me the account number and PIN I would need to port out the number (like @ronkj said).
  4. After port, I can use my old number on GV on the phone and I have setup the NEW visible number I was given as a linked number in GV.
  5. Lastly, visible said they will give me a credit for my unused service on the original account once this is all done.

    I have not done any of this yet, but will do so in the next 1-2 days and let you know how it works out!!!
u/WML03 · 1 pointr/ATT

To unlock your iPhone go to this link UNLOCK As long as you own the phone outright ATT will unlock it for you within 5 hours. Vodafone ES is very affordable. I was able to get a 7gb sim for €15 with talk and text.
My other travel hack is to buy British SIM cards when visiting the EU off of Amazon (
ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_CD76BbEKZ3JES) that are meant for tourists because you can refill them easily because the website is in English and use them in the EU (yes, Spain counts) for no extra cost with EU regulation.

u/drewfromOG · 1 pointr/verizon

“How to activate:

  1. Simply insert SIM into your unlocked phone, make sure you enable roaming in settings.
  2. Wait for the signal, accept Three UK setting messages, then you are all set to go.
  3. Test it in the US before your travel”

    Amazon Link
u/bocaneighbor · 1 pointr/travel

The above statement about Three SIM cards requiring a UK credit card is not accurate. There are plenty of on line sites that will allow one to purchase credit vouchers using PayPal or a US credit card. There is a slight convenience fee charged but it can be done without a UK credit card. Three SIM cards are the best. Better than GiffGaf because they work in more countries worldwide. Switzerland is included as a "go roam" destination which means you can use your data allowance there. Do not wait until you get to Switzerland to purchase your SIM card.

This is a link to the Three SIM card for $24 includes 12 GB of data good for one month on Amazon with prime shipping.

u/iTDub · 1 pointr/travel

Yup, these ones activate once you pop them in: PrePaid Europe (UK THREE) sim card 12GB data+3000 minutes+3000 texts for 30 days with FREE ROAMING/USE in 71 destinations including all European countries

u/yneos · 1 pointr/solotravel

Good point. My phone is unlocked. I used a Telia SIM card in Sweden, which I still have. Do you happen to know if it will work in Germany?

In Sweden, it was tricky to load the SIM because all the instructions were in Swedish. So, I might just be better off getting a new SIM.

So, something like this?

u/letsdothis190 · 1 pointr/NoContract
u/Al_the_Alligator · 1 pointr/tmobile

Check out stuff like this. Do you need YOUR phone number to work while you are there? If so this is not an option.

u/productfred · 1 pointr/tmobile

If you're going to EU countries only, EU carriers have eliminated roaming fees across each other. I used this in France and Portugal:

Worked great. I got 3G only, but it was as fast as LTE.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/NoContract

Something like this should work. Note, to call back to the U.S from Ireland requires an additional top-up ($0.03/min).

u/Bisphosphate · 1 pointr/solotravel

I've posted this before, but you can purchase Hong Kong SIM cards that give access to the whole internet while in China - only for phones though. I used one for 3 weeks and Google never let me down. Here

u/89314 · 1 pointr/JapanTravel

Hi, I’m originally from Japan and visit there once a year or every other year. Last I was there in June. I traveled using JR pass, and this app really helped planning and routing - I’ve lived in Tokyo many years ago, but couldn’t have gotten around without it.

If you’re traveling long distance and need to purchase Shinkansen tickets etc, just go to the Midori no Madoguchi Ticket Office. They have a very sophisticated system and they can figure out the route better than the app above - just tell them where and when you need to go.

I can understand your excitement, but keep in mind that big cities in Japan can be very, very, very crowded and it might take some extra time to travel, especially during rush hours. Also weekends on tourist areas can be really busy. Give yourselves some flexibility and don’t feel bad if you don’t get to everything on your itinerary. Consider it as an excuse to go back :)

When you travel from or to the airport with big luggage, avoid rush hours. Japanese commuter trains and stations are not very luggage friendly. We had to do it due to my poor planning, and I don’t recommend it!!

For phone data, we usually buy data SIMs. They sell them at airport convenience stores, cellphone kiosks, or vending machines. It’s just for data so can’t make calls, but you get 4G LTE and it might be cheaper than international data roaming. Last couple of times we got this from Amazon in advance.
Plans on this SIM is not the cheapest but we didn’t have to run around at the airport to buy them when we arrived there and were really tired. We just sat down at a free WiFi spot in Narita Airport and swapped out SIMs to activate them. A couple of our hotels had free smartphones called “handy”in the room we could borrow while we were staying, but we didn’t feel the need for it, and didn’t try it.

Also getting out to Haneda can take some time. Leave plenty early to catch 11AM flight - you probably should get there by 8AM at the latest.

Weather should be pretty nice in November, and changing leaves will be really pretty. Hope you and your friend have a great time!

u/Jahlei · 1 pointr/JapanTravel

> I’ve lived in Tokyo many years ago, but couldn’t have gotten around without it.



> If you’re traveling long distance and need to purchase Shinkansen tickets etc, just go to the Midori no Madoguchi Ticket Office. They have a very sophisticated system and they can figure out the route better than the app above - just tell them where and when you need to go.

I was planning to pre-purchase the JR railway tickets a few days before I fly out - I used this website to calculate my trip (Narita Airport -> Osaka -> Kyoto -> Tokyo) . Is it recommended to buy the JR pass upon arrival, or to pre-purchase? I thought I had seen many recommendations for the latter.


> When you travel from or to the airport with big luggage, avoid rush hours. Japanese commuter trains and stations are not very luggage friendly. We had to do it due to my poor planning, and I don’t recommend it!!

My only commute plans that involve my suitcase are the trains to each city - given that I'm not exactly sure what time we will be ending up on a train to the next city, I can't be too sure on this. Is the typical rush hour 4-6 PM?


> For phone data, we usually buy data SIMs. They sell them at airport convenience stores, cellphone kiosks, or vending machines. It’s just for data so can’t make calls, but you get 4G LTE and it might be cheaper than international data roaming. Last couple of times we got this from Amazon in advance. Plans on this SIM is not the cheapest but we didn’t have to run around at the airport to buy them when we arrived there and were really tired. We just sat down at a free WiFi spot in Narita Airport and swapped out SIMs to activate them. A couple of our hotels had free smartphones called “handy”in the room we could borrow while we were staying, but we didn’t feel the need for it, and didn’t try it.

My plan has international roaming included in its price with unlimited data, though it's only at 3G speeds. I was planning to rely on this and the assumption that there are wifi in many places within areas like Tokyo (I am not so reliant on connectivity; I'd only need to text if necessary). Is it regardless, still advisable to get one of these SIMs?


> Also getting out to Haneda can take some time. Leave plenty early to catch 11AM flight - you probably should get there by 8AM at the latest.

I'm an airport lover; I was planing to spend a couple of hours in the airport anyway!


> Weather should be pretty nice in November, and changing leaves will be really pretty. Hope you and your friend have a great time!

That's what I'm hoping for! Thank you so much for your help!!

u/Emilyfrills · 1 pointr/JapanTravel

Hey! So when I first came to Japan I had actually bough this sim card on amazon weeks before and activated it at the airport before boarding my plane. Once in Narita I just powered on my phone and had Data right away! You choose your plan when you activate it and you can top off your data. Depending on what time your flight leaves your home country and if you have prime 2 day shipping it could be an option.

Otherwise you might just have to have a sim sent to you hotel rely on airport wifi until you get there or buy one of the brands they sell at the airport.

u/Schoap · 1 pointr/Europetravel

We ordered the Orange Holiday SIM from Amazon before our trip. We covered Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, London and it worked perfectly. It's about $50, covers 30 countries, and it comes with 10GB of data. **Edit: looks like they have a promotion and it comes with 20GB data.**

It was nice to have a working phone when we hit the ground so that we didn't have to waste any time in mobile phone stores.

u/gigaslam · 1 pointr/NoContract

Getting a local sim is usually the best and cheapest way to go. It does depend on which European country you're going to though. Do your homework before going here . Check out the rates for prepaid from providers in the country you're going to first. They vary greatly from EU country to country. For example, I recall getting a prepaid huge data plan from Eir in Ireland that worked across the EU when I flew into there once. By comparison when I went to Belgium, the deals were much worse.

You should check out Orange. Orange is a French carrier (the largest in France). They offer a Europe-wide Tourist Sim that works for 2 weeks after activation with 20GB for around $50 USD . Even though it is from a French carrier, it works across all carriers in Europe including those not part of the EU such as Switzerland.

u/Mvalpreda · 1 pointr/travel

Did some digging and saw Orange in Spain. Also see that a mobile company in Morocco was acquired by Orange. I've got some time to do some more digging....but Orange might be my best bet.

Saw this on Amazon. Might be just the ticket!

u/geoff5093 · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

$4.99 through Amazon right now. And you don't need the IMEI to buy the SIM, just to activate it.


u/Dey_EatDaPooPoo · 1 pointr/NoContract

You do have to get a new SIM. Unfortunately, unlike Sprint, you can't reuse your previous SIMs but you can get them for a much cheaper price than $10 which is straight up a ripoff. You can get them for $4 w/free shipping on Amazon if you have Prime.

u/Jaymoon · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

I just switched a few months ago from AT&T, on my own, because of the same reasons. I went to the store, and they said it would be $15 per line activation fee. I was looking to switch over 4 lines with 4 unlocked & fully owned phones.

I said thank you, and headed home to price Cricket SIM cards on Amazon. I bought 4 of these guys, at the time, for $5 each. When they arrived, I simply went through the activation process through the website for each one. I didn't do anything with my AT&T account, although I did have to provide my AT&T account number, password, and PIN during the setup.

Once I ported over the first (main) line, I verified everything worked, and it was instant. Calling/texting/data all worked great on Cricket as it did before. Then I went through the add a line process, and repeated for each of the next 3 phones. I was careful to do just one at a time and verify it worked before attempting the next. Also, they ended up charging me 4 different times, each time I added a line, which in the end, ended up to be the expected $100 total. That wasn't clear that's how it was going to be done, but no strange charges at all, it was pretty straight forward looking back. The entire porting process on my own through the website was maybe an hour.

A couple things to keep in mind though. If purchasing random SIM cards online, there is a slight chance they could be expired/used. Keep that in mind when ordering, maybe even purchase an extra or two, which still ends up being cheaper than $60 activation fees in-store.

Also, timing is important. I had no interaction with AT&T during the whole process. Your AT&T profile/account will remain active, but eventually the lines will be dropped once the porting is complete. Even though I switched to Cricket on (technically) the day the next billing cycle began for AT&T, they still felt the need to charge me full month of service. After the nasty "Pay us now" letters and emails, I contacted them through web chat to sort it all out, and they cancelled out the amount. (A fine lesson in why you never set up auto-pay with any company)

Also, also... If you're looking to get the referral bonus for signing up... You need to submit an email and claim a referral code BEFORE you do anything with your lines. Then after you create your account and port phone lines, you can claim that referral bonus. I made the mistake of claiming a referral code AFTER I signed up for the account, and it just simply does not work. Cricket buries this information deep, and only after you are left scratching your head why you don't get your free money for signing up, will you find out the real reason why.

u/sparky222b · 1 pointr/mintmobile

For going to Europe, and many other places, your best bet is actually this:

Three UK Prepaid Europe SIM with up to 12GB data for 42 countries for 30 days

u/undeniablyllama · 1 pointr/solotravel

I can't answer your first two questions with certainty, but I can say I ordered a sim online (this one if you're curious) and I have had good luck with it in Germany.

u/spanky28_ · 1 pointr/NoContract

TBH, I can't recall.

I ended up buying from this listing, if it helps. YMMV.

u/littlesonic · 1 pointr/Buffalo

My pleasure! I hope you enjoy it. You could try this before making the switch just in case. Mint Mobile Starter Kit | Verify Compatibility with Our Talk, Text & Data Plans (3-in-1 GSM SIM Card)

u/dissectingAAA · 1 pointr/NoContract
u/Modroidz · 1 pointr/mintmobile
u/fffrrr666 · 1 pointr/mintmobile

If it isn't already, you will need to make sure that your phone is unlocked - i.e. no longer bound to your carrier - before you switch to Mint. Your current carrier will assist you with the unlocking procedure as needed.

After that, the rest is easy, and you'll likely be very glad you made the switch.

I recommend getting the Mint Mobile Starter Kit for $5.00, and that $5.00 will be credited to you if you start a prepaid plan after you find out everything works out OK (good description up here, too):

Good luck!

u/jedimindtricksonyou · 1 pointr/privacytoolsIO

Where are you?

Mint Mobile Starter Kit | Verify Compatibility with Our Talk, Text & Data Plans (3-in-1 GSM SIM Card)

u/Aerrith · 1 pointr/mintmobile

I ordered this off Amazon for my iPhone 6S Plus.

Starter sim is a trial/test to see if you like Mintmobile. It comes with two different sims. I used the other sim it came with to port my number over. As far as visual voicemail, Mintmobile at the moment does not officially support it to my knowledge. From reading posts on here, only a few iOS users are actually getting visual voicemails. Unfortunately I am not one of them. Some people are using an app called Youmail to get visual voicemails though, I've used it before and it works very well.

u/clauderbaugh · 1 pointr/Audi

That new, I don't think you can. Some of the older MMIs like in my 2016 are able to purchase a SIM data card and it will run off of that on a prepaid monthly basis. That gives me Google Earth, weather, and some of the other things. It seems to be hit and miss. I use this Freedom Pop card ( ) and it works great. But I recall reading another post where someone said Audi patched newer models from being able to do this.

u/page113 · 1 pointr/vancouver

and if you activate your card today (last day of promotion) you get double 4G data!

If you are planning to stay longer, the AT&T plans on amazon is cheaper


EDIT: clarify that you can activate the SIM today, but have the plan start later on.

u/toy187 · 1 pointr/essential

thanks for the warning but I should be ok, the card I purchased works in Canada, the US, and Mexico.

u/CallousedFoot · 1 pointr/NoContract

I got one of these when I went earlier this year:

Italy is more of a pain in the ass when it comes to getting prepaid SIMs than other places in Europe as they're supposed to record passport info of foreigners before activating, and they can be sloppy about getting it done in a timely manner (ie sending tourists out the door after telling them it should work after 30 mins - but it doesn't). I didn't want to deal with that crap, I was willing to use the google voice app (or various other messenger apps, depending on who I needed to communicate with), and having a French # with the SIM was OK, so I just ponied up for the orange card before I left the US.

u/bmwkid · 1 pointr/solotravel

I recommend the Orange SIM. You can buy it on Amazon. You pop the sim in and it starts working immediately. It’s a French SIM but it works anywhere in the EU+ Switzerland.

No need to verify identity if you’re using it for less than 14 days.

Lots of different options for data so you can choose based on your needs.

Here’s a link to one:

Orange Holiday Europe - 3GB Internet Data in 4G/LTE (currently 8GB promotion) + 30mn + 200 Texts from 30 Countries in Europe to Any Country Worldwide

u/ImgLoop1993 · 1 pointr/travel



Is this what is meant by "EU SIM card" and "orange"

Orange as in the company called Orange Holiday?

u/glitterbomb3 · 1 pointr/europe

>Get your SIM card in Prague. Unlike the U.S., there are strict government surveillance laws regarding those in many places, including Austria and Hungary where you would have to register that local SIM with your personal data in order to use it.

Oh wow-- didn't know that!-- we got this one, it says it can be used in those countries?

u/bosscher47 · 1 pointr/GalaxyS9

Good call about Sprint. So would this work?

Lot cheaper than the Best Buy.

u/Y2Dre718 · 1 pointr/Sprint

Thanks. At the time I preordered my Note, there was no option to include a Sprint SIM card like it is now. I'm just glad I thought to ask before the phone arrived.

After reading the advice provided here, I ordered this SIM kit from Amazon:

I'm pretty confident that the SIM I need is included.

u/maximumhamburgers · 0 pointsr/tmobile

You're not missing out on much without T-Mobile Tuesdays... that being said, you can get a prepaid SIM from Amazon for like $8, and then you can go from there without having to throw down $20 that T-Mobile tries to charge.

u/justAredditUser2019 · 0 pointsr/mintmobile

I have ported my number alot and I believe with the 7 day money back guarantee you can port it and try it out, if you do not like it you should be able to port it back no problem and get your money back. Or you can get the trial kit for like 5 dollars on Amazon and without porting your number yet just try it out where you live and surrounding areas you may frequent. Hope this helps.

Mint Mobile Starter Kit | Verify Compatibility with Our Talk, Text & Data Plans (3-in-1 GSM SIM Card)