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u/estranho · 37 pointsr/funny

Amazon Link

Really, you can!

u/WebMaka · 8 pointsr/Justrolledintotheshop

If you got the basic fluorescent-replacement-style LED lights (e.g., 4,000 lumen fixtures that look like two-tube 4-foot fluorescents), then yeah, you won't want to use those as they are bright enough for basic area illumination but not necessarily for work-area lighting. For that, you may want to look into high-output highbay LED lights - example - that throw down serious, genuinely useful light levels. They cost more than the 4,000-lumen Sam's specials but they get the job done with only like 1-2 units per work area and they're not as insanely expensive as one might expect.

u/BarbaricGnome28 · 7 pointsr/AirBnB

We purchased this set from Amazon, as we occasionally have weather related outages. There is an option for it to be off unless there is no power. HTH

u/suchgarbage · 5 pointsr/succulents

Buy these three things below to get you through the winter (or all year)! I've used these for a few months now on a 16-hour timer and all my cacti and succulents have thrived.

u/Cardchucker · 4 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I would go with something like this:

I have a few of the 10 led version and they're great, but a tad dim. I like that they mount with a magnet so I can pop them off if I need light elsewhere.

I don't leave them on motion sensing mode so I'm not sure how long the battery lasts that way. I just use the switch and haven't had to charge them yet.

u/orbitup · 4 pointsr/reloading

I used a couple of 4' led shop lights like these.

u/dumb_end_user · 3 pointsr/gardening

That fixture just has a single bulb. You will get much better coverage out of a 2 or 4 light system (obviously).

You can do much better for less money.

edit: here's a simple 4 light setup for similar $.

You would need to fab up a simple stand - I use "metro" style open shelving and the adjustable chains that already come with the light fixture.

u/tomgabriele · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Sounds like a good plan.

You've seen the LED tubes that have integrated daisy chaining ports, right? Like this set that has 8 tubes and all the plug and interconnect wires you could want.

u/flying_trashcan · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Those are the ones I bought, but there are many similar models out there. For example, I know Costco has a similar model that is routinely on sale.

u/Year1939 · 2 pointsr/PlantedTank

With those plants yes you do need c02. And very high lighting. That light probabaly won't be enough. I'd guess you'd need two of those. Personally if you're trying to save money I would just go buy a 48 inch t5-t12 4 bulb shop light and hang it above the tank. For the c02 if you want to save money you could buy a paintball c02 tank, a small adaptor, and then a regulator/solenoid for that. And then you will want to buy and diffuser/atomizer/reactor. Personally I would go with an inline reactor you'll save a ton of c02 and there for more money. All of these things I just mentioned can be bought on amazon.


(Bulbs for lighting:

C02: (tank)



(sorry for the long link)


^you do need a canister filter for that so if you don't have one of those here's a cheap one

Realistically this is just the beginning of things you'll need to get a tank like that. But that is a cheap and good start. If you have any questions feel free to ask. It can be daunting but it's worth it!

u/Notevenspecial · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

You might be better served with some daylight LED utility shop lights:

Bright as hell, easy to install, no heat output, and they sip electricity. Couple that with a 20 year lifespan, and they are hard to beat.

u/DeafSpacker · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Yeah I used one of these - You get two in a pack or you can order just one, I stuck the magnetic strip to the top inside of the fridge by the door and it works great, USB rechargeable too.

u/bigtinymicromacro · 2 pointsr/DIY

Even easier way to do this. Take existing fixture out, and replace it with an outlet receptacle. Then use linkable 4 foot led shop light fixtures, like these. I'm in the middle of completely rewiring my garage at the moment, and this is how I'm doing the lighting because it's a whole lot less wiring.

u/JAQK_ · 2 pointsr/cardistry

Dunno if links are allowed here but I think it would look sick of you got some of these stick on lights

Then you can see them n stuff

u/Eyetron2020 · 2 pointsr/homegym

I light my basement from a single bulb socket to a couple LED shop lights.

Convert your light socket into an outlet:

Then grab shop lights like this and plug in:

Just pick the brightness that you want and you can find models that can be daisy chained as well. I personally like 5000K brightness.

u/reeses_peaces · 2 pointsr/kpopcollections

For lighting I kind of went the lazy and cheap route and bought those portable rechargeable LED lights. Something like these which aren’t the exact ones I bought but very similar. I put the magnetic strips all the way to the front of the top of each shelf and just slide the lights on and off when they need to be charged. Obviously the battery life isn’t great if they’re on 24/7 so I mainly turn them on when I want to look at my shelf haha

u/calibartender6 · 2 pointsr/gardening

I use a metal shelving unit too! One thing I learned when it arrived, taller is not always better lol... It was 84" high and I can't reach the top shelf 😂 I would go for one that's 5'-6' high max and at least 4 shelves, but it depends on how tall your plants will be! Casters are another good feature. My shelves are 46" wide and it's a little wide, but if you end up using grow lights, wider shelves means you need less individual lights.

Shop lights: I use one similar to this, one per shelf (hangs by chains, included)

Plastic containers: I use these for growing baby bok choy/other small vegetables

u/mounttod · 2 pointsr/woodworking

I just put up 6 of these in my garage:

They are crazy easy to install and you can link multiple lights together which was crucial for my needs.

u/arizona-lad · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Sure you can seal the walls if you want. Any paint or sealer should work.

As for the sawdust? There are many systems to choose from. I'd suggest that you start small and cheap, and see if it works for you. Something like a simple cyclone that attaches to your shop vac:

And what else should you be considering? Light. Those bulbs just are not going to cut it. Get something like these:

u/Hazel2468 · 1 pointr/houseplants

Here's a link to some lights that I bought for my Echeveria collection.

I mounted them on my shelf and put my plants right below, so they get plenty of light. I try to leave the lights on from 8-12 hours a day. These lights are a bit more expensive than some others, but you do get six of them, each is a little less than 2 feet long, and so far my plants have been loving them.

u/Taylortothotdish · 1 pointr/succulents

Amazon is a savior :)

u/zapfastnet · 1 pointr/plantclinic

I don't think your light bulbs will cut it.
I would get 4 foot tube flourescent fixtures and outfit them with LED style tubes. 2 banger is good, 4 banger is better. Something like this

u/AlphaMoose67 · 1 pointr/smarthome

Another option that might not require getting into the walls if you can access a bit of the wiring near the fixture:

That may not even be as easy as replacing switching, but another option regardless

You could also opt for a smart plugin and use something like this if you don’t want to mess with rewiring anything

u/ceruleanXLII · 1 pointr/IndoorGarden

In this case would really be tempted towards one or two 3500-4000k 4 foot led shop lights (fluorescent tube like, but LED) in the center of a cylindrical wire mesh trellis with the tomatoes growing up arrond the outside.

Do pinterest links work here?:
(Pic of tomato growing up inside of cylindrical wire mesh trellis)

Maybe something like:
(Kihung LED Shop Light,4FT, 45W, 4900lm, 4000K (Daylight White), Utility Integrated Fixture, LED Ceiling Light and Garage Light, Corded Electric with Built-in ON/Off Switch, 4-Pack)

But only if it can be deliverd for way less than $200 AUD, because for that money you can get:
(Quantum Board LED Grow Lights Real Power 240W Samsung 301B 3000K with Red 660nm)

Edit: adding link summarys for prosperity.

u/PioneerStandard · 1 pointr/diyelectronics

Buy a 12 volt dc / 120 volt ac version of an emergency light. Use the charging circuit board from inside the back up light unit. Re-purpose it for your own creation.

u/DrivenToPew · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

I keep seeing advertisements everywhere for this like LED light thing that is shaped like a clover. Like three pieces that bend outward and can be directed to put light where you need it.

Anyone own this here?

u/Finest_Johnson · 1 pointr/woodworking

I bought these for my 2 car garage with 8' ceilings. They light the place up like the surface of the sun. Shadows don't exist in my garage shop. 8500lm per 8' fixture x 6 fixtures is 51,000lm. I see the color temp i prefer (4000k) is out of stock, but they make them in 5000k and 6500k, if those bluer temps are your thing.

Barrina 8ft led Shop Light, T8 72W 8500lm 4000K Clear Cover, Hight Output, V Shape, linkable Tube Light for Garage Warehouse Workshop Basement,Plug and Play (Pack of 6)

u/bombers_ou · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Hardwiring is the most sensible and less troublesome. I think you're overthinking this project.


Flush mount 4 ft LED lights wide enough to cover 4" j-box.

Example mounting with drywall screws.

Example mounting over j-box

Some will have mounting plate that you screw into the j-box or most comes with drywall screws to mount (they weight like 2-3 lbs max with LEDs).

Fit will be flush while using existing switch, lights wont be dangling, and you won't have to add receptacle.

Here's one from Lowe's if you'd rather pick up in store.

Straightforward installation for product above.

u/skwolf522 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I have a tool bag for in the house. I keep all the usual items. I can take a picture of it for ya when I get home.



Out in the garage the other post got it right with the Harbor Freight tool Chests. You can't go wrong with them. They will hold up and last you forever.


You want to keep stuff off the floor so I would recommend these

they are 2 Feet deep so can hold a lot.

If you buy two you can actually fill up a whole wall.


I like these as parts organizers in my garage, Milwaukee makes good ones also. You don't want to go cheap on these, it is a bad day when you go to carry it somewhere and the latch breaks and spills out 1000 screws



I use one like this in the house to hold small parts




Now for stuff I feel will change your life.


If you do any electrical work, or for changing face plates. This screwdriver will change your life.

I saw a electrician using it and I had to go buy one.


I always have multiple sizes of these in the garage. They work great for hanging or fixing anything.


I just order Star bits instead of buying a bit set with a bunch a bits I don't use.


If you have a sawzall and some trees you need to trim these will saw through a 4 inch branch like it is butter.


These are great stud finders. They find the drywall screws that go in to the studs.

I installed 3 of these in my garage and the light output is amazing.


can't think of anything else right now.

u/calciphus · 1 pointr/lightingdesign

How quickly do you need to set up / tear down?

A couple of these:
CHAUVET DJ CH06 Lightweight Lighting Stand w/T-Bar (50lb Capacity)

...would give you a mounting location above eye level. Now you can decide your light budget. At the cheapest would be 4-6 basic hardware clamp lights (like these, but get them at a local hardware store for about $6):
Simple Deluxe 2-Pack Clamp Lamp Light with 8.5 Inch Aluminum Reflector up to 150 Watt E26/E27 Socket (no Bulb Included) 6 Feet 18/2 SPT-2 Cord UL Listed

Point them up at the ceiling for good ambient light, or aim one or two at the performance area. Higher in budget, a couple of inexpensive LED par lights may be enough to light the practice space. You probably won't need sandbags for that small amount of weight.

Brighter, but a bit more expensive: you could even suspend /attach shop lights to the light tree cross bars. I recommend LED in case they fall.

Sunco Lighting 2 Pack LED Utility Shop Light, 4 FT, Linkable Integrated Fixture, 40W=260W, 5000K Daylight, 4100 LM, Frosted Lens, Surface/Suspension Mount, Pull Chain, Garage - ETL, Energy Star

The trees will make setup and teardown easier, you can run power right up them, and if you move spaces they're useful in the future. Those string lights are not very bright and you'll begin losing bulbs as soon as they get jostled while hot (if incandescent). Plus taking tape on and off each time may be a big pain.

u/arkiverge · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Was looking at some linear, diffuse options like these. There are other similar options that all look nearly identical with watt/lumen being the main variance.

u/dpistachio · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

These are the ones I have. You obviously don't have to use these exact ones but I've been very happy with them, plenty bright. My only complaint is you can't tell when the battery is low but its not really a big deal, especially if you regularly charge them. I do it on the weekend while I'm cooking.

u/prodevel · 1 pointr/KitchenConfidential

89?! I bought a few of these things at $12 a piece and are great. You can place them anywhere. Under deep cabinet areas is great.

u/Bigbirdk · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

If you want to amp up the lighting overall, I highly recommend these for overhead (or walls if you really want to blast some light!).

They are inexpensive, very bright and since they are LED’s they use very little power. You can plug them in and daisy-chain them together in runs. Up to six I think... one of the best improvements I have made to my formerly fluorescent lit garage!

u/three_rivers · 1 pointr/homegym

This is the amazing, inexpensive setup I use. First, get some of these that can be linked together (I used four):

Attach those to the ceiling and plug them into these using your existing light sockets:

Now you have really bright, adjustable, switch activated lighting with minimal work. Then, I use one of these in one of the light sockets for music:

u/peatear_grfn · 1 pointr/DIY

I had the same issue and no confidence in wiring an outlet so I just plugged this in to my light socket. Since they are plugged into the light socket they come on when I flip the light switch.

Lights I used

u/GrandmaGos · 1 pointr/gardening

>I feel like it would be a lot cheaper to build a fixture? Those light bulbs with a casing are around $30-60 if you just put it together yourself.

This is the fixture he's talking about. Do you have electrician's skills to the extent that you'd be able to purchase the bulbs, starter, and wiring separately, and then wire it all together into a fixture? and then wire it into a shelving unit of some kind? Or into a hood in order to suspend it on chains? If so, then yes, it's cheaper to DIY. But not if you're not an electrician.

u/edman007-work · 1 pointr/SavageGarden

Depends how much you pay for power. 48-inch T5HO with 4 bulbs is $119, two Ray2s is $360, $240 more.

However, the T5 bulbs together use 216W while a pair of Ray2's use 78W, that's a difference of 138W. Where I am power is expensive, $0.25/kWh, so if I use a 16 hour photoperiod at that rate I'll make up the $240 difference in 15 months. Maybe your power is cheaper, and it's closer to 2 years, but it is a very big difference, and if you plan on keeping them it's worth it. For reference the Ray2 is rated for 40,000 hours, it should last almost 7 years under normal conditions, fluorescents last half as long, so you're talking like an extra $33 spend on the fluorescents to even get to the same lifespan.

u/tastelessbagel · 1 pointr/funny

Link for the lazy! (I just ordered 2 for the office)

u/IPLAYSUPPORTHERO · 1 pointr/funny

I expect this to go out of stock by the end of the day

Also link for Canada people

u/BasicPumpkin12 · 0 pointsr/HomeImprovement

What it this one here ? We have one my parents gave me years ago and it is amazing!