Q: What is Petagadget?

A: Petagadget is a manually-curated product discovery platform. Over the past 4 years our editors have discovered 12 new cool gadgets every day. We carefully select and categorize each product individually in order to provide the best possible user experience.


Q: Can I submit a product?

A: Yes. Just get in touch and we’ll evaluate your product. Most of the time if it’s cool enough we’ll add it to our website. If you are interested in special promotion, including on our social media channels, see our promotion packages. If you are a brand and would like us to include several of your products on our Brands section, get in touch.


Q: Do you sell products?

A: We do not sell products directly, although we may earn a commission on certain products.


Q: There are a lot of gadget websites out there. What sets you apart?

A: True, there are literally thousands of gadget websites, but most of them fail in their first year. There are many reasons why we managed to grow over the years, and one of them is probably luck. But we also really strive to compete on quality and not just quantity. All the people who started working on Petagadget 4 years ago are still with us, so you can see that we’re very serious about what we do.


Q: How many editors work on Petagadget?

A: Two editors. During busy periods like Black Friday or Christmas it may grow to 4 people.


Q: How do you find the gadgets?

A: There are many sources, but the three main ones are social media, product websites and Google Alerts. We generally hunt for new gadgets every day, to ensure we always have the freshest content.

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