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u/Dempsonator · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

I have the BenQ Gl2450hm but I can't seem to find it on (as opposed to but this seems like a good option:

In terms of astros, I can't personally comment about quality because I don't have a pair. However my friend managed to get a pair of A50s including everything that comes with them for £120 because he got them after being refurbished. If you want some Astros on a budget then refurbished seems like the way to go because my friend has nothing but praise for them.

u/dm_reck · 5 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

Very nicely done /u/drift0r. Way to keep it simple enough for the average person to understand.

What I really would like to know is what would be the benefit of getting an expensive router such as Netgear's Nighthawk AC1900 vs. the standard router/modem that comcast provides me with already? Is this where QoS becomes a huge defining factor or is that router just so expensive because of the power and range it offers for the wireless signal?

EDIT: Basically, is the nighthawk worth even considering or any "gaming" routers for that matter?

u/I_suck_at_chom · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

How big is your current monitor? How old is it?

Anything under 20" or over 2-years old is worthy of an upgrade. You can get a 23.6", 2 ms response for under $160:

Also, you could rock dual monitors.

What benefits are you looking for from a scuf? How many upgrades or accessories do you plan on buying?

Personally haven't used a scuf (so I'm definitely biased) but I'm comfortable playing tactical layout . Did a quick buy purchase of a plain black scuf controller with trigger stops and 2 paddles and it came out to be right around $150 with a warning for the trigger stops portion; "NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME (COMING APRIL)." Scuf's customer service sucks too, good luck seeing this controller within the next month.

u/Adamf3690 · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

I'm EU too and I recently bought an Asus VN247H (1ms). I am not very experienced with gaming monitors but this one is quite fantastic. It only cost me £156 which was quite a good deal.

u/Xylonized · 2 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

NV4 you need red dot or elo, I personally use red dot. For other attachments I would go with grip, stock, long barrel, quickdraw. Since it's so easy to run tac, it's useless to use stuns, so just use tac mask, dead silence on your AR classes and then stack your gun with attachments like I said.

The iron sight on the ERAD is decent, so use that if you don't have any problems with it. I'd use quickdraw and grip and particle amp (long barrel) for sure and throw on stock if you like stock SMGs. Stock is preference on subs in this game, not like black ops 3 where you needed it.

For falling apart, that's a little more complex. Mainly, I would say just work on maintaining composure. Do things that you know work, don't get nervous and make dumb plays like double rushing something if you don't normally play like that. Honestly that comes with practice. Just focus on remaining calm and playing like you usually do.

I think that moving to a monitor with a 1ms response time will help you, but it won't make you a better player. If you're already bad, just having a 1ms monitor won't help anything. I'd say that if the money isn't a problem for you, of course go ahead and buy one. But if it would be a significant purchase for you, I'd say you can wait until you are easily able to win ladder matches and are players wagers/tournaments. But if you do have the money available, I would say go for it and get the monitor I linked below.

u/Jahcez · 3 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

Astro mixamp. Tritton Trigger Series headset. Mix-amp can be found here. Currently out of stock, however. You can email the guy, he's pretty quick with his response.

You'll also need a power and optical for the mix-amp, because it is not included. The power cable can be purchased here and optical either here or on Astro's Site

After you get all that, just hook the USB to your PC, optical ends to the 1 and to the Amp. Then, if you have a headset like mine, you just run the headset's cable to the bottom of the amp. Hope this helps.

u/Whatsaspace · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

How much did it cost you? It says newegg was sold out but I looked on amazon and this is the closet thing I could find, do you believe this would work?

Or possibly this one?

Sorry if bothersome, I'm just looking for the best one I can get and I'm not to knowledgable on monitors

u/PhAnToM444 · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

If you want the ones that a lot of pros use if they don't have BenQ, I would recommend Asus. Other than a name, there are almost no differences between it and a BenQ. This is the one i'm talking about
It is awesome and only 150e on sale. If you didn't want that one, I would suggest going with 24", 1ms GTG response, and at least 60hz (consider 120hz if your getting the PC). If it's all of those, your on the right track.

u/SeatsLaidBack · 2 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

Would this monitor be good for PS4? Haven't played since Black Ops 3 champs and having to rebuy a PS4 and all the accessories.

u/brob · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive


PS4 with KF-Ultra on my regular DS4

Headset is the Kingston HyperX Cloud. Sound and mic are really great after the 2.0 patch.

u/JamesS909 · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

Thanks for the quick response. My setup right now is non existent. I play on a TV with a normal controller.

What are people's opinions on these 2 monitors

u/HashtagDetriment · 0 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

I just bought an ASUS 1ms monitor about 2 weeks ago and I love it.


u/LeGiit_ViPeR · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

most of the pros use this one at there house so its prety good

u/violence_iv · 3 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

Im here, ill find out and edit my comment when i do.

Edit: asked a few of the players, TeePee thinks the VG236H but hes not 100%. Ill try to confirm

Edit2: Here's the VH236H, looks like it.

u/Phxnta · 2 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

Yeah. Here's one I personally see recommended a lot.


u/poklane · 2 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

How? put up the box art and it has the "Play Map Packs 30 days early" sticker on the PS4 box art

u/millsWhy · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

You should get this monitor and ditch that headset and this one with this mixamp.

Not a huge fan of Astro headsets, so that is why i use the Hyper X Cloud I's with an Astro A40 mixamp, but if you want, you can get the whole Astro A40 package for $250

u/RemoteSenses · 0 pointsr/CoDCompetitive


EDIT: **Playstation Exclusive as in

  • DLC early

  • Competitive console

    Didn't think I needed to add that but apparently I did. Obviously it's not exclusive as in "only on Playstation".
u/Chromegene · 10 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

If you want a cheaper alternative to a custom controller, buy a standard DS4 and this:

u/aodhan567 · -4 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

Strike Pack is a mod implemented on the controller

Basically when someone beams tf out of you in super long range with a saug or maddox without missing, people usually refers to strike packing because of modding its gun pattern into "no recoil".

u/ccseancc143 · 1 pointr/CoDCompetitive

I looked it up adn its the (PC) kit so it only comes with whats needed to use on pc. This is the right one. (Audio System)

u/Aytrx · 3 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

An ethernet desktop switch. I have this one, so you could buy 2 of those or buy one bigger one.(16 port one). The 8 port switch wouldn't work because there would be 8 players but one of the ports must be used for the internet connection from your router or modem. LAN stand for Local Area Network, so that means you all need to be connected to the same ip.

u/FadezGaming · 2 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

If you want aswell you could check out this strike pack dominator which is a modpack that you just plug onto your controller and its way cheaper. They have a tourney mode where only the paddles work so you dont have to use mods at all and its wayy cheaper than a scuf.

u/Jdodds1 · 2 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

Bumper jumper- downside is removing finger from aim button to press jump button

Claw- downside is a very awkward way of holding controller, it’ll take a lot of getting used too

Scuff style controller- downside is $ 100+price tag

Then there’s this.......

Still a decent price tag but less than 50% of a scuff and does the same thing

u/-BioNic- · 4 pointsr/CoDCompetitive


Xbox One

Modern Warfare 2 Edition Xbox 360




Scuf Hybrid FPS with two paddles, trigger stops, scuf grip, and a Kontrol Freek on the right stick.


(Main Headset) Black Kingston HyperX Cloud running throught a 2013 MixAmp

SteelSeries Siberia V2

Astro A40 in White


Audio Technica AT2020 USB on a scissor arm clamped to my desk with a popfilter attached.


Logitech C920

PC that i use here is nothing special, just my ultrabook i use for school and stuff.