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The Native Petite Chandelier - $1500

The Native Chandelier Petite //

– Each piece is one of kind using a sculpted and preserved tumbleweed as its frame. After harvesting an authentic tumbleweed from the Kansas plains, the branches are sculpted and trimmed until it is the perfect chandelier shape. Next, the piece gets specially coated using fire resistant enamel to insure safety and create a fresh modern look.
– Nestled in its branches is 1 socket for a vintage style bulb or LED. Each creates beautiful forest like shadows completely unique to each piece.

– The cord is hand wrapped using the original Same Tree technique with manila rope. The rope cord is perfect for swaging as shown, or pooling on the floor.
– Native Chandelier Petite – 2 1/2 ft H x 2 1/2 ft W (16 ft rope cord, 1 light)
Natural, White, Black
(Custom colors, and metallics available upon request)
Because each piece is custom made from an authentic tumbleweed, each piece will vary slightly in shape and size.