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The Ultimate All-Weather Coat

The Ultimate All-Weather Coat
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Traditional wool coats can be heavy, scratchy and expensive. We have designed a modern wool coat. Our coats are lighter and warmer compared to the average wool coat. They are also windproof and waterproof, with a cozy, warm micro fleece lining inside. We have a world class fashion designer insuring we are providing fashion forward, timeless designs so you can wear your favorite coat for many years to come. We also use high quality factories that provide good quality. And to top things off, we have made our coats affordable.
Inner Micro-fleece – The inside is a cozy and comfortable micro-fleece interior. It doesn’t scratch and is very warm and comfortable.
Special Thermal Membrane – Bonded in-between the micro-fleece and wool is the secret to the coats performance. We insert a waterproof and windproof thermal membrane that deflects your body heat back towards your body. This allows for less material to accomplish the same amount of warmth performance. The membrane is also a wind barrier, keeping the wind chill out. This high-tech waterproof & windproof membrane will always keep you warm and dry in the wind, snow, rain, or any of the other elements.

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