1 PAIR Glass Cabochon Dragon Eyes Slit Pupil 8mm or 10mm or

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1 Pair of Glass Cabochon Eyes with Rich colors and detail for jewelry design, carving, sculpture, crafts, fantasy art and crafts. Glass Cabochon Eyes with flat glue on backs as shown in photos. This Order is for: 1 Pair of Glass Cabochon Eyes. Series c Choose Color Number: c-1, c-3, c-4, c-6, c-7, c-9, c-10, c-29, c-32, c-33 As shown in Photos And Choose Size 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. 14mm, 16mm. Dimensions of Eyes 8mm (approx. 5/16 inch or 0.0.315 inch) Diameter 10mm (approx. 3/8 inch or 0.394 inch) Diameter 12mm (approx. 1/2 inch or 0.472 inch) Diameter 14mm (approx. 9/16 inch or 0.551 inch) Diameter 16mm (approx.

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