1 Piece Hasulith jewelry glue 31 ml HAS01

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1 Piece Hasulith jewelry glue 31 ml has01 – hasulith multipurpose adhesive is a transparent, colourless, acid-free, solvent-based, one-component adhesive. hasulith multi-purpose adhesive dries almost crystal clear. Any adhesive edges are therefore hardly visible in many applications. Very good strength, fast drying and a wide range of applications are further advantages that distinguish this adhesive. hasulith multi-purpose adhesive is used, for example, in the following areas: Fashion jewellery, traditional costume and bridal jewellery, hair jewellery, model making, arts and crafts articles, toys, gifts, decoration and promotional items, souvenirs and many more other related industries. Metal, glass, ceramics, porcelain, stone, leather, wood, felt, textiles, cork, paper, cardboard, cardboard and hard plastics such as plexiglass, abs and cellulose acetate. hasulith multi-purpose adhesive is also suitable for gluing larger glass, rhinestone or similite bricks (from 5mm). hasulith multi-purpose adhesive is only suitable for bonding semi-precious stones (such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, etc.) if these stones have not been greased or oiled (to improve shine) (but this is usually the case – please contact the supplier if necessary).hasulith multi-purpose adhesive is not Suitable for bonding materials such as: polystyrene, pvc, pet, pe, pp, nylon, rubber and other types of soft plastic. Apply hasulith multi-purpose adhesive on one side and apply the parts to be bonded. and squeeze them together immediately. No strong pressing pressure necessary. Excess adhesive wipe with a cloth if necessary. Bonded parts -if necessary – for a short period of time. fix it. Then allow the adhesive to dry at room temperature. During The glued parts must not be subject to any stress during drying. When gluing absorbent materials (e.g. leather, wood…), the adhesive can be applied on both sides. The adhesive is usually applied directly from the tube.

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