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16ft Lotus Belle Tent

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The innovative design prevents water and unwanted creepy crawlies from entering the tent. This design also means any section can be unhooked individually. Another original feature of The Lotus Belle is the separate wall and roof canvases allowing far more manageability as well as a much quicker drying tent. A muddy boot space could be created in this way, or perhaps a space for a wood burning stove for colder nights. Each window has an exterior canvas curtain which can be rolled and zipped up.

The beauty of the mesh is of course keeping the BUGS out!! The canvas used in The Lotus Belle is of the highest quality: the wooden poles are beautifully turned, the rope guy lines from each wall pole and roof point mean the structure is sturdy and strong, and each is fitted with its own high quality wooden adjustment toggle. The canvas is high quality, fire, water, rot proof, 350gsm/ 12oz. The 16 foot tent is 16 feet in diameter, 18 feet at its widest point and slightly taller at 10.5 feet high.

The 16 foot tent weighs 141 lbs There is much more standing space and durability than a regular bell tent. More affordable than a Yurt and unlike a yurt the Lotus Belle can fit in the boot of your car! Longer lasting, better quality & more breathable than 10 man ‘nylon nightmares.’ High quality, heavy duty canvas and PVC floor base. Sturdy, strong and long lasting. Easy to store (fits easily in the car) to transport and erect. More portable than a teepee, tipi, wigwam or yurt. Perfect for glampsites, festivals, weddings, stalls, social spaces.

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