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The 2018 Resilience Agenda Mental Fitness Diary

The 2018 Resilience Agenda Mental Fitness Diary
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The 2018 Resilience Agenda Mental Fitness Diary by Resilience Agenda is an everyday planner for people who want to build their mental fitness and improve the overall quality of their lives.

The 2018 Mental Fitness Diary is a premium designed 192 page appointment book, organizer, scheduler and yearly planner that helps us keep mental fitness front of mind every day of the year.

Its packed full of inspirational quotes, strategies and tips to consider, and a complete month-by-month guide to building mental fitness and staying sharp so you can tackle each day head on and get more out life.

The 2018 Australian Mental Fitness Diary is your personal Dashboard for staying on top of your to-do list, your appointments and for organizing and taking care of your most valuable asset – the way you think.

Resilience Agenda is for you if you believe:

That mental wellbeing is important.
That mental wellbeing can mean so much more than just mental illness.
That we can train our minds and adapt our environment just like we train our bodies to live the lives we want and think in totally new ways.
That developing optimism, gratitude and mindfulness is a useful path to contentment and can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
That sharing your passion for physical fitness and mental wellness has a positive effect on other people.
That everyday exposure to reminders of positivity and encouragement can be habit-forming and life-changing.
That pen and paper still have a place in the digital world to help us focus our distracted and frazzled minds.

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