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88 Series Humidor by Solloshi

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“A man must do what he must do.”(Charlton Heston)
And we did it.
We created a humidor for cigar aficionados which simply did not existed before.
Solloshi 888 Humidor is a giant cigar humidor crafted to the highest standards from CNC-machined and hand-finished titanium and aerospace-grade AL7075 aluminium. Those familiar with the finest modern watches, luxury cars and weapons, this is the same material thatthese are made from, and you will appreciate even more the difficulties and related benefits linked to this method of manufacturing.

Nothing is standard or pre-made on the 88 Humidor – all of its 58 components are custom designed and built from the ground up specifically and only for this piece of art. The base structure of the 88’s timeless exterior is from one single block of aerospace-grade AL7075 ALU metal.This alloy was secretly developed by a Japanese company in 1943, and was eventually used for airframe production by the Imperial Japanese Navy. Nowadays AL7075 is essential part of the legendary M16 rifles made for the U.S. military, and the toughest parts of airplanes, but its high cost still limits its use in our everyday life.

The manufacturing of the humidor’s chassis takes 70 hours with the most modern CNC machines, then manual polishing and perfecting of every visible and invisible detail takes another 30 hours. The additional titanium parts take another 60 hours of machining and another 30 hours of manual finishing – illustrating the painstaking effort and expertise involved in finishing titanium to our extremely high standards.
The precision engineered exterior iscovered with a mix of carbon platesand a variety of high-end surface treatments to further enhance aesthetics and durability.

The base and the tensioners of the glasses are treated with a darker hue of nACo, while the handle of the removable glass and the humidor capsules receive a rainbow-type nACo Blue treatment. The top of the Solloshi 88 Humidor is a nACo-treated glass with titanium edges, allowing you to monitor the humidity with a WEMPE Hygrometer. The inner interior is covered by precisely crafted cedar wood.

Though it is a tough beauty and each screw is made of titanium, it is easy to disassemble, as some special hard durable rings holds them together. The humidor has two blocks, and you can reach your cigars by opening the nACo-covered glass windows on both left and right side of the 88 Humidor, having enough space to safe-place your 20 finest, most favorite cigars.
The humidor capsules themselves are also made from titanium to keep its perfection forever and it is covered with anti-scratch coating.

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