Air Beam Bud Inflatable Glamping Tent

Air Beam Bud Inflatable Glamping Tent
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This Air Beam Bud Inflatable Glamping Tent is the first inflatable glamping tent on the market! For any nature lovers looking for adventure, this inflatable tent is your ideal choice and a must-have.

You can carry this tent with you on your upcoming escapade and set it up quickly and effortlessly. So you can experience the natural scenic beauty with the comforts of home.

Air Beam Bud Inflatable Glamping Tent is easy to set up

Setting up the inflatable tent is easy. You can set up this system in just a matter of minutes without any hassles!

This simple set up allows you to have an adventure-filled holiday. Saving you from the hassles of broken poles which can ruin your vacation(always hated when poles broke!).

The Air Beam Bud Inflatable Glamping Tent instantly transforms into a perfect home-feeling and impression once you installed it.

You don’t believe me how easy to set up this tent is? Take a look at the below video:

This tent is easy to carry on holidays

What makes this Air Beam Bud Inflatable Glamping Tent a suitable choice for your holiday trip is that there are no poles or any other parts to assemble(well, this is just perfect for me).

You can quickly deflate the glamping tent just as promptly as you had inflated it in a matter of seconds.

This inflatable tent weighs barely 40 pounds, which makes it portable and more convenient to carry it with you on your upcoming holiday trip.

The Air Beam tent is very spacious

The inflatable tent by Air Beam Bud comes with a 10 by 10 ft in diameter which makes it all the more better.

Unlike other standard tents that rely on middle beam for support, this unique tent does not necessitate the use of a pole in the center.

You can make use of these available spaces inside the tent to store everything you need for the adventure trip.

Air Beam Bud Tent provides you with sufficient room. Big and ample enough to fit even a queen-sized bed inside and it easy to carry it when you go on vacation.

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