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Alpine Hammock

Alpine Hammock
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Hang in a hammock or sleep on the ground in any weather — The Alpine Hammock does it all in a single package, meaning your approach shelter and summit shelter are one and the same.
It is a full featured bivy and a minimalist hammock shelter that you can still sit in like a traditional hammock. The Alpine Hammock has been redesigned from head to toe to reduce weight, improve airflow and make setup easier.

Patent pending “origami” closures manage airflow just above the face, venting condensation-causing breath at the source. The origami design is a redundant closure, channeling water down and out of the interior should water splash through the bug-netting. Using no rigid buckles or fixtures, the origami design ultralight and simple.
The new tripod pole allows a freestanding setup on the ground with or without stakes and sheds water more effectively, reducing pooling and saturation. The elastic and adjustable rainfly guy line ensures a taught rainfly, reducing pooling and bypassing the need to hang a separate ridge line for the hammock. Ample thumb loops, meaty zipper pulls and improved vents make the Alpine Hammock user friendly.

Included are two 12 foot tree straps with DutchWare ultralight hammock suspension hardware. The Dutch Clip and Dutch Cinch allow quick and secure wraps on the tree and a continuously adjustable attachment to the hammock, so the perfect tension on the hammock can be had easily, every time. The design of the cinch and the stuff sack means that the straps can stay permanently installed on the hammock for an even faster setup.
Comes with a hammock specific stuff sack (variation on a “bishop bag”) that allows quick setup and secure storage.
Setup: 9′ long (hammock) 10′ long (rainfly), 30″ wide, 20″ tall (bivy)
Packed: 6″ x 6″ x 11″

Don’t forget to pack the BRS 3000T Stove so you can always have warm food and water during cold days.

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