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Ameo Powerbreather Wave Snorkel 2.0

Ameo Powerbreather Wave Snorkel 2.0
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Breathe in the water as freely and relaxed as never before. The POWERBREATHER is an innovative sports tool, that will take your swimming and snorkel-diving experience to a whole new level. No matter how long and intensively you swim: this sport tool – unlike the conventional snorkel – provides you for the first time with 100% fresh air without water penetration. Forget about the complex and demanding technique of crawl breathing.

Without having to move your head, the neck and shoulder muscles remain relaxed, while you breathe in and out completely relaxed. The blast-clearing belongs to the past. Due to its patented technology and excellent design, the POWERBREATHER fits perfectly your head and assures maximum wearing comfort. That makes the POWERBREATHER the perfect companion for leisure and training activities. On the cutting edge of science and technology, the POWERBREATHER is a game-changer in the water.

Includes 2 sets of Speed Vents; regular for pools and still water, longer for diving or swimming in choppy waves. Award-winning German design features a ratcheting twist-lock system for a comfortable, secure fit. Perfect for swimmers at all performance levels — ideal for technique, endurance and respiratory muscle training too!

The WAVE edition includes 2 standard and 2 extended Speed Vents, 2 Flip Caps (for Flip Turns) and hard-sided storage case. Measures 12.9” x 8.7” x 2.2”; weighs 1.2 lbs.

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