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Anti-Cold Head Wrapping Blanket

Anti-Cold Head Wrapping Blanket
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Don’t get the chills at night and stay snug in snoozeland for longer with the Anti-Cold Head Wrapping Blanket. It slips over a pillow and over the corners of a futon (or thin mattress). You then just lay your head down between the two halves and wrap it around, under your chin. This will provide a warm and cozy layer that will keep out the night’s cold air. The combination of a Topthermo inner layer and a soft cotton outer material makes this a comfortable yet effective tool against the winter.

The Anti-Cold Head Wrapping Blanket features:

Keeps head, ears, cheeks, and neck/shoulders warm
Wraps around the head
Use over a pillow
Wraps around the corners of a futon or thin mattress
Width: approx. 140cm (55″)
Length: approx. 80cm (31″)
Thickness: approx. 2cm (0.8″)
Materials: cotton, polyester, cuprammonium rayon

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