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Anton Strainer Bowl

Anton Strainer Bowl
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Do you love cooking with the freshest ingredients but find it difficult to thoroughly wash your produce to remove pesticides and debris?

Rather than straining cooked food at the bottom of your crowded sink, would you like a convenient solution, making straining easier than ever?

If so, Caveman Factory’s Anton Bowl is the perfect product for you! With a super innovative design, our Anton Bowl blends a super sized bowl, convenient funnel, and high quality mesh strainer to create the perfect, multi use strainer bowl on the market! Simply fill with water and our super sized Anton Bowl is perfect for thoroughly cleaning and removing pesticides and debris, using up to 60% less water than cheap colanders and strainers!

Whether preparing pasta or straining foods, our Anton Bowl’s innovative food strainer funnel allows you to position the bowl on a counter top and effortlessly drain into your sink without splashing or dripping, and continue preparing without transferring between bowls, making drips and countertop mess a thing of the past!

Our Anton Bowl is a super convenient premium product with a number of key benefits:

– Extra large design, perfect for straining family sized servings.

– Convenient side funnel design, strain into sinks from tabletops.

– Save up to 60% of water compared with ordinary mesh strainers.

– BPA free, ultra durable polypropylene material.

– Dishwasher safe, easily cleaned with removable strainer.

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