Aquastockings Large & Extra Large Swim Caps Designed for

Aquastockings Large & Extra Large Swim Caps  Designed for
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Best swim cap for long or thick hair, Aquastocking Swim Caps are the most secure and durable large and extra large swim caps. a 2-in-1 swim cap that can double as an extra large shower cap. The perfect swimming cap for dreadlocks, braids, natural hair, and hair extensions. Premium stretch material held securely in place keeping your hair covered. Customized for both men and women who want to protect their hair styles and keep their hair healthy. Choose from different colors including black, white, and burgundy. When traveling to the beach, going to the pool, getting in the shower or getting caught in the rain, there is a considerable amount of effort put into not getting the hair wet. With the aquastocking swim cap this is no longer an issue at your favorite beach spots, water parks, and pools. Eco-friendly, Odourless, & Non-toxic to you and the environment Designed specifically for long or thick hair Comes in a reusable lightweight package for your convenience and travel Keep Your Hair Dry & Protected From Salt Water, Rain or Chlorine The swimming cap can be taken off quickly and easily without snagging the hair line and be stretched to more than double its original size The Most Comfortable, Soft Feeling, and Flexible Material Extremely durable meaning it will last for years when cared for properly Multipurpose and can be worn in the shower, rain, to the beach or pool Securely fits for the ultimate protection of many hair types and hair styles Need to exchange your size or color?

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