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Assemblage Modular Bookcase

Assemblage Modular Bookcase
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Together we nest, divided we stack! Assemblage is a set of 10 modules that fit snugly inside each other, and then slide out so they can be stacked for use as shelving and storage. Twelve metal clamps with a striking red tightener hold the units together, and also make it possible to configure the units to your liking or change them when the need arises.

Designed by Selab, Assemblage was a 2011 winner of the prestigious European Consumer Award for design.

Made of lacquered MDF. Available in Black and in White. Module sizes measure from 23 5/8 inches square down to 9 1/2 square with a consistent depth of 15 3/4 inches (from 60 cm down to 20 cm with a depth of 40 cm).

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