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Audeze Sine On-Ear Planar Magnetic Lightning Cable Headphones

Audeze Sine On-Ear Planar Magnetic Lightning Cable Headphones
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For Apple users wanting better sound quality, SINE headphones with Lightning cable are the logical next step up. The world’s first on-ear planar magnetic headphone is a combination of striking design and top build quality. With its thin-film Planar Magnetic driver, transients come alive – like the attack of the snare drum, popping strings on a bass, and strumming acoustic guitars. Audeze is the first company to design an integrated Lightning cable for iPhone/iPod/iPad – it takes the digital audio directly from the iDevice and bypasses the internal amp & DAC.

The signal goes to our Lightning cable’s built-in headphone amp, DAC, and DSP for noticeably better audio quality. And your voice calls will sound better, too. We even include an EQ app with graphic equalizer and 2 user programmable presets – unlike regular EQ, these travel with the cable so you get the same EQ as you change from your iPhone to your iPad. It comes with both Lightning and standard 3.5mm cables.

• Planar Magnetic technology gives better bass, better transients, and the lowest distortion. This driver is about 3x the size of other on-ear headphones.
• Lightning cable has built-in amplifier, DAC, and DSP for improved audio quality for both music AND voice calls! Comes with EQ application for complete control.
• Great for travel – lightweight & folds flat.
• Industrial design by BMW’s DesignWorks.
• Designed & assembled in the USA

Audeze Sine On-Ear Planar Magnetic Lightning Cable HeadphonesCheck price on Amazon.com ►
Check price on Amazon.com

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