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Automatic Following Golf Trolley

Automatic Following Golf Trolley
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The Automatic Following Golf Trolley uses the very latest in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to send and receive signals from the trolley to the handset.

Each X9 Follow comes with a handset already ‘paired’ to one another, meaning that you only have to turn them both on and they will connect automatically. Once the connection is made, it remains connected for the duration of your round.

Also featuring a new rechargeable handset with a compact handset case and an integrated a large lithium battery. This is charged via a port on the right hand side (a charger is supplied).

The X9 Follow also has complete remote control functionality allowing you to speed the machine up and down, steer it left or right and stop it using either the orange ‘glide stop’ or red ’emergency stop’ buttons from up to 50m away.

The X9 Follow will automatically apply a braking force if you slow your pace when going down a hill.

The battery for the X9 Follow is guaranteed for 18 holes, and in many cases will do many more.

The X9 Follow comes complete with the whole host of other features including:

• Towel Clip
• Scorecard Holder & Pencil Clip
• Three golf ball holders
• Four tee holders
• Unique serial number plaque
• Adjustable handset cradle
• Integrated rear stabiliser
• Lithium Battery & Charger
• Anti-rotation bag straps
• Quick release strap handles

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