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Balanced Crystal Glass Decanter

Balanced Crystal Glass Decanter
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Introduction: With the precise design of the contours, the crystal decanter can be rotated around the axis on the solid wood, but still maintains balance and breaks the conventional creative design. It also helps the wine flow and accelerates the wonderful effect of the sobering . Tray made of high quality solid wood, solid wood pattern is very beautiful, and durable.

Color: Crystal Cup A      Crystal Cup B      Decanter

Material: crystal glass

Size: Crystal Cup A: 6.5cm*6cm*7.5cm      Crystal Cup B: 11.5cm*8.5cm
         Decanter: 25cm*7.5cm      Muto: Diameter 23cm*1.6cm

Capacity: Crystal Cup A: 370ml      Crystal Cup B: 350ml      Decanter: 1000ml

Weight after packaging: Crystal Cup A: Approx. 580g      Crystal Cup B: Approx. 560g      Decanter + Muto: Approx. 2590g

Style: simple

Element: solid color

Number: 1

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