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Barsys Robotic Bartender

Barsys Robotic Bartender
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Most drinks made in under 20 seconds
• Intuitive app UI available on android and iOS
• Spill free design
• Sleek metal case design
• Automated cleaning

What’s under the hood
A metal cased sleek body powder coated with heat resistance paint, the Barsys machine is aesthetically pleasing. Equipped with precise measurement and awareness up to 1ml, Barsys ensures not a drip is wasted.

Can an app run a bar?
The brain behind the machine, the Barsys app comes preloaded with over 2000 of your favourite recipes that can be accessed at the touch of a button.

The app makes perfect business sense too. Not only does it help you count the number of drinks it has dispensed, it can tell you ingredient usage as well.

Made of thermoplastic rubber with universal bottle mounting, the top nozzles are for spirits and liquors of your choice. This guarantees a superior consistency and improved taste.

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