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Bicycle Lock

Bicycle Lock
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Looking for the best and easy to use bicycle lock???

A good lock is essential if you’re going to use your bike around town because bikes are one of the most frequently stolen objects. They’re often easy targets because many locks can easily be picked or severed.

A Fusion of Design and Technology
The world’s first shackle lock using your fingerprint: forget about keys, combination, and passcodes with biometric fingerprint technology.

Compliant fingerprint sensor opens in just half a second for fast access while 14 mm thick alloy shackle prevents cutting and deters theft. Setup is quick and easy, with no app or computer necessary: everything you need is in the lock itself. can be easily recharged with a portable charger and Micro USB cable.

✓ Easily recognizes stored fingerprint
✓ Easy to carry
✓ Lightweight
✓ Waterproof

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