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Bicycle Wheel Wall Art

Bicycle Wheel Wall Art
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Bicycle Wheel Wall Art will transform any mundane wall and turn it into something truly unique with our Recycled Wall Art.

Smithers Bicycle Recycled Wall Art is the epitome of stylish recycled classy decor with a modern day urban twist.

The simple lines of the old vintage bike wheels and classic sliver wheel rims offer a clean cut design that guarantee to bring any plain wall to life.

Height Small 120 cm | Large 200 cm
Width Small 80 cm | Large 100 cm
Depth 6 cm
The Bicycle Recycled Wall Art is part of a new bike wheel collection from Smithers of Stamford that is daringly different and handmade in England to an excellent standard.

The imagination behind our simple but brilliant design is second to none whilst the finished result is effortlessly stylish. These bicycle Recycled Wall Art pieces work superbly in your work place or home, set above a large fireplace for a dramatic look or in quirky restaurants and bars.

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