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Bocci Series 38 Chandelier

Bocci Series 38 Chandelier
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The 38.11 lamp is crafted from a complex glass blowing technique where a multutide of white cavities are introduced into them haphazardly, intentionally intersecting and colliding with each other. Some of these are deep enough to contain earth and succulent cacti plants. Others are used as housings for lighting elements.

Electricity and suspension are achieved using stiff copper tubing, which is allowed to tangle and crinkle, seemingly without regard for gravity. Available with either a 10 watt Xenon (dimmable) or 1.8 watt LED lamp. LED version is dimmable when using a compatible dimmer supplied by others.

The 38.11 lamp weighs approximately 68 lbs. and requires eleven Xenon or LED bulbs which are included. Approved to UL Standards by CSA. Manufactured by Bocci.
One pendant with 2 light sources. Three pendants with 3 light sources. Eight moons.
Eleven light sources in total.

33.5″ W, 11″ D (white power coat)
Standard copper tubing up to 10′.
Custom tubing length up to 30′ max.

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