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Boho Collection Pin Set by Ziggit

Boho Collection Pin Set by Ziggit
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Ziggit snap-on pins are THE accessory for fashionable self-expression! They are laser-cut and hand finished stainless steel button pins that WON’T damage your clothing by piercing it like old pins do. We’ve patented a new technology whereby you can snap them onto your shirt or strap them to your choker, bra, bikini, suspenders, or shoelaces! We’ve got tons to choose from, so you can literally say whatever you want! Start with our #Boho Collection and build around it by collecting more emojis and letters!

Plated Stainless Steel for a Quality Product
Baked Enamel Paint for Smooth Finish
Laser-cut and Hand-finished
Available in 3 Styles (Rose Gold and White; Gold and Black; Black White and Color)
Secure Patent Pending Thermoplastic Clip Base

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