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Brewed 2 Burn Gingered Apple Cider Craft Beer Inspired Soy Candle

Brewed 2 Burn Gingered Apple Cider Craft Beer Inspired Soy Candle
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CRAFT BEER INSPIRED SCENT – GINGERED APPLE CIDER! Bright & Crisp, the smell of a blend of freshly chopped apples in the fall, baked into a crust made ginger and warm sugar. Perfect for the joy of jumping into a pile of leaves.
BREWED WITH GRATITUDE! From start to finish, these candles are a labor of love. Each candle is composed of all-natural, soy-based components. These will burn for up to 60 hours, lighting your home and infusing it with the essence of your favorite craft brews. Candles use all-natural wicks, important to keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch. 4.5 in. Tall x 2.25 in. Diameter.

COMMITTED TO GIVING BACK! Committed to keeping the flame burning for juvenile diabetes research, every candle sold a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
MADE IN AMERICA! Inspired by four generations in the beer business, Brewed2Burn, located in West Mifflin-PA, brings that history of devotion hoping to spark joy through the flames lit by their hand-crafted creations.
30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! For whatever reason you decide this candle is not right for you, return with no questions asked.

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