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Buben & Zorweg Phantom 8 High Fidelity Time Mover

Buben & Zorweg Phantom 8 High Fidelity Time Mover
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Buben & Zorweg’s PHANTOM 8 HIGH FIDELITY TIME MOVER® watch winder is a futuristic design that’s timeless and eternal. The finest German craftsmanship combined with mechanical innovation is the basis for the smooth “Push and Slide” opening system. With a solid German security lock and 5 mm thick aluminium chassis creates a solid base to showcase your collection while winding your watches.

This 8 unit watch winder has a high gloss metallic piano lacquer exterior accented with a luxurious carbon fiber inlay. Interior is adorned with the finest Italian nappa leather and equipped with state-of-the-art LED lighting technology with fade function. The presentation column is an aluminium base that is integrated with a wireless HiFi surround sound system making it an object of art but also a coveted unified harmonic media system.

5 mm thick aluminium chassis
Carbon fiber inlay hand finished with 10 layers of high gloss lacquer
Red Italian nappa leather interior
Fully mechanical “Push and Slide” opening system with German security lock

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