Bunt Face – Personalised Bunting

Bunt Face – Personalised Bunting
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Read me! i’m important! Only upload photos with one face in them (no group photos please!) Photos showing more than one face may result in us having to delay or even cancel your order. Don’t ruin Christmas by uploading photos with multiple faces in! When it comes to party decor, you can’t beat bunting. It just looks so damn good – like you’ve made a massive effort, when all you did was tie something up. And our personalised bunting is the best of the bunch. Or should that be ‘the best of the bunt’? Probably not, as that wouldn’t make sense. We’ll print any face you want on your very own bunting. Seriously, any face. Your nan. Your dog. Don’t let us stop you. Just upload your photo and our bunting experts will fashion it into your very own set of flags and ribbon. You have to thread it yourself, but it’s no more complicated than putting a ribbon through a few holes. Trust us, you could do it when drunk. Level up your parties and celebrations. Make every occasion look fancy. From hilarious hen and stag do decor, to a nice wholesome backdrop for a baby shower, your personalised bunting will be the star of the show.

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