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CAIRS Car Air Purifier

CAIRS Car Air Purifier
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1 Deodorization Filter and 1 Terpene Filter included.

This powerful air purifying system is fast and effective covering the whole car in seconds. It is also quiet making it perfect for a car or small office.

Fresh Phytoncide scent with the natural sterilization compound Terpene makes your car’s atmosphere cleaner and fresher.

Terpene is the main componenet of Phytoncide which is released naturally by trees. It is great at deodorizing and a safe, non-toxic material. It is also effective at elimating certain bacteria that cause respiratory infections.

Comes ready to plug into a car’s cigarette lighter and with it’s simple design it can fit in the cup holder of any car and is very easy to use and clean.

Voltage: 220V / 60Hz

Power Consumption: 3.5W

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