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Cam-Fi Wireless Camera Controller CF101

Cam-Fi Wireless Camera Controller CF101
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Use tablet instead of the small viewfinder!
Camfi can use Android and iOS devices to be your viewfinder. It can stream live view from the camera to your devices wirelessly.
Saves you from awkward poses!
Using mobile devices as viewfinder, you can easily shoot the exciting view without having to use those very awkward poses.

Selfie made easy!
Instead of requesting others help you to take pictures, you can connect the CamFi device to your camera, and use your mobile viewfinder to find the memorable moment, then capture it by yourself.
Powerful time-lapse!
Most DSLR cameras only provide the countdown shooting. CamFi provides a more advanced timer feature which gives you flexibility to set shooting time interval and photo count.

Show photos as they are taken!
View a slideshow of your photos on TV as they are taken.
You can use an LCD TV to show your photos as they are taken.You can check the details of your work instantly.This will also give your client better experience in photo shooting.

Android TV stick supported!

CamFi application can be installed on a small Android TV stick or Android TV box.Now you can use TV set to be your viewfinder and photo player.

Transmitting raw files faster with SmartView!
Raw files are always large.It can take tens of seconds to transfer a raw file via WiFi.With the SmartView feature, it only takes 5 seconds to view a raw file.
Print photos as they are taken!
With the windows client software of CamFi, you can print the photos instantly after they are captured.

Share & Download!
Share your moments with friends
When you take photos, you can download them to your mobile phones from your DLSR camera via CamFi, and share them to your social network instantly.
Download original photo and edit raw files!

CamFi supports to downlaod the original raw format photo files. You can use your favorite editor to process the raw file on your tablet easily.

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