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Candela Smart Mood Candlelight

Candela Smart Mood Candlelight
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Candela is the world’s only smart candlelight using the latest Bluetooth (BLE) Mesh technology, combining the warm comfort of candlelight with the convenience and control of smart technology. The BLE Mesh technology allows up to 30,000 units Candelas to communicate with each other.

The Candela holds a 1600K color temperature, the same color temperature as a candlelight, and has adjustable brightness, thus allowing you to mimic the same warm feeling of a candle but without the flame. Designed with health in mind, Candela produces minimal blue light. We tested 32 different materials’ life span, melting point, radiating capability, and thermal condition efficiency and determined the Copper alloys-bass to be the lamp wick material for Candela.

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