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Cannonball Audio – 360° IPX-7 Floating Speaker

Cannonball Audio – 360° IPX-7 Floating Speaker
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Cannonball Audio was founded out of a deep love for sound and design and the ability to experience and listen to your music anywhere.

The Cannonball is a speaker you can take with you anywhere, including in the pool, thanks to its floating capabilities. Thanks to its acoustic dissemination dome the music plays uniformly across 360 degrees – and the sound is very powerful thanks to the 5W driver coupled with a 6.3W amp. You can even use the Cannonball to make and receive calls with an amazing voice quality.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers in an effort to enhance the musical experience through extremely high quality sound in combination with the best materials. We believe that the feel and the look of an audio device should match your musical experience.


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