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Cartoon iPad Air and iPad Mini Case

Cartoon iPad Air and iPad Mini Case
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Friendly Case for Kids

The handles on the sides and top make it very easy for kids little hands to carry around. The “feet” on the bottom allow the iPad to stand it own horizontally.
It’s toys model will cheer your kids up.

Designed For Long-Lasting Use

These case are specially molded to securely hold the iPad 2/3/4 without preventing the use of any of its features. Cut-outs allow for full speaker and camera usage while a pop-out on the bottom of the case lets you charge your tablet without removing it from its protective shell.

Drop-Proof, Shock-Proof, Almost-Everything-Proof

This shockproof case is protecting your expensive device through even the wildest of temper tantrums.
EVA foam is light, spongy, and non-toxic, creating a protective shell around your iPad without adding cumbersome weight that could make it more difficult to carry.
The case is relatively thin, so you can keep your child’s tablet protected while still being able to fit it into their backpack so they can take their iPad to school.

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