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CASTIZO Handcrafted luxury espadrilles at attainable prices

CASTIZO Handcrafted luxury espadrilles at attainable prices
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Espadrilles are a well known footwear from Spain. What started of as a simple garment has become a classic by now. Over the years, the espadrille maintained its characteristics of craftsmanship, simplicity and elegance which makes it such a unique footwear.

Castizo revives the classical espadrille by combining design, quality and a new finishing technique: The soles of the sandals are manufactured traditionally, at a specialized workshop by espadrille masters. Seamstresses then add the appliance to them by manually stitching it to their soles, using ‘punto ojal’ (a unique sewing method of a long-standing tradition that can only be performed by hand. Up to this very day, no machine has been invented that can reach comparable results). The seamstresses used to come together at the village hall in order to sew the shoes while gossiping about the whole world, their men and lives.

Our production is currently in Murcia, Caravaca de la Cruz, where local espadrille masters and seamstresses still devote themselves to every single detail of every pair of espadrilles they produce. More than 12 people participate in and contribute to the manufacturing process of one single pair, enhancing this tradition stitch by stitch.

Our goal is to make this tradition a culture, allowing people to appreciate the work from these espadrille craftsmen and seamstresses. Encouraging them to embrace and pass their knowledge to following generations.

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