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Cauldryn Fyre Mobile Temperature Control Boiling Mug

Cauldryn Fyre Mobile Temperature Control Boiling Mug
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Cauldryn Fyre Mobile combines the Cauldryn Mug, Fyre heating element, and Mobile battery to create a system that allows you complete control over the temperature of water or other beverages. The Fyre heating element and Mobile battery provide the power maintain your chosen hot beverage temperature ALL DAY LONG, or to boil water.

Fyre Heating Element

The Fyre heating element is at the heart of the Cauldryn Fyre system.

It has five heating modes:

-Boil (212 degrees) – Cook, Sterilize Water
-Brew (195-205 degrees) – Brew Coffee or Black Tea
-Extra Hot (160-170 degrees) – Like your Coffee Hotter than Most, Slow Cook, Re-hydrate Freeze Dried Food
-Hot (135-145 degrees or 125-135 degrees). – The Perfect Cup of Coffee for Most People

Cauldryn Mug

The Cauldryn Mug is a 16 ounce, stainless steel, vacuum insulated vessel. The vacuum insulation allows for cold beverages to stay cold for long periods of time, and hot beverages to stay hot even without power to the unit.

The Cauldryn Mug has an innovative lid that has two drink openings that allow for either sipping hot beverages from a small opening, or taking large drinks/pouring from a spout.

Mobile Battery

Mobile truly makes the platform a go anywhere option with the ability to perform all functions from a battery. The Mobile battery packs enough power to keep your beverages at your ideal temperature ALL DAY LONG or to even boil water. Mobile can even charge your devices from both a 1amp and a 2 amp USB outlet.

Included AC Base

The AC base provides all of the same functions as the Mobile battery (except charging devices) without power limitations. Its innovative power coaster even lets you pick up the bottle while the power source stays on your desk for a truly wireless drinking experience.

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