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CEEK Virtual Reality Headset

CEEK Virtual Reality Headset
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The CEEK Virtual Reality Headset is a sleek and elegant mobile VR goggle compatible with most smartphones. Simply insert your phone, click VR App and enjoy. CEEK provides a VR App with exclusive music concerts from top artists. Discover amazing games, 360 videos and other experiences with your headset.

About the product
Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones with screen sizes between 3.5” to 6”. ultra-immersive field of view to make your virtual world appear even bigger.
Patented anti-distortion lenses made from specially formulated high-end lenses for optimal resolution
Soft breathable facial bumper padding and light weight fit comfortably to the contours of any face to enhance enjoyment for extended wear.
Adjustable head straps, Eye distance and dynamic focus wheel to customize your viewing preferences.
Ventilation slots to prevent Device from fogging and overheating.

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