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Chair 11 by Anders Hammarstrand

Chair 11 by Anders Hammarstrand
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My design process starts with a small drawing; black lines – horizontal, vertical and oblique – are forming a sketch of a chair seen in profile. (If one draws the profile of each chair – all 23 pieces one after the other – they look as if they were signs in a kind of secret alphabet).‘If one of these sketches catches my interests, I will continue with a linear drawing of the chair´s profile in scale 1:2. At this level, I can decide if the idea is possible to execute or if it has to be discarded.This decision is built on my own very careful studies of the human body in different sitting positions. If the idea works out well, I will build a model in scale 1:4, then I will do a new drawing of the chair in scale 1:1.‘In three dimensions, most of my chairs are constructed of plane rectangular boards of hardwood in different sizes. These boards are placed in a horizontal, vertical or oblique position and joined together. The choice of wood and the precision of the joints are of great importance. Finally, when the construction of a chair is completed, the wood is treated with shellac and wax. I never use lacquer because it is of great importance that the feeling of wood remains intact in the finished work.

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