Champagne Bucket

Champagne Bucket
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If you are looking for a companion for your bubbly, the Grand Brassiere collection is the ultimate champagne bucket for a touch of class.

This bucket is no ordinary looking. Its vintage design will attract your glance at first (so will your guests at home too!).

The vintage design has been inspired by all those branded champagne buckets which are signatures of the great champagne houses in France.


The champagne bucket is made of raw cast aluminum. Cast aluminum is durable and strong. Because raw molten aluminum is used in making the bucket only makes it more worthwhile. The aluminum is plated with a nickel coating to give it a shiny appearance.

Champagne bucket design

The bucket has a distinct vintage look with a customized burnished patina finish.

The rough cast aluminum gives it the substantial look and feel of vintage French brassiere goods. For anyone who is into this look will want this item in their collection.

And to top it all, the simple lines of the bucket are encased with the words “Cuveé de Prestige Champagne- Du Louvois” on the front and the back. There are also tow oval rings on the sides of the champagne bucket(so your hands don’t freeze over).

Because is made of cast aluminum it makes it a long-lasting ware and gives you value for money.

This product is also interesting looking too, one that will raise a conversation while you pour your bubbly into the glasses.

It holds not just one, but two champagne bottles with ice giving you double the fun. If you don’t fancy champagne, this bucket can be used for chilling a wide selection of good wines.

In conclusion this champagne bucket is an overall grand addition to your alcohol cabinet. It not only adorns the bottles but it is made of the finest cast aluminum which will not give you another reason to go and buy another bucket.

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